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Nestrpnost, nervoza, tečnoba, slabovoljnost, čemernost, nezadovoljstvo… SAMOKOREKCIJA 10

Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila na kritiko da naj obvladam svojo tečnobo in slabo-voljnostjo, ker ju širim v skupini, odreagirati z ogorčenjem in ju opravičevati skozi notranji govor ''ne širim ju samo jaz, ker smo v teh pogojih, pod tem stresom vsi tečni in slabe... —

430. Recognition

When looking at redefining a word,  an exercise is to see what kind of associations do I have in relation to it, what kind of memories are attached to this word that could prevent me from actually redefining it and living the word in a supportive manner. So this is a work in p... —

Day 299: Anxiety and Fear When I Am In The Center of Everyone’s Attention

Today a situation played out at work where I for a moment was in the center of everyone’s attention. This brought a emotion of feeling uncertainty, insecurity, and anxiety – because when I am in the center of attention – I have this tendency to think about how I am perceived a... —

Day 357: The Church

Just in the time I’ve been alive and have experienced the church, there has been a massive change in the way the church operates, from spending more time talking about and/or studying the bible to almost like going to a concert or show type of feel, with all the extra additive... —

Day 687 What rings into eternity? Equality and oneness. It is a physical life.

I have noticed in talking with people, that there are these moments when a thin film comes towards me, like a wisp. And then I noticed when I do this myself, as this is like a separation from being grounded here in this physical world, a much more stable state of being. This s... —

Nestrpnost, nervoza, tečnoba, slabovoljnost, čemernost, nezadovoljstvo… SAMOKOREKCIJA 9

Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila skozi trenutke nestrpnosti in pritoževanja postopoma graditi ''en tak čemeren karakter'' oz. natančneje rečeno čemerno osebnost, ki pri meni prevladuje – vsaj v družinskem / sorodstvenem krogu. Vidim, da sama ne maram prisotnosti te... —

Fear of People I Don’t Understand. DAY 375 06 Sunday Mar 2016 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsabstract people, fear of crazy people, fear of not understanding, fear of people with mental illness, miscommunication, not understanding another In the recent months, communication has been a core topic in my interactions and relationships with others. Within this, a sp... —

[128] The Youth of Social Change

How can young people engage in social activism? How can activism be promoted in schools and governments? What are the benefits and results of young leaders uniting for social change? How can you take the first steps to become a human rights and democracy activist? We will disc... —

Day 260 - Comparing myself with business men

Bellow I share a specific point/memory I wrote out to correct my thinking and behavior from (self)abuse to self-support. --> Comparing myself with business men -->--> I am watching a movie where there are greedy business men -->-->--> One business man was very handsome loo... —

Day 356: Things that We Do Pt. 2

Continuing from day 196: Things We Do Say/Unaware We frown until people look at us and then we smile. When we wake up in the morning the first thing we do is look at our phone to see if anybody called us, then wonder why no one called us. We always have that one friend who we ... —

Playing the Long Game in your Child’s Upbringing. 118 | A Teacher's Journey to Life

As adults, and as parents in particular, we tend to focus on ‘short-term results’ when it comes to our kids. But what is seldom considered is the longitude of a child’s life and how there is so much more to life besides ‘making it’ in the labor force. When parents look at thei... —

Nestrpnost, nervoza, tečnoba, slabovoljnost, čemernost, nezadovoljstvo… SAMOKOREKCIJA 8

Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila z ogorčenjem reagirat na buddy-jev predlog ''začni razmišljat tudi kako lahko ob skrbi za babico uživaš; zdaj se sliši nemogoče, ker tega nikoli nisi videla kot nekaj možnega''. Zavedam se, da je skrb za dementnega človeka konkreten... —

Day 355: Waiting for Others to do, What I should for Myself

The easiest thing in the world to do is to become comfortable with accepting others willingly taking care of you and to have everything that you want need and desire at your fingertips, I mean who wouldn’t want this for themselves, when offered? Throughout my life I have becom... —

429. What Relationships Can Be In This World I just remembered how when I was growing up and going through school, I saw the disparity that existed between people. I used to be the one that would always get it ‘all right’ and it truly saddened me to see that others could see thems... —

Day 686 Revisiting Blame. Realizing the practice of self forgiveness and self correction.

