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Day 400: Spreading The Word

He, she said that? Why is it that what we say becomes contorted when spoken again back to the person in question, in which it wasn’t portrayed as gossip, but in the context of something being unlikely, which I now realize is probably one of the most profound reasons we as a so... —

Day 399: Stick Around

Ok so, have you ever been somewhere, having what seems to be a good time/fun and didn’t want to leave, let’s say maybe hanging out with your extended family on a holiday or with a friend/some friends having a gathering or doing something that you enjoy doing very much, to the ... —

248. Self Worth & Celebrities

I faced a situation where I met someone I define as a celebrity. This individual has several thousand fans on their social media and they travel all over the world. This person actually came up and talked to me, and there were movements in me where I questioned why this person... —

249. To Go or Not to Go?

I have the opportunity to go to the Desteni farm during my three week break this summer, but certain events happened in my life, where my partner is unable to go to the farm now due to school projects/graduation, and also that my dad has been going through serious health issue... —

Day 591 - Flexibility

I have been looking at being flexible recently, being flexible with the reality around me and being flexible with myself and in my movement. I started to look at this point when I was driving to work and I was very tense within myself because I was fearing that the car would b... —

Embracing The Evil Within. DAY 381 29 Sunday May 2016 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Okategoriserade ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsam I evil?, embracing the evil within, embracing your dark side, embracing your shadow, fear of being evil, fear of being exposed In one of my previous posts, I wrote about a phenomenon where we as women become controlling towards men. I am here diving even deeper into t... —

Day 398: Mind Creations as Manifestations

From a thought to an Idea to the creation of a scenario into an emotional reaction, then if not corrected into manifestation, is a fascinating realization I had in my mind following the thought around of what I thought they would do, in relations to meeting someone for busines... —

Day 314: When Work Does Not Go Very Well

Some posts ago I wrote about being calm and stable in relation to work and learning to embrace failures, mistakes, fuck-ups, and other unwanted, negative occurrences in my job. Today, I had the perfect opportunity to observe this point in action. I do not need to give more con... —

Day 397: Stuff

How many Items, useless things, trinkets do we have just laying around our homes as props, just filling up space, I mean most of these do dittoes are memory collectible, where I remember being at this place and getting this and that at that place when I was there and then, whe... —

Day 268 – Contemplating on existence

Today I start with by my observations of my external reality and then reflecting it back to self here. So many impressions I have every day and so many things seem so solid, blunt and direct, which is obviously the physical world we live within, the infrastructure and human sy... —

Day 396: Elitist Mindset

“I deserve more than you”. “If that was me, then I would have done this instead of that”. “Oh that’ll never happen to me”. “They don’t know what they’re talking about”. “They don’t have the educational background I do, so don’t pay any attention to them they’re just dumb”. “Th... —

Day 414 - Holding Form

This is a very cool concept I've been playing with recently. In our minds, we utilize imagination to generate pictures. When we're thinking about something that we want (or don't want!), the thought can sometimes be paired with a mentally rendered picture. Furthermore, that pi... —

When Work Becomes A Lifestyle

In certain professions and career paths there exist this norm, an accepted and even idealized trait, that you should work a lot – that it is good to work a lot – that you will expand and bloom if you work a lot. It is a interesting way of looking at life and there are many exa... —

Day 395: Feel Better

My Question is than what, I mean obviously if we’re in an immense amount of pain, then we’ll do just about anything, take just about anything to make us feel better, that’s a given, but I’m talking about, with no pain, but the illusion of being hurt (feeling down and out) by s... —

The Future Of Education: Potential, Passion And Purpose Of The Self-Directed Learner. 121 | A Teacher's Journey To Life

You are a unique being. There is no one in the world that is exactly like you, who has the exact skill set and way of going about things as you do. You have specific ways that you learn the best, as Howard Gardner described in his book about the multiple intelligence and you a... —

