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Day 539 - Facing the Unexpected - Part 2

Desteni Artists Continuing from Day 538 - Facing the Unexpected So, my client sprained the outside of both of her feet! I have never heard of that before. She's bruised and swollen and is in a wheelchair. She has been moved to the assisted living section in the community... —

Day 18 - Diabetic Depression Part 2

With depression and Diabetes there is another dimension that will drastically alter the way insulin and carbohydrates reacts within the body and that dimension is the depression itself. When one goes through depression there are chemicals running through the body and the body ... —

Day 289: Overwhelmed with Information ‘It’s too much for me to handle’

I have been delving into the vast amount of knowledge and information online concerning the condition of my breasts, being ‘fine calcification’. The concern is DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ) a condition that is considered stage 0/or pre-cancer, which can become invasive cance... —

Fear of Equality, Part 7

The Value of Inequality Equality is not truly understood because its significance is caught up within  destructive definitions which renders the definition of Equality incoherent. When people see the word, “Equality” – pictures of being corralled into internment camps, loss of... —

Day 146: The Paranormal Series Part 12 – Demons in the Afterlife part 4

Day 131: The Paranormal Series - Ghosts and Demons Part 1 Day 132: The Paranormal Series – Ghosts and Demons Part 2 Day 133: The Paranormal Series – Ghosts and Demons Part 3 Day 134: The Paranormal Series Part 4 - A Psychic’s Gate Keeper (part 1) Day 135: The Paranormal Series... —

Day 477 - What's In An Image?

With masturbation and the addiction to it the one thing that always sent me down the `road to hell` was an image. A single image could send me into this mind spin of arousal where I generate and create all of these ideas about the image that I was seeing, be it on an advertise... —

day 592: Don’t treat your body like a donkey from Afghanistan.

Battling a very bad knee pain on my right leg. Self-care for the body, I mean, have to slow down on things like jogging or even too much walking for that matter. I can’t believe this, I am actually writing about slowing down ‘physical movement’. 45 is an age where weird things... —

Day 538 - Facing the Unexpected

I received a call early this morning from my client's son, stating that my client had fallen and that she was being taken to the hospital for x-rays, he was on his way there and I will be heading up shortly. The point that I'm looking at is, first of all my client is 90 years... —

Día 257 - El punto de no retorno y la consciencia de UNO MISMO

Continúo expandiendo acerca de los principios de vida que me comprometí vivir por mí mismo. Este post es continuación del anterior. El principio que voy a expandir es el siguiente: 7. Vivir el Principio de Consciencia de Uno Mismo – ser consciente, ver, reconocer mis pr... —

408. Taking it All Back to Self-Responsibility

A deeply ingrained pattern within me was to see everyone and everything else as the source of my dissatisfaction, my anger, my sadness, my despair and general experience of being vexed just about everything in my world. I actually saw this world as not good enough ‘for me’ ins... —

Día 256 - La naturaleza humana como la naturaleza de la mente

Este es un post ‘introductorio’ de lo que compartiré en mi próximo blog acerca de otro de los principios de vida que me comprometí. Me perdono a mí mismo el haberme aceptado y permitido a mí mismo usar energías como las energías que definí en el tener sexo como satisfacc... —

FOCUS. DAY 302 | Anna's BlogAnna's Blog

FOCUS. DAY 302 July 1, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life I will here begin exploring a word that I have not yet lived within full commitment as an expression of myself. It is the word FOCUS. In the etymological dictionary focus... —

A Treatise on Probable Pop and Disco

It is impossible to be a musician without making a definitive statement about one’s stance towards self and towards the world. That stance will be located within a limited array of intents and possibilities ranging from the simple enjoyment of self-expression, to the chasing o... —

Day 476 - Points of the Mind

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that the energy running around within the mind is me, meaning that when/as I become emotional or even within feelings that they are `me` not realizing that the real me, the beingness is being exposed to the mo... —

How Can We Prevent the Ultimate Fall of Man?

Is it possible to stop the final 'fall of man'? Yes, there is a solution so all may live a dignified life, a life of peace which all are intitled to. There is a solution, LIG, Living Income Guaranteed. LIG is a system that integrates the funding of human rights as part ... —

Fear of Equality, Part 6. 03/15/2013

Darryl Thomas:It has been the theories of Natural Law that has legitimized the structure of Capitalism and helped give it shape and direction. But is this linkage of Natural Law and Natural Selection able to accurately describe a rational order in this world or is it merely a ... —

day 592: stop your mind to change the world.

