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Day 525: Caring Vs Condoning (Redefinitions)

Starting with the word Care/Caring (the act of care), as mentioned in my previous post, to sum it up, I have basically defined caring as in “taking care of”, me, believing that this word came with an action, if you said it, then do something about it, in other word, my expecta... —

Day 310 – Why people stop transcending?

Why people stop transcending? Just a quick rant I’ve audio-recorded recently, immediately, when I’ve awaken in my bed(‘that’s why my voice sounds less focused) – then added some video timelapses to create a video  – but to ensure understanding, just transcribed it also here: ... —


1. ZBIRANJE INFORMACIJ O BESEDI Vzpostavitev moje točke opredelitve – kako sem živela to besedo do zdaj? Mislim, da je že dolgo nisem živela… zdaj hočem napisat, da sem večkrat živela inferiornost… čeprav je ta po pomenu spet daleč od ponižnosti. Ponižnost zelo avtomatično... —

499. From Captivity to Creating the Space to Grow

Or how to create relationships as safe and supportive spaces to change and outgrow the past as individuals I’ve been noticing how it is that we create our own entrapment as definitions toward one another wherein we don’t actively consider the ability for another person to ch... —

Day 524: Caring Vs Condoning Pt.2

Because of the broad spectrum of definition’s I have used in interpreting the words Caring and Condoning, best thing for me to do, is to redefine the words to that which is supportive to me and my process, but first how else have I used these words personally. Throughout my li... —

Dag 449 Mr. Me selfish

Ik realiseer mij dat ik in contact met mensen vaak opmerk dat zij naar aanleiding van een email of whatsapp bericht het contact met mij verbreken. Ik kan het moeilijk verteren als ik niet weet wat hiervoor de aanleiding is. Met name dit laatste houd mij bezig. In relatie tot d... —

Dag 450 Mr. Me Selfish 2

Kort geleden kreeg ik een email bericht van een collega die voor ons team de planning verzorgd. Ik had hem kort daarvoor in een voor mij overzichtelijk format wijzigingen toegestuurd. Naar aanleiding van dit schema reageerde hij in mijn ogen agressief met de opmerking ‘ja maar... —

Dag 451 Mr. Me Selfish 3

Kort geleden kreeg ik een email bericht van een collega die voor ons team de planning verzorgd. Ik had hem kort daarvoor in een voor mij overzichtelijk format wijzigingen toegestuurd. Ik vergeef mijzelf dat ik mijzelf heb toegestaan en aanvaard dat ik naar aanleiding van een ... —

498. Deconstructing the Default Self-Specialness

Continuing from the previous blog 497. From Displacement to Integration Here sharing Self-Forgiveness on the points I am committing myself to acknowledge as my creation, as my allowed participation in my mind that I want to change and turn into a supportive outcome for myse... —

Day 374: Irrational Priorities

For a while I have pushed myself to take on and develop carpentry as a hobby for myself. In this process I have come up with and walked several creative projects in and around my house, which I have found enjoyable, fascinating and challenging. However, in taking on this hobby... —

497. From Displacement to Integration

Or how to curb an insta-reaction of feeling overshadowed by someone else’s presence and turn it into a moment of sharing the moment. I’ve become aware of reactions within myself wherein I don’t necessarily think about things but it all happens in a quantum moment – meaning in... —

Navigating the Currents so not to be Swept Away

Walking through the Currents while not being Moved by them; swimming through the ocean, enjoying the calm and the churn, doing as I do in the direction I determine, instead of wasting time focusing on and fighting against what does not fall into place or go my way, dancing wit... —

Day 523: Caring Vs Condoning

“I’m doing this because I love you and Care so much for you” as the parent chastise the child in whichever way they see fit. Do we really Care for others, or only Condone our own self-interest, in saying things like I really Care about you? In relationships, we often hear, I c... —

