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Day 282: Little Moments of Frustration

There is a pattern that I found within myself, where when the unexpected happens in one moment, I become frustrated and momentarily shut down, because I don’t have an immediate answer to what has just happened. It’s like W.T.F. just happen, for example let’s say I’m doing work... —

276. Indigenous Rights and Living Income Guaranteed

Only in a system that supports the law of the most profit, deceit and abuse can the lives of those that live and work of the land be neglected. How can we reverse the trend of corporate ‘profitism’? How to guarantee the safety of their right to own the land they work on? Docum... —

Día 110 El Destino de la Vida- Mi Declaración de Principios

Por medio de la presente me comprometo a vivir los siguientes principios: 1.- Darme cuenta de y vivir mi máximo potencial. 2.- Vivir por el principio de lo que es mejor para todos- guiándome en pensamiento, palabra y acción siempre en todos los sentidos a dirigir p... —

Day 250 - Fearlesness

I have been looking at the point of fearlessness and my desire to be without fears. Bellow are the self-forgiveness points I wrote out so far. I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to define being fearless as positive and having fear as negative and within this ... —

Day 281: Getting Even

We tell on one another under the assumption that we won’t get in trouble to, but when it all boils down and we’re asked, why we didn’t say something in the first place, we then realize that we have just told on ourselves. We perpetuate getting even with one another, under the ... —

275. Solitary Confinement: The Horrors of our Prison System

Only in a criminal-justice system can isolating someone until they start going mentally ill and hurting themselves can be called ‘Social Rehabilitation.’ Let’s discuss the abject reality of Prisons around the world that includes children in solitary confinement. It’s OUR Respo... —

Day 280: It’s not about you

*Note to Self* Whenever you hear two people talking amongst them self, most likely it’s not about you. The look that you get when passing someone on the street is not about you. For some, whenever you see a policeman in your rearview mirror, most likely it’s not about you (... —

Day 249 - The Funny Guy

Previous blog is in Slovene. These are the self-forgiveness statements I wrote when looking at removing my desire to be the funny guy: I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to define being funny as positive and not being funny as a negative personal trait. When... —

Why are We Here and What are We Here to Learn? 111 | A Teacher's Journey to Life

Education can be defined and reflected upon through many layers or dimensions, some of which are more pure and practical, where others are constructed for the purposes of promoting particular discourses in society. The most superficial dimension, the one we take for granted in... —

Día 113.- 'Saboteándome a mí misma' # 3.

Aquí continuo con la purificación de mí misma con la escritura del Perdón a uno mismo. Para poder entender el siguiente escrito sugiero leer los dos anteriores blogs: http://elviajedep... —

Day 578 - Stress, Negative Mind Set and Self Interest

I am going to continue with this point of stress and laziness and resistance that I have been writing about because it is a predominant point within my life at the moment and one that needs directing as I write it out within the blogs. So now that I have started a new job th... —

Day 279: Lip Service

Lip Service is the speaking of knowledge and information without taking any action behind the words that you speak. I’m sure you’ve all heard the terminology and/or the sayings; “You’re all lip service, with nothing to back it up” and “All you do is talk, talk, talk with no ac... —

Day 278: Minds Mouth

As an analogy, the mind has a mouth of its own that others cannot hear speak, but see that it has spoken through your expressions, as in the way you look at them, the way you treat them and your actions towards them in general. And a tale tell sign of this is when you’re sitti... —

Practical Self-Empowerment: From Player to Committed Husband & Father

How do you go from living your life as a 'player' to become a committed husband and father? How can you support yourself in the process of growing up as your responsibilities expand? How can you embrace your new life and empower yourself within it? That is the topic of this we... —

Practical Self-Empowerment: Asking for Support and Assistance

Why do we sometimes struggle to ask for support and assistance, especially in moments when we need it the most? What are the ideas and beliefs that keep us from daring to ask for support? Why is it important to learn when to ask for support? How can you practically empower you... —