When I go into anger I go into fear. My reflection is then based on limitation, as I am fearing survival more than being present here, equal and one to the math of existence, a physical existence. I mean, why does television effective? Why is the measure of it so ubiquitous? ... —

Day 354: How Easy

How easy do we believe in lies when there’s no telling of the truth, you say it, I believe it and that’s all to it. Because I heard it from a creditable source, that’s all that matters to me, I mean it can’t be a lie because I saw it on T.V. We all know the world is a mess, e... —

Nestrpnost, nervoza, tečnoba, slabovoljnost, čemernost, nezadovoljstvo… SAMOKOREKCIJA 7

Odpustim si, da NISEM sprejela in si dopustila samo-korekcij, ki sem jih v preteklosti izpisala v kar lepem številu blogov (skupaj z nadaljevalnimi blogi pod naslovi Babica, kaj še delaš tu… & Dementne dogodivščine) potem v popolnosti vnesti v prakso; zaradi česar sem pokasir... —

Day 686 Am I really insignificant? I am here, I am physical. The value is being life.

If I expect others to infer any emotional poles behind my words, are I not expecting others to see the emotional pole within me as something as real as I believe it to be?? ( This is actually insane!) And if I have to expose that emotional pole, and a solution is given to me,... —

Day 259 – Party, Drugs and Awareness part 2

Dancing continued from where I stopped in the last post. This time I dig deeper into the mechanics of my mind, how I experienced myself and things, what was the reason I went into trance dance and how I tried to use to transcend my limitations and eventually how I realized tha... —

Day 353: What Are You Waiting For

The weather to be the right temperature, before we act on something. The sky to fall down before we realize our world is collapsing around us. Somebody else to make the first move, before we even lift a finger to change ourselves and the way this world is today, but wait, let ... —

Day 586 - The Origin of Defeatism

Defeatism is a point that, as I look at it now, has been something that I have gone into a LONG time ago and basically only realising this point now and how I have allowed myself to participate in in thoughts and in my experience of myself within points of work and in points o... —

Fear of Speaking up. DAY 374 27 Saturday Feb 2016 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsbeing a coward, fear of saying something, fear of speaking up, fear of speaking up to bullies, how to stop being a coward How do you stand up and speak up in moments where you see another doing something that is compromising/not best for all? I have often experienced mys... —

Day 258 – Party, Drugs and Awareness part 1

Recently I’ve visited a contemporary dance event, it’s type was psytrance. Since quite some years I visit these kind of parties and as I’ve changed during my process of self-realization, my starting point, experience and the very self-expression also have been transformed, whi... —

Day 352: My Problems

My problems are my problem and your problem is your problem, but I make them my problem, because it seems as if I have too many problems to deal with at the moment, so I need your problems to over shadow my problems and someone to blame for my problems and that way I don’t hav... —

Day 685 The Caregiver Archetype continued. Self Corrective Statements.

The Caregiver Archetype Today I had a meeting where I had to evaluate information I had accumulated and listen to perspectives about that information. I then had to frame the perspective in practical ways, calling measure by name. For example, the description of an embedded... —

Day 607 - The Continuing Vaccine Story

So, as I wrote in my blog, Holding Ourselves Accountable, I have been studying the facts surrounding vaccines, which is really part of this whole world system which is in place. I have come to realize the extent of damage/injury in practically everyone I meet, from the subtle... —

Day 297: Wanting The Big Means Missing The Small

I have seen that in wanting the big, I tend to miss the small – and what is interesting here is that the big things might seem significant, yet when looking closely, the big is actually constituted by the small. So, where does this apply? For myself I have seen this in particu... —

Day 351: Lay it All Out in Front of You

Throughout my life I have always saw things as different individual separate problem, not as a conglomeration of events that takes place in correlation with each other, that has built up over time and have accumulated to become this massive big problem, being the way I was liv... —

Day 684 Continuation of the Caregiver Archetype. Day 2.

In relation to the caregiver archetype, I have had pressure on the back of my neck for some time. Also, there appears to be some pressure behind my eyes. When I would go and look at the pressure behind my eyes, I would experience thoughts about my sisters. It was that my siste... —

Day 683 The archetype of the caregiver. My journey to life.

The Caregiver Archetype Placing value in being needed by others. This has been character that I have been aware of for some time. I realize that this is not being self responsible, it is seeking meaning through being needed by others. It is character picked up from my mother... —