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Day 530: Good Deeds

Why do we need such things as good deeds, when it should be a natural thing to help one another? The saying goes; “I did my good deed for the day” thinking that karma is going to sort you out in the near future, but when nothing happens, we sit there in a stupor with this sad ... —

509. Walking From the Past or Future, Into Self-Presence

Or how to stop projecting oneself in the past or into the future and instead walk out of that alternate reality into owning one’s physical reality I watched Gian’s latest vlog on a particular process he walked where it is quite astounding how something that has been generall... —

Authority and the Battle Within

It seems to be a thing with me, so much so that I’m beginning to think it must be me. Authority figures, I’ve never appreciated them, nor even liked them. I’ve feared them and avoided them. I even threw eggs at their cars and then ran away. I wish they would just leave me alon... —

508. Let’s Stop Repeating Ourselves

Or how to stop repeating the worst of ourselves in the past in our current moment with self-awareness and self-honesty One of the great things about learning to observe oneself in one’s mind and learning to be aware of the patterns, habits, tendencies, ways of ‘being’ that w... —

Day 529: Caring vs Condoning (Conclusion)

In conclusion; What it all boils down to is me not caring enough about myself to ever do anything about the way I am, what and who I have become in my life, so I condoned the disempowerment, the fuck ups, the gullibility, the enslavement of myself to my mind, to money, to the ... —

507. From V-Day to U-Day

I read the following quote by Sunette Spies today and I see it as a very important message for all of us to consider in days like today where Valentine’s day has been for many – including myself in the past – a cause of anger, sadness or despair for not being in a relationship... —

506. From Despair to a Constructive Aftermath

The aftermath here is the time after one has faced a particular outcome that wasn’t expected or preferred in relation to something that we were investing ourselves to create. That can be a particular project that doesn’t gain as much traction as expected, a job that we get fir... —

Dan 270 - Nekoristne primerjave

Prejšnji blog je v angleščini. Med druženjem s partnerko sem si večkrat dovolil v lastni domišljiji nekoliko zapasti v star vzorec primerjanja sebe z drugimi moškimi. Predvsem z mojo idejo o njenih predhodnih družbanikih. Začetno izhodišče tega primerjanja je v določanju moj... —

Day 528: Caring vs Condoning (Self-Forgiveness) Pt. 2

Picking up where I left off: Day 527: Caring vs Condoning (Self-Forgiveness) I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to throughout my life, used the word care in the sense of ‘Taking care of”, meaning my expectations of being taken care of, was at the fore f... —

Who am I as a Virus

One of the tactics I have been using of late, whenever my mind begins acting up, is to ask myself, who am I. It is cool because, usually in that moment, with that question, the “I” as the answer jolts back into place, the chatter stops and I once again stand as the directive p... —

505. Why Do We Hate?

Or understanding hate as a way to avoid looking at how we created expectations towards others being or doing that which we desired/wanted for ourselves. This has been a question that I consider we have all had in our lives at some point and unfortunately like many other ‘darke... —

E-motional memory verses Superior memory. Day 742

Emotional memory verses superior memory. What is an emotional memory? It is a memory that moves by association, a scattered self, building stories to avoid looking directly here, and choosing to self direct in effective and practical ways. It is a memory that is a mis-use ... —

504. Stepping Out of Comfort Zones

Or looking at the limiting nature of ‘comfort zones’ and why it is necessary to step out of them in order to live to our utmost potential. Getting out of a comfort zone might seem scary, sometimes undesirable, sometimes plain ‘torturing’ but it is only so based on how we have ... —

Day 527: Caring vs Condoning (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to wear the word care around as the condoning factor that fits my self-interest, claiming that the reason I put up with the things you do is because I care about you, in relationships, friendship, partnerships or any oth... —

Day 376: Stopping The Roller Coaster At Work

I can understand why there are many that dislikes working. During those eight hours, or more, you are basically forced to do things, move, participate, act, and the primary motivation is survival. Further, at work we have to deal with forced relationships. These are relationsh... —

