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Day 210: Defining Myself According to Work-Related Feedback

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am better than another coworker by comparing feedback I received from others to the feedback the coworker received and from this, justify that I am better because of the ideas and beliefs I had previous... —

Never Say Never to Change. DAY 318 - Anna's BlogAnna's Blog

Never Say Never to Change. DAY 318 September 28, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life About a year and a half ago I decided to stop drinking milk in my coffee. I’ve always been sensitive to milk products and was heavily allergic a... —

Day 658 - Creating the Success of Ourselves Here

I just watched a Ted Talk called, "Programming Your Mind For Success". In the beginning of the video, the presenter asked for a volunteer to come up on stage. There was resistance amongst the audience for anyone to just jump up and go up to the stage. The presenter said a f... —

From Zero Sum to Win-Win by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast live...

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Dan 179 - Specifične podrobnosti (v katerih je hudič)

Danes sem še enkrat preveril, kje odlašam s stvarmi zaradi občutkov odpora. Ugotovil sem, da to še počnem, zato bom v naslednjih dneh spet bolj pozoren na to, da to odpravim. Pri tem si bom pomagal z urnikom, kjer si bom zapisal, katera opravila lahko naredim, potem pa jih bom... —

Dermatillomania/Compulsive Skin Picking: Physical Body Support

What is Dermatillomania or Compulsive Skin Picking and how does it develop? How can you assist and support yourself with the Desteni tools and through the Desteni i Process if you're suffering from Compulsive Skin Picking or other OCD's? Connect with Kim: Dermatillomani... —

Day 567 - Shades of Gray

Continued from Day 568 - Gray Skies I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience a sense of gloominess/depression when, as a child, young adult, it would be gray rainy skies for days on end, where I would be wishing for sunshine. I forgive myself th... —

Día 497 Los conflictos interpersonales, nuestras guerras. Soluciones.

La repetición de los patrones mentales que pasan de generación en generación, y de los que transmitimos a personas de nuestro entorno, cual virus infectando con quienes nos relacionamos, es de lo que cada uno tiene que liberarse para detener los propios conflictos internos que... —

day 629: live here

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize, each moment, each day is new and fresh, its only the mind that extends into the future or the past, which is not living. You can only live here. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myse... —

Dan 178 - Kako sem ustavil vojno

Prejšnji blog je v angleščini. Ljudje smo v vojni na različnih koncih sveta že od kar vemo sami zase. Čemu? Je vojna nekaj, kar vsem koristi? Vojna sploh komu koristi? Vsekakor ne tistim, ki se v njej bojujejo. Verjetno pa do neke mere kakšnim svečenikom, bankirjem ali kaba... —

#PeaceChallenge: How I Stopped My War Against... Humanity by Marl...

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Living Income Guaranteed: The True Answer to Your Prayers

Whether it be music playing  in head , lryics/poetry coming to you ‘out of the blue’, dreams, inspiration, imagination, voices speaking to you during sleep-like a powerful message, or when you first wake up; bad news people, it’s all deception. It is not some ‘special’ message... —

Día 496 La historia se repite, atrapado en el tiempo.

¿Cómo es que lo que vivimos en el presente consiste en lo que hemos aceptado y permitido en el pasado sin tener control de ello? ¿Cómo comprender que lo que a uno le sucede es su propia‪ responsabilidad creada en su pasado y que actualiza en el presente mediante las consecuenc... —

Living On Stolen Money – Decision or Consequence?

A life of crime is two-part documentary (I’ve posted embeds of the videos in the bottom of the post), where a filmmaker follows some criminals during two periods in their lifetime. The first time he meets them they are in their late twenties and still quite strong and vigorous... —

Day 603: We're All in This Together —

Day 604: Maleficent

I refer to the new film, of course, starring Angelina Jolie. I have been finding it more and more difficult to tolerate the absolute manure that is being produced. Movies and TV series recycle the same ideas over and over, and when one of them does just one thing a little di... —

Mothers and a Living Income - Giving as We have Recieved

Today I watched the documentary called 'Paycheck to Paycheck,' about a single mother, my age, with three children. She lives in the South, works as a Certified Nursing Assistant, separated from her husband of almost 10 years, and gets a working wage of $9.49 an hour. I was sh... —

Day 524 - Trusting Myself Here

Now with this whole point of time, stress, and living the word initiative, there is still the point within myself where I am constantly calculating time and constantly in this point of worrying about time and how much I have of it and how long it will take me to do a task. In ... —

Memories: To Forget or Forgive by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast...

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Day 177 - What does socializing and being in company mean to me?

Previous blog is in Slovene. Today I will look at the point of wants / desires and ideas / perceptions that I have towards socializing and how I see / experience myself while in company with others. I see being in company / hanging out with others as a chance to express ... —

Day 169: I Look Like an Actor! | Viktor Persson

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Day 566 - Gray Skies - See more at: Continuing... —

Day 587 Suppression: believing the entities of belief are real.

Suppression Character I have had some problems in my chest, it feels like there is this shield there. The pressure from this has been bothering me for some time. So, I looked at this point as a point of suppression. This suppression comes in a form or constriction, and if ... —

Dan 176 - Pričakovane spremembe v svetu in politiki

Danes sem posnel tale video, kjer govorim o mojih spoznanjih na temo pričakovanja sprememb v svetu in politiki. To je samo-podporni posnetek, kjer vadim samo-direktivno govorništvo v sklopu mojega procesa samo-iskrenega odpravljanja sebičnih umskih vzorcev in čustvenih reakcij. —

[JTL Day 204] Tiredness vs Awareness part 4 - Interest

Continuing with reading aloud the previously written Self-forgiveness statements to see where I can expand to specify the self-realization of acceptances of what I direct to stop and change in regards to tiredness/motivation/energy. [JTL Day 201] Tiredness vs Awareness part 1... —

Doing Things as an Expression of Yourself by Marlen Vargas Del Raz...

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Day 312: I Don’t Trust Her, I Feel Manipulated and Angry!

Here I am opening up a new point, in which I can see from my very title, how I allowed myself to be manipulated lol. A friend of mine, who had recently moved back to the city I live in, asked me to attend a Arbonne part, in which she would be selling skin/beauty products. I co... —

417. How to Become Your Own Role Model

There was a blog entry I made some time ago about the documentary ‘Come and Worry With Us’ 397. Come and Stop Worrying about Money & Children with us about one of my favorite bands and generally discussing the problems that come when lacking sufficient money while still want... —

day 628: an ancient memory in a dream.

Had an interesting dream last night, I saw this person after more than 30 years. As a kid I used to visit my cousin’s place and their next door neighbor was an old lady, very stern looking, unfriendly, appears to be like a disciplinarian, in fact very few times only I have sai... —