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356: Self-Correction as Transcendence and Why we Don't Apply it

In walking the Desteni I Process, the tools we have available are breathing, writing, self forgiveness, self commitment statements and self corrective application. In this blog I'm going to share my perspective and experience in relation to the corrective application. So what... —

Day 295: Previously Unpublished: Facing a Biopsy : Fear and Worry 2

For proper context , please read the last post. From Day 294:  This post was previously unpublished because I had not told my husband I needed a biopsy.  I decided to post it because, having read it again recently, I thought it may support and assist another who is facing a bi... —

Day 294: Previously Unpublished: Facing a Biopsy : Fear and Worry

This post was previously unpublished because I had not told my husband I needed a biopsy. I decided to post it because, having read it again recently, I thought it may support and assist another who is facing a biopsy. I have since then been informed my biopsy results were ‘no... —

Día 477 Tomar responsabilidad de mí y este mundo. MDP 12

Continúo con Mi Declaración de Principios 12. No esperar por algo o alguien a tomar responsabilidad de mí y este mundo – sino que me doy cuenta que he creado quien y como soy en este momento, por lo tanto tengo la responsabilidad de cambiar quién y cómo soy y así la reali... —

day 605: road-rage is consequential.

Arrogance can have consequence, specially now that ‘demons’ are roaming the earth, any little thing can spark something terrible. Driving home today after work, an incoming van at a turn made a rough move which could have hit me, so as a moment of quantum-mind-physical reactio... —

[JTL Day 196] 10. Making Love Visible part 4

Continuing with 10. Making Love Visible part 1 and part 2 and part 3 as a point within my Declaration of Living Principles. I establish some self-integrity within equalizing will, vision and action with words in regards to the re-definition of LOVE to assist and support me a... —

[JTL Day 195] VLOGs for Self-Support

Made some VLOGS some time ago for about an hour. It is a cool self-support and also as an opportunity to share it. Looking back when I've started Vlogging, I remember, in February of 2008 I shared my first VLOG in regards to Self-honest Process. Since then I see myself be... —

Desteni Senior Hangout

This is an introduction to this new series of hangouts where the Desteni seniors will share their insights and realizations about walking with Desteni as a senior/older participant. DIP Lite FREE self-empowerment course: DIP Pro: http://d... —

Una Realidad Aparte - Día 295

Desperté sintiendo una carga emocional incluso como si no pudiera respirar completamente y me vine a escribir inmediatamente el punto que emerge es que sentí un flashazo de desilusión de una persona a la que veía fuerte y confiada y no me di cuenta que me estaba viéndome a mi ... —

Day 544 - A Different Kind of Chiropractic Treatment

Continuing from my previous blog - Day 543 - The Atlas So, I went to the upper-cervical chiropractor, x-rays in hand, and for the first time in my life I saw my skull and neck. It is amazing to me how I could go my entire life, never knowing 'what lies beneath' and furtherm... —

Day 488 - Stress and Future Projections

I am having a hard time sleeping recently and this is because I find that I am stressed. The indicator of the stress is scratching the folliculitis as the scratching has been the indication of stress for quite some time, as this is the reason why I scratch when I go low becaus... —

411. Do Good and Evil Really Exist?

We tend to want to hold on to the idea of ourselves being ‘good people’ or there being really ‘good people’ out there without questioning what the origin or starting point of such goodness exists.  With this it’s not to imply that there’s no ‘good’ at all but certainly it is a... —

Dan 156 - CENZURIRANO: Vse vojne so vojne bankirjev

Vse vojne so sprovocirane in podprte s strani svetovnih elitnih bankirjev, katerih namen je vzpostaviti popoln nadzor nad bančnim sistemom vseh narodov, ker lahko tako kradejo bogastvo ljudem, ki se večinoma ne zavedajo, kako bančništvo dejansko deluje. Deluje na podlagi izdaj... —

Day 189 - Coming Out of the Woods Again

Here a brief departure from the scheduled writing on my declaration of principles to take on some immediate “housekeeping” that is most relevant to what I am facing at this moment. For some light context, many months ago some events occurred in my life that caused me to ha... —

Día 262 - Abriendo memorias de ‘cuando estoy enfermo’: parte 4

Este post es continuación de: Día 258 - Abriendo memorias de ‘cuando estoy enfermo’: parte 1 Día 259 - Abriendo memorias de ‘cuando estoy enfermo’: parte 2 Día 260 - Abriendo memorias de ‘cuando estoy enfermo’: parte 3 Continúo aplicando perdón a uno mismo en la memoria ... —

day 604: WAR – Worse Act of Reasoning. But media loves it.