Facing a writer’s block. Always nice to return to breathing, in-breath, pause, out-breath. That’s basically the definition of a Moment, the space between in and out breath. Obviously if I am not here in every ‘Moment’, then the question is: where am I? Which means I have loads... —

There is Enough! Stopping the Cycle of Ignorance with LIG « Living Income Guaranteed

There is Enough! Stopping the Cycle of Ignorance with LIG Posted on May 28, 2014 Updated on June 24, 2014 By Garbrielle Goodrow There is enough. This statement is crucial for the continuation of our species in the times ahead, where all we hear is that we do not have enough... —

Día 472 Tomar responsabilidad de otros. MDP 8

Continúo con Mi Declaración de Principios 8. Con el tomar responsabilidad de mí mismo, volviéndome consciente de mí mismo – tomo responsabilidad y me vuelvo consciente de otros en mi vida, para asistirlos y apoyarlos como estoy asistiéndome y apoyándome a mí mismo –... —

Living The Principle of What is Best for All. DAY 301 | Anna's BlogAnna's Blog

Living The Principle of What is Best for All. DAY 301 June 30, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life, My Declaration of Principle Some points are so simple and straightforward that our minds can’t or won’t accept them, because we’r... —

Day 513 | My Living Principles - The Desteni of Self-Real-ization

In the process of 'getting real' and making my approach to Life and Living more practical, more real-time physical-reality oriented and less mental/intellectual, as well as moving from ego to life, I see the emphasis more on the actual living of/in moments wherein my behavior,... —

Day 568 Moving " upon" the section of a group.

In looking at words and what memories come up, a thought and memory came up with the word ‘ upon,” which means to be “connected with.” I read this word as up on, and then I was in a memory of sitting in an orchestra section and having the thought “ Move up on.” It was the ide... —

Fear of Equality, Part 5. 03/12/2013

Darryl Thomas:The fear of Equality is based on a false, mental reality that has produced severe material and physical consequences for humanity and the environment. These consequences are fast approaching the line of no return that will endanger our civilization in ways that a... —

Living The Principle of What is Best for All. DAY 301 | Anna's BlogAnna's Blog

Living The Principle of What is Best for All. DAY 301 June 30, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life, My Declaration of Principle Some points are so simple and straightforward that our minds can’t or won’t accept them, because we’r... —

407. The Mind as Mankind’s Fall

Continuation to: 406. ‘The Fall’ in Process The original nature of man as ‘fallen’ can be understood as that origin and starting point of our existence as the manifestation of the separation of Self as one and equal. This is about that primordial separation from which we... —

day 591: fear of homeless people

For context see this blog. “Labels and name calling – this is how it begins. It’s how it began in Nazi Germany. It’s how it began in colonial America. It is how it began in Southern Africa. It is easier to dehumanize someone by giving them a derogatory label. Nowadays it’s les... —

Día 255 - ¿Qué significa Ser Honesto con Uno Mismo? – Parte 2

Continúo compartiendo en este post más acerca de uno de los principios a los cuales me comprometí, continuando del post anterior: 3. Vivir el principio de honestidad como uno mismo – para asegurarme que soy puro en pensamiento, palabra y acción: que dentro y fuera yo soy... —

Day 151 - The importance of not judging self when looking at self

I came to a great realizations today while watching some very practical and supportive videos on this site: I realized that I have not been allowing myself to unconditionally experience every emotion and feeling that I have within myse... —

Is The Government The Root of All Evil?

Is Government The Root of All Evil? The Word Government comes from the Latin and Greek roots 'Gubernare' = control/steer + 'Mend' = mind. This essentially means that government is mind control. But what if we redefined the word government through each of us taking responsibili... —

[47] Inflation and Living Income Guaranteed

Inflation is often named as a reason why LIG cannot be implemented successfully. In this hangout we are discussing why inflation is so often seen as an obstacle to LIG and how these concerns may be addressed to ensure the success of a LIG - based global solution. Join us with... —