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[JTL 198] Transcendence - the movie and beyond part 2

Continuing on decomposing the word Transcendence: [JTL 197] Transcendence - the movie and beyond part 1 I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define/think/believe/imagine that the word and action of transcendence is about leaving behind what is here, a ... —

Economic World War: Solutions

What is the real problem behind all wars? Why haven't we evolved past the war mentality? What are the solutions we have to focus on instead of the fear mongering in our media? What is the Living Income Guaranteed? Living Income Guaranteed by Equal... —

How Much do You Really Know About What's Going on in the World?

How Much do You Really Know About What's Going on in the World? In this video I discuss how I've realized how little I actually know about what's going on in the world and how and why it is so important to educate ourselves to understand what's going on. The three videos I... —

How Much is Your Child’s Life Worth? 92

Education is the fundamental pillar of society. It is through education that we pass on the knowledge, values and principles of a society from one generation to the next. It is through education that we teach children how to effectively live and corporate in this world. School... —

413. First Steps to Living Leadership

One of the conditions that we have quite embedded within ourselves is hierarchy, the idea that there is always someone above us that we must follow/take orders from/obey and that someone is apparently always the one that is supposed to keep things ‘under control,’ to provide a... —

Day 499 - Tension In Communication and How do I relax?

Today I had a chat with a friend and this friend I've known for quite some time. We are quite comfortable with each other and can communicate very easily as we have a lot in common but there was this one point that I was noticing within myself that I was going into and that po... —

Dag 353 van 2555: we slaan er nog wel een putje bij

Ik was met iemand in gesprek en we spraken over gelijkheid en dat iedereen recht op water heeft. Als voorbeeld gaf ik aan dat ik het niet vind kloppen wanneer we uitvindingen zoals een rietje/buisje waarmee je uit vies en vervuild water kan drinken, uitroepen tot waanzinnige u... —

Trainspotting – A Destonian Perspective

Sex, drugs, and rock'n and roll – that's the life portrayed in Trainspotting. We will ask ourselves whether this lifestyle is supportive or if there is another way to live? DIP Lite FREE self-empowerment course: DIP Pro: http://desteniipro... —

South Afrikan Girl Speaks Out - Introduction

Within my next couple of blogs I'll be writing about my experience of growing up and living in South Africa as an Afrikaans girl. I'll be touching on the point of apartheid as this is very much a part of our history, especially with me being an Afrikaans South African. Then I... —

Día 483 Soy el cambio que quiero ver en mí y en mi mundo MDP 18

Continúo con Mi Declaración de Principios 18. Soy el cambio que quiero ver en mí y en mi mundo – traer el cielo a la tierra es traer a la existencia, a la vida la PRUEBA VIVA de un CIELO PRÁCTICO que puede ser visto y escuchado en nuestras acciones y palabras. Somos el ... —

[Bolečine nad lopatico / ] samoomejevanje skozi MEDLOST

V sledečem tekstu bom besedo obdelala po principu postopka za ponovno opredelitev besed (redefiniranje besed) 1. ZBIRANJE INFORMACIJ O BESEDI Kako sem živela to besedo do zdaj? Prva asociacija na lastno medlost je spomin iz delavnice Spremenjenih stanj zavesti. Igra... —

[JTL 197] Transcendence - the movie and beyond part 1

Recently I participated within the Desteni I Process Live Hangout Movie review: Transcendence. The hangout can be found here. (The discussion's technical quality makes it quite challenging to walk, however the discussion is really on the topic!) And some perspective about Tr... —

Day 392 - On Writing: Sharing is Caring

As everyone in the universe has or will have noticed that I've not been posting regularly in this Journey to Life blog, I now commit myself to rejuvenate my blogging initiative. What does this mean exactly? Rejuvenate as in "Return to life," and Initiative as in "a new prog... —

Day 498 - Comfort with Myself and Ideas of Myself

When the ideas come up I see that there is a specific instance in what I am relating to, like within the mind I am trying to convince myself of/as the idea of what I believe myself to be in relation to the task at hand. For example this point can be like washing the dishes and... —

Day 161: Living By the Principle of What is Best for All | Viktor Persson

Posted on | augusti 15, 2014 | No Comments —

Are You What You Wear?

