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Day 518 | Hierarchy Creates a Destructive Force Within the Psyche

How does Hierarchy create a destructive force within the psyche - be it the psyche of an animal, a human, or society as a whole? This short documentary (9 minutes) says it all! When I watched this, I was astounded to see how it took Baboons a few months only to fundamentall... —

[JTL Day 202] Tiredness vs Awareness part 2

Continuing on the decomposing of the mind-states of tiredness... [JTL Day 201] Tiredness vs Awareness part 1 For starter: If one wants to be free of excessive tiredness and sleep-deprivation experiences, I suggest to read aloud the following Self-forgiveness statements for r... —

Día 495 En la lectura veo quien soy. Parte 2

Voy a seguir investigando sobre lo que he encontrado en mi mente cuando estoy leyendo un texto, donde en el anterior artículo, Día 494, fui viendo diferentes condicionamientos en forma de prejuicios, afinidades, motivación, ideología, tiempo, y que en lugar de entender el text... —

Day 167: Addicted to Goals | Viktor Persson

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Day 517 - Re-cycling Points Part 2

In the last post I did I can see that I was in a reaction towards the point of the re-cycling points and what I have found fascinating or interesting is that if you take a look at it I am not specific in my actions, I did not write out exactly what was going on or what trigger... —

Day 167 - Today I wrote a song: Because why not!

Today when I woke up I started rhyming a bit and so I wrote a song, because why not. So that is the title. I've also come up with a basic music for it but that requires more work so I'll see what I can do. Would be cool to see someone else making it into a song! Anyone welcome... —

Demons of Folk Friday Tune of the Week: Robot Jesus UFO

Robot Jesus UFO (The Demons of Folk) Flying saucers rock n roll Ascended masters will save our souls In gleaming starships made of gold Can you see them Can you see them Can you see them In your mind? Robot Jesus from cold black space Comes to save the human race From b... —

Day 582 The Slow Motion of Entities as Mind Constructed of Thoughts.

Substance is a fluid thing, one that can take many forms, and even become something less than that of a solid sound structure. A thought is such a thing, and it has not real self directive relation to practical reality, though a thought can be a directive, but this is all, as ... —

day 625: “9/11 terror is play of the Divine Mother” – Swami

“9/11 terror is play of the Divine Mother, however difficult it is for us to understand.” – Spiritual Master, aka Swami, Acharya. Here is a great example of self-irresponsibility, where the self is hiding behind the “divine mother”, placing all responsibility in the hands of ... —

Day 516 - Re-Cycling Points

Depression is a point that sucks. I've gone through it quite often within my life and it re-emerges every now and then and today was/is a day that it has emerged. It emerged today because yesterday I was feeling unimpressed with my application of myself within process, like as... —

Day 308: Suppression: Inferiority 2

Please read  the previous post for context to this blog:    You Can Re-Create Yourself:  From Suppression to Self-Expression Part 1  Suppression: Free Yourself – Atlanteans – Part 228 Why do we suppress? Because of an inherent belief ‘this is too much, I can’t handle this now,... —

LIG: Absolute Living

I received a flyer in the mail advertising the latest ‘Coach’ purse. I recall many years ago a wealthy acquaintance feeling guilty about purchasing of a Coach purse costing $1000.00 Canadian dollars!  So, 20 years ago they were making one thousand dollar coach purses, hence th... —

Día 494 En la lectura veo quien soy. Parte 1

En los anteriores artículos, Día 492 y 493, estuve investigando sobre quien era yo en relación a la comunicación, es decir ver y eliminar los diferentes patrones que me condicionaban y aplicarme en una nueva dirección. En este post quiero investigar lo que ocurre dentro de mí ... —

Terrorism 101: 9/11 Legacy by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast liv...

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Day 166 - Fear of talking too slow / not being understood

I noticed this interesting fear within me when I talk with others. I fear that I will explain something too slow and so that others will loose interest or not get what I am saying and so if this would happen, I would judge and blame myself for being a bad speaker/presenter/exp... —

Skin, Teeth and Hair: Body-Image and Self-Esteem

Do you struggle with insecurities and low self-esteem towards your skin, teeth or hair? In this hangout we discuss why so much emphasis is placed on having 'good looking' skin, teeth and hair in our societies  -and what you can do to create a supportive relationship to your sk... —

Day 561 - You're Never Too Old To Change

I just participated in my first Desteni Senior Hangout. Now, Desteni has been broadcasting hangouts for some time now and have just introduced a new group hangout of the senior members of Desteni sharing their perspective of different topics from a 'senior' point of view alon... —

Day 515 - Money Morals

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a moral point around the spending of money, defining what is right and what is wrong to spend money on when the definition or belief system or idea system regarding what is right or wrong within spending money ... —

Math anxiety – Day 64

I have just started the second year of forensic psychology and a large part of it involves understanding advanced statistics, which has forced me to breathe through the experience of overwhelmedness and challenge the belief of “I’m not good at math”. For as long as I can remem... —

Day 165 - Fears on being more involved

When I think of becoming more involved in various projects and being more self-directive in creating and applying solutions for the problems of our world, a fear comes up where I fear of losing free time, losing fun and flexibility to do what I want. This is what I will be add... —

Dag 446: Vad Händer Om Jag Inte Klarar Det? | Viktor Persson

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The Theory of Economy

This summer I had the mixed pleasure of reading a course in Microeconomics and International trade. In microeconomics the primary focus of the researchers is to establish ‘What is the market really doing and why?’ – and this is attempted to be done utilizing mathematical formu... —

day 624: breathe

Breathing. Always nice to start writing with a breath. Breath-in, breathe-out. Take a pause. Slow down. Only then you can actually be here, otherwise, just on the run nonstop, that’s how the mind likes it. Certainly that rushing gives a sense of self-importance and self-accomp... —

Law of Attraction, Part 19: Conclusion – Attraction or Stimulation?

We come to the conclusion of our survey of the history of the spirituality – based idea called, the Law of Attraction. It has taken us many centuries to observe and follow its stages of development and form within the various eras, cultures and perspectives from many important... —

Day 166: Wasting or Saving Time? | Viktor Persson

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Day 514 - Money and Morality

Continuing from yesterdays post regarding money and morality In yesterdays post I was writing about the point that is existent within me regarding morality and money and I ended up writing, "There are more practical things that I could've spent money on" but in those words ... —

Day 307: You Can Re-Create Yourself! Suppression to Self-Expression

Here I begin to examine my feelings of inferiority towards M, a point which has been suppressed within me my entire life. This is a new point that emerged when speaking with my DIP Buddy, as she assisted me to see how my reaction of fear was actually one of feeling inferior. I... —

Day 164 - Self-victimizing myself in relationships with others

Previous blog is in Slovene. I have a repeating pattern where, whenever I see another being in a reaction towards me, I go into a reaction myself, where I become angry for how I experience myself in such moments. Basically I start victimizing myself as I perceive that anot... —

The New Peer-Pressure by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast live on...

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Día 493 ¿Cómo comunicarme de manera inequívoca? Parte 2

Este post es continuación del Día 492 Me perdono a mí mismo el haberme permitido y aceptado no darme cuenta que cuando estoy comunicándome con otra persona, en lugar de hacer partícipe al otro/a de mis pensamientos y llegar a establecer puntos comunes y acuerdos que nos h... —