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Day 419: Natural Movement

Living close to my mother now for about two years has been challenging, however also, very, very revealing, in the sense that I have learned SO much about myself from observing my mother, and then bringing it back to me. It is fascinating, because what I have found is that we ... —

Day 614: “N”

The letter “N” to me is a tricky one, because, there’s “Not” too many words that I use that is supportive to my vocabulary, most of them I have use are “Negative” in “Nature” such as “Nope”, “Notta”, “No”, I got “Nothing” for you, in a spiteful sense of the words used, as reve... —

592. Looking for Meaning in Creation

Or how I imposed this ‘holier than thou’ experience to art creation and how I decide to stand in relation to it as a point of self-expansion. Continuing from the points I opened up yesterday and going straight into the point of ‘looking for meaning’. This also opened up throu... —

Day 335 – Self-Change with Self-forgiveness

Sharing a point of looking back to a recent energetic reaction within my mind-body relationship, triggered by fear – and applying Self-honesty with Self-forgiveness to stop and prepare myself to prevent to repeat this automatic pattern. Change one moment at a time. Structure y... —

Day 418: The Physical

Lately I have been listening to the Eqafe interviews that discusses the Physical, of these, I found those that were about redefining the physical (Redefining Physical – The Crucifixion of Jesus – Part 109) particularly supportive to where I am at right now. The point that stru... —

591. Looking Forward and Missing Out the Life

Or how I’ve realized the expectations I’ve built upon ‘my life’ creating a ‘waiting mode’ for these ‘grandiose things’ yet to happen, instead of appreciating life as it takes place in every moment to truly learn to live. I’ve been looking at my relationship with ‘meaning’ and ... —

Day 613: “M”

Have you ever caught yourself in the “Middle” of a “Moment” with a “Miraculous” idea/realization, where the “Mind” steps in and” Make” you forget, then claim that you lost your train of thought, I “Mean” how “Much” “More” confusing do things have to get, before we realize the ... —

Day 417: Challenging Status Quo

There is this tendency within me, and seemingly humans in general, to accept what is currently here as the unchangeable truth. Let us take money for example and how it functions currently. Each time I consider and look at money, I do that from the premise of how it is working ... —

Seeing Where I Am by Assisting and Supporting Another

Last weekend, I went to visit a friend that I had not seen in almost three years. In him or through him, in terms of my memory of how I was in relation to him in the past, I considered (through a form of practical comparison) how I am now, i.e., if and how I’ve changed in rela... —

Day 612: “L”ife

In “Life”, what is it that excites us in our “Leisure” time, when meeting someone for the first time, in one moment then saying, I “Like” you, while “Looking” at them straight in the eye, with an unconscious intent of trying to “Locate” their soul, as if just a moment ago, th... —

590. From Defensiveness to Openness

Or deciding to challenge my own past decisions to ‘get away from’ certain relationships and instead decide to develop a common ground with them this time around. In looking back at this month that ends today, there’s been a lot of ‘movements’ going on which I’ve decided to do ... —

More deconstruction of MLM forms Day 787

I have had this back chat that is, as always, a complaint, which is a projection of blame and spite to and towards things around me, as expectations of how things should be. This is myself not looking here, not doing the math, to see, realize and understand here, this reality,... —

Teenagers and Multi Level Markets Day 786

Yesterday I was talking with a father about their children. There is a lot of conflict with the children in terms of being self directed and at ease in their world. I have to remember that we as humans are happy when we are focused and anxious when we are not. When I was in... —

Day 416: The Concrete Floor

Because I still have my holidays I have had time to commit to a couple of carpentry projects on the farm where I live. Some of them, I am really satisfied with, others, I am not. A few days ago I completed one of those projects which I am not satisfied with, at all. The projec... —

Day 611: “K”

They say “Kill” em with “Kindness”, as a figure of speech, but what “Kind” of person speaks of “Kindness” when “Killing” is all we do, that’s hidden through the advertising of giving to charities, as seen through a Kaleidoscope of pretty colors and shapes, that makes up the sa... —

