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Day 232 – Reviewing Desteni Movie Nights

More than a year I am participating and hosting movie and TV-series reviews, discussions with people who are walking Desteni I Process courses. There is a certain perspective these courses give, which is very effective for understanding our mind, behaviour and also to find and... —

Day 253: Haunted By My Expectations

Have you ever felt haunted by your own expectations? For me this has been a recurring point in my life for some time, and the pattern basically goes like this. I will create an expectation about how something should, or is going to play out, and then I will begin to stress tha... —

Kultura, kulturna identiteta – od besedne skice do študije v delih : 4

Zanimivo perspektivo o kulturni identiteti sem dobila z ogledom filma The Monuments Men. Film je postavljen v čas vojne in je osredotočen na nemško ropanje umetnin po različnih koncih Evrope. Hitler si kopiči največje umetnostne dosežke držav s katerimi je v vojni z namenom, d... —

[102] Basic Income Women Action Group

Why is it important for women to unite and become part of the movement to guarantee a basic income? How would women benefit from joining this political and social effort? Join us in our conversation with Liane Gale and Ann Withorn from NABIG presenting the Basic Income Women ... —

Day 245 - Identity trap

Who am I? What can I identify myself with? What labels shall I give to myself? Who are you? Are you a man, a woman? Are you your name? Your nationality, religion? Are you defined by the things you like, the things you do? The amount of money you have? Your skin color? You anc... —

Día 524 Alternativa a la esperanza

En el post anterior, Día 523, estuve viendo una perspectiva de cómo la esperanza es un pensamiento que sirve como excusa para que todo siga como siempre, para que nada cambie en la vida de uno ni en el colectivo, si quieres verlo así. Al contrario, lo que hace es posponer inde... —

Día 523 Matar toda esperanza

Después de observar diferentes acontecimientos que están sucediendo en nuestros días, como el trato de los gobiernos de París y Londres a los refugiados e inmigrantes, o el de la frontera de México con EEUU, o el de España y Marruecos. Después de ver como las elites utilizan l... —

Día 522 Inseguridad e Incertidumbre como experiencia energética

En el post anterior Día 521, estuve viendo mi mente cuando apareció una insuficiencia cardíaca. Las palabras más relevantes que surgieron fueron: inseguridad e incertidumbre. A continuación exploraré lo que significa cada una de ellas en ese contexto aplicando el “perdón como ... —

Pushing Through Boundaries. DAY 363 23 Sunday Aug 2015 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagscodependent, living without boundaries, not knowing your limit, not setting boundaries, personal boundaries, Pushing through boundaries A friend recently posted this T.S Elliot quote on Facebook and it inspired me to open up this particular point within me, the point of ... —

Turquía ya es el principal punto de partida hacia Europa de personas inmigrantes |

Turquía se ha convertido en el principal punto de partida de inmigrantes, tanto por tierra como por mar, hacia los países de la Unión Europea, según los... —

Day 258: Before You Go

I’m sure we all have experienced as a child our parents telling us, before you go outside and play you have to do this, that or the other and if you don’t finish this, this that or the other, you won’t be able to go outside and play, so what do we do; First off we momentarily ... —

258. Do Our Identities Divide Us?

Why do we give more emphasis to our differences and fighting to recognize them instead of focusing on what unites us all,  our common ground? What kind of world problems would be solved if we learned to identify ourselves as living breathing beings, and not by the social const... —

Day 24 OCD/Dermatillomania: How to Prevent the Tension Build Up

In my last blog I discussed a way in which I have learned to physically discharge the built up tension that leads me to submit to OCD compulsions namely, compulsive skin picking, but also other OCD tendencies. I described what this feeling was, what it feels like, and how to a... —

Desteni Movie Night: The Godfather - YouTube

The Godfather - How a man can completely change by small and insignificant steps to lose his innocence from where there is apparently no turning back and how... —

Indagando un Sueño - Día 341

Como ya he escrito antes, hace poco tiempo emprendimos mi pareja y yo un negocio de Network Marketing, en el cual he estado aplicándome en crear un Porqué válido de acuerdo a los principios que estoy caminando como son la aceptación de mi misma, la consideración, la gratitud, ... —

Day 654 I may ground myself here, into equality and oneness with the physical to stand equal and one to life.