Horrible Neighbors or Horrible Me - Part 7

In previous posts: parts one, two, three, four, five and six, in which I have written over the last three years, I explained many of the details relating to this case. It all started when some of the 90 degree, four sided roofs in our community began having problems with their... —

496. Humming as a Suppression

Or how I’ve used humming/singing to myself as a way to not look at things that caused a moment of conflict in me I’ve noticed how there are very subtle ways of suppression, which are like ways in which I ‘swipe’ a thought, a glimpse, a memory of something that comes up when I... —

Moving into Fear and Losing Potential Day 741

Moving into fear and losing potential Where is that point of movement, a sound movement in a way, where I move into resistance, instead of solution? I can realize when I move into comparison, blame and spite, all of which is fear, as this is moving into protection instea... —

495. Debunking Worry as Care

Or how to stop being a worrywart: a person who worries too much or who worries about things that are not important I described myself today as this because I’ve noticed how I’ve connected a sense of ‘worry’ to the word ‘care’ wherein I’ve learned to believe that the way to ca... —

Day 522: Spreading Your Thoughts Around (S.C.C.S)

Being that the problem lies within us, so do the solution, and the solution is obtainable through writing your Self-Corrective and Commitment Statements, on this point as follows; When and as I see myself, giving my opinion when conversing with others, where I start with the w... —

Remaining Grounded and seeing the Ephemeral Manipulation of Sound. Day 740

remaining grounded and seeing the ephemeral manipulation of sound, as the very words, as our focus with which we speak. I have been working with children, to the point where I live an invisible warped ephemeral movement in relation to the processing of words, as the spellin... —

494. Self-Motivation: Do It For Yourself

Some years ago I wrote about self-motivation and it’s a recurring topic within me because this is probably one of the most challenging things I’ve had to face in this process, which is that of understanding what ‘myself-moving-for-and-as-myself’ in fact means, because as human... —

Day 309 – Empty movement

Empty movement Concise word-vector to explore today. Nothing serious, yet each word is what it is. Empty, to ensure nothing moves me, but I am me, no thought separates, no negative emotion burns, no positive feeling elevates, but total inner transparency down to the inner core... —

493. Hitting Rock Bottom and Learning to Question It

There’s a challenge going around to share about our ‘Hitting Rock Bottom’ Experience and I can relate to what many others have shared in relation to getting to a point of seeing ‘no point’ in life or ‘finding no meaning to life’ and seeing all the consequences out there that w... —

Day 521: Spreading Your Thoughts Around + 3

Self-Forgiveness on Day 519: S.Y.T.A Nobody wants to face themselves, and there is certain thing you just don’t talk about, well, why not? How blind, lying behind the veil do we have to be, before we realize the devastation, spreading your thoughts around, have caused us in th... —

492. We Are All The Wall

Or how to stop the wars about walls and rather focus on taking responsibility for the source of the problems that cause them to exist. A few people have sent me information and documents as well as asked for my personal perspective on what’s my perspective as a Mexican – livin... —

491. From Tantrums to Self-Responsibility After I wrote yesterday’s blog I kept looking at how we all have tantrums and they appear in various ways/manners like anger, frustration, hopelessness, despair, guilt, shame, regret, victimization, revenge, addictive behaviors and t... —

Day 372: Changing The Dynamics of Work

Today I had an interesting experience coming up in relation to work – yet again it was the point of money and superiority rearing its head within me. This time the context was simplistically put as follows: Someone received positive recognition from the boss and it was not me ... —

Day 520: Spreading Your Thoughts Around Pt. 2

Picking up where I left off; Whether you want to admit it or not, the tricky part is the ignorance that plagues us, when labelling one another with, and accept the repulsive names we give to each other, in the most simplistic form of separation, such as Spic, Redneck or Nigger... —

490. Tantrumy-Me and Childhood Patterns

What I’ve been looking at lately is how much of our childhood tantrums we still act out as adults, or ‘grown ups’ because I have also been playing at looking at us adults as just that, ‘big children’ that can still act out the same things as children just with different scenar... —