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Hasta Aquí No Más! - Bucles de Tiempo - Día 303

En este post caminaré la memoria donde por temor al éxito me sabotee a mi misma cuando con unos amigos hace algunos años creamos un Instituto de Terapia Neo-Reichiana y todo estaba funcionando de manera extraordinaria, sin embargo deje todo y me fui para continuar moviéndome e... —

Day 583 ISIS is mice confined in lack, unable to see the parts and the whole.

I heard directly from someone who had participated in a study with mice. They had placed mice in a limited structure to live together. As the mice reproduced and their numbers grew, they began to separate and build walls between themselves, eventually attaching one another in ... —

day 626: what is your birth number? mine is zero

Just read a blog about orange color in the truth seeker’s journey to life blog, very interesting. So I got inspired to write about my own color, number and astrological obsessions. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel something special about being ... —

Day 656 - Old Boy - Revenge

Please read the following post before reading my post. This is a great post here about the Korean Movie entitled, "Old Boy". My sharing here will act as an addition to the sharing within the post that I urge you... —

Day 520 - Living the Word Initiative

As I was stating in my previous blog, initiative is something that I have been lacking in my life and really something that I have not looked at within my life, like within my reality I have not asked myself what it is that I want to create or do here with myself or with my im... —

Dan 171 - Realnost vs iluzija - kdo bo koga?

Ljudje se večinoma slabo zavedamo, kako zelo pogosto si dovolimo, da si v svojem umu ustvarjamo iluzorne umske konstrukte, ki temeljijo predvsem na naših čustvih. To pomeni, da stvari, dogodkov in odnosov z drugimi ljudmi ne vzamemo / dojemamo preprosto takšne, kakršni so, amp... —

Why I think this World Should End? by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broad...

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Day 309: You Can Re-Create Yourself : From Suppression to Self-Expression 3

Please read Suppression:  Inferiority Part 1 and Part 2  for context to this blog:    You Can Re-Create Yourself:  From Suppression to Self-Expression Part 1  From Part 1:  Here I begin to examine my feelings of inferiority towards M, a point which has been suppressed within m... —

Day 563 - The Color Pink

There are two new EQAFE interviews out: These are really great interviews that explain colors and how we are influ... —

Day 519 - Self Movement

For a while now I have been sleeping a lot, but also struggling to sleep at nights. Meaning that when I try and go to sleep at a regular time I struggle actually falling asleep, it will take me about 2-3 hours until I finally fall asleep and by this time a lot of time has pass... —

Dan 170 - Sanjska podpora

Danes sem imel sanje, v katerih se mi je razkril umski vzorec, kjer postanem nervozen in jezen, kadar nekdo želi, da nekaj storim in si potem premisli oz., kadar ne razumem najbolje, kaj nekdo od mene želi. Odpustim si, da sem sprejel in si dovolil postati nervozen in jezen, ... —

How to Emancipate the Precariat

Talking about Guy Standing and his book The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class - The Equal Life Foundation is a non profit organization that has be... —

416. Relationships: Not about the Taste, but the Nutrients

There are times when the most obvious still manages to become part of my moment to moment living, and this has been mostly ghosts of the past meaning people, places, past relationships with specific individuals that I also developed highly obsessed type of relationships too. A... —

What is Your Favorite Color? DAY 316 - Anna's BlogAnna's Blog

What is Your Favorite Color? DAY 316 September 15, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life Recently my relationship to color has opened up through conversations with a friend who had quite the opposite preferences towards colors than... —

Day 655 Facing Change and Learning

Sometimes in moments of facing something new...or something that I haven't mastered, there are moments of resistance I am faced with. The resistance is specifically defined as a point of impatience and anxious. See, this is an interesting combination because within the resista... —

Dan 169 - Moje doživljanje spoznavanja neznanke

V svojem življenju nisem spoznal veliko ljudi, ker se te priložnosti večinoma nisem privoščil, ker me je bilo strah in sram govoriti z neznanci in podobno. Veliko teh samo-omejitev sem že odstranil, danes pa se bom osredotočil na svoje reakcije, ki sem jih opazil danes, ko sem... —

