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Day 632 – Suicides in psychiatry

Why do we have so many suicides in psychiatry? What can we do in society to prevent it from happening? How do we deal with it ? To understand why there is so many suicides in psychiatry, we must understand what difficulties psychiatry and psychological suffering really is. P... —

Day 316: Early Bird Gets The Worm

Although it’s true that your body needs rest from time to time, throughout my life, I’ve over did it, from the perspective of getting, thinking/perceiving/believe that I need a lot of sleep, getting too much sleep. Meaning I never used to like getting up in the mornings, it wa... —

283. Something Better To Come

What does allowing people to live in a garbage dump say about our humanity? What kind of survival do people endure when having to live in a dump? What can we do to change the lives of people that have sufficient resilience to live in abject poverty and constantly wish for some... —

Day 687 the presence of a wall of memories; the effort to speak as a child.

What is a wall? I woke up this morning with this word in my head. I realize the sense of a ‘ wall’ around me is my own making. It only defines me if I accept and allow it. I also heard a statement about the nature of Astrological signs this week. The woman said that water... —

Day 281: The Hell of Helping

Last week I had one of those days at work where things just pile up. Without any warning I had to take on a lot of work that was redirected from other parts of the organization due to certain events. In my mind, this constituted a moment of ‘helping’ that other part of my orga... —

282. Nazism in Europe: What’s the Solution?

Along with the ‘refugee crisis’, an emergent Nationalism has taken a front row in political factions in Europe aiming at preventing further mass immigration. Will closing borders and fighting refugees and immigrants solve the problem? What will it take to create a solution? Le... —

Day 315: What If

What if you woke up and realized that you were God all along, but had just abdicated your responsibility to life, because that’s all you were taught and couldn’t remember anything else, that at the beginning of time you implanted a God program chip inside your Mind, as a remin... —

Day 408 - Sorry for not sharing

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be and become overwhelmed when I consider sitting down to write a blog post. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not take back my awareness, breathe, and direct myself to specifically express myself in a ... —

Day 250 – Driving self-correction part 2

Self-correcting statements continued in regarding to driving. One might ask why I bother writing down these, am I not that super-aware that I just simply decide and do these – it’s question of self-honesty really, one must see what is the most effective way to realize all patt... —

How Sudbury Schools Challenges Traditional Perspectives on Children and Childhood. 114 | A Teacher's Journey to Life

“If you observe children learning in their first few years of life, you can see that they can and do learn on their own – we leave them alone to crawl, walk, talk, and gain control over their bodies. It happens without much help from parents. You can’t make someone learn somet... —

Day 762- The Psychology of My Inhumanity in Regards to Christmas

Christmas has some pretty cool points about it: Time with family and friends. Sharing in activities...from preparing more recreational and leisurely activities. Getting and Giving cool material things. The present swapping. A sense of jovial regard for those in ... —

[118] Self-Sufficiency Project

What was the Self-Sufficiency Project in Canada? How did this program aid single parents to step out of welfare and work regular jobs again? What were the benefits of implementing the SSP? What can we learn from the SSP in relation to work incentives and providing a Living Inc... —

The Politics of Self [Episode 6]: The Cost of Christmas

Description: What is the real cost of Christmas and who ends up paying for it? How can each one of us, as consumers, contribute to a fairer world for all? In this live discussion, we will look at the hidden costs of our consumerism and the ways in which this becomes highlighte... —

Day 583 - Not Wanting to Be Here with Myself Con't

With the process of being here with myself, specifically during work, I have been applying a point of not allowing myself to become bored or go into these points of simply not wanting to work and rather be somewhere else. How I have been applying this point is by allowing myse... —

Day 314: Look at Me

Look at me, look how I look, look at what I’ve got, look at what I’ve done, did you see what I was wearing the other day? I was in a magazine, I was on the News, I was in the Newspaper. Did you see me on T.V.? Watch me do this or that, watch how I can do this and that. All eye... —