Day 394: What’s Happening

Things only happen because you’re making them happen, there is no outside entity that makes things happen to you, that you’re going through in the moment. It’s not the universe giving you a sign or a test for a lesson to be learned, it’s you and your mind, and you have to deal... —

Life Quality and Quality Time. DAY 380 20 Friday May 2016 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsaddicted to emotions, automated living, how to create a meaningful life, life quality, meaningful life, preprogrammed mind patterns, purpose in life, quality of life, quality time, what's my purpose in life Do you have Life Quality, Quality of Life? Do you spend y... —

Day 312: Low Approval Ratings

In politics we measure the candidates and political parties with approval ratings. If a candidate has high approval ratings, he or she will likely be elected to a post and achieve a certain amount of influence. I find it interesting that we use the word approval in order to va... —

Dag 387: de fundering ben je altijd zelf

De afgelopen tijd vertoefde ik in het dal van mijn gedachten, ik daalde af naar de plek waar gedachten echt lijken, waarvan ik wist dat het daar niet goed toeven is. Toch kun je soms dingen weten, maar niet altijd op het juiste moment toepassen. Daarnaast kunnen we met onze ‘g... —

Day 393: Backup Plan

Human beings are clever individuals that always have a backup plan; a plan that’s enacted when all else goes wrong in our world, in general, not according to plan. Backup Plans was created because of human nature, human error, not an act of nature or weather, as some would lik... —

Day 267 – Spiritual vs Common sense – words

In terms of why I found spiritual practices to be actually not really supporting in comparison to simple practical common sense is the following. What are the facts: we react to specific words, images, pictures, experiences, feelings, emotions, memories. Regardless of how much... —

293. Among The Believers: Who Funded Islamic Terrorism?

How did schools in Pakistan become a training ground for Islamic terrorists? Who funded it and why? Where do we stand in relation to religious extremism and how to stop the separation from within? Let’s discuss and educate ourselves about it. Charismatic cleric Abdul Aziz... —

Day 392: The Mind as “God”

News Alert, the voices that you hear in your head is Not God it’s your mind, that which makes you say Hallelujah, is not God nor the holy spirit, it’s your Mind, so when you’re praising him you’re praising your Mind that’s your God in retrospect, because somehow this entity in... —

Day 266 – Music re-alignment

Taking responsibility for the self-dishonesty I’ve opened up within my last post in regarding to how I used music – not always, but often. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use music as trigger point to re-live and re-react to my past experiences and ... —

Day 391: Writings

We write it, forgive it, commit it, forget it, then have to do it all over again. We write it, forget about it, then marvel at it, as if this is the first time we’ve ever seen what we wrote. If I was able to make words come alive on a piece of paper and dance every time you re... —

Severe Income Inequality is a Severe Violation of Human Rights

While human rights are the legal entitlements that belong “equally” to all of humanity, income inequality refers to the extent to which money is distributed “unequally” throughout society. What does severe income-inequality have to do with human rights? As money is the basic ... —

Day 390: Mind Possession (Argument)

Ok so, the other day I was privy to a couple arguing, where one would yell at the other, the other would then yell back, they would become tired then start back at it again and so on and so, forth throughout the day. I couldn’t help but to look back to when I was that person/t... —

Inspired to Calm Down!

At my job, I find it interesting, that the people with the most responsibility are often those that have a significantly laid back and relaxed attitude. Or, at least this is the case where I am working, and it is one person particularly that lives the words calm/relaxed. He is... —

Day 389: Jealousy

Yeah I see, we see it, but can’t explain why, so we become inferior to the situation in hopes of regaining the perceived loyalty from that one we have encapsulated into our life. “But why”, “Why me” is the crying question before the frustration, anger and rage ensues, when tha... —

Male/Female Dynamics: When Women become Controlling towards Men. DAY 379 10 Tuesday May 2016 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsagressive feminism, controlling wife, controlling woman, family dynamics, family problems, Male/female dynamics, Matriarch, passive husbands, relationship dynamics, when women take control I have been noticing lately a pattern that some couples go into where the gender r... —