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Day 215: Perfect Pictured Presentation

Do we really understand why we dress up to go out? I know if you ask someone this question they’ll probably say; “I want to look good” or “This is how it is in our society” (which is true for the most part), but ask yourself what is my starting point for dressing up before I g... —

Relationship Support: Absolutes & Escalating Language

Check out the Desteni Agreement Course: Vlog on Relationship Back-chat: Relationship Success Support: Introduction: FREE Course whe... —

Self-Acceptance as The Key to Change. DAY 358 28 Thursday May 2015 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsaccepting your mistakes, accepting yourself, changing yourself, embracing yourself, personal growth, Self Change, self-acceptance, Self-Responsibility In each of our minds we have these ‘go-to’ patterns, the default mechanisms that we activate automatically because we’ve... —

day 672: Authority figures

To me authority directly links to fear, meaning, those whom I fear have authority over me. Starting from school days, teachers, then parents all had serious authority over me because I feared their power to beat me up. Back in the day, discussions were hard to come by, if your... —

Day 744 - Doing Fucked Up Shit Because Authority Said So

Are you familiar with the Milgram experiment? Click the link to read about how average people will kill people because Authority told them so. To watch a video showcasing the influence and susceptibility of humans to following along with bad advice because an Authority figur... —

427. Walking through the Fear of Making a Decision

“OBSERVE yourself in that moment ob-SERVE, serve yourself with some awareness through observation, in the moment MOVE yourself to ask “why am I allowing the mind to be more than me/a decision to change here?” and then do a forgiveness / breathing to stand and not accept/allow ... —

Day 370: Modet att bli avvisad

Att ta kontakt med nya människor, skapa nya relationer, nya möjligheter, lära känna nya kulturer, komma in i nya hem – vad är det som håller oss tillbaka från sådana äventyr? För min egen del är det svaret ganska uppenbart, till stor del går det tillbaka till rädslan för att b... —

231. Farmers’ Suicides and BT Cotton: What are the Solutions?

“An estimated 290,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide in 20 years. Small farms used to be India’s economic backbone, but now owners struggle to make even a meager profit and drown in debt. Many blame GMO cotton for the failing farms, having cornered the market and replac... —

Day 16 - Dermatillomania Anxiety Dimension Solution My life had become ruled by anxiety. I had even developed an anxiety disorder called dermatillomania. This blog is focused on picking apart and dismantli... —

Curry chicken, Sri Lankan style

Life Coaching. Free Online Course: Articles and forum Living Income Guaranteed Self Perfection products FREE online course to assist in developing essential li... —

Day 214: Feel Good about Myself

Why is it that we believe we need others to make us feel good about ourselves? As if they hold the key to how we experience our self here on earth. It’s like the only ways we feel good about ourselves is when we have something to do outside of our self and that something to do... —

[JTL Day 226] Control attempt to overcome fear

Within this post I continue the CONTROL decomposition, which might seem quite 'personal', it is in fact each and every single human's responsibility to recognize the importance of Self-honesty within the practical application of Self-forgiveness to release the patterns one con... —

Day 364: PANIC Attacks: part 4

Please see:  PANIC Attacks: Part 1 Continuing with Commitment Statements: I commit myself to assist and support myself to, when and as the nervousness and anxiety come up, remind myself that the emotions were coming from past mistakes that I had made and I can breathe and let ... —

Day 363: PANIC Attacks: Relationship to Memories: Part 3

From PANIC Attacks: Part 1 I have been experiencing extreme anxiety/stress lately.  I seem to have constructed a whole panic system within me, thought patterns that are now activating in quantum time-meaning without even having the thoughts/emotions come up/ into my conscious ... —

day 671: no thoughts

“I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that when I sit, walk, sleep, work on Earth – breathing – WITHOUT participating in my MIND, NO FEAR EXISTS.” – Bernard Poolman‘s blog Be here. Thoughts can create a castle inside the mind, a castle full ... —

