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Day 243: Keeping Up

This is the longest stretch of time that I’ve ever stuck with anything and might I say, this is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life. I am speaking about the process, I am currently walking. What I realize within this process is that you have to be on your toes (... —

Oppositional Body Defiant Disorder. DAY 361 23 Thursday Jul 2015 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsbody issues, Caring for your body, hating your body, unhealthy eating, wanting to be healthy, your body is a temple I have come to realize that the common denominator of many of the points I have struggled to change consistently in my process is my body. For quite some t... —

244. Hot Girls Wanted: What Drives Amateur Porn

Discussing the Documentary ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ and the role that Money plays as a driving force for this lucrative business that denigrates sexuality and women’s expression, reducing them to disposable sex objects. What changes in principles and values do we require to solve th... —

Day 244: Revolt

In the adult world there are many traditions, habits and social niceties that just doesn’t make any sense. For example, if you’re invited to another, and they are offering dinner; you can’t start eating until they say it’s okay to start eating. Other strange points is that you... —

243. Cartel Land: When Will the Drug Problem Stop?

Discussing a great documentary that exposes the Drug Cartel problem in México and places the question: will the drug problem ever end? What kind of documentary would be needed to link the dots to map out the drug problem? And what do we need to do as a society to be part of th... —

Day 242: Flip Flopping

Flip flopping is terminology used in the political area where one candidate would accuse the other of going back on their stance about the way they would handle or have handled a government issue, in the past, present or future tense or thing in order to get elected. In layman... —

Day 751 - Word Consumption

We live in the Information Age....Information is at our finger tips. More then ever before, arguably, access to information exists. At the same time, there is so much information everywhere...all over...good information, bad information...misleading information, disinformatio... —

Day 241: Manipulation

In grade school and/or in some neighborhood, back in the day, fighting was a pretty big thing, where you would have two young kids with a crowd around them getting ready to fight, which they probably really didn’t want to, but the crowd was around, and in the crowd there would... —

[100] Living Income: The Road So Far & The Road Ahead

In our 100th hangout edition, we look back at our LIG movement: why we started this, what we've learned thus far and what drives us to continue driving solutions at an economic, political and social level. Join Maite and Leila Zamora Moreno and Marlen Vargas Del Razo – the hos... —

El Tiempo no es Real y los Dientes - Día 336

Este tiempo en el cual te mueves – no es real. Este tiempo es el tiempo de tu evolución mental dentro de la representación de ti mismo dentro de tu propia experiencia como energía siguiendo un diseño de espiral Fibonacci que está siguiendo un flujo infinito, en espiral. Es por... —

Dag 372: Existentiell ångest

Existentiell ångest, vad är det? Jo, existentiell ångest är den upplevelsen som dyker upp inom de flesta när man kommer in i vuxenlivet och märker att tiden faktiskt går ganska fort, och man därmed förstår att man inte kommer leva för evigt. Denna upplevelse har också getts an... —

How it Feels to Stop OCD & Dermatillomania

My Process Blog: AND: Many Others Walking This Process: DIP Lite (free course):‎ : Self Study with support, le... —

Day 240: Hurt Yourself

A Band-Aide is for a cut, scrape or scratch that bleeds. A cast is for when a bone is broken somewhere in your body. Have you ever ran into a wall and stubbed your pinky toe and then laid down screaming, waiting for the pain to go? Or How many times have you yelled when you’... —

Day 564 - Understanding Ego

So what is Ego? Ego is currently how we have defined ourselves within our lives, it dictates what we accept and allow ourselves to participate within, it dictates who we are going to be within any given situation and decides what/how we will direct ourselves throughout our liv... —

Practical Self-Empowerment: From Stormy Relationships to Playful Agreements

In this special edition of the Practical Self-Empowerment series on the Desteni I Process channel we discuss how to transform a stormy relationship into a mutual and playful agreement where both partners can empower themselves and so the relationship in a fun and enjoyable way... —

Day 239: Stringing You Along

The concept of stinging someone alone is done when someone has you waiting and wanting something to happen that doesn’t happen. You can be minding your own business and someone tells you something out the blue that you weren’t expecting to hear, that has to do with a potential... —

Day 22 - OCD is a CHOICE?! Living the Decision to Stop What I have observed that I require self-support with is how to walk through temptation at ‘decision-making time’. Let me elaborate: I have noticed that I can now see the moments ... —

Relationship Success Support: Long Distance Relationships

In this next episode of the Relationship Success Support series with Cerise Poolman, we are talking about Long Distance Relationships - the benefits, the challenges, the lessons and how one is able to practically support themselves and their partner in a long distance relation... —

Day 238: Offering

What a word, offering, from my perspective, it seems as if this is a nice inconspicuous way to say “give me money”. Growing up in and around churches, I have experienced plenty of offering; ways to invoke people into giving there hard earned money. A normal offering is when (i... —

[99] Equal Life Foundation: Our Moral Imperatives

What is Equal Life Foundation? What is the vision of ELF? What is the road that has been travelled so far? What are some of the future projects that ELF will undertake? What are the principles of ELF's Bill of Rights? Join us in our conversation with Cerise Poolman from South ... —

[JTL Day 229] Movement and change – frustration/annoyance

(The blog moves from Blogger to WordPress – only due to technical limitations of Blogger – currently WordPress seems to be less limited – I am not yet sure that I would keep the, until that I share the post at both places) I was on holiday with limi... —

Real Women Don't Kill Children

In the post feminist / third wave feminist narrative only men are capable of violence. This narrative permeate through the media, the law system as well as through the education system. Is this narrative true to reality? Investigate DIP Lite, a free online course with buddy... —

Day 646 Peeling back the layers of belief that I repeated again and again.

I begin to feel that I keep saying the same things again and again, Yet this repetition is how I have built my own separation from living here, equal and one, in respect of reality, as the physical world. Thus, as I peel back the layers, what I find is a composition of value j... —

Day 242: What is real evolution?

What is real evolution? The general accepted view of evolution is that of external shifts in form, techniques, and designs – and mostly the word is connected to survival – and from the human point of view – evolution is most often seen in the context of career or spiritual awa... —

Desteni Movie Night Hangout: Revolver

In this movie night hangout we will have a closer look at the movie Revolver; the similarities to the human condition, as well as the symbolism hidden in plain sight, and how this relates to who we are as the Mind. What is the game? What is the con? Join us for the Destonia... —

242. Running the Shop

The show follows different company bosses as they hand over the reins of their business to the workforce in an effort to turn around the company’s fortunes. What kind of human potential opens up when turning a business into a cooperative for three weeks? What obstacles do auth... —

Day 237: Read/Listen/Learn/Apply

YOU know how when you’re in grade school, in reading class and the class is on a particular chapter in the lesson book and the teacher then starts with the front row of the class and have every student to read a paragraph, this would make me so nervous, because I didn’t like t... —