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In the Shadow of the Sun by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast live ...

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Dan 209 - Biti zgleden v praksi

Da lahko kar se da učinkovito pričnemo usklajevati samega sebe in svoje življenje s Principom: ne obravnavaj (ignoriraj) drugih tako, kot ne bi želel biti obravnavan (ignoriran) sam na njihovem mestu - se moramo samo-iskreno opazovati v vsakem vdihu in izdihu, skozi ves dan. T... —

Dag 449: Ett Högre Kall | Viktor Persson

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Day 510 – Electroconvulsive therapy

  ECT or electroshock therapy. It is maybe one of the most debated treatments on where activist and health staff/professionals are clashing with each other. In western medicine we see a clear gathering of activist and user right organizations that claim their truth and their ... —

Nervousness and paranoia - what is it ? Investigate: Check out a free writing course: Lets delete poverty: Self perfection: My blogg: —

Desteni I Process Lite - Schrijf jezelf naar Vrijheid

In deze Google Hangout gaan we bespreken waarom we schrijven, wat dit precies inhoudt en hoe we hierin onszelf ondersteunen in het bevrijden van de geestbewustzijnsstructuren binnenin onszelf. Twee deelnemers zullen delen hoe en waarom ze met schrijven begonnen zijn en wat het... —

Rosewater: Propaganda Film Review by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadc...

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Day 683 - Solution Focus

It's interesting to see how our Attitude effects our ability to focus solutions that are best. Gratitude is the Attitude...the One and only really... Because, have a look.... Anything less than gratitude as the attitude...puts in you a fear state of sorts as less than the po... —

day 646: Why Fitting-In is so hard?

For context listen to this eqafe interview about ‘fitting in‘.  I always had issues with fitting in, so this is a timely interview. Basically the being here says (via the portal), to consider yourself as a plus one whenever you enter into a social scene, in that way, you walk ... —

Day 600 The veil is thin. The practice of value touting vs. practical application.

I had a conversation with some people and reacted when they continued to tout their point of view. I went into a reaction as a non-reaction within just realizing they were being egotistical. They were presenting one dimension that was not necessarily wrong, but really very lim... —

Day 193: Wiping Your Eyes and Survival | Viktor Persson

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Anger and Frustration

A few weeks ago I came home from work and found my family gathered in the living room discussing the hot topic of the moment: The soap about my daughter’s driving license. It all started months ago, when my daughter filled in a form on internet to declare she was physically fi... —

[70] Permaculture: The Growing Food Revolution

Discussing the growing awareness of and interest in permaculture and the potential it holds as a viable solution to the issue of global food security. What importance does it have as part of our basic living skills? Our guest is Alex Russell and you’re welcome to post your com... —

Día 510 ¿Hay Vida en la Tierra?

Hace unos días fui a ver la película “La Sal de la Tierra”, y no sabía con qué me encontraría. Me habían informado que era un documental donde se exponían las fotos que Sebastião Salgado había realizado por todo el mundo, sin más. Y me encontré un documental sobre unas fotogra... —

Biowisdom in Application by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast live...

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Day 585 - The Color Black - Part 4

Continuing from Days Days 582, 583, 584 When and as I see myself reacting positively to the color black, wanting to identify it with qualities that are sleek, slimming, I stop and I breathe, I slow myself down and in that moment I look at the color, in that context, as I see/... —

Redefining The Word: FAILURE. DAY 333 - Anna's BlogAnna's Blog

Redefining The Word: FAILURE. DAY 333 December 13, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life I am here working with the words ‘failure’, ‘fail’ and ‘failing’ because I’ve realized that I’ve had very strong negative reactions to these w... —

Sociocracy: Skills for Living by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast...

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My Declaration of Principle: 12. Not waiting for anything or anyone to take responsibility for me and this world

Previous blog is in Slovene. The 12th principle I am committing myself to live by is the point of not waiting for anything or anyone to take responsibility for me and this world – but that I realize I have created who and how I am in this moment, therefore I have the responsi... —

Day 399 - Self-Leadership in a Relationship

I am quickly approaching the one year mark of living with my agreement partner. The past three weeks have been pivotal for me in realizing who I have become since moving in with my life partner, and who I want to be as a self-lead individual, acting to create that which is bes... —


Partagez vos vidéos avec vos proches et le monde entier. —

Day 682 - Reading into Reactions

Continuing from my previous post, Day 681 - Reading Ability Have you ever questioned your Reactions? Questioning your reactions is a way to Read into the explanation of your Reaction. What I find interesting about our Reactions is the opportunity that exists for a split sec... —

Dag 448: Passion och Motivation | Viktor Persson

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378: Instead of Giving Up - Embrace Change in the Challenge

In continuing with the series of recordings I've been listening to, as well as the blogs I've shared in relation to what I've realized and applied for myself when facing the experience of 'giving up' - the third recording from the Atlantean's proved to be yet again supportive.... —

Made In Mexico: Modern day Slavery by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broa...

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Day 539 - W-urk

I have been facing a point within work recently and what this point entails is a diminishing of myself and my expression within work and then this point carries over into my home life where I diminish myself at home and like start to beat up on myself So with more specifics t... —

Posesión Resonante - Día 313

Estos posts dan un perspectiva sobre este escrito. Qué es la Resonancia Estructural - Día 311 Energía Resonante - Día 312 En estas dos semanas me he dedicado a estar tan pendiente de los movimientos energéticos dentro de mi que he notado estás ráfagas de pensamiento fulminant... —

Transforming Family Dynamics: Parenting Support

How can you as a parent assist and support yourself to expand and grow through the Desteni tools and the Desteni i Process? What realizations and insights have other parents had in relation to who they are as parents? That is the topic of this LIVE hangout. Join us with your q... —

Day 506 – Schizophrenia and Jani from YouTube.

The story of Jani is quite unique. I would suggest to investigate the YouTube videos that I have placed within here to learn about children with Schizophrenia. I must say it triggers my mind and my, emotion to see that children as young as 3,4,5 and 6 year old are being diagno... —