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Día 500 Mi Paranoia sobre el Ébola II

Continúo desenmascarando mi mente al ver las estrategias que ha utilizado cuando buscaba informaciones, o desinformaciones, que se han difundido a la opinión pública sobre el primer caso de infección de ébola producido en Europa. En el post anterior, Día 499, encontré que ... —

Process Support: Self-Realizations 1: Stillness

In this vlog series I will share my process, I am walking the Desteni I Process online course, of coming to self-realizations within the purpose of empowering myself and to become my utmost expression/potential as a human being. 1: What does it mean to be still? Why does it ma... —

Day 662 - Habit Change and Routine

I've been investigating the point of "habit" and "routine". I've noticed an interesting thing within these investigations. Making an adjustment to a habit and routine...can carry over into influencing other areas of your life. Meaning that by adjusting a habit/routine with re... —

Desteni Movie Night – Breakfast at Tiffany's

In this Desteni Movie Night Hangout we give a Destonian perspective on the mind shifts presented in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. DIP Lite FREE self-empowerment course: DIP Pro: Agreement course: http://d... —

Día 499 Mi Paranoia sobre el Ébola

No entraré aquí a valorar las informaciones o desinformaciones que aparecen en los medios de prensa y TV, en las redes y en general en internet sobre el primer caso de ébola diagnosticado en Europa, cuyo origen es el contagio de una enfermera cuando asistía a un paciente diag... —

Occupy Calls for a Guaranteed Living Income by Marlen Vargas Del ...

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Day 187 - Living the word Care

Previous blog is in Slovene. In this writing I look into the point of caring and how I can expand myself by living this word, not only in my immediate environment, but also towards others and the world as a whole. Preparing the food: I forgive myself that I accepted a... —

Thyroid disease: Physical Body Support

What is it like to live with Thyroid disease? How can you assist and support yourself if you are suffering from thyroid disease through the Desteni tools and Desteni i Process? In this hangout we're talking to Fidelis who 2 years ago was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and Grav... —

Ownership: The Lie That Kills

I was stunned to find out that a major reason there is so many millions dying of starvation in African countries each year is that, of the 10 countries that the Nile River runs through, only 2 of these countries have the ‘right’ to use the water from the river for irrigation/f... —

#Utopia Show Cancelled by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast live o...

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Day 570 - Color Combinations - Part 2

Continuing from Day 569 - Color Combinations I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have a negative reaction to the color combination of red and black, following a picture/memory of black and red depicting images that I judged as evil and lurid. I have a... —

day 631: cliques to alone

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear when new people arrive in my space. I forgive myself for I have accepted and allowed myself to experience a sense of constriction, withdrawal as I saw the new person today, as if I went into a hiding within myse... —

My first Asia University blog

The picture above is the building that I spend much of my time in on the AU campus. This blog that I am now writing is part of my commitment to my students to write and post along with them. Perhaps our motto could be, a class that writes together stays together. Sometimes wh... —

Musicwood: Music or Trees? by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast liv...

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Dan 186 - Samo-zaupanje pri razgovoru za službo

Začel sem iskati zaposlitev in opazil sem, da me še vedno postane strah ob že ob sami misli na intervju, ker si očitno ne zaupam dovolj. Zato bom pisal na to temo. Odpustim si, da sem sprejel in si dovolil dvomiti vase in v svoje sposobnosti ter izkušnje pri iskanju zaposli... —

Day 527 - I Am Who I Am

This point opened up at work yesterday night. So I found out that a few people from my work play the same video game that I play and I was talking to them about playing together. So as it opened up and as we started to communicate about the video game they were speaking about ... —

Day 569 - Color Combinations

In this continuation of my color series I am going to open up/investigate my reaction to color combinations. Supportive EQAFE interviews: —

Day 316: Suppressed Memories Affecting My Body

Here I am opening up a new point that emerged, which really surprised me!  I remembered that Sunette had said one can ask ones physical body questions.  That sounded very cool to me but I doubted I could do this successfully, like ‘oh wow, I probably can’t do that, she can /ot... —

Prevečnost v povezavi z delom / Samo-odpuščanje 1

Celoten izhodiščni blog Odstavek iz izhodiščnega bloga, ki ga razširjam / predelujem v tem blogu: ''Prvi teden v septembru smo bile s ''sestričnama'' na morju. Vedela sem, da bo vrnitev na delo naporna, ker smo pripravljali največji dogodek v zgodovinici našega programa. In... —

We Are the Government by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast live on...

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Dag 64 – Blinde vlek

Vanmorgen sprak ik een collega die ik ruim een maand niet had gezien door vakantie en vrije dagen van beide. We hadden het eerst over onze respectievelijke vakanties om daarna terug te gaan naar de periode ervoor. De weken en maanden voor de vakantieperiode waren gekenmerkt do... —

Senior Destonian Hangout - Teach Your Children Well

In this Hangout we will be discussing more in depth what walking our process has meant in terms of relationships with our children. Investigate the amazing Eqafe Series : Parenting, Perfecting the Human Race ... —

Day 661 - Debt Servitude in Word and World Relations.

So, I noticed some interesting points that were buried within myself in relationship to Money...and so here I outline the specifics and specifically rectify my misfortune and lay a new foundation of structured support to assist and support the expansion and creative developmen... —

418. Deschooling Ourselves: Why and How to Do it?

After watching Charles Eisenstein’s Deschooling Ourselves workshop video, I realized how important it is to be aware of how much of ‘who we become’ as a person in our society and in relation to others is shaped in and by the schooling system. To this, it would also be unfair t... —

No Land, No Food, No Life by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast live...

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[JTL Day 205] Tiredness vs Awareness part 5 - impatience

Continuing with on the point of tiredness... [JTL Day 201] Tiredness vs Awareness part 1-Introduction [JTL Day 202] Tiredness vs Awareness part 2-Self-forgiveness [JTL Day 203] Tiredness vs Awareness part 3 - Motivation [JTL Day 204] Tiredness vs Awareness part 4 - Interest ... —

Day 589 The Lag of Self Definition towards a Natural Expedition in Men

As each faction in our society looks in self interest into its own survival, there is a limitation within the collective communicating and sharing developments that lead to expediting actions needed to improve efficiency and give the space and time to understand practical real... —

Dan 185 - Navdih za motivacijo

Motivacija je ključnega pomena v življenju vsakega posameznika. Motivacija je primarni vzrok delovanja vsakega človeka. Pogosto rečemo, da nekdo nima motivacija za kaj, zato se ne spravi k stvari. Toda ta opazka ni dovolj natančna. Ljudje nimamo motivacije, ker si je ne ustvar... —

Jevons Paradox: Does it Apply Today? by Marlen Vargas Del Razo bro...

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[60] Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Is it possible to create socially and environmentally engaged enterprises focused on sustainability? Today Tunde Fritzson-Bajdor is sharing her initiative and business model ‘Swappis’ for sustainable apparel founded upon the principle of reduce, reuse and recycle. How does the... —