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Día 504 Paranoia Eucarística III. Unicidad e Igualdad

La religión es como un ciego buscando en un cuarto oscuro a un gato negro que no está allí, y encontrarlo – Oscar Wilde Para entender este post se sugiere leer los anteriores: Día 502 Paranoia Eucarística Día 504 Paranoia Eucarística Aplicación correctiva E... —

[62] Economic Efficiency and Sustainability

What does efficiency within sustainable economics mean? Our world is interconnected – we cannot discuss the environment without discussing politics and we cannot discuss politics without discussing economics. How does an imbalance in one system lead to an imbalance in other sy... —

Day 317: Suppressed Memories Harming My Body 2: Healing Process

Please read the previous post for context to this blog. From the precious post: So I was quite astounded by what happened next! When I went to bed and was just lying there resting before falling asleep, a whole slew of memories came up…Mostly what stood out in these memories w... —

Day 631 - More points regarding influences toward my career path as part of the DipPro series

This is in continuation of the series in which I am sharing interesting points that have opened up within the walking of the DipPro course on questions such as “How did my relationship with someone at a certain particular time in my life influence my career path?”, “How did it... —

False Dilemmas and False Democracy by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broad...

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Dan 191 - Lažne dileme in manipulacija

Prejšnji blog je v angleščini. Poglejmo najprej slovensko definicijo besede dilema: Dilema: položaj, ko se je treba odločiti med dvema danima možnostma. [SSKJ] Ta definicija ni zadostna, saj je omejena in okrnjena. V etimološkem slovarju, ki upošteva izvor besed, dobimo to... —

Day 663 - Where there's a WILL there's a WAY!

What's fascinating to me is WILL. I'm sure most people have heard the saying, "where there's a Will, there's a Way"...or something along these lines, which specifically showcases the significance of WILL within and as being an integral component within the Creation process he... —

Día 267 - Voluntad Propia: Perdón a Uno Mismo

Este post es una continuación de: Día 263 - El punto de partida de mí Proceso: mejorar y estabilizar mi vida Día 266 - ¿Cuándo el perdón a uno mismo es real? En el próximo post caminaré perdón a uno mismo, declaraciones correctivas y aplicación correctiva que aplicaré para ... —

Día 266 - ¿Cuándo el perdón a uno mismo es real?

Este post es una continuación de: Día 263 - El punto de partida de mí Proceso: mejorar y estabilizar mi vida Continuaré en el próximo post abriendo el punto de partida… Ayer se abrió en mi proceso una nueva dimensión en relación a mi aplicación del perdón a uno mismo e... —

Día 265 - ¿Por qué terminar una relación?

Continuación del post anterior: Día 264 - Depresión como Represión Absoluta En otros post por venir voy a seguir compartiendo lo que encontré como razones y todo tipo de experiencias que tengo en relación a terminar mi relación, para establecer soluciones que sean lo mejor p... —

Día 264 - Depresión como Represión Absoluta

Hace un tiempo atrás había caminado en mis escritos personales y en DIP la depresión como consecuencia de la postergación y por ‘haberse ido’ mi (ex)novia de viaje, donde estaba acostado en la cama, mirando películas o series, o dormía, o simplemente me quedaba acostado, en bú... —

Día 263 - El punto de partida de mí Proceso: mejorar y estabilizar mi vida

Responsabilidad convirtiéndose en uno mismo, siendo uno mismo: ‘el punto de partida del proceso’, para que éste no esté separado de uno mismo, sino que éste sea ‘uno mismo’, donde prácticamente no se vea al proceso como ‘una obligación’, ‘algo que se tiene que hacer’ y cosas a... —

Día 503 Paranoia Eucarística II

Continúo investigando/entendiendo sobre la “paranoia eucarística” que inicié en el post anterior, Día 502. Cuando hace unos días al participar en un funeral me llamó la atención la fórmula que utilizaba el sacerdote después de la consagración: “Señor, no soy digno de que entre... —

Day 397 - Finishing a post

I commit myself to finish this post. I have a long-standing behavioral pattern of starting lots of little projects and not finishing them. For example, I've now got 4 draft posts starting with "Day 397 - ..." Some of them have have only a sentence; others have enough content ... —

Day 572 - Green Green Grass of Home

Continuing with my color series.. Supportive EQAFE interviews: In this blog I will open up/investigate my relat... —

Day 529 - Living Self-Honesty

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to access and become a systematic set of personalities for the purpose of being accepted or to fit into a group of people, in this allowing myself to be dis-honest with myself in/as who I am and what I live by and in thi... —

Día 502 Paranoia Eucarística

“Señor, no soy digno de que entres en mi casa, pero una palabra tuya bastara para sanarme”, estas palabras las pronunció hace unos días un sacerdote durante la ceremonia de un funeral, en el que participé, donde también “celebró” la eucaristía. Fue al llegar el momento de la c... —

Desteni Movie Night – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

In tonight's movie hangout we're going to delve into the classic movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind – the main theme will be Relationships – and what we're able to learn from this movie in that regard. Eqafe interviews on agreements and relationships: https://eqaf... —

Sex Suppression Sex Obsession by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast ...

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No More Carrots on a Stick! by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast li...

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Day 190 - My Declaration of Principle: 10. Making Love Visible

The 10th principle I commit myself to live by is the principle of: Making Love Visible – through me not accepting/allowing anything less than my utmost potential, I support those in my life to reach their utmost potential, to love them as I have shown love to myself by gifting... —

Dag 363 van 2555: een systeem test

Het systeem en ik zijn voor het overgrote deel van mijn leven geen vrienden geweest. De laatste jaren probeer ik tot verzoening over te gaan en de strijdbijl neer te leggen, aangezien vechten geen duurzame oplossing is. Zo nu en dan wordt mijn geduld dan ook danig op de proef ... —

day 632: fear of routines

I am here, writing, investigating myself, my reality. This is what self-writing is all about, investigating one’s inner and outer worlds. There is no change in the outer without the inner. Couple of weeks of not writing can accumulate pretty fast, and create a certain energy-f... —

No Tax on your Income? It's Possible by Marlen Vargas Del Razo...

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Day 189 - My emotional reaction to being scammed

Today I had an emotional reaction to some people who were pretending to collect donations, because I bought into it and then I realized what is really the case. I was scammed. I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to feel ashamed and angry with myself when I rea... —

419. Devaluation of Self

It’s fascinating that when we operate in terms of ‘values’ and we value people according to who we perceive them to be – as their amount of studies, knowledge and information and generally known success in life, we sometimes create the notion of ‘famous people’ or people that ... —

Standing Grounded When The Waves of the Mind Washes Over Me - Anna's BlogAnna's Blog

Standing Grounded When The Waves of the Mind Washes Over Me October 15, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life How is it possible that we can be in our minds and not be aware of it? How can we stand stable and grounded as the waves ... —

Kind of like a Plan

Although I do not see a detailed plan for moving through this world and changing it/me/all for the better, I do have within what I speak and do a broad plan in the works to work with what is here (wherever I am), participating in bringing about a new found land based on the pr... —

[JTL Day 206] Tiredness vs Awareness part 6 - practicality

This is the continuation of the mind-tiredness patterns and expanding on impatience: [JTL Day 205] Tiredness vs Awareness part 5 - impatience So I've been 'practicing' the moment of truth with myself so to speak, when at moments I need to wait yet I want to rush forward, cu... —