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The Drawing 2

talk more about drawing —

Speaking About The Experieince of Me Drawing

I Talk about the drawing I am currently working on. —

motionless-visualization dependency

experience of feeling motionless and stuck, realizing dependency on visualization to move self —

Video In the Dark--breath application

talking about breath application —

Shower in the Dark--Practical Application--Desteni

I showered in the dark —

Bothered Duck--Practical Application--Desteni

Practtical Application —

The Camera Changes Me

talking about the switch that occurs when the camera is turned on —

Awnser to Depression

Awnser to Depression —

What A Plant Has to Say

Observations on a plant —

L(i)fe Drawing

Art drawing video life trees growing one equal support moment I universe earth planet universe regular guy process self honesty love explore intimate music create destini —

Survival of the fittest

Survival of the fittest —

How to transcend the physical

How to transcend the physical —

Wanting Recognition - Desteni Process Vlog

Story about speaking to get validation —

Vlogs assisted me in Self Expression - Desteni Process

A practical example of how making vlogs assisted and supported me in my self expression in this world —

Self Reflection on Being in the Moment - Desteni Process

talking about feeling silly on camera —

Law of Equality - You get back what you put out - Desteni Process

Started out explaining time loops then ended up laughing —

In the moment

Me speaking in the moment —

Suggestion---Self Honesty

Gives Direction to Blog pages of those Writing Self to Freedom —

Sharing Self Forgiveness - Desteni Process

Sharing self forgiveness —

Fear of Speaking-----Self Honesty - Desteni Process Vlog

talk about speaking —

Video responce to Honesty

honesty —

Video on Distraction - Desteni Process Vlog

Talking out distractions to avert attention away from self —

Video Responce Beauty System Demon - Desteni Process Vlog

Talking about how I defined me through Looks. —

Fear of being left behind - Desteni Process Vlog

Talking about my fear of being left behind —

My Introduction to Vloging in my Desteni Process

video —

Very First Vlog I did in my Process with Desteni

describes what the hell im doing —

The Death of a Video Game Addict

To discuss this and many other topics at the forum —

Rehabilitated Alcoholic Enters Heaven

Hi this is veno and I am here to share with you some heaven comedy. Well to start of with a funny crossover was, uhm, this man, though he was apparently a recovered alcoholic, you know, going to the AA-meetings and all those type things, clean for five years. You wont believe ... —

Atheist at the Pearly Gates

Ive got another entertaining story for you. So, I was in heaven, or in the dimensions, you know, checking up on the human beings who cross over. What I s their self statement, self standing, self composure, do they understand: where they are, who they are, what theyre doing, e... —

Osho Madness Show - What if Osho was wrong all along?

Osho is dead and it will be difficult to accept that once a person dies --they will be never the same again unless they Transcended existence and become equal and one as life. Osho failed at this and became a participant in universal abuse with an alliance with the Annunaki Go... —