Day 758 - Ass You Me Mix Up's

Maybe you have heard the saying: "when you ASSUME, You make an Ass out of You and Me". First of All, an Ass kind of looks like a Heart.....So is this Love...the symbol of know the heart...the thing that looks like an Ass that Cupid is shooting an arrow into? When ... —

564 | What is self-dishonesty really and how to ground yourself

In my previous post 563 | How you can work through self-dishonesty when ‘feeling overwhelmed’, I shared about the experience of ‘feeling overwhelmed’ and how I realized that I was placing/seeing myself as ‘inferior’ to this feeling/emotion, and how I’d walked a process of def... —

563 | How you can work through self-dishonesty when ‘feeling overwhelmed’

Here I am sharing the process of self forgiveness that I opened up for myself in the context of looking at and working with a ‘perceptual problem’ within the disempowering experience of ‘feeling overwhelmed’ – see my previous posts 561 | When you´re tired ... —

Day 577 - Laziness and Negative Experiences

Before I continue on with my last post, regarding comfort and my expression within my environment I am going to write about the last point that I was working on previously - the laziness and the resistance and the self interest. So today was a stressful day for me. I had no s... —

Day 277: Dream Manipulation

An interesting thing that I realized within my dream is me realizing that I’m dreaming and trying to manipulate myself, my ways and my actions within the dream. I mean have you ever had a dream that seemed so real, but you knew it was a dream, but still allowed yourself to pa... —

562 | The small real-time moments of self movement...

Continuing from my previous post 561 | When you´re tired of spinning around... - I wanted to share a drawing I did on that day, as I found it to be showing an interesting PERSPECTIVE: What's also interesting is - see the 'posture' of the 'person' in the drawing. I didn... —

Day 262: Finding a Solution

When I turn on the television and look at the conventional newscasts that are aired every night, most often what will be shared is problems. There are problems with schools, problems with politicians, problems with money, problems with crime, problems with jobs, problems with ... —

Kako bo vpeljava zagotovljenega dohodka vplivala na (moje) življenje?

Po vpeljavi sistema zagotovljenega življenjskega dohodka bo vsak izmed nas vsak mesec, do smrti, na svoj račun prejel temeljni dohodek: zadostno količino denarja, s katerim si bomo lahko izpolnili osnovne potrebe po hrani, stanovanju in oblačilih, izobrazbi in zdravstvenem zav... —

274. Does Lack of Money Stunt Your Potential?

How Does Money Affect Your Life? What kind of challenges will we face when providing money to individuals that do not ‘earn’ their money as such? What kind of potentials in other areas of our lives are we missing out on by perceiving that only lack of money is the problem in t... —

Day 576 - How Expectations Change Our Expression

Recently I have been finding that I haven't been less expressive in the environment around me. I have been wanting to have manifest this idea of this point of comfortable expression within my environment, you know, like an environment where we can open up all points that exist... —

Day 757 - The Flick of the Con

I've learned some ironically funny things about Conflict. Specifically, myself relationship within and as primarily so much so it is a decision of myself to accept and allow such relationship ridiculousness as the particular dynamics of various degrees of conte... —

Day 575 - What if Money Wasn't God

I had a conversation with a few of my former colleagues when one asked what would you do if money was not an option, like if we didn't need to work for our survival - if our own survival was a guaranteed human right. I answered that I would most likely live on a communal farm,... —

Day 276: Loud Noise

In the comic book world, loud noises are insinuated with a BOOM, POW, BANG, SPLAT, Etc. where we then go into our minds within our imaginations and animate what we see and read. This then becomes a self-created movie within our imagination, so in fact we create and hear these ... —

561 | When you´re tired of spinning around...

You know those moments when the world seems to be spinning? When you feel overwhelmed with everything that´s happening, where you think this can´t all be happening at the same time? LOL I had this experience recently and it had been years since I´d experienced such intensity. ... —

Day 574 - Creator of my own Resistance

Within this point of resistance and the point of self interest I have been applying myself within the point of stabilising myself more within breath. As I am working on a point within my reality that doesn't have a point of stimulus within it I have been working on breathing, ... —