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Day 190 - My Declaration of Principle: 10. Making Love Visible

The 10th principle I commit myself to live by is the principle of: Making Love Visible – through me not accepting/allowing anything less than my utmost potential, I support those in my life to reach their utmost potential, to love them as I have shown love to myself by gifting... —

Dag 363 van 2555: een systeem test

Het systeem en ik zijn voor het overgrote deel van mijn leven geen vrienden geweest. De laatste jaren probeer ik tot verzoening over te gaan en de strijdbijl neer te leggen, aangezien vechten geen duurzame oplossing is. Zo nu en dan wordt mijn geduld dan ook danig op de proef ... —

day 632: fear of routines

I am here, writing, investigating myself, my reality. This is what self-writing is all about, investigating one’s inner and outer worlds. There is no change in the outer without the inner. Couple of weeks of not writing can accumulate pretty fast, and create a certain energy-f... —

No Tax on your Income? It's Possible by Marlen Vargas Del Razo...

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Day 189 - My emotional reaction to being scammed

Today I had an emotional reaction to some people who were pretending to collect donations, because I bought into it and then I realized what is really the case. I was scammed. I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to feel ashamed and angry with myself when I rea... —

419. Devaluation of Self

It’s fascinating that when we operate in terms of ‘values’ and we value people according to who we perceive them to be – as their amount of studies, knowledge and information and generally known success in life, we sometimes create the notion of ‘famous people’ or people that ... —

Standing Grounded When The Waves of the Mind Washes Over Me - Anna's BlogAnna's Blog

Standing Grounded When The Waves of the Mind Washes Over Me October 15, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life How is it possible that we can be in our minds and not be aware of it? How can we stand stable and grounded as the waves ... —

Kind of like a Plan

Although I do not see a detailed plan for moving through this world and changing it/me/all for the better, I do have within what I speak and do a broad plan in the works to work with what is here (wherever I am), participating in bringing about a new found land based on the pr... —

[JTL Day 206] Tiredness vs Awareness part 6 - practicality

This is the continuation of the mind-tiredness patterns and expanding on impatience: [JTL Day 205] Tiredness vs Awareness part 5 - impatience So I've been 'practicing' the moment of truth with myself so to speak, when at moments I need to wait yet I want to rush forward, cu... —

Democracy 2.0 and the Future of Politics by Marlen Vargas Del Razo...

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Day 590 Repetitive Play, the Opportunity to Collect Data.

I have had a new person in my life for a few weeks. What I find so cool, is how much I am able to not take things personally, which I attribute to the Desteni I Process. Within this process I begin to see how my mind works, how thoughts work and how the accumulation of though... —

War on People and Decriminalizing Poverty by Marlen Vargas Del Ra...

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Día 501 Mi Paranoia sobre el Ébola II

En el post anterior a través del “Perdón a uno mismo” vi el grado de automanipulación que llegue a aceptar y permitirme a mí mismo cuando me enfrentaba a la información sobre el Ébola que se ha producido en España, cayendo en una Paranoia. Allí fui entendiendo mi patrón sobre ... —

630 Stopping self-creation as self-limitation - Part 3 of the series DIP Pro as support for self-support

In the following, in continuation of my blog series where I am presenting interesting points that opened up within the DIP Pro assignment I’ve been busy with, I have investigated how I allowed myself to be influenced regarding to a subject and career choice by reacting to a pe... —

Direct Democracy: Utopian Ideal or Emergent Reality?

Is direct democracy nothing more than a utopian ideal? Is it possible that an emergent reality is starting to challenge that which we so ignominiously call a Utopian ideal? In this part 15 of my weekly Sunday series on self-educating humanity, I share my recent personal experi... —

Day 188 - Reactions to stealing and law

I will be writing on the point of law abidance and my judgments towards people who do not abide the laws and/or who steal. I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to feel superior to others when I abide the law and they don't. When and as I see myself defining/per... —

Frack Us! and Prioritizing Life by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcas...

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[61] Corporate Social Responsibility

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? What are the current problems that prevent CSR from being applied effectively? How can companies contribute to sustainable development within the framework of a model like Living Income Guaranteed? We’ll discuss more on these solutions ... —

629 Stopping self-creation as self-limitation - Part 2 of the series DIP pro as support for self-support

Here I am continuing with part 2 of my series of influences regarding decisions I have made, pertaining to education and career and math on the lines of the self-belief/I am statement that I condensed from the writings posted within/as part 1, where I am following a structure ... —

Day 628 - Stopping self-creation as self-limitation - Part 1 of the series DIP pro as support for self-support

Lately I’ve been working a lot on how past relationships to teachers, subjects, friends, the opinions I have allowed to create pertaining to them and self-images I have constituted myself as have affected my choices in life. So in the following I would like to share some of th... —

571 - The Long-Reaching Effects of Deportation Maru Mora-Villalpando lives in fear of deportation. As a community organizer for #Not1More Deportation and an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, her fears are not unfounded. Her nephew... —

Cancer: Physical Body Support

What is it like to be diagnosed with cancer? How can one assist and support oneself through the Desteni material and the Desteni i Process when walking a process of having been diagnosed with cancer? How can partners support each other when one diagnosed with cancer through th... —

Predictive Programming and Utopia Ending by Marlen Vargas Del Raz...

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Día 500 Mi Paranoia sobre el Ébola II

Continúo desenmascarando mi mente al ver las estrategias que ha utilizado cuando buscaba informaciones, o desinformaciones, que se han difundido a la opinión pública sobre el primer caso de infección de ébola producido en Europa. En el post anterior, Día 499, encontré que ... —

Process Support: Self-Realizations 1: Stillness

In this vlog series I will share my process, I am walking the Desteni I Process online course, of coming to self-realizations within the purpose of empowering myself and to become my utmost expression/potential as a human being. 1: What does it mean to be still? Why does it ma... —

Day 662 - Habit Change and Routine

I've been investigating the point of "habit" and "routine". I've noticed an interesting thing within these investigations. Making an adjustment to a habit and routine...can carry over into influencing other areas of your life. Meaning that by adjusting a habit/routine with re... —

Desteni Movie Night – Breakfast at Tiffany's

In this Desteni Movie Night Hangout we give a Destonian perspective on the mind shifts presented in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. DIP Lite FREE self-empowerment course: DIP Pro: Agreement course: http://d... —

Día 499 Mi Paranoia sobre el Ébola

No entraré aquí a valorar las informaciones o desinformaciones que aparecen en los medios de prensa y TV, en las redes y en general en internet sobre el primer caso de ébola diagnosticado en Europa, cuyo origen es el contagio de una enfermera cuando asistía a un paciente diag... —

Occupy Calls for a Guaranteed Living Income by Marlen Vargas Del ...

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Day 187 - Living the word Care

Previous blog is in Slovene. In this writing I look into the point of caring and how I can expand myself by living this word, not only in my immediate environment, but also towards others and the world as a whole. Preparing the food: I forgive myself that I accepted a... —