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Dag 57 – Stilstaan bij stoppen

Dit is een vervolg op de post van Dag 55 en Dag 56. Vandaag sta ik stil bij de punten die ik in de vorige twee verhalen heb beschreven. Ik ga dieper in op de context en pas dan zelfvergeving en zelf-correcties toe. Door al die afwegingen was ik al lang en breed voorbij de roke... —

Day 609 Emotional Attachment to Money Self-corrections

When and as I see myself having an emotional attachment towards money, I stop and breathe and say, 'I am here', I see/realize/understand the impracticality and detrimental reliance upon having a an emotional attachment towards money. I commit myself to stop accepting and allow... —

Día 433 El dolor en la enfermedad como creencia

Este post es continuación de: Día 431 El dolor inoportuno e inesperado Día 432 Punto de partida del dolor y sufrimiento Dolor desde la creencia Me perdono a mí mismo el haberme permitido y aceptado creer que el dolor en la enfermedad es un instrumento diseñado... —

Day 422 - Feeling Alone While Surrounded by Others

A Cool point opened up today within myself, a point that I have not looked at for quite some time and has plagued me for quite a while and this point today was able to give me perspective on this point that I have not been able to define to a point of satisfaction for quite so... —

Empowerment Through Practical Solutions in a Hopeless Time

In a Time where Everything seems Hopeless, How do We Empower Ourselves through Practical Solutions to make a Difference in our Individual Lives as well as in the World as a Whole? That is the topic for this LIVE Google Hangout. The panelists will share support and perspectives... —

Dag 320: Klander och Rättfärdigande | Viktor Persson

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Day 378 - Redefining LOVE

I've investigated this topic enough to confidently restructure or redefine what LOVE is to me. I'll start by describing what love seemed like to me before I ever knew I could consciously define this inner experience, implying that I subconsciously defined it from the examples ... —

Is de Schijf van Vijf het rad van avontuur geworden of willen we echte informatie van een oprechte Overheid?

De Volkskrant zegt in een artikel van 20 maart 2014:   “Het voedingscentrum weet alleen defensief te reageren op nieuwe trends op het gebied van voeding. Hebben wetenschappers met nieuwe ideeën over gezonde voeding dan altijd helemaal ongelijk? Komt het heil alleen van de schi... —

day 530: some reflections

This process is multi-dimensional, meaning there is so much going on, to be aware of. Breathing, thoughts, fears, worries, physical movements, decisions, all of that could happen in a quantum moment, in a split second. In that a momentum is created for the future, either repea... —

Day 497 - Female Infanticide Will End With LIG "Female infanticide is the intentional killing of baby girls due to the preference for male babies and from the low value associated with the birth of females."... Lakshmi already had one daughter, so when she gave birth to a s... —

Day 262: Facing Fear of Illness and Disease 2

From the previous post:  Can we eventually let go of fears completely, through a process of remaining stable in physical reality, moment to moment? …if I am fearing some future suffering/aging/death I am not ‘present’ here in this real moment and not able to enjoy/interact/not... —

Tag 587 - Das Bewusstseinssystem und das Verhältnis zum Körper

Ein paar Fakten aus ‚What is Sex?' Teil1 What is Sex Das Bewusstseinssystem ist ein Programm, das im menschlich-physischen Körper interdimensional physisch integriert, amalgamiert und damit verschmolzen ist, sodass das Physische ein lebendes Bewusstseinssystem geworden i... —

Día 432 Punto de partida del dolor y sufrimiento

Después de ver dentro de mi mente como estaba experimentando el dolor en mi antebrazo, aquí quiero entrar de nuevo para investigar en aquellas experiencias que fui asociando a la palabra dolor. Pues me doy cuenta que al vincular la palabra a una serie de pensamientos, sentimie... —

Day 377 - The Art of Self-Love

I've not been showing myself the love that I know to be true. As some of my readers may already know, I've not been so consistent with my "daily" blogging. In the beginning, I forced myself to pump out a blog every day, even if it meant producing a sub-par post. I did this be... —

384. Word Wars: Agreeing to Disagree

Today I’ve got to understand another reason why we have failed as humanity to establish supportive communication and relationships because, within us completely embodying our mind, we’ve become our own military to defend our beliefs, thoughts, perspectives and when we get int... —

Why Do We Go To School? DAY 76

Why do we go to school? To learn? Because our parents told us to? To do great on tests? Or to make the teacher happy? As a teacher having to give students’ homework, tests and grades I often experience that the students primary reason for being in school and doing the work is ... —

Day 421 - Seeing Sex Before Anything Else Part 5

I commit myself to realigning myself starting point with interaction with the opposite sex wherein if I see that a thought of sex comes up or there is a want for sex coming up as I move towards interaction with the opposite sex, I assess myself in that moment and see if I real... —

Narco Cultura: The New Mexican Dream

Why has drug dealing become the new way of the riches? What does this drug dealing culture reveal about ourselves? Why do people resort to selling drugs? Why do people consume drugs? Let's walk through this and on to solutions. Narco Cultura (2013) Full Documentary - Engli... —

Day 133: The Paranormal Series – Ghosts and Demons Part 3

This is a follow up from: Day 131: The Paranormal Series - Ghosts and Demons Part 1 Day 132: The Paranormal Series – Ghosts and Demons Part 2 —

Day 608 Self-Movement

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for restricting/resisting myself-movement here.I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understand my ability to move myself here is somewhat reflective in and as my relationship to words as lik... —

[JTL 157] Ellenállás az önismereti írásnak

Arról írok ma, amikor önismereti célból eldöntöm, hogy írok - egyfajta terápiaként arról, amivel problémám van az életemben s hiába, hogy úgy döntöttem, mégsem írok.Megjegyzem, itt nem igazán a "kedves naplóm, ma sütött a nap és rámmosolygott egy szép lány" típusú írásra értem... —

Day 496 - Fear of Not Being in Control - Part 2

Continued from Day 494 -Fear of Not Being in Control When and as I see myself fearing the fear of being out of control due to weather conditions, I stop and I breathe, directing myself in the moment until I am stable, as I see/realize/understand that reacting in fear, partici... —

Reconnecting With The Physical Body: DAY 274 | Anna's Journey to LifeAnna's Journey to Life

Reconnecting With The Physical Body: DAY 274 March 18, 2014 in Anna's Journey to Life, Uncategorized “On the one hand, man is a body, in the same way that this may be said of every other animal organism. On the other hand, m... —

Day 420 - Seeing Sex Before Anything Else Part 5

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed my starting point for interaction with the opposite sex to be sex wherein I communicate and interact with the opposite sex only from the starting point of getting sex, not seeing the being for who they are or for what they acce... —

Day 120: Communication and Awareness | Viktor Persson

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day 529: music, entertainment as addiction?

I like self-silence, not the kind that is suppressing, but the silence that is found in breathing, just here, not lost in the noise of the mind or something. Lately, I have seen that I am getting a bit lost in the noise, at times allowing/participating in the noise bit too muc... —

Día 431 El dolor inoportuno e inesperado

Este post es continuación del Día 430 La queja hacia micuerpo físico Aplicación correctiva Cuando me vea a mí mismo existir dentro del Personaje de la Queja hacia mi cuerpo físico por manifestar un dolor que considero inoportuno e inesperado, me detengo y respiro. Me d... —

Day 261: FEAR of Disease

In the previous post I realized that, when I was skiing on the weekend, I was in my mind busy focusing on my fear -about falling and getting injured-and when I brought myself back to my body-to what was real before me in physical reality-I actually skied more competently, safe... —