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Dag 43 – Börda | En Socialfobikers Resa till Livet

Dag 43 – Börda Publicerat: juni 16, 2015 | Author: niklas7resa | Filed under: Uncategorized | Tags: börda, bördor, försummelse, hjälp, insikt, livet, minnen, problem, självinsikt, självuppriktighet, stöd, villkörslöst |Lämna en kommentar Jag förlåter mig själv för att jag ac... —

Day 224: My Process an Action Movie

Growing up I wasn’t able to watch movies, I was more of an outside person, where being outside for me was like watching an action movie in itself, with scenes, play outs and characters. All I had to do was go out and sit on the back porch (or front porch) and watch everyone an... —

[95] Basic Income: The Story So Far

What evidence do we have thus far that Basic Income is a solution to economic inequality and poverty? What are the economic trends leading to the necessity of implementing Basic Income programs around the world? Why is providing a Basic Income a social investment instead of an... —

Dan 46: Dojeta in praktična resničnost

Kakšna je razlika med dojeto in praktično resničnostjo? Z uporabo misli in čustev si lahko ustvarimo vsemogoče iluzije in zablode, ki se jim potem začnemo podrejati. Zakaj to počnemo in kakšne so posledice? Se zavedamo, da se ljudje podrejamo lastnim miselno-čustvenim iluzijam... —

Day 406 - Lost in time, lots of the time

There's been a building pressure. A pressure to perform. A pressure to sound coherent, and integrated with all the information in my world. A perception of falling behind ensues. A few moments later, I'm stuck. Everything is ahead of me, and I can't catch up. Since my last po... —

Day 405 - Self-Empowerment: Stepping into Manhood

Quick overview of my life: Born in upstate New York, moved to Northern California at age 11, went to college in Southern Californa, lived back at home for a year, went to the Desteni Farm in South Africa and began a committed life partnership. All of the above happened wit... —

Day 404 - The Nice Smelling Janitor Lady

Heavenly. This mysterious lady of few words has walked into my hospital room twice now since starting this 14-day iPad study. She silently allows the trash bags and roll of toilet paper in her hands communicate her purpose for entering my suite. Is she attractive? Yes, but ... —

Day 403 - Editing and Effort

“Have something to say, and say it as clearly as you can. That is the only secret.” - Matthew Arnold In the book called “300 Days of Better Writing” by David Bowman, the author claims this to be likely his favorite quote on the subject of writing. When I was a child, I ask... —

Day 402 - The Perfect Writer Complex

"I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear that my process writing is not acceptable as perfection, and through this allow my inner critic to project a moment of self-judgment into the future - in this not realizing this as the purely self-sabotaging sys... —

Day 401 - Good Fortune Forgiveness

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to brag about being in this sleep study to everyone I message on Facebook while using this iPad. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become excited about being fortunate and afforded the opportunit... —

Day 559 - Basic Self Forgiveness on Self Judgements

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to take a look beyond the judgement of myself when/as I see a point that I have been living which I see has limited myself or have connected a negative connection towards, and in looking beyond the judgement, underst... —

Day 223: Paying Too much Attention to my Conscious Mind Thoughts

“And I thought they would never go away”. Throughout my process I’ve tried to make it a point to notice and forgive every single thought that comes up in my mind, whether it’s just passing through and/or there to make me react with an emotion or feeling. What I’ve noticed was ... —

555 | "The Briefcase" – The Devil in Disguise?

My previous discussion (Sensationalism and emotional maturity) was in part 'inspired' by a new reality show called “The Briefcase” ... Each episode features two middle class families struggling with their finances. Each family is given a briefcase with 100 thous... —

554 | Sensationalism and emotional maturity in society

...When a Heroic Teacher Asks Her Kids a Question They Don’t Usually Get, Ellen Breaks Down In Tears - So I watched this video, and then I wondered: As humanity is awakening to the real value of life and living - will we make sure that ALL WEALTH - be it money / support... —

