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Day 329: Directing Me

Within an orchestra and/or symphony, you have different sections of instruments all working together to create an ensemble of harmonious music and then you have the Director who conducts the orchestra and/or symphony, that pieces the music together to create one sound with dif... —

[122] Occupy The Need Act & Student Debt Forgiveness

Is a Monetary Reform possible in the US? What’s the link between The NEED Act and the provision of a Universal Basic Income? How would Student Loan debtors benefit from the enactment of The NEED Act? Who would be responsible for creating Money according to the NEED Act? How wo... —

Day 32 - OCD and the Buddy System - How it Feels When it Works

This post continues from my last blog. In this series I am walking through a successful use of the 'Buddy-System' to assist and support with stopping OCD. From my last post: "For me, on this occasion, the buddy-system worked. Instead of falling into the OCD action of picking... —

Day 328: Reeling Me In

If you have ever been fishing, you’ll know the process it takes to catch a fish, where of course you have to have the right bait to catch different specific types of fish, but the process that I’d like to discuss here is, once the fish is on the line, the reeling in process in... —

Living The Word: CENTERED. 370 09 Saturday Jan 2016 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Okategoriserade, Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsbeing centered, being disconnected, being in balance, centered, loosing touch with oneself, staying centered, staying grounded Today I am going to explore and practice living the word CENTERED. The way I understand the word ‘centered’ is that it is when you are here with... —

Day 327: Unmasking Self

Often times we present ourselves with a mask on as a facade to cover up what’s really going on inside of us, in our minds. But most of the times in doing so, we end up showing the true nature of ourselves, meaning we end up acting out what we think about others, in our secret ... —

Day 676 Becoming aware of emotional/feeling bodies on my physical body. Who am I within Presence?

Lately, I have noticed while interacting with others, that a moment can happen that appears like a swoon, as how I want to describe it. It happened specifically while sitting with another person, where I noticed their body swung in my direction and they laughed. It appeared li... —

Day 694: Make a good deal

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to access self-pity, thinking and believing that life has given me a rotten deal, meaning not winning all the time, not check-mating others in ways that will be a good deal for me, Within this I forgive myself for lookin... —

Day 693: Gratitude

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use ‘gratitude’ as a trick, in the hope that if I showed gratitude in my daily living then the Universe will appreciate me and my gratitude by rewarding me with more goodies. Here I clearly see that my starting point ... —

Day 326: Stop Here, Stop There

On a road trip, often times there is quite a few stops along the way, where if the trip is kind of a long one, then you’ll have to stop to use the bathroom, then stop to get something to eat, then stop to rest and then maybe stop to take in a few sights why’ll travelling, amon... —

Day 692: Inadequacy

What are your ideas of inadequacy? I don’t’ have my own private jet, now that’s an imaginary fantasy land inadequacy because practically speaking I am not in a position to practically achieve such thing. There are number of things fall into that category of inadequacies. Only... —

[121] The Extreme Culture of Sports & Entertainment

Is the Culture of Sports and Entertainment Helping or Harming the Betterment of the World? What does the sports culture and industry reflect about our humanity? What kind of abusive practices are not investigated due to deeming them as being only entertainment? What would the ... —

Day 287: When a NO is more of a YES

Walking the Desteni process you get to learn how to stop your mind; for example, how to stop anger, irritation, fear, etc. In my own process I have enabled myself to stop various forms of thoughts, experiences, and other type of mind related points. Mostly, I have done this th... —

Day 325: Monitoring Self

When you reach a certain age where you cannot do the things you once did when you were younger, there is a thing called life alert that many older folk wear around there neck, that if something was to happen to you, you can press this button and help is on the way, then on the... —

Nestrpnost, nervoza, tečnoba, slabovoljnost, čemernost, nezadovoljstvo… SAMOKOREKCIJA 3

Odpustim si, da nisem sprejela in si nisem dopustila ''praznovati'' svojih dosežkov – kot je npr. prehod iz naveličanega, nervoznega čakanja v ambulanti na čakanje v stabilnosti in izkoriščanje tega časa za kakšno drugo aktivnost (npr. branje, poslušanje intervjujev…). Zavedam... —

Day 606 - Walking Process With Adult Children

My process through Desteni started in 2009. I have written extensively on who/what I 'thought' I was before I started process. In that, I considered myself to be a loving, positive person, thus raising my children 'in love'. So, my children were 28 and 29 when I first star... —

Day 675 Where is the presence of me?

I have been talking a deconstruction of the order of belief, as the construction that sounds itself as the thoughts in and as my mind, as the very measure of my perception within my experiences in my life. The latest deconstruction of what I accepted and allowed has the word c... —

Anger & the inferiority-superiory polarity (part 2) – Day 4

For context: Anger & the inferiority-superiory polarity – Day 3 I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to dominate my brother because I fear that I will be dominated. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to discuss within the start... —

Day 692 Value judgements as the data I allowed to define me in fear of being self responsible.

I looked at a memory that came up in relation to friend of mine of many years, that I do not have much to do with even though we live very close to one another. I remember as a teenager that I would become annoyed with her because she tended to disappear suddenly when I was w... —

Day 324: 12 o Clock

When the clock strikes 12, thus the end of a spell and we celebrate for getting through another year of hell. Praise God, Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad, then at 12:01 we again rebel, even though we just Re-Sold the Solution, in exchange for a bottle of Bubbly to lift our spirits ... —

Day 691 What am I doing here, as in how am I moving here, within myself.

One of the many reasons I walk the Desteni I Process is because I noticed some things as I matured in life. There are two things that stand out. One was within practicing the violin. And I remember a teacher telling me that how I practiced was very important, so this is... —

Day 639 – Judging myself for not painting

I started to paint in 2005. Or should I say I started to paint regularly since 2005. It was me and my mom out driving in the streets of Stavanger and my mom asks me if I did not want to start to paint. Her father was a painter and the idea triggered me with trying to express m... —

Day 323: Surrender

In Las Vegas there is a club inside one of the Casinos, connected to one of their swimming pools called Surrender, where people go and party. Within this club there are a few things that one can do like, gambling, dancing, socializing and drinking of course. For what it’s wort... —

Day 286: Fear Towards The Unknown

I stand before a decision, and in making this decision, there will be a level of ‘risk’ involved – and with risk – I mean that there is a potential that I will not be able to get what I want which might in turn create some difficulties in my life. What I have seen within this ... —