If I carry around my past, as all the experiences I have that are charged with fear, I cannot see the potential of what is here as the physical as life in expression. My reptilian brain stands with the weight of that charge, slowing me down, and all I see is threat and possibi... —

Day 374: Creating Anxiety: Backchat and Reactions of Fear

I forgive myself for not realizing I have accepted and allowed myself to fall into backchat, where I follow the first pixel- as a picture of a person or word- popping up in my mind, while doing household chores- specifically in relation to cleaning out the basement-throwing ou... —

257. Why Poor People’s Bad Decisions Make Perfect Sense

How can we expect those that we have deprived from their right to live in dignity to have the most sanity and be in perfectly fine shape and condition to make effective choices in their lives, if such choices are not even available for them? What is our social responsibility t... —

Practical Self-Empowerment: From Submissive to Self-Directive

Continuing with the Practical Self-Empowerment Series, today's hangout we'll be discussing with our guest the process she has walked from being submissive, meek, and avoiding in nature to becoming self-directive, a self-leader and how that has impacted her life and relationshi... —

Day 257: What I Will or Will Not Accept and Allow

What I will accept and allow from myself is what’s best for all. What I will not accept and allow from myself is to continue to fall. I will accept myself to allow myself to utilize breath in every moment. I will not accept myself to allow myself to run away from a problem, b... —

Day 653 What if the gift of patience? The gift of self discovery.

I was standing talking to a crowd, all the while it was as though the weight of fear was there, in each and every one, I noticed that this sense of futility came up, and yet, I could see this and remain within moving through this, as in not only seeing this, and speaking up f... —

256. How to Create Good Karma and Be a Hero

How to stop venerating a human nature of ‘infinite wants’ and instead learn to look up to and honor those that are willing to create the most benefit to themselves and others as well? How can we turn the tide of our current cultural and economic values and in doing so change t... —

Quién Eres Tú como Apoyo? - Día 340

Un día a principios del año 2000, viajaba en el metro de Los Angeles a Long Beach, iba sola, no tenía trabajo, sentada en medio de gente negra y latina en su mayoría; los miré y sus rostros y sus posturas denotaban vencimiento, tristeza y rabia, yo ya de por si me sentía 'vací... —

Day 23: OCD/Dermatillomania - How to Discharge the Built Up Tension

I recently made a video regardingthis process I am walking with OCD and dermatillomania. In it I talked about how it feels to stop this disorder, because I have had now many periods of time where I not only stopped acting out the compulsions, but also stopped for moments, the ... —

Day 244 - Fulfillment

I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to define fulfillment within polarity and separation, where I believed that if I am to be fulfilled I have to get/attain something that is outside of me and to then project the this onto women, where I would search for specif... —

Day 652 What does it mean to be practical, living here, in the moment. The Game of Mind Consciousness.

What does it mean to be practical, living here in the moment? I have to remind myself to practical reality in every moment, through reminding myself to stand up straight. I notice that physically, my body tells me in every moment where I am, what shadows of emotion and feeli... —

Day 256: Getting a Check Up/Physical

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a physical examination with blood work done and the works, meaning everything else that one gets check when going to the doctor for a basic physical. I’ve never really had anything wrong with me physically, no broken bones or chronic disease... —

245. What is Missed in the Sharing Economy?

A new set of values is emerging to start seeing the benefits and good consequences for all that sharing brings, but how about redirecting the discussion to a more primordial and indispensable form of sharing that tends to be overlooked when discussing this new economic model? ... —

Kultura, kulturna identiteta – od besedne skice do študije v delih : 3

In ko sem v zadnjem letu večkrat slišala izraz 'kulturna identiteta', me je skoraj vedno rahlo posilil smeh. Čeprav nisem imela pravega razumevanja definicije te besedne zveze, se mi je vseeno zdelo smešno-žalostno, da bi se posameznik identificiral/definiral z določeno kultur... —

Qué harías si el dinero no fuera un obstáculo? Día 339

Cuando era niña me pasaba tiempo moviéndome, danzando, visionando un futuro alegre, con música y danza, cualquier danza, crecí en la sierra madre occidental, conviviendo con los indios tepehuanos que llevaban sus vestiduras muy coloridas, y sus collares falsos de colores brill... —