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day 534: good deal

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to get frustrated when others approach things from the perspective of ‘deal making’. Not seeing/realizing by and large, I do things from the perspective of deal-making too, always looking out for my best deal regardless ... —

Día 241 - Dependencia

Este post es continuación de: Día 239 - Saboteando el cambio: proyección Día 240 - Mientras permitimos la energía definirnos - ésta continuará existiendo Hoy estuve dándome cuenta cuánto en mi mente he dado por sentado, cuánto en mi mente está ahí definiendo energéticamen... —

Día 240 - Mientras permitimos la energía definirnos - ésta continuará existiendo

Me perdono a mí mismo el haberme aceptado y permitido a mí mismo interpretar la energía como sentimientos y emociones en separación de mí mismo, creando una ‘mente adicional’ como ‘relación’ hacia la energía, en lugar de entender que la energía es una parte de mí, por lo tanto... —

Day 428 - For Self

So before I was writing this blog, I was resisting writing the blog, it was like, damn here is another thing to do for the day, a thing that I must do and a thing that I believe is expected from me to do. So I took a moment to poop and as I was pooping I was looking at why is ... —

Evolving Humanity through Education: DAY 77

We are living in a time where much is being done to improve the efficiency of our education systems, especially through the way teachers teach and the way students learn. John Taylor Gatto, author of the book Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling said ... —

Day 614 Creation

I'm looking at how it is that I create. I am seeing that how I in fact create is within the who I am as I create. Because I see the self-reflecting question within the 'how' as the 'who' I am as the starting point of creation here. What is interesting here is that I am noticin... —

500 - If You Have Money You Can Drink Unpolluted Water

What is wrong with the above image? And why have we accepted and allowed this? I realize how even water has become a profit-making business, and in fact a very lucrative one as those of us who have money, either buy bottled water or install filtration systems to purify the w... —

(Real) Democracy Awareness

Democracy as a collective expression of equality is representative of the state of awareness of Equality within and as the collective. The degree of Democracy is as the degree of Equality, also dependent upon equal access to ALL Information within/as the Public Domain. The mov... —

Should there be a #BasicIncome?

Is providing money for everyone the answer OR do we have to look also at structural changes to make this sustainable? Perspectives on the email exchange article: Should there be a basic income? ... —

Día 437 Patrón mental de abandono y dolor físico

En los últimos post de los Días 432, 433, 434, 435 y 436 he ido caminando en mi mente la relación que fui estableciendo entre la palabra dolor y diferentes acontecimientos que se produjeron en mi vida. También he querido ir un poco más lejos encontrando no solo los patrones me... —

Day 156 - "I am not a Leader" - said my mind

This is a continuation of my previous blog post - How can I Lead when I am not a Leader? If you haven't already, I suggest reading this before continuing. This self-investigation was spurred on by listening to the Interview ‘Leadership’ by the Reptilians Series on Eqafe. ... —

Day 264: Storm of Reactions : How to Stop Acting in Spite

For proper perspective to this post, please read Day 263:  A Storm of Reactions: Acting in Spite   Excerpt:   I was at an AA (alcoholics anonymous) meeting last night, which was a 20 year medallion for a friend, meaning 20 years of sobriety… I was aware of several emotional re... —

Desteni and The Journey Beyond Spirituality & Religion

How and Why have Desteni Moved beyond Spirituality and Religion? What Secrets have We Discovered as we Ventured from being Lightworkers and Religious Devotees to realizing The Physical as Life? The panel: Kim Scudamore: ... —

Day 12 - Stabilizing Emotions Stabilizes Diabetes

I find that most of us diabetics are very emotional people and can react quite easily to something someone says to us about diabetes which they may not be entirely informed upon, or we are limited in some aspect within our realities due to a point regarding diabetes such as in... —

What Does the Digits on the Scale Tell About You? DAY 276 | Anna's Journey to LifeAnna's Journey to Life

What Does the Digits on the Scale Tell About You? DAY 276 March 27, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life I am continuing here with the series of changing my relationship to my physical body. Here are the previous writings in this ... —