How and why does our experience of ourselves change when we change clothes? How and why do we see others differently depending on what they wear and so change our experiences of ourselves accordingly? Does the clothes make the man? In this hangout we discuss how clothes affect... —

Day 550 - Self-forgiveness on Dying

Desteni Artists Continued from Day 549 I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to when hearing that someone I know has died to immediately feel a shock, to feel sort of 'startled' where my body becomes rigid, my breathing becomes shallow, experiencing a sense... —

Day 299: Releasing Lethargy From Within You: 3

Please read the previous 2 posts, starting with an introduction to this blog series on Overcoming Lethargy . From the intro:  I have been listening to the Eqafe  Series on Lethary.   I highly recommend this audio series.  Lethargy Dictionary Definition:  The  quality or state ... —

Perdón a Uno Mismo en las Memorias de la Adolescencia - Día 298

Para contexto de este post: Memorias de la Adolescencia - Dia 297 Perdón a Uno Mismo en relación a estas Memorias de la Adolescencia. Me perdono a mi misma por no haber aceptado y permitido a mi misma ver, darme cuenta y entender que he tomado en mi escuela como punto de pa... —

day 614: The power is you, not depression

Depression can be powerful, so much so it can make you feel like ‘wanna end it all’. But it all starts with ‘thinking’, ‘thoughts’, ‘feelings’, ‘emotions’ etc. Those are the building blocks of depression. I suppose at that level, one has the self-power to stop them. Even if yo... —

Day 298: Overcoming Lethargy 2: Walking A Release Process

Please read the previous post, which is an introduction to this blog series on Overcoming Lethargy . From the intro:  I have been listening to the Eqafe  Series on Lethary.   I highly recommend this audio series.  Lethargy Dictionary Definition:  The  quality or state of being... —

Dag 352 van 2555: dansen op het graf van een ander

Vandaag zag ik mijzelf in een reactie schieten toen iemand over een stel dat uit elkaar gaat iets zei met de volgende strekking: dit was te verwachten ik heb hem nooit gezien als een goede partij voor haar. Terwijl deze persoon over de jaren heen zijn mening over de man al had... —

Day 650, Self-Censorship and Propaganda

This blog begins with having initially looked at two particular principles within and as the Desteni of Living Principles which can be seen in a previous blog titled " The Desteni of Living" 22. The realization that for me to be able to change myself in thought, word and de... —

Day 496 - Idealization of Self

A while back I wrote a blog on what I was experiencing daily and did quite a lot of the time which was go into the mind and think about myself within certain scenarios and contexts and environments and think about how/WHO I would be within those scenarios. Now at the time that... —

Día 482 Convertirme en un ejemplo de vida MDP 17

Continúo con Mi Declaración de Principios 17. En mis pensamientos, palabras y acciones debo – pero lo más importante en mis acciones de vida, convertirme en un ejemplo de vida para otros en mi mundo que sea notable y visible en cuanto se trata del potencial de una perso... —

Mind the gap! Creating a Bridge Between the Generations

Why and how are generational gaps created where younger and older generations no longer respect and learn from one another? How can we bridge the generational gaps to learn from each other as equals? This is the second Desteni Senior hangout. Watch the first part here: http... —

Day 549 - The Death of Robin Williams

Yesterday as I turned on the television to catch the morning news, I heard 'Robin Williams died'. There was an immediate movement within myself, as I went into backchat 'he's recently been in rehab, he has a history of 'battling with severe depression', and before I heard the... —

Performing for the sake of “showing off” (part 2) – Day 62

This is a direct follow up to the previous post – please read before continuing: Performing for the sake of “showing off” (part 1) – Day 61 I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to perform duties / chores within the starting point of ‘showing off’ I forgive ... —