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The Real Price of Coffee by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast live ...

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day 653: demonic forces in me

Reading Bernard’s blog today about human devolution was pretty cool. How thoughts, emotions, and feelings can take over while the real living being is at sleep. This is now creating the world as it is. So its everyone’s responsibility to stop these mad thoughts, emotions and f... —

Is Money the Solution to All of our Problems? by Marlen Vargas Del...

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Day 10 - When Dermatillomania Became Real

The interesting thing that came out of my last blog was the fact that doing self-forgiveness on the ‘positive’ aspects of how I’ve come to define the word skin (and thus how I have created my relationship towards skin/my skin), has actually been a more profound support in ter... —

Day 336: Desteni Principles: #9 Self-Trust

Here I share my  ‘Desteni of Living’ –  my commitment too apply the following principles and to stand as a living example to others.  In coming blog posts I will be walking each individual Principle and how I am already Living the Example of each Principle and/or How I Walk a ... —

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick by Marlen Vargas D...

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Dan 18: Samoodpuščanje

Metoda samoodpušanja je najbolj učinkovit način za vzpostavljanja lastne čustvene stabilnosti, zdravega razuma, za samopomoč in samospremembo ter usklajevanje lastnega delovanju s temeljnim Principom, ki je najboljši za vse. Ko se naučimo učinkovite uporabe samoodpuščanja, ... —

Day 694 - Freedom

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for creating positive energy about the word "freedom".I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for creating a negative energy definition as reaction to realizing and understanding how I created a positive energetic d... —

Los Pecados de los Padres - Día 320

La serie de los Virus en eqafe por el momento está en inglés, en algún tiempo más va a ser traducida. Cuando escuché estas grabaciones entendí como somos portadores de cierta información a través de los linajes familiares que se almacena y se queda latente algunas veces esta ... —

Minimum Income Guarantee to tackle Inequality: Oxfam by Marlen Var...

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Day 9 - Does Perfect Skin Stop Dermatillomania?

In my previous blogs I had been looking at the ways in which I had defined my skin, and the relationship which I had thus built with it. These definitions and word associations were mostly negative, like ‘dry’, ‘stretched’, ‘unpredictable’ etc…. but when I looked deeply into m... —

Anger and frustration – part 2

For context read my previous blog post. Here I will continue with self forgiveness by looking into the points that opened up in my blog. Suppression I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to quickly switch to action in the moment I was confronted with my daughter... —

Dan 17: Predpogoj za samorefleksijo

Moj osebni spletni portal: Priporočen uvodni brezplačni spletni tečaj DIP Lite za samo-pomoč in vzpostavljanje samo-direkcije, usklajene s temeljnim Principom delovanja: Temeljni Princip... —

Dan 16: (Medčloveški) odnosi

Ko začnemo samoiskreno opazovati način ustvarjanja odnosov z drugimi ljudmi ugotovimo, da večino odnosov, ki jih ustvarimo, sploh ni resničnih, ker jih ustvarimo v našem umu, v praktični resničnosti pa ne. To so Iluzorne relacije / odnosi, s katerimi v sebi in med drugimi ljud... —

How Money Defines Us by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadcast live on M...

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Desteni Movie Night: Snowpiercer

This week we discuss SNOWPIERCER within the Desteni Movie Night - about Self in relation to symbolism within the SNOWPIERCER and how to assist and support ourselves on walking through internal and external limitations, layers, hierarchies without blame, anger and fear to becom... —

[75] Affordability of Universal Basic Income‏

The Universal Basic Income movement is increasingly gaining support on both the right and left side of the political spectrum. The biggest hurdle on the road between concept and implementation seems to remain the affordability of the project. We'll be discussing the possible c... —

Perception, Interpretation and Assumption: Creating Gossip

The Evil that is Gossip (Part 2) One of the primary things that fuels gossip is the relationship between perception, interpretation and assumption. I have had conversations with many different people and the one thing that’s common when they started talking about others... —

Day 677: Stopping Reactions in a Moment

I have been practicing stopping my reactions recently after a realisation that I can actually stop a reaction just as quickly as the heat of it rises within me. What I have noticed about reactions is that as you are in it you can feel that something is not right, you know th... —

Day 47 - I Choose to Live

It is fascinating what a difference it makes when you decide to do something. If you decide that you do not want to do something then you have to first clear that decision before you are able to actually start doing it. It also has an effect when it is something that you do no... —

Day 681: Passion People!

Generation Y is the generation of people born between 1983 and 2000. Or somewhere around there - watch the video, Eunice mentions the timeframe. generation Y has been labelled as the worst generation ever, labelled as being lazy and entitled. This means that Gen Y peeps genera... —

Journey to a New Life: Day 69: Introducing Toys & Expansive Play | Practical Parenting

When we initially started introducing toys to Cesar, I approach the situation from my own experience and background. Within my experience, I always felt and believed myself to have had ‘little toys’ and that I was missing out in some way or another, especially if I looked a... —

Day 286: Fundamentals of Stopping Terrorism

There are many people in the world with definitions and beliefs that justify violence - religious extremists being an example that we are all familiar with, especially these days with the conflicts around the whole 'Islamic fundamentalist' point. Let's say you are observing t... —

Dag 556: Nya Saker i Vardagen | Viktor Persson

Posted on | januari 18, 2015 | No Comments —

How to Prevent a 1929 Flashback? by Marlen Vargas Del Razo broadca...

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Day 544 - Morality and Separation

Continuing from the last post about being hard on myself within the idea of morality or what is right being a separation from myself here in breath and here within walking a decision equal and one. There is one point here that I would like to touch upon which seems to be an a... —

Day 334: Was I a ‘Good Daughter’? Re-Defining Words

Here, and in the next post, I am sharing some words I have re-defined for myself, through the Desteni I Process Pro course, to empower me/free me to live words in each moment, creating my life/reality using a genuine self-expression, no longer dragging around the weight/burden... —

Day 335: Am I A Burden? Re-Definining Words into a Living Expression Of Self

Here I am sharing 2 more words/phrases I have re-defined for myself, through the Desteni I Process Pro course, realigning them to become a living expression of self, we are ‘the living word’!   This to empower me to live words in each moment, creating  life/reality using a gen... —

Day 591 - Angry at My Own Fear

I recently woke up from a dream where the world was bracing for 'the end'. In the dream, myself and family members were trying to find a safe place as the winds that were expected/anticipated were to be like nothing the modern world had known. I woke up feeling agitated, ten... —