Day 58 – The urge of pleasing and manipulation – Part 1 – Realization

Recently, during a chat with my DIP buddy, I had a realization related to the fact I sometimes rush when feel the other has to wait for an answer. This realization opened a huge point that I see is a kind of red line going through my life and I feel it is now time to dig into ... —

Día 239 - Saboteando el cambio: proyección

Hoy ha estado rondando en mi mente un punto y es ‘si quieres/estás dispuesto a cambiar, tienes que asegurarte momento a momento que así es, que estés empujando ese cambio, que estés atento en cada respiro haciendo ese cambio real’. Lo que he usado de apoyo para este punto q... —

¿Las Hadas son Reales?: Historia del Hombre # 102

*Sólo comentarios con Sentido Común y Apoyo a la Vida serán aprobados* DesteniEspañol, visita el foro en español desteni desteniiprocess equal money Foro Red... —

Día 436 El dolor oncológico y la espiritualidad. Parte 2

Para entender lo que así se escribe se sugiere leer Día 435 El dolor oncológico y la espiritualidad Patrón personal del dolor dentro de la espiritualidad Aplicación correctiva y compromisos en lo físico En y cuando me vea a mí mismo existir creyendo que la espiritua... —

Day 134: The Paranormal Series Part 4 - A Psychic’s Gate Keeper (part 1)

Day 131: The Paranormal Series - Ghosts and Demons Part 1 Day 132: The Paranormal Series – Ghosts and Demons Part 2 —

Day 528 I forgive myself for allowing and accepting a separation from life. The process of Equality.

I was walking my dog, and I walked past the home of someone who held an annual party. About a block after I passed the house, there I was. It was like I placed myself in a projection play-out as a fantasy. I was not even aware of the physical world around me, because I was so ... —

Day 427 - Connecting with Myself Part 4

I commit myself to reestablishing the relationship with myself by creating the points throughout the day where I move myself into inward focus when speaking to people, when doing jobs, when I am eating, basically whatever I am doing = to move myself into the point of inward fo... —

Day 613 Self-Forgiving a New Beginning

Continuing from my previous post Day 612 Beginning a New Day I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for resisting to make sure when and as I go to sleep at night, I take the time to assess my day within and as how I participated, specifically investigating any ... —

Day 612 Beginning a New Day

Within beginning my morning movement, I have noticed that when first moving myself to lets say the washroom,..I have caught myself existing within my mind just kind of automatically thinking about yesterday and what I did and didn't do. What's interesting about this is it is l... —

Day 499 - I Want to Retire

I have written quite extensively on my concerns of providing for myself, financially, when I retire, and have also looked at the point of aging and health concerns once I retire. However, I see that I have not investigated the point of 'wanting' to retire. After listening to... —

Día 435 El dolor oncológico y la espiritualidad

En el post anterior estuve caminando dentro de mi mente lo que yo mismo había definido sobre la palabra dolor añadiéndole palabras como culpabilidad, torpeza e ineptitud por una parte y después experimentarlo como miedo al futuro. Aquí observaré como fue “evolucionando” esta ... —

Day 11 - Separation From Experiences SF

In a previous post I wrote about a point regarding speaking to my uncle and noting that I had ate food soon before there and was starting to feel a bit high but then I decided to make an excuse of being social in that moment to not cut myself out from the conversation and go t... —

Living Income Guaranteed & Guaranteed Vacations

Everyone deserves an annual vacation but vacations cost money, often a lot of money!  I live in an area where several people are in the fortunate (for them) financial position to take 2 or 3 vacations a year. I am often ‘embarrassed’ when asked , ‘Do you and your family have p... —

385. The Most Important Job in the World: Parenting

A Review & Commentary on the Documentary ‘The Naked Room’/El Cuarto Desnudo (México, 2013) Throughout this process I’ve realized that the most important job that exists is that of being a parent. As I go understanding the fabric of our society, I can see directly how the lack ... —

Day 122: Expectations, Proof of Insanity? | Viktor Persson

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