My daily writing continues, though I see now it’s rather difficult to name this as daily writing, more like every-other-day writing. So again, a note to self, like Bernard said, “leave 10,000 documents and 10,000 videos before you leave”. Giving that time to self, to reflect, ... —

Day 281: What Kind of Power did This?

The Unforgotten “…the families of immigrants who go missing along the border — likely victims of exposure or dehydration — are largely shut out of this system. Because no one really knows precisely where they disappeared, there is no straightforward way for family members to f... —

The Volatility of Energetic/Emotional Experiences of Value | Anna's BlogAnna's Blog

The Volatility of Energetic/Emotional Experiences of Value July 28, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life Recently I had quite an interesting insight about the way that I defined my own value. I was busy working with a group of peo... —

Hipnosis - Día 294

Hace unos días estuve en la playa y escribí este post que hasta ahora estoy subiendo. Anoche llegó una tormenta muy fuerte con muchos rayos, centellas, truenos lluvia y mucho pero mucho viento, estando a la orilla del mar esto se torno para mi por un momento aterrador, respir... —

[51] The Politics of Your Education

We think that what we learn in school is how the world really works, but no one teaches us that education in itself is political and as such is a part of politics. Political skills and social awareness is not taught in school. We learn to accept the dominant culture's version ... —

Day 515 | Living my Utmost Potential VS. Perfection NOW! - “But what if I can’t?”

I am continuing from my previous blog post, still in the context of the first point in my Declaration of Principle which reads: 1. Realizing and Living my Utmost Potential From my previous post: Suppression = not dealing with / directing what comes up in the moment i... —

Day 514 | Realizing my Utmost Potential VS. Suppression & Lethargy

Following the interview series on Lethargy recently and how this construct/system of/as Lethargy functions and works within one's mind and physical, I came to re-assess my definition of 'suppression' as well as my relationship to this point: 'suppression'. This is also ... —

My Country is Better than Yours

Why do we tend to believe that our countries and cultures are be better than others? Why do we tend to take the beliefs of our cultures for granted as superior and more advanced? How is the education system promoting an ethnocentric world-view and to what consequence? That is ... —

Movie Night Hangout: Fight Club – A Destonian Perspective

In this hangout we discuss the 90s cult film Fight Club. We walk through the various perspectives and dimensions that the film open up and how we can use these to reflect on ourselves and upon our lives. Hangout participants are Viktor Persson (host) and Aldin Hrvat. Inv... —

day 603: be aware of the body, be here.

I was listening to this very interesting ‘Crucifixion of Jesus‘ interview which talks about having emotional experiences while listening to others. Even in the cases where you sit in a meeting and simply listening to others, their words/tones can trigger emotional reactions wi... —

How an Unequal Vocabulary Creates an Unqual World. 90

Those who have it, tend to take it for granted as a natural part of their cognitive capacities. Those who do not have it, most often are not aware of how many ‘doors to success’ gets slammed in their faces because of it. It is one of the most surreptitious mechanisms in the in... —

410. What we Miss in the Infowar Mentality

There are times wherein there is a perception of there being ‘a lot going on in the world’ based on the information/news that we get all around the world in our media outlets wherein there’s this massive created awareness of events/situations unfolding as ‘news’ which lately r... —

Day 487 - Escaping Reality

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize/understand that my allowance of myself participating in the feeling of comfort within watching movies and series and playing video games for a long period of time is only allowing myself to ignore this... —

Day 154 - The savior / Jesus / messiah construct

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am the one who will be the savior of humanity by being a good example of how to direct oneself in a way that is best for all and to within this participate within the superiority construct, where I believe t... —