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[JTL Day 225] Ranting on why I needed CONTROL

I continue with the CONTROL decomposition. Here is a little rant on my mind personality on control from my childhood: There are things what I want to control, and there are what I don't care. Everything within my interest I wanted to control because of my belief that suppo... —

227. Behind the Scenes of #CatPunching

Would a person that is supported at home to develop themselves to their utmost potential and have financial security for a lifetime grow up to be an abuser? What is behind ‘catpunching’ and how can we prevent this kind of hideous abuse toward life that trickles down from a non... —

Day 231: The Art of Doing It

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, ... —

[90] Homeschooling: Learning by Living

Does the education system nurture and promote the kind of growth we want for our children? Most schools don't. It may seem like parents have no choice but to send their kids to bad schools, but maybe there's another way available right now. What are the alternatives to the pub... —

Day 206: Trust In Another

When you know from experience that you can’t trust someone why put yourself in a position of trusting them again, even after time and time again they prove to be untrustworthy, but yet and still when the time comes when you’re faced with a dilemma they are so convincing and al... —

Would you like to punch your cat?

What would it take to stop animal abuse in this world? Cat punching and long list of other animal abuses must be stopped, but HOW? This is very similar to asking how do you stop prostitution, slave labor, child labor, porn and other long list of abuses in this world? Some wil... —

Fear of Being Manipulated and Deceived. DAY 354 10 Sunday May 2015 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

TagsFear of being manipulated, how to deal with deceptive people, manipulating partner, twisting information, twisting my words, what to do when people try manipulating you Why do we manipulate, deceive and twist information in our relationships with other people? Because th... —

Colonialism equals delusions of grandeur

Colonialism, as we spoke about in our previous blog, is closely related to Imperialism or even interchangeable. Robert J. C. Young says that Imperialism is the concept while Colonialism is the practise. So Colonialism is instigated through the desires of the empire, which in t... —

day 668: Revenge of the Ego must be stopped in real-time

For context, listen to this: the revenge of the ego, by Bernard Poolman. Breathe. When I am staring at the screen and no topic comes to my mind, better to just take a deep breath and be here. As my writings have dried up a bit lately, some three weeks went by without anything ... —

Day 205: Again

Have you ever gotten through something and got all the way to the end of it just to realize and/or be told that it was incorrect and it has to be done all over again. When I was in the military, I experienced something like this quite a few times, where we would have inspectio... —

From Ego Boosting to Mutual Self-Empowerment. DAY 353 08 Friday May 2015 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsbeing inspirational, Ego boosting, getting rid of your ego, having a big ego, inspiring others, motivating others, self-empowerment, stopping your ego A couple of weeks ago one of me coworkers who have given me many compliments in the past said: “you are so creative, you... —

day 667: reactions when told what to do

I had a total mind possession yesterday at work, within a short span of time I went from being all happy to “I can’t take this shit anymore, I want to resign” like thoughts and emotions all because I felt like I was told/imposed upon “what to do” overriding my own solution. Ob... —

Unemployed Academics and a Living Income Guaranteed:

Dag 367: Nostalgi

Ibland kommer det upp inom mig glimtar av mitt förflutna. Det kan röra sig om ett minne på någon skola jag gick på, eller när jag gjorde värnplikten, eller något annat. Jag har olika emotionella och känslomässiga reaktioner beroende på vilket minne det rör sig om, men med viss... —

Day 633 When I react emotionally I exist as a system of default.

When I react emotionally I exist as a system of default. When I am not focused here, being considerate of all things as this world that is physical that I use to move within and be in expression as, I become agitated, full of friction and conflict resisting and reacting to th... —

Dag 377 van 2555: door onwetendheid weg te nemen komt openheid

In mijn vorige blogpost schreef ik over mijn ervaring met harde muziek waar veel bas of drum inzit. Hoe ik ooit als kind zo’n geluid onjuist had gelabeld omdat ik niet begreep wat dit geluid in mijn fysieke lichaam teweeg bracht. Het gaf mij angst en een onveilig gevoel waardo... —

day 666: “Funny Money”

For context listen to this awesome presentation about Funny Money. Day number 666 should be an interesting one, isn’t it, the mark of the beast, and what could be a greater beast than money, in whose name the entire world moves. Money is also called the currency because it is ... —

Day 735 - Self-Forgiveness

Self-forgiveness is a Profound tool of and as creation here. It's the epitome of self-actualization. A noble application. A mark of greatness, compassion, consideration and the highest regard. The greatest gift really. Let me explain. All Life, is Self-Forgiveness. What? ... —

Day 204: Human Training (Dog Training)

“Bad dog”, “Good boy”, “Get out of there”, “What have you done to my favorite pair of shoes”, “There’s trash everywhere”, “Shut up, you bark too much”, “Get over here”, “Come on lets go”, “Stop smelling that tree”, “Don’t eat that”, “Gimme that”, “(Whistle), come here boy, her... —

Dag 71 – Ergernissen

Het was al een paar keer eerder gebeurt maar laatst viel het mij op, of beter gezegd, ik was mij er bewust van dat ik ergens op reageerde. Dat laatste is op zich al een goed punt omdat ik vaak, als ik terugkijk op hoe mijn dag is verlopen, geen punten kan aanduiden waar ik erg... —

Day 203: No Turning Back

Anything I’ve ever gotten myself into, I’ve always look for, searched for and/or found an escape route out of it, just in case something went wrong or I couldn’t deal with it any longer, due to me perceiving it to be too hard, too complicated for me to follow through with and/... —

Day 599 - Pillars of Support

I recently had an interesting encounter that I would like to share. As I've stated in many other blogs, I am a caregiver and assist a 90 year old woman that lives in a semi-assisted/fully assisted/independent senior community. My client has recently gone through a plethora o... —

Day 632 my imaginative perceptive lens of values separating me from the practice of living a physical life.

I had a dream last night where I was kissing someone while here were people all around me. Lately, I have been asking myself how I can connect with people more than I am currently able. In this journey to life, I slow down and look at how I moved myself, what thoughts directed... —

Day 230: Too Much Luggage

At my job as a taxi-driver I sometimes have to help people with lifting heavy baggage. This is most of the times relatively easy, as the great majority customers have only but a little luggage. Though some make out to be the anomaly, and accordingly they have more trunks, bags... —

Would a Living Income Demotivate Education?

Investigate the Living Income Guaranteed proposal - a system that will provide Equal Opportunity for all and secure a dignified level of existence and participation in society, as well as unlock the true potential of each individual; functioning as the medium through which nat... —

Who You Are is What You’ll Teach. 106

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” – Henry Adams A couple of weeks ago I walked into a teacher’s lounge at one of the schools that I teach at. A teacher in his thirties was giving advice to one of the teacher students, a young guy around... —

[89] Revolutionizing Social Reintegration

United States’ prison system contains roughly a quarter of the world's incarcerated population. Every year around 650,000 people are released from prisons and jails and more than 2/3 of those will be arrested again within 3 years. Why should you care about what happens to tho... —

226. The End of Bank Secrecy in Switzerland

The US managed to break in the sacrosanct banking secrecy in Switzerland and even though it has affected the country’s wealth and stability, people are demanding honesty and a new national pride: the provision of a Basic Income and sovereign money. Is this enough to solve the ... —

Day 202: “Jesus Took Me off Crack”

An interesting thing happened today. I was getting a bite to eat and someone walked up to me and said, I used to be a crack head and Jesus took me off of crack, so can you help me, I’m looking for donations for this homeless shelter and as a token of their appreciation they wo... —