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Day 282 – Courage about ‘NO’

I continue with Courage Preparing to practical change at situations I’ve already realized that I can have tendency to not LIVE COURAGE within self-honesty. Specificity supports self-honesty and awareness, thus this time writing about hearing or saying ‘NO’. When and as I feel ... —

Day 334: Let Me Get Organized!

The problem There is a reason that this blog is called a dreamers journey to life. The reason being, that I am a dreamer. As a dreamer, the way I approach tasks, schedule my week, handle my work responsibilities, is many times quite chaotic. This is not because I am a irrespon... —

Day 450: I Just Don’t Like You

What is this feeling inside us that makes us believe that we don’t like someone, for the simple fact that they’re new or see someone for the first time, too many times? I’m serious this is crazy, where the new person who comes around a family, a group of friends, a new hire at... —

258. Being Dishonest with Friends & How to Change That

I am in charge of organizing a day trip to a city and the tour guide I was talking to mentioned that we can visit a wine museum and then drink some wine. She mentioned ‘’you will like this…’’ and I was uncomfortable because I actually don’t drink and enjoy wine but because I e... —

442. Back To Self: My Current Story

Today I’d like to share some things that I have been realizing for quite some time in relation to the process I’ve walked thus far in terms of, to put it simply, focusing a lot more on what’s happening ‘out there’ as the world, the problems outside of us, investigating and edu... —

Day 449: In Common

Just because you don’t have anything in common with someone anymore, does it dictate that your friendship with this person should be terminated? People change with the times, what may be good for the goose may not be good for the gander any longer, but it doesn’t mean that the... —

Day 333: The Lack Perspective

The lack perspective, this is a way of viewing myself and my world and that has begun to open up and become more clear to me as of late. Seeing things from a starting point of lack is basically how the world currently operates, and most people use lack as their motivation to g... —

Day 448: You’re Weird

Why is it that when a person has been living doing things a certain way all their life, then decide to do things different, we classify them as weird, from the perspective of having new viewpoints, looking at things differently, stating the obvious, talking about real issues a... —

Day 447: Plan/Plans/Planning (continued)

Previously on Plan/Plans/Planning: Don’t just plan to change, change your plan to doing that which is best for all life. I previously showed how we’ve perpetuated Plan/Plans/Planning on a negative level, in spiteful ways that I have seen throughout my life and in some ways hav... —

Living Words: How many do I actually need?

Of all of the points and considerations of process, the living word is the one that baffles me the most. It has been said that we should redefine and live words. A word a day, a word a week, I am not sure how many words I am supposed to be redefining and living. I guess, what ... —

257. A Kiss Driven by Love

I found some writings on the experience of Love I’d like to share, where within the experience of love, one moves themselves to kiss someone: I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand I was being moved by consciousness energy o... —

Day 446: Plan/Plans/Planning

They say that piss poor planning makes for poor performance, which in some cases is true in relation to business, on the other hand we commonly say things like; “I have a plan”, a divisible way of getting back at someone, retribution, revenge among the many negative aspects th... —

Day 281 – VLOG: Process update/share

Sharing some points I’ve been walking within self-realization recently and also talking about practical common sense in regarding to real self-change within understanding. Unleash Self with understanding and transcending self-limitation. Be response-able and be LIFE. Do not a... —

Day 445: Nowhere

When I was young my mother used to tell me; “You ain’t going Nowhere until you do this that and the other, I would then rush around trying to complete all the task I was given, so I could get out of there and go explore the world, on my block, I mean anything beats being stuck... —

Day 332: Facing The Dark With A Smile

Relationships, often portrayed with positive words such as love, appreciate, protect, secure, adore, etc., however, the truth of a relationship is something different. In Sweden, my country of birth, the divorce rate is at 50-55 % in relation to the amount of people getting ma... —

Day 280 – Physical symptoms of fear

Continuing with Suppression-Courage points. This time bringing the physical reactions of anxiety, worry, fear, because many times when facing suppression/fear/courage points, these could be signs/symptoms to be aware of and stop participating as practical awareness support for... —

Day 444: Too Close For Comfort

“Oh shit that was close”, when putting ourselves in a compromising position of remembrance of a past place, time, situation or incident, where we find ourselves conforming to the possibility of bringing up old memories again and repeating the past in that moment of remembrance... —

Day 443: I Got a Lot On My Mind

I got a lot on my mind, what’s really going on, how time fly’s by, since the day I was born, into a world of sin where iniquity is a shape, where what I was taught to be real, ended up being fake. The side show, to keep me busy, the distractions of fear, the whispering of “swe... —

Day 442: Compliments (continued)

Previously on Compliments: in looking back at it, it all stemmed from the repeated Compliments I heavily received from this guy in the beginning, which opened my eyes to the true nature of what we have accepted and allowed Compliments to be/become, almost like telling someone... —

441. Paranoid Assumptions: How to Walk Through Them

This is a continuation to an aspect within myself that I had written down, disclosed and seen from many angles a couple of years ago in the entry 396. I Think, therefore I Assume but, certainly as with many other aspects and points we find within our minds, it is just not goin... —

Day 441: Compliments

For what, is the question one should be asking, when one is quick to give a Compliment, I mean what are you really saying, when out of the blue; “I like the way you did this and that or the other”, but… doesn’t constitute a Compliment, “Girl you look good”, because I want you ... —

Kaj ti je dolgcajt? : naslednja scena z dementno babico 2

Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila na vprašanje izrečeno z rahlo provokativnim/vzvišenim glasom in vsebino ''kaj ti je dolgcajt?'' odreagirat na več načinov, med drugim z ''ranjenim ponosom''. Na neki točki v življenju mi je namreč uspelo doseči, da mi sami s seboj ... —

Dan 263 - Druženje in odnos z všečno žensko

V zadnjem času sem se začel družiti z žensko, ki mi je všeč in s katero bi želel razvijati odnos. Opazil sem, da so se mi pri tem pojavili strahovi po izgubi tega, česar si očitno želim v odnosu z njo. Zato bom pisal samoodpuščanja na to temo. Odpustim si, da sem sprejel in s... —

Day 440: Control Vs Communication

It seems that the only thing we say to one another these days is; “It’s either my way or the Highway”, meaning take a hike buddy, if you don’t do what I say, it’s my rules under my roof and if you don’t like it, get out, and if you’re down and out, you have no choice but to fo... —

Kaj ti je dolgcajt? : naslednja scena z dementno babico 1

Danes zjutraj grem v spalnico po babico, da jo spravim pokonci in jo usmerjam pri jutranji rutini. Vidim, da je že pokonci, pa ji rečem nekaj v smisli naj pride v kuhinjo; še prej pa v kopalnico (se hitro popravim) in me ženska z rahlo provokativnim/vzvišenim glasom vpraša ''k... —

Day 279 – Finding Courage in Change

Continuing on the Self-suppression investigation-correction. Directly bringing into the perspective the word and it’s associations: courage. It’s courage to break through the limitation, the web of self-conviction, halo of justifications and excuses about why I should not move... —

302. Epitafio: Ya Superamos La Conquista?

Reflexión sobre la película ‘Epitafio’ (2015) ser mexicano en relación a los españoles/conquistadores y la relevante confrontación que la película nos presenta como oportunidad para sanar. #Epitafio #EpitafioLaPelícula #SerMexi... —