503. Redefining Logic to Develop Common Sense

Or learning to question ‘who we are’ in the factors used to create a ‘logical outcome’ and in doing so, change how we live within our minds. Several years ago I came to understand that logic and common sense is not the same thing. That meant that the way in which I had ... —

502. From Feeling Sorry to Owning our Consequences

Or what does it reveal about me to ‘feel sorry for others’ and how to turn it into a supportive point of change in me There’s this experience that I have noticed as one of those very ingrained aspects of myself where feeling sorry for another becomes a way to create a form of ... —

Day 526: Caring vs Condoning (Redefinition) Pt. 2

Continuing from where I left off in my last post, with redefining Condone/Condoning. Condoning in the form of a condom that suppresses Life from ever reaching its utmost potential as you, as who you really are, in essence the statement, “I’m not ready to take care of a baby ye... —

501. Taking Responsibility Sets Us Free

Or how to Own our Creation, Learn from it and Stand up from it as a process of self-empowerment This morning I noticed how we have the ability to wake up in stability but at the least movement of my mind assessing my current reality and a process of change and consequence I ... —

Day 375: Avoiding False Aspirations

There are a lot of highly motivated people in our world, that move themselves with determination and drive, that are entirely focused on achieving some form of goal for themselves. However, there are very few people that have actually considered and picked their goal carefully... —

I Know, I am Aware, and I Understand, but which One am I?

I know, I am aware and I understand, but which one am I? Some may think this question quite strange, and in the past, I was hesitant to expose myself as such a quest. I wrote and I wrote for a time, until I reached a point, wherein I did not perceive or calculate the answers... —

500. Standing in the Eye of the Storm

Or how to decide to walk through consequences in a directive and stable manner One very supportive realization within this process of self-honesty is that whenever we face particular situations where emotions still wind up within us – like an anxiety, nervousness, stress, worr... —

Day 525: Caring Vs Condoning (Redefinitions)

Starting with the word Care/Caring (the act of care), as mentioned in my previous post, to sum it up, I have basically defined caring as in “taking care of”, me, believing that this word came with an action, if you said it, then do something about it, in other word, my expecta... —

Day 310 – Why people stop transcending?

Why people stop transcending? Just a quick rant I’ve audio-recorded recently, immediately, when I’ve awaken in my bed(‘that’s why my voice sounds less focused) – then added some video timelapses to create a video  – but to ensure understanding, just transcribed it also here: ... —


1. ZBIRANJE INFORMACIJ O BESEDI Vzpostavitev moje točke opredelitve – kako sem živela to besedo do zdaj? Mislim, da je že dolgo nisem živela… zdaj hočem napisat, da sem večkrat živela inferiornost… čeprav je ta po pomenu spet daleč od ponižnosti. Ponižnost zelo avtomatično... —

499. From Captivity to Creating the Space to Grow

Or how to create relationships as safe and supportive spaces to change and outgrow the past as individuals I’ve been noticing how it is that we create our own entrapment as definitions toward one another wherein we don’t actively consider the ability for another person to ch... —

Day 524: Caring Vs Condoning Pt.2

Because of the broad spectrum of definition’s I have used in interpreting the words Caring and Condoning, best thing for me to do, is to redefine the words to that which is supportive to me and my process, but first how else have I used these words personally. Throughout my li... —

Dag 449 Mr. Me selfish

Ik realiseer mij dat ik in contact met mensen vaak opmerk dat zij naar aanleiding van een email of whatsapp bericht het contact met mij verbreken. Ik kan het moeilijk verteren als ik niet weet wat hiervoor de aanleiding is. Met name dit laatste houd mij bezig. In relatie tot d... —

Dag 450 Mr. Me Selfish 2

Kort geleden kreeg ik een email bericht van een collega die voor ons team de planning verzorgd. Ik had hem kort daarvoor in een voor mij overzichtelijk format wijzigingen toegestuurd. Naar aanleiding van dit schema reageerde hij in mijn ogen agressief met de opmerking ‘ja maar... —