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Day 257 – Why the devil is in the details?

Why people keep saying that? What does it really mean? I approach this from the concept of Self-honesty today. Let’s imagine a self, someone who is capable of not lying to oneself. It does not seem too far fetched at first – especially when somebody considers things in overall... —

Day 344: How to Remain Stable During Conflict

A.First reaction is to equally yell as loud as the other person to get your point across B.Over talk the other person and not listen to what they are saying. C.Get someone else whose there to side with you, by bringing up the other persons past. D.Throw a tantrum so that the o... —

Living The Word: Health 09 Tuesday Feb 2016 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsalternative health, becoming healthy, Desteni, fake health, Health, health as a living word, not wanting to be healthy, redefining the word health, resisting health, true health In today’s blog I am going to be investigating the word HEALTH. Health to me is something ver... —

Day 699: Facial Expressions

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize things that I fear being judged by others to a greater degree are my own self-judgments, essentially I fear my self-judgments becoming visible. Within this I forgive myself for not investigating my ow... —

Day 343: I Don’t Mind

Why do we ask for things, when what is given freely by the earth is supposed to be for everyone’s enrichment? I mean imagine here for a moment, a world where you didn’t have to ask anyone for anything, then receive the answer; “I don’t mind”, meaning I wasn’t thinking about it... —

[125] Homeopathy: Best Kept Healing Secret

What benefits does Homeopathy have as an alternative for healing compared to allopathic medicine? Why hasn’t homeopathy had mainstream acceptance, despite its long historic tradition and verifiable, positive results? How can homeopathy assist the process of change in this worl... —

Day 342: What The World Needs Now

What the world needs now is not love because it’s fake, some of us wouldn’t know what real love is if it smacked us in the face, so wouldn’t you think that it’s time for us to investigate without a debate, but no we think that we have too much on our plate, can’t you see that ... —

Day 292: Living The Word Structure

In this blog I will look at redefining the word structure. How have I lived, and how do I currently understand the word structure? For me, being structured has been related to the ability to organize, plan, live with foresight and prudence. I have lived structure when it comes... —

Day 341: Forgetfulness

I have throughout my life, at times forgotten very important things that I had to do, where I would end up, not making appointments, forgetting what time I had to be at places, forgetting things when I’ve left home already and had to go back and get what I left and most import... —

Day 698: Is your new project dead on arrival?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to give up on a new project even before I have taken the very first step, in this I forgive myself for not seeing/realizing this particular project won’t manifest instantly or in a day or two, I will have to walk... —

Day 340: Be Safe

You know what, as far back as I can remember, I never liked when someone told me to “Be Safe” before I left somewhere, I mean it was like, “Um ok, now I’m nervous”, I mean what do you know that’s going to happen to me that I don’t, and to top it off, it felt like the person wa... —

286. Making a Murderer: Proof of a Criminal Justice System

What can we learn about the nature of the justice system in the series ‘Making a Murderer’? What’s the relevance of watching this series and what can we do about it? Let’s discuss about that Making A Murderer – Trailer – Netflix [HD] Suggested: Making a Murderer: Steven Av... —

The Politics Of Self [7] The Controversy of Climate Change

Is the science behind global warming and climate change really settled, or has there been a political and financial incentive that has been behind the push for carbon taxation and new environmental policies? Is CO2 really the culprit? Today we discuss some of the science and t... —

INTUICIJA : povzetki relevantnih intervjujev 2

Izvorni blog - Sanjanje operira na podoben način kot intuicija, ampak na drugem nivoju; predstavlja ''intuicijo zavesti'' . - Povzetek prejšnjega dela -- Intuicija torej obstaja v dveh primarnih kontekstih: · imamo ljudi, ki niso razvili te... —

Day 680 The process of what I allow within and as me.