Dag 378 van 2555: verjaardag vergeten

Het is nu de tweede keer in mijn leven dat ik mijn moeders verjaardag vergat. We woonden in het buitenland en zouden elkaar een maand later treffen. De eerste keer kwam ik er laat achter en leerde ik mijn moeder en mijzelf van een heel andere kant kennen. Mijn moeder veranderd... —

230. Who are the Authors of this World System?

Identifying the authorities we have placed ‘above us’ enables us to recognize where we have abdicated our power away to design a system that works for all – how can we become the authors of this world and dismantle the hierarchical structures that exist within and without us? ... —

Day 742 - Brushing off a Reaction

Have you ever experienced a moment where you are discussing something with someone and the person you are communicating with gets upset rather abruptly with something you said? I have. I have often reacted within myself to such situations as like taking offense as a form of ... —

Day 233: What You Focus Upon Grows

What you place your focus upon will grow? Yes, that is how it works and to take an example from my own life: I had planned to start my own business for quite some time, I’d made tons of research, gotten to know all the laws, many secrets of the trade, and I felt ready to go ou... —

Dan 238 - Izvor zavajanja

Ukrajinski politiki so poskušali prepričati ameriške k vojaškemu posredovanju v Ukrajini tako, da so jim poslali lažne fotografije, ki naj bi dokazovale, da se po ukrajinskih cestah vozijo ruska oklepna vozila. Američani so kmalu ugotovili, da gre za zavajanje, saj naj bi slik... —

Day 639 Acceding to the words/measure of another. Self Responsibility

Authority. Accede, to agree to another’s opinion. When one agrees without evaluation of what is being acceded to, means that one, by not reflecting on what is presented, understanding the form and investigating to become self responsible, will lose one's authority of self as ... —

Day 213: Distractions

Isn’t it funny how distractions are more prevalent when you are doing something process related and less prevalent when you’re not? I mean the reason, then why we’re not distracted is because, what we are doing in that moment is a distraction in itself. Distractions come in al... —

Day 741 - When The Going Gets Tough – The Moment You're Tired

When The Going Gets Tough – The Moment You're Tired So I am Here in this moment pushing myself to share a bit of myself here in further establishing a new consistency in writing my blogs. I have been looking at the dedication and determination within and as the Self-respo... —

Nadaljujemo brez mačke 2

Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila povezovati dejstvo, da X noče vzgajat mačkice za mene s spominom na povedano - da ni bil povsem pripravljen vzgajat mene, ko sem se rodila in sem bila samo njegov vikend otrok – in se zaradi tega počutiti odrinjeno v smislu ''že spe... —

[92] Basic Income Canada

Why is a basic income necessary? Why should the living wage movement care about the basic income movement? What is the cost of a basic income? How can people join the movement for Basic Income in Canada? This and more will be discussed with Jon Sanderson from Canada in our liv... —

Becoming The Authority of Your Own Life Through Practical Self-Empowerment. DAY 357 24 Sunday May 2015 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Okategoriserade ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsautonomy, becoming the author of your life, direct your own life, self-authority, write your own story, you are the author of your life The consciousness of self is the greatest hindrance to the proper execution of all physical action.” – Bruce Lee We often associate the... —

Do You KNOW What Authorities YOU Obey?

What authorities do we obey on a daily basis, often without even being aware of it? How do we become the authorities of our own lives? In this video I discuss the case of Parent's Choice, a Walmart brand of baby formula and the deception behind the baby formula industries, bas... —

Day 638 Looking at Authority as the Politeness of Society

Looking at Authority. As I move around in society, I realize so much is expressed through emotional values, like a really long duration of touting good, and/or bad. The impetus of value touting. The whole construct of ‘ politeness’ when talking with others, a good, taking u... —

Real Authority within the World System of Humanity

The problem of false authority figures being promoted as having power and control over the world system of humanity is really just a misunderstanding (by the people) as to the source of power and the nature of real authority. The power that we the people perceive to be ove... —

Desteni Movie Night: Chappie

In today's movie hangout we will be discussing Chappie, a 2015 movie about a robot that gains consciousness, but not only that; it is also a movie about parenting, social inequality and police brutality. Chappie is an unusual movie in many ways. It is situated in Johannesburg,... —