Kultura, kulturna identiteta – od besedne skice do študije v delih 1

Preden sem spoznala Desteni, sem besedo 'kultura' definirala kot precej pozitivno. Moja prva asociacija na kulturno je 'družbeno sprejemljivo'. Drugi preblisk je besedni dvojček 'kultura in umetnost', ki je tudi področje v katerih sem strokovno izobražena (kot profesorica liko... —

day 674: water crisis

Water crisis is a serious problem, life depends on water. I am not scientifically qualified to write about this brewing water crisis unfolding in places like Egypt (yes the land of the Nile), or the state of California or numerous other places around the globe. But looking at ... —

Desteni Movie Night: Les Misérables

In this Live hangout we discuss the Musical: Les Misérables based on the story of Victor Hugo. Speaking about poverty, law, religion, politics, revolution, love in relation to the Les Misérables. You can ask questions within the Q&A Section in relation to the musical and the... —

Practical Self-Empowerment: Moving Beyond the Rock and a Hard Place

What do you do when your world collapse? How are you able to practically empower yourself to move beyond the initial doom and gloom of being in between the rock and a hard place? How are you able to create something out of nothing? In this DIP Live Google Hangout, we talk to o... —

Practical Self-Empowerment: Moving Beyond the Rock and a Hard Place

What do you do when your world collapse? How are you able to practically empower yourself to move beyond the initial doom and gloom of being in between the rock and a hard place? How are you able to create something out of nothing? In this DIP Live Google Hangout, we talk to o... —

235. Kill the Messenger: No More

Why should we all become Gary Webb? Why is it that uncovering ‘big truths’ and exposing corruption at the highest levels of power a threat to one’s life instead of an honorary virtue of integrity? How is it that scandals are used to distract people’s awareness from matters of ... —

Day 222: Be on Your Best Behavior

The question is; how is this possible, being that if you have particular behavior patterns, which one is the best one? Obviously an extensive amount of fear had to be instilled into someone for them to realize the difference between good, bad and your best behavior. In my case... —

234. California’s Drought and #Hollywater Awareness

Solutions must be brought forth to increase the water supply in California, but in the meantime, where is our attention diverted to? What kind of technology is being squandered instead of focusing on ensuring each human being – all around the world – has access to this vital l... —

Overtime in Sweden is now equivalent to 117,000 full-time jobs

A fresh study shows that last year, Sweden's employees worked 4.7 million hours of overtime every week. This is equivalent to at least 117 000 full time jobs. This simultaneously with an ever increasing unemployment. Would a Basic Income system be the solution to a more fair s... —

Day 236: Boldness

Boldness – to be bold, to be daring, what does that mean when we look at the words from a starting point of what is best for all? That is what I will investigate in this blog. So, for some context, I’ve been looking at the point of fearing to speaking up in moments when I see ... —

The Futility of Heroism

The idea of the Hero is a misunderstood notion occluded with a hidden deception – a power and revenge fantasy that requires one to hope and wait for the arrival of a savior to solve one’s problems. Thus the arrival of a hero implies and reinforces the enslavement and powerless... —

Day 221: Testimony

To tell or give witness of an experience or experiences that has taken place in your life. Growing up was when I first learned this word and the act of doing, behind it. It was what I saw people doing in church, where they would stand up and tell their experiences of things, i... —

Dag 379 van 2555: mijn tosti en ik

Alweer een aantal jaren geleden ontdekte ik dat mijn fysieke lichaam niet zo blij wordt wanneer ik tarwe producten eet en ik dan een pijn ervaar die ik niet vrijwillig ga uitlokken. Dus heb ik o.a. op dit aspect van geen tarwe eten mijn dieet aangepast. Aangezien dit niet het ... —

Dan 46: Socialno podjetništvo

Zakaj imamo podjetja, ki so socialna in tista, ki niso? Zakaj se morajo razne nevladne organizacije, katerih cilj je izboljšanje kvalitete življenja, boriti za denar in lastno preživetje? Kaj nam to pove o naši družbi? Kako lahko zagotovimo, da bodo vsa podjetja delovala socia... —

[JTL Day 228] Breath Control decomposition

Walking through all the programs of my mind in relation to control, breathing... I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to think any concept, belief, definition, rule, regulation, law, habit or any judgement-based idea about how to breath, breath properly, breath a... —