In the process of self forgiveness, in begin to realize how much I determine who and what I am in a moment. Before, I would be so lost in ideas, beliefs and opinions, finding one to define who and what I am. It is like using myself within to form a measure that defines me. I ... —

Day 338: Combining Moments

And you wonder why we are never Here, because we’re always Combining Moments. Now a combination of some things works as a conglomeration together, which is for the betterment of that things operating correctly, but rarely realized and not understood, this is not the case with ... —

Day 256 – Act Immediately

A reminder to act immediately when there is something to do – the more I accept myself not moving when I feel I should, the more I sabotage myself. Why it is common sense to push myself through resistances to direct movement without hesitation/fear? Why it’s not self-honest to... —

Day 696: The time for Voter Apathy is over

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I am wasting my time when I do political activities, not seeing/realizing apathy or inactivity in politics effectively transfers my responsibility to the corporate elite and their friends in all levels of... —

Day 255 – Opening up wounds to fully heal

I had a blister yesterday, which I am going to use as an analogy for Self-realization. My stove has the pipe into the chimney, which is covered with white enamel paints and at one part it is wearing out from the constant heat changes and yesterday, while I started to make fire... —

Day 337: Count Down to Valentine’s Day

The other day I was driving and saw a billboard that read XOXO Countdown to Valentine’s Day, I mean this is sort of like saying, I can’t wait to fall in love all over again, now that’s odd because the next billboard I saw read, “How to be single again”, I mean how many times d... —

Day 409 - I have an Apple for You!

In a facebook group I'm in, someone shared this video, and what a great reminder. I have so much love to give. We all do. And what's better than giving ourselves to others? How great does it feel? If you're feeling a bit rusty, definitely give this little video a watch through... —

Day 410 - Processing Procrastination NOW

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that I can always do it later, and within this, not see, realize and understand my full capacity to accomplish something now. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to use excuses that lead me into th... —

INTUICIJA : povzetki relevantnih intervjujev 1

Na tedenskem slovenskem Desteni klepetu smo odprli temo o intuiciji. Skozi pogovor se nekako nismo mogli povsem zediniti ali je intuicija nekaj praktično uporabnega ali obstaja kot motnja (je domena Umsko-zavestnega sistema). Sama sem intuicijo začela raziskovat par let n... —

Day 254 – Walking through resistances to driving

Talking about practical change – in this practical example: learning to drive. I had resistances for decades to driving and having a car until it was frustratingly limiting. Some years ago, as I was walking Desteni I Process courses with the group since some years, I’ve decide... —

Day 336: What Tomorrow Will Bring

If we knew the future, then we would be able to see just how fucked up things really are, I mean it would be to our own demise, because we’ve created things to be the way they are today. So why is it that we somehow always want to see what tomorrow will bring? We project ahead... —

[124] Debt Violates Human Rights

Why is Debt a Violation of Human Rights? What has happened in Greece following its Debt and the Austerity Measures imposed? Which laws do not align with Human Rights? Why have we continued elevating money and debt on top of human rights? Can Debt be cancelled if it violates Hu... —

Day 291: Self-forgiveness on Stress and Work Related Fears

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become worked up by my office environment – to work myself up into a state of ‘working frenzy’ where I drive myself forward utilizing fear and anxiety – and where I create this state of adrenaline in my body – where I... —

Day 335: Extra Baggage

I was reading This article on the Desteni Website the other day and realized a fascinating thing that was being said about how; “Not all the thoughts you have go anywhere. Those thoughts that is irrelevant to your environment or … and to yourself and so on – go sit in your bod... —

How do you raise a child? 116 | A Teacher's Journey to Life

How do you raise a child? My answer: you don’t. Have a look at how a child learns to crawl, stand and walk. The child does that on its own. The adult might support with various devices like walkers or through encouragingly inviting the child to stumble into their embrace, but ... —

Initiating Movement. DAY 372 23 Saturday Jan 2016 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagscan't change, how to change, how to get moving, initiating movement, life not moving, self-movement, stuck in your life An interesting point opened up when my partner was giving me a massage. I have been having issues with ‘numb/buzzing/sleeping’ hands for quite some tim... —