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230. Who are the Authors of this World System?

Identifying the authorities we have placed ‘above us’ enables us to recognize where we have abdicated our power away to design a system that works for all – how can we become the authors of this world and dismantle the hierarchical structures that exist within and without us? ... —

Day 742 - Brushing off a Reaction

Have you ever experienced a moment where you are discussing something with someone and the person you are communicating with gets upset rather abruptly with something you said? I have. I have often reacted within myself to such situations as like taking offense as a form of ... —

Day 233: What You Focus Upon Grows

What you place your focus upon will grow? Yes, that is how it works and to take an example from my own life: I had planned to start my own business for quite some time, I’d made tons of research, gotten to know all the laws, many secrets of the trade, and I felt ready to go ou... —

Dan 238 - Izvor zavajanja

Ukrajinski politiki so poskušali prepričati ameriške k vojaškemu posredovanju v Ukrajini tako, da so jim poslali lažne fotografije, ki naj bi dokazovale, da se po ukrajinskih cestah vozijo ruska oklepna vozila. Američani so kmalu ugotovili, da gre za zavajanje, saj naj bi slik... —

Day 639 Acceding to the words/measure of another. Self Responsibility

Authority. Accede, to agree to another’s opinion. When one agrees without evaluation of what is being acceded to, means that one, by not reflecting on what is presented, understanding the form and investigating to become self responsible, will lose one's authority of self as ... —

Day 213: Distractions

Isn’t it funny how distractions are more prevalent when you are doing something process related and less prevalent when you’re not? I mean the reason, then why we’re not distracted is because, what we are doing in that moment is a distraction in itself. Distractions come in al... —

Day 741 - When The Going Gets Tough – The Moment You're Tired

When The Going Gets Tough – The Moment You're Tired So I am Here in this moment pushing myself to share a bit of myself here in further establishing a new consistency in writing my blogs. I have been looking at the dedication and determination within and as the Self-respo... —

Nadaljujemo brez mačke 2

Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila povezovati dejstvo, da X noče vzgajat mačkice za mene s spominom na povedano - da ni bil povsem pripravljen vzgajat mene, ko sem se rodila in sem bila samo njegov vikend otrok – in se zaradi tega počutiti odrinjeno v smislu ''že spe... —

[92] Basic Income Canada

Why is a basic income necessary? Why should the living wage movement care about the basic income movement? What is the cost of a basic income? How can people join the movement for Basic Income in Canada? This and more will be discussed with Jon Sanderson from Canada in our liv... —

Becoming The Authority of Your Own Life Through Practical Self-Empowerment. DAY 357 24 Sunday May 2015 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Okategoriserade ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsautonomy, becoming the author of your life, direct your own life, self-authority, write your own story, you are the author of your life The consciousness of self is the greatest hindrance to the proper execution of all physical action.” – Bruce Lee We often associate the... —

Do You KNOW What Authorities YOU Obey?

What authorities do we obey on a daily basis, often without even being aware of it? How do we become the authorities of our own lives? In this video I discuss the case of Parent's Choice, a Walmart brand of baby formula and the deception behind the baby formula industries, bas... —

Day 638 Looking at Authority as the Politeness of Society

Looking at Authority. As I move around in society, I realize so much is expressed through emotional values, like a really long duration of touting good, and/or bad. The impetus of value touting. The whole construct of ‘ politeness’ when talking with others, a good, taking u... —

Real Authority within the World System of Humanity

The problem of false authority figures being promoted as having power and control over the world system of humanity is really just a misunderstanding (by the people) as to the source of power and the nature of real authority. The power that we the people perceive to be ove... —

Desteni Movie Night: Chappie

In today's movie hangout we will be discussing Chappie, a 2015 movie about a robot that gains consciousness, but not only that; it is also a movie about parenting, social inequality and police brutality. Chappie is an unusual movie in many ways. It is situated in Johannesburg,... —

Day 740 - Self-Responsibility within Dedication and Determination

Continuing from previous blog entry. Self-Responsibility is a gift in and as self-empowerment. It is a gift you give give to yourself. Self-responsibility is part of the epitome of practically living any and all words. It's the Authority self-authorization to move and express... —


Listen to COFFEE COMMENTARY #2 MY RESPONSE TO LENON HONOR'S "HOW DO I OPEN MY THIRD EYE?" by Darryl Thomas for free. Follow Darryl Thomas to never miss another show. —

