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Day 188: Forgetting To Live | Viktor Persson

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New Traditions to Shape a Better Future by Marlen Vargas Del Razo ...

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Dan 205 - Tehnična podpora

V službi sprejemam klice strank, kjer nudim tehnično podporo. Opažam, da včasih pred klici še vedno pomislim na to, da bom mogoče dobil kakšen težek problem, ki ga ne bom znal rešiti. V tistem trenutku si ustvarim občutek strahu, kot posledico dvoma v lastno sposobnost ustrezn... —

Transforming Family Dynamics: Sibling Relationships

Why are our relationships with our brothers and sisters often so complicated? Why do siblings tend to fight so much? How can you create a supportive relationship with your sibling through applying the Desteni tools? To watch all the videos in the series on transforming fam... —

Day 536 - Victimization and Self Absorption

I have been recently facing a point of self-victimization where it feels like the system is `attacking` me, or I perceive it as such, and in this point of victimization I can recall a memory of deciding that I was going to go back to school and upgrade my marks so that I could... —

The Future of our Entertainment by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcas...

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Day 187: Embracing Creativity | Viktor Persson

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day 641: Count your blessings at the misery of others!

Recently I saw a video which suggest to count your blessings while showing a list of miseries in this world. The message is not how we can and should remove such miseries but: “look at all the miseries out there, so stop complaining and start counting your blessings”. Well, th... —

Day 329: Which Character I am Playing this Morning?

I am looking at changing the time it takes me to write out a point to completion, as in it’s taking too long lol! This new approach, not to be less thorough but to be facing myself in self-honestly each and everyday, as what is coming up and either speaking/applying my correct... —

What would Justice look like in #Ferguson? by Marlen Vargas Del Ra...

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Day 328: Realizing and Living My Utmost Potential: Self-Awareness

Here I share my  ‘Desteni of Living’ –  my commitment too apply the following principles and to stand as a living example to others.  In coming blog posts I will be walking each individual Principle and how I am already Living the Example of each Principle and/or How I Walk a ... —

day 640: Wall of Shame that we create can be corrected.

When I look back some of my words and actions, I feel that wall of shame within myself, “damn it, why did I say that, why did I do that” etc, because I realize that a moment of pause, breathing could have saved me from that shame. Specially in group settings, I have found myse... —

Divided by Belief: The Aryans Documentary by Marlen Vargas Del Raz...

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Dag 367 van 2555: de begrafenis van een persoonlijkheid

Na bijna 4 jaar geen doorlopend onderwijs te hebben genoten is dan nu de dag aangebroken dat mijn dochter weer scholing krijgt via overheidswegen. De afgelopen 2 jaar hebben we dit proces hier in Nederland gelopen, waar ik in het begin de overtuiging had dat Nederland ons kind... —

186: What Is Normal? | Viktor Persson

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Day 675 - Supplant Fear with faith

“Supplant fear with faith”. What is faith? Faith is the self-trust and self-responsibility in taking care for self-honestly determining our very own fate. See, this is an interesting point of correction. To succeed fear is to stop accepting and allowing fear to take over as ... —

[JTL Day 209] Open Source Investigation part 2 - Is it really Free?

I continue with Open Source, starting with the phenomenon called Free Software and leaning to the idea of 'Free and Freedom'. There is a movement initiated by Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation ( Reading through Stallman's explanation on how and... —

Lost and Alone No More. DAY 330 - Anna's BlogAnna's Blog

Lost and Alone No More. DAY 330 November 23, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life This past week I’ve been fortunate enough to listen to several audio recordings where different people review their lives, the mistakes they’ve made... —

Day 535 - How Life is Supposed to Be

I was listening to the audio recording How Life is Supposed to Be by Anu which is available on Eqafe and he touched on a few poignant traits that I have been facing in my daily life and have been facing for a while such as the point of working on a point for and being `gung ho... —

Three Questions: What do you propose? by Marlen Vargas Del Razo b...

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[67] Basic Income as Basic Resources

How have we come to accept the division between access to income and access to resources? What have we taken for granted within not guaranteeing an income for every person? How is a basic income in fact a natural extension and conclusion to the application and safeguarding of ... —

What does it mean to Liberate ourselves? by Marlen Vargas Del Razo...

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Day 674 - The Fee Our

This blog is a continuation from my previous blog, "Day 673 - Fear is the Fare we Pay". My sharing today is a presentation of my creative investigation....a work and play with my writing focused on "Fear"....the word....the relationship.....Fear entity....a str... —

Día 507 Psicología y Ayahuasca. Parte II

Este post es continuación del Día 506 La Ayahuasca es una liana del Amazonas que se mezcla con otras plantas en varias decocciones y cuya bebida se utiliza en el chamanismo por sus propiedades curativas y de autoconocimiento. Su ingestión va vinculada a ritos chamánic... —

Day 7- Dermatillomania: The Secrets Within How We View Our Skin

If you haven’t already done so, please read my previous blog Here for context. However, this blog can be read on its own, just scroll to the coloured section. The purple sections are where I forgive myself for 1) connecting the above listed words to the word ‘skin’, 2) ... —

day 639: relax

I am telling myself to ‘relax’, yesterday my yoga teacher said: “I thought you know how to relax”. I took that to mean ‘I am not relaxed or do not appear as a relaxed person’. Obviously, things like proper food, water, sleep, physical activities are common sense factors to tak... —

Dan 203 - Skupaj za dostojno življenje vseh

Vsi si želimo dostojnega življenja in če ga želimo uresničiti za vse, je najbolj pomembno, da najprej začnemo samo-iskreno opazovati samega sebe, svoje vzorce razmišljanja, čustvovanja in ravnanja. Zgolj tako lahko prevzamemo odgovornost zase, z uporabo pisanja, samo-odpuščanj... —

Day 185: Changing In The Physical | Viktor Persson

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Engines of Domination: How to Liberate Ourselves? by Marlen Vargas...

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Engines of Domination: How to Liberate Ourselves? by Marlen Vargas...

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