Crohn's Disease: Physical Body Support

What is it like to live with Chron's or other inflammatory bowel diseases? Does it change your perspective on, and relationship with your body? How can you  assist and support yourself through walking the Desteni i Process and the Desteni tools if you are suffering from Chron'... —

Desteni I Process Lite - geestbewustzijnssysteem

In deze hangout bespreken we wat het geestbewustzijnssysteem is, waar dit uit bestaat en wat dit voor ons betekent. De deelnemers zullen naar aanleiding van hun eigen ervaringen vertellen, wat dit voor hen betekent en hoe zij hier in het dagelijks leven mee omgaan. emoties ... —

#FastFoodTax for a Healthier Future by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broa...

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[57] The Emergence of New Economics

In this hangout we are discussing the recent increase in ideas and proposals within academic circles, popular movements and the public sphere that share similarities with the Living Income Guaranteed principles. In this moment we witness the start of a new World and move forwa... —

Day 518 - Re-Cycling Patterns Part 3

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to be aware of myself when I make the choices to not be here with myself within that which I am doing and check up on myself to see who I am and where I am at within that which I am working on, specifically in writin... —

What does Focusing on Solutions Mean? by Marlen Vargas Del Razo b...

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Dag 360 van 2555: niet willen ervaren in het moment – Lyme geconstateerd bij mijn zoon

Deze blogpost is een vervolg op de vorige post “een masker van kalmte”. In mijn vorige post beschreef ik wat er aan gevoelens door mij heen ging toen we een teek op de enkel van mijn zoon vonden en ik die verwijderde. Deze blogpost gaat over het laten testen van mijn zoon en e... —

Dan 168 - Kako deluje pranje možganov? In kako ga preprečiti

Prejšnji blog je v angleščini. Z izrazom 'pranje možganov' mislim na efekt spremembe mišljenja in obnašanja drugih ljudi, ki ga nekdo lahko namerno doseže s premišljenim in neprestanim podajanjem določenih informacij, ki pri ciljni publiki sprožajo določene pričakovane mise... —

Justice Character Day 170

Knight in Shining Armor to serve Justice When someone tells a lie, my Justice Character activates. Even though it feels like I am charged up, and shout/speak with a loud voice, I feel peaceful. Something that happens sometimes is that I would suppress this character, especi... —

Day 562 - Change is Inevitable

Desteni Artists Continuing from Day 561 - You're Never Too Old To Change I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate in backchat 'I'll let the younger members participate in the hangouts'. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself ... —

Day 519 | 7 Steps to Stop Disempowering Yourself

Several weeks ago I had a very interesting experience. My team of people with whom I work together in mutual support were all coincidentally not getting back to me, not answering my emails in the usual time frame. The timing couldn't have been more perfect! Life was giving me ... —

Day 518 | Hierarchy Creates a Destructive Force Within the Psyche

How does Hierarchy create a destructive force within the psyche - be it the psyche of an animal, a human, or society as a whole? This short documentary (9 minutes) says it all! When I watched this, I was astounded to see how it took Baboons a few months only to fundamentall... —

[JTL Day 202] Tiredness vs Awareness part 2

Continuing on the decomposing of the mind-states of tiredness... [JTL Day 201] Tiredness vs Awareness part 1 For starter: If one wants to be free of excessive tiredness and sleep-deprivation experiences, I suggest to read aloud the following Self-forgiveness statements for r... —

Día 495 En la lectura veo quien soy. Parte 2

Voy a seguir investigando sobre lo que he encontrado en mi mente cuando estoy leyendo un texto, donde en el anterior artículo, Día 494, fui viendo diferentes condicionamientos en forma de prejuicios, afinidades, motivación, ideología, tiempo, y que en lugar de entender el text... —