Dan 237 - Samoodgovornost v prepirih

Že dalj časa živim s partnerko z namenom, da si praktično pomagava pri odpravljanju lastnih čustvenih reakcij in umskih zablod. To večkrat postane velik osebni izziv, saj zahteva od obeh, da sva popolnoma samoiskrena in da se zavedava najine odgovornosti do lastnih misli in ču... —

Nadaljujemo brez mačke 1

Ko smo ostali brez mačke, smo se z X in Y pogovarjali, da bi nabavili novo. Y je želela isto pasmo mačke kot smo jo imeli prej, X mi je rad dodal – če boš skrbela za njo. In sem gledala, kje bi se dalo dobit kakšno. Jesenske mačke niso prišle v poštev, ker so baje preveč kil... —

Day 212: Interaction

We all at times crave interaction with others; I mean we interact with people but at times we want more. Not necessarily a full blown relationship, but someone you can talk to on somewhat of a regular bases and get to know them, which is a bit complicated because most of the t... —

Day 739 - The Terms of Determination and The Education of Dedication

Continuing from my previous posting: "So what I see here is the practical structuring of and as my Dedication...because within and as my dedication is the Determination....and within my determination is the Law of my being here as my Obligation. Dare i say moral ob... —

day 670: When parents die, after death taxes, funeral planning and MONEY

Imagine talking to your aging parents about their death, #AfterDeathTaxes, #inheritance, #funeralExpenses etc. Here is a brief summary of things I found from the internet: Btw, it’s all about MONEY. From Living to Dying, its all about MONEY. Anyways, enjoy reading this list, y... —

Día 521 Lo importante si es lo que nos sucede

Hace unos días tuve que pasar por boxes, dicho en términos de Formula 1, para hacer una serie de ajustes en mi cuerpo. De hecho acudí al Centro de Urgencias de Atención Primaria (CUAP) el día 03/5/15, avisé en una ocasión a los Servicios de Emergencias Médicas (SEM) y en dos o... —

Dan 42: Odpisovanje dolgov

Prebivalci vseh držav sveta smo danes zadolženi do vrtoglavih zneskov, saj se denar ustvarja na podlagi dolga, kar je absurdno in ni sprejemljivo. Že davno tega so nekateri ugotovili, da lahko druge ljudi manipulirajo, izrabljajo in zlorabljajo, če jih prepričajo v to, da so j... —

Day 637 The Follower, the Habit of Limitation.

The Follower, habit of limitation. We learn by following. Somehow, this means of expanding and learning, has become stagnant. We get stuck in the following, the taking in of form, and get bogged down in this process, losing that which is the means to follow, to take in, to... —

Day 738 - Determination

Determination - "A firmness of Purpose" Let's play with the word "determination' for a moment here: Determine a tie to make the terms in at ion.....the terms of term in a shun......determination.....deter mind —

Day 211: “I Remember When”

Often times when we are around those we grew up with or those that we share past experiences with or even those whom we feel comfortable around and have conversations with, we reminisce and use in the sentence prefix; “I remember when” sort of like a key to unlocking the past ... —

Day 636 Moving from the Big to the Small

Moving from the big to the small. A point opened up where I realize that I had judged some actions as being tedious. Looking at this in relation to what I am doing in my life, I realized that I had a belief that some of the required actions were tedious, and yet there I was... —

Dan 41: Kdo ima prav

Pogosto se prepiramo kdo ima prav, kdo ima bolj prav, kdo je imel prej prav... Vsi se kdaj delamo pametne brez potrebe, čeprav pogosto informacij nismo sami lastnoročno preverili in preizkusili, da bi lahko trdili, da vemo, o čem govorimo in da je to, kar smo slišali ali nekje... —

Meconomics: Wants and Needs in your Daily Living

This blogpost is a continuous to: Meconomics: I need my Wants and Want my Needs to be Satisfied To gain context on 'Meconomics', read and watch: "Meconomics": ME-Economics [83] Introducing Meconomics In my previous blog I wrote about the word ‘wants’ and the word ‘needs’ a... —

The Cynical Self – An Artists Journey To Life: Day 687

I have recently moved into the same environment as my partner. This has been a change for me in terms of now living in close quarters with another person where before I was very much alone in my personal living space. There has been one point that has emerged in the last few w... —