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Day 228: It won’t go faster even though I want it to | Viktor Persson

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Day 565 – Loss

I have experienced some loss. The loss of our family dog when I was about 16. It was a dear old dog, that gave pups tow times. Bobsey, she was called. She died as a old dog of cancer as I remember it. I found her, stiff, under the veranda. I learned something from here. I lear... —

Are Boat Refugees Opportunistic Fortune-Hunters?

The Equal Life Foundation's focus is in the arena of Basic Human Rights with an emphasis on how these Rights must be practically applied. Connect with us on Facebook: Fundamental Human Rights by Equal Life Foundation: https:... —

Dan 38: Usmerjanje misli in zavedanja je veščina

Ljudje večino časa nismo samodirektivni, ker se podrejamo toku misli in čustev, ki jih proizvaja naš umsko-zavestni sistem. Posledično lahko zapademo v razna neželjena stanja, od blažjih oblik strahov, sramu, jeznih reakcij, občutka odpora, lenobe, pa do takšnih bolj ekstremih... —

Imperialism is so last season, sharing is the new caring

Imperialism the big brother of Colonialism or is it the other way around? It’s seems like the chicken or the egg question and researchers are not agreeing on this point yet. What we do know is that empires have existed in ancient times as well as today and also colonies have b... —

Dag 376 van 2555: De Koning eren en mijn eigen emoties

Gisteren na de lunch besloten mijn partner en ik een ommetje te gaan maken om even de benen te strekken. Er zijn veel verschillende wandelroutes die we kunnen nemen en dit keer wandelden we richting het centrum om daarna te besluiten ook echt het centrum in te gaan. Op zondag ... —

Day 199: An Influx of Thoughts

An interesting thing happens whenever I come back from being someplace for a period of time, that is, I experience an Influx of Thoughts in detail about everything that transpired when I was at that someplace. What happens is, the first influx of thoughts that comes up is what... —

[88] Open Source Engagement: Loomio

Participating in decision making processes has taken an evolutionary step with online technologies such as Loomio, a decision making platform that enhances our ability to connect, propose, decide and be accountable for the improvements that we want to see in our communities. W... —

Hujšanje & co. 1

Ko sem nehala kadit, sem se začela redit. Okrog 20 kg v dveh letih in pol. Posledica – ne počutim se v redu – težje se premikam, mišice me začnejo boleti že ob manjšem naporu, hitro postanem zadihana. Garderobo sem nekje vmes že zamenjala z večjimi številkami, če bi nadaljeval... —

Dag 365: Ålder och Åldrande | Viktor Persson

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Día 520 Sentimiento de inferioridad.

Me acerco de nuevo a este blog para compartir un mecanismo que he descubierto en detalle en mi mente y que trata sobre el “sentimiento de inferioridad”. Y cuando hablo en detalle me refiero a como me cree yo mismo esa autopercepción a través de experiencias en la infancia, de ... —

225. Forgiving the Past to Build a Better Future

What would it mean to make justice to the injustices of the past that have been ignored? What would be the outflows of recognizing the Armenian Genocide and make it a known fact around the world? A suggestion for the past and new generations on how to best act upon the grievan... —

Day 732 - Movie Review SubUrbia

A really good movie for young people to watch. It really encourages the point of self-reflection into what one is doing with their life. What kind of potential oneself has...and how if we don't really challenge ourselves to move then we will just go through the movement moment... —

Horrible neighbors or Horrible me - Part III

For most of twelve years, I lived in the second house on the far left. During the last three of those years, I have often asked myself if the cause that I have been standing my ground for was worth standing for. The answer does not come easy for me because as with every cause... —

My Declaration of Principle: 19. Being The Change That All Can See

The 19th Principle I am committing myself to live by is the realization that I must purify my thoughts, words and deeds – that my inner becomes my outer, so I bring into creation me as heaven into earth, realising it is not enough to ‘see the change / be the change’ – for chan... —

656 “The thought shows this to me, so I must be what the thought shows me.”

Artist: Andrew Gable This is the first part of a row of entries where I am clarifying my starting point in depth to establish a stable platform for myself that is constituted of the following points of understanding and realization pertaining to self-expression in verbal... —

The Hidden Drives Behind being Overly Critical. DAY 351 - Anna's BlogAnna's Blog

The Hidden Drives Behind being Overly Critical. DAY 351 April 25, 2015 in Anna's Journey to Life In this post I will be sharing a process of realization that opened up from projecting my own critical nature onto another and ... —

Day 198: Being Comfortable At Home

Ever Since I left home after high school my view on life changed dramatically, from that of believing in how I was raise, within religion to my current stance on life. In between this time for years, I have always had this stigma about when I would go home and being around my ... —

Desteni Movie Night: Wild

Wild is the story of a woman on a path of self-destruction. Her grief has brought her to the edge of her sanity. She has lost her marriage, her job, her entire life. She sets on a journey into the wild to regain her sanity and heal herself and she discovers what it means to fo... —

Somos Profetas - Día 328

Profeta es una voz griega, y designa al que habla por otro, o sea en lugar de otro, en cierto sentido es el 'vocero'. Hemos dando por hecho que las visiones de Nostradamus y Edgar Cayce y la Biblia entre otros en cierto modo tienen 'sentido' ya que algunas se han cumplido se... —

Day 227: Fear of Losing Time | Viktor Persson

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222. Survival of the Fittest No More with a Living Income Guaranteed

Social Darwinism is an excuse to perpetuate poverty and elites at the top of the ‘food chain.’ Scientific evidence proves that we pay a higher cost by not supporting everyone to live in dignity and to their utmost potential, physically and psychologically. Family income aff... —

Moralidad - Día 327

Nunca me vi a mi misma como una persona Moralista hasta hoy al tener un chat con mi Buddy - ya que la Moral tiene que ver con los valores que adoptamos y las creencias con las que nos programamos a nosotros mismos de donde emergen los 'correcto y lo incorrecto', lo que está '... —

The Working Environment: Resistance to Work

Join us in this week's Desteni I Process LIVE Google Hangout where we'll be discussing that unpleasant experience of a resistance towards work, where that resistance experience comes from, and how our guests were able to break through it. We invite you to come and ask question... —

Day 226: Hold The Door Mr! | Viktor Persson

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221. The Paradox of Philanthropy

Why do we venerate the idea that the most ‘fortunate ones’ give some extra pocket money for ‘good causes’ for the ‘less fortunate ones’ without Questioning Why are we Not yet Giving to Every individual money from birth to death as a Human Right and so render Philanthropism obs... —

Relationship Success Support: The Hidden Drives of The Hook-Up Culture

What are the driving forces behind the hook-up culture? What drives people to go on the prowl looking for sex? What are the consequences of the hook up-culture? What solutions can be implemented to create relationships of mutual respect? This is the topic of this month's episo... —

655 Fulfillment or Self-Completion – Self-Corrective Statements (3/3)

This series starts with 650 Fulfillment or Self-Completion and continues with 651 Fulflllment or Self-Completion? Self-forgiveness and Commitment Statements (1) and 652 Fulfillment or Self-Completion? Self-forgiveness (2), 653 Fulfillment or Self-Completion? - Self-Corrective... —