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Desfibrilador Automático Implantable (DAI)

Hace 20 días que me implantaron un DAI debido a una insuficiencia cardiaca de 20 años de evolución, y ante la aparición de diferentes síntomas en los últimos 6 meses: cansancio, mareos, dolor estómago, dificultad de concentración, etc. Se puede decir que con este aparato en mi... —

Conseguir la serenidad ante una enfermedad o crisis

El hecho de tener salud no consiste, como erróneamente se suele considerar, en tener un cuerpo inalterable y exento de anormalidad, sino en poseer aquel estado corporal susceptible de vivir amoldándose a cualquier tipo de circunstancia, incluso a la de la anormalidad, aquel es... —

El malestar en la enfermedad

Una de las primeras situaciones que me encontré cuando aparecieron los síntomas de la insuficiencia cardiaca (IC) fue un cierto grado de ansiedad, de lo que no fui consciente hasta días después. Ocurrió después de sentir que mi cuerpo se cansaba mucho más de lo normal y el no ... —


Hay diferentes situaciones en la vida del individuo que son especialmente apropiadas para lograr una nueva perspectiva sobre la propia existencia. Es cuando el contenido de lo que experimentamos adquiere una mayor relevancia y las relaciones se aprecian con mayor proximidad. E... —

[130] Women of Vienna: The Power of Community

How can anyone build a community that becomes a beacon of support and development at a local level? How can online communities play a role in facilitating the adaptation of immigrants into a society? What role can expat women take in a new environment they’ve just arrived in? ... —

Day 363: Gullibility (My Perspective)

Simply, by choice easily deceived, manipulated or cheated. Why are we so quick to believe something that is not true for most part? Because of our own perceived outcome, the expectation that we have that things will go in our favor of self-interest, if we but only just “believ... —

Deschooling Humanity to Save the World. 119 | A Teacher's Journey to Life

“Institutional wisdom tells us that children need school. Institutional wisdom tells us that children learn in school. But this institutional wisdom is itself the product of schools because sound common sense tells us that only children can be taught in school. “ – Ivan Illich... —

Day 302: The Starting Point of Self-Improvement

Self-improvement, a word that holds a positive charge in the current system and usually this word is defined as an individual experience. In-fact, much of our system is based on self-improvement, where each individual strives to improve themselves in some facet or area of thei... —

Day 362: What’s Cool

It used to be cool to smoke weed, because I believed it helped with my creative side. It used to be cool to talk about shit that I didn’t know, just because it sounded right. It used to be cool to chase after girls, because I felt that it took too long for them to come after m... —

Day 301: Making Decisions In A Rush

Lately, a couple of events have played out in my life of a similar theme. This theme is making decisions in a rushed state, which leads to consequences. Let me begin with an example from my life. At the moment I am in the process of building a house, and as such, this requires... —

Day 361: Indecisive (What I See)

On the beach they watch snowboard videos and on the mountain, in the snow they watch surfing videos, question is, why are we so, indecisive, unwilling to decide what goes on next in our lives, (I mean we leave it up to our minds) dangling ourselves like puppets on a string and... —

435. From Control to Flexibility

Being a control-freak or wanting to impose a form of control is definitely an underlying pattern that I played out in the previous situation I shared on ‘hissy-fit’ and transcending it. In essence a cool question that comes up is ‘what am I fearing?’ when seeing that we try an... —


Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila menjavo specializirane ambulante opraviti napol, da sem čakala, da me sami povabijo na specifičen pregled približno 3 leta, namesto da bi preverila zakaj v tem primeru na povabilo čakam tako dolgo, glede na to, da sem ga pred menjav... —

[129] Commonomics: Reclaiming and Growing the Commons

What are the Commons and how can we reclaim and grow them? How can Economic Justice be achieved in times of pervasive privatization? How can democratic and solidarity-based economies be created? What is Postal Banking? How can we contribute to developing the commons in our own... —

Day 360: Tetris

Tetris as we all know it is, arranging things of different shapes and sizes into a physical space, as per the common definition of the word, Ok so here’s a different perspective of how I see the word and game of Tetris. I was driving the other day and realized that Tetris is d... —

From Avoidance to Communication - Practical Self-Empowerment

What is at the root of contempt and cynicism? How does someone approach their own avoidant conditioning and vindictive mindset? How can creativity be used to process the self-conditioning that stems from child abuse without necessarily reinforcing it? Join us in our Hangou... —

Nestrpnost, nervoza, tečnoba, slabovoljnost, čemernost, nezadovoljstvo… SAMOKOREKCIJA 11

Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila bati se stopnje avtomatizma pri odzivu s tečnobo in slabovoljnostjo, ki sem ju v sebe vprogramirala do sedaj. Zavedam se, da zna biti proces odprogramiranja naporen, da se zna zgoditi, da bom še velikokrat avtomatsko odreagirala v t... —

434. Hissy-Fit: Trance-Ending it.

Yesterday I noticed an interesting pattern that I had probably not seen with as much detail as before, simply because there has been a tendency to allow the kind of ‘short fuse’ situations to become a normalcy, especially when walking in the city. So the story goes this way: i... —

Day 359: Sit ‘n Sleep

Ok so I was driving on the freeway the other day and passed this store with the sign as shown above = Sit ‘n Sleep, at which time I chuckled as this memory came up of me at the beginning of my process, all the way up until recently of the point I walked of, every time I would ... —

433. Humbleness and Consideration

I want to share about a process of living certain words to correct certain traits like being demanding/exigent, controlling, bossy and authoritarian, imposing my views/my ways onto others in an almost dictatorial way. I had not become aware of this until I started walking a re... —

Day 261 - Resistance towards programming / coding

I am looking for programmer jobs and I feel resistance. I see I have judgement towards programming: programming is hard, I get nervous, anxious and frustrated when programming I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to think/believe/perceive that programming is... —

Day 300: Living The Word Thorough

I have now pushed myself to live and apply the word thorough for about a week. During this time I have realized that living thoroughness is about pushing through in the small moments, in those moments when I would like to ‘just move on’ – ‘to get done’ – ‘to leave it as it is’... —

What is automaticity and what is a thought?

In the education system there is something called automaticity. This is when some information, some measure about something has been ‘ owned.’ Meaning that one knows it so well, they have integrated that information. When a musician practices something, again and again, u... —

432. Don’t Want To Be Part of Life?

Something interesting happened when I considered writing about exigencies and enforcement, since I can relate to having those aspects coming through me when lacking humbleness and consideration toward others. Today I received a comment to one of my previous blog entries sharin... —

Day 358: Talk About Yourself

Everything I see and go through and have believed, experienced, in giving my perspective on it, that’s what I talk about, myself, my participation within and as it. The way we see things is different from the way others see things and for what it’s worth, some people do see th... —

431. Recognizing the Potential in Ourselves

One of the points that came up for me today was the ability to recognize the potential in others and within this, be able to use that awareness of what we see another is able to be and become. I consider this is one of the things that have assisted me in being able to see past... —

Nestrpnost, nervoza, tečnoba, slabovoljnost, čemernost, nezadovoljstvo… SAMOKOREKCIJA 10

Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila na kritiko da naj obvladam svojo tečnobo in slabo-voljnostjo, ker ju širim v skupini, odreagirati z ogorčenjem in ju opravičevati skozi notranji govor ''ne širim ju samo jaz, ker smo v teh pogojih, pod tem stresom vsi tečni in slabe... —

430. Recognition

When looking at redefining a word,  an exercise is to see what kind of associations do I have in relation to it, what kind of memories are attached to this word that could prevent me from actually redefining it and living the word in a supportive manner. So this is a work in p... —