Day 280: Fear of the System

Fear of authorities, fear of repercussions, fear of consequences, fear of being harshly reprimanded – this type of fears are developed in childhood. Mostly this is because parents utilize fear to manipulate their children into submission. And this is also how the greater world... —

Day 257 - Demotivated by Money

Previous blog is in Slovene. I found myself demotivated as I am currently without a regular income and have to find a way to get one. Mainly a job, but that is only one form of income as was pointed out to me. Instead of looking for a job, it is much more productive to look f... —

Day 686 Walking on the eggshells of a scattered presence.

Walking on Eggshells. Why do we say, “ Walking on eggshells”? What are we in essence doing when we believe we are walking on eggshells? I had a conversation with my sister this morning. We talked about family and the personalities in families. What is a personality? It ... —

Day 313: Nobody else

When I was a child, whenever I would get in trouble, I would always think, why didn’t this or that person get in trouble, which showed that I was more concerned with what happened or didn’t happen to other people, instead of really realizing what was going to happen to me. In ... —

Day 691: Morning Zombie (13)

Continuing with my 21-day process of writing about mornings, how I wake up etc. In this interview, I believe I heard Anu saying: “while you are in bed just waking up, do some self-forgiveness”, meaning instead of getting out of the bed with some mood, insert some self-forgiven... —

Day 312: How many Times

So today, I want to write about a point that came up why’ll working, that I had a realization on. How many times have you gotten angry after the fact of doing something, because you knew before had what would happen? In relations to getting angry after the fact, there have be... —

Day 278: Giving

I woke up this morning and noticed that there was a form of stress or anxiety present in my chest. I took a moment and looked within me to see where this stress and anxiety came from. What I could see was that this stress and anxiety was connected to debt, to money, and to sur... —

Day 690: Morning Zombie (12)

Continuing with my 21-days of writing about morning blues (though skipped last few days) and back on track today. That’s cool, not to self-judge but to get back on track. So…. here I am. strange. I see that living a life of utmost potential can only happen if each day, hour is... —

Dan 256 - Primerjanje in presojanje ob govorjenju, petju, plesu

Prejšnji blog je v angleščini. Odpustim si, da sem sprejel in si dovolil podvomiti vase in se začeti primerjati z drugimi v momentih pred in ob srečanju z ljudi in pred ali med govorjenjem z drugimi. Ko opazim in se zavem, da sem podvomil vase in se začel primerjati z drugi... —

Day 685 The will to sort the unsorted to realize what is eternal, the absolute purpose of life.

Changing, looking away from judgement- a fear of loss. The will to withstand the test of time. Looking at my mind constructions, I see a pattern. I am using the means of understanding something, as the means to assess, to protect myself from having to stand through upsettin... —

The Programing language of Human-beings and the command-prompt of Self-Forgiveness

If you don’t mind, I’d like to ramble for a little while. You see the problem I sometime have has to do expectations of myself in relation to all of me. When I decide to write about something, a subject or topic of that which I think has significance, that which I should open ... —

[117] Mutual Aid Networks: Building Community Livelihood

How does an economy work to satisfy basic livelihood within a cooperative? What are Time Banks and Mutual Credit? How does a Sociocracy operate? How is Money administrated in a Mutual Aid Cooperative? How can work and value be redefined when working in collaborative networks? ... —

Day 311: Before Hand

Before I hand myself over to my mind, I commit myself to stopping my thoughts. Before I make any plans, I commit myself to investigate. Before I participate in any conversation, I commit myself to introspection, to see if there is any movements of emotions or feelings coming u... —

Day 31 - OCD and the Buddy-System, Does it Work (Continued)

Continuing from my last blog, where I tried the ‘buddy system’ to prevent myself from falling into what I call an ‘OCD possession’. Read the blog HERE for context. For me, on this occasion, the buddy-system worked. Instead of falling into the OCD action of picking my s... —