Feeling and Structure and walking a dog. Day 785

I notice that there appears to me to be two sides happening. Somehow they are within utilization of an inherent absorbent ability and utilizing structure. Somehow, the gap, must come together between the two as I see it at the moment. It appears to me that there are two sc... —

Day 415: Redefining Debate

When facts become about winning, that is when discussions will loose meaning, decisions will be made that makes no sense, and people will disagree with each-other just because, even though they might not disagree with one another on a factual level. In the western world, we ca... —

Day 610: “J”

Throughout my life I’ve often found myself trying to “Justify” my “Judgements” of others by “Joking”, as if I was a court “Jester”, “Judicating” the way I viewed people, as a form of breaking the ice, when there was too much silence in the room, which was actually an excuse t... —

589. Exigency towards my body

Or changing the relationship of despotism towards my physical body to one of humbleness and consideration I’ve found the latest recordings Redefining Physical – The Crucifixion of Jesus – Part 109 and Redefining Physical (Part 2) – The Crucifixion of Jesus – Part 110 from E... —

Day 609: “I”

You’re looking at him, “I”, Me in the flesh, as the only statement we agree to recognize the body with, other than that, we see “It” as a vessel, as “If” “It” was a 18’ wheeler hauling around our “Important” perishables, “In” essence our junk, consisting of a brain, a few orga... —

Day 414: Redefining: Physical

After listening to the Eqafe interview Location of Existential Physical Process I have decided to redefine the word PHYSICAL. How have I lived the word? Physical, is a word, that I primarily see as a noun or adjective – hence not an action – but rather a passive object or desc... —

588. Physically Slowing Down

Or how I’ve been focusing on and starting to live the ‘physical pace’ or ‘breath pace’ of what it means to live moment by moment in the physical. For a few weeks now I have been deliberately focusing on slowing down in my day to day living, in the minute details of my ‘ever... —

Day 334 – Re-aligning to Live Words: Love

One of my major realizations in life is that humans do not Live Words actually. Certainly Think, Feel, Speak and Act, and these various forms of ‘word usages’ are rarely within harmonious unification with each other, which results a sort of cognitive dissonance, inner conflict... —

Day 608: “H” as in “Help”

As one of the most Predominate words starting with the letter ”H”, that I’ve used, consisting of; “Help”, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up, but not good enough, except when your fall is physical, other than that, it’s like begging for Hell-Please, that falls on deaf ears, althou... —

Day 413: Putting Ourselves Out There

Lately I have met many interesting people, with new views and perspectives on reality, that would assist and support if they became common knowledge. However, a point that I have realized as of late, is the importance of making sure that one share those ideas/perspectives in s... —

Manipulation and Frustration as my War Continues

In relation to my war with some members of the community and the community in general, there are a few more points that I was able to see, yet refused to admit. From the beginning, in looking at, calculating or imagining the playout of events, I saw fairly accurately to where... —

Day 333 – Worry and dealing with it

Today writing about Worry. I think I have been trough this recently. I am stable in this moment, thus it’s time to look back, what was happening, why and to see, how to move forward from this. I have committed myself to do several things of what I never did before and while fi... —

Day 607: “G”

They say “Good” things come’s to those who wait, but what “Good” does it do if you’re always trying to be “Good” but have no patience. It’s interesting how, I have defined the association with “Good” and “God” as almost the same thing, where if it was “Gods” will to flood the ... —

Day 412: Potential

Today I am going to open up the word POTENTIAL. Recently I looked at a documentary covering the campaign of the current president of France, Emmanuel Macron. It was an interesting view of the political machinery, from the inside. However, I am not going to review the content o... —

587. Adapting to the New instead of Wallowing in the Old

Or walking through an experience of ‘standing up’ in my dream and not going into past patterns upon seeing familiar ‘triggering points’ to do the opposite before. I had a dream about moving to a new city to live with my partner and essentially finding myself in a completely ... —