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Day 413 - Ability to Respond

Since the beginning of my relationship to the word Responsibility, I've seen it as undesirable and to be avoided when possible. Something clicked in me when I was listening to a recent EQAFE interview (here), and I immediately started writing self-forgiveness. In approximatel... —

Day 374: Make ‘Em’

I bet you I can make you happy, (show/give them money). I bet you I can make you scared (show them fear). I bet you I can make you cry (take something from them). I bet I can make you like me, (agree with their fuzzy logic). I bet you I can make you embarrass, (talk shit about... —

288. Counterfeiting Money to Make Money?

Why have people resorted to make fake bills to make money to live? Why are bill counterfeiters seen as criminals and not apply the same to bankers making money out of thin air? Why hasn’t money become a way to enable living, instead of being a thing to work for in itself? Let’... —

Day 373: Solve = Solution

What I have come to realize is that nothing can be solved in the mind with backchat and internal conversation, it takes physical verbal communication to resolve any situation. Now it’s pretty interesting the word re-solve, (re) meaning to do over again as in to solve again, wh... —

Day 307: Longing For More

About two years ago I started planning my future when it came to career, living arrangements, and what type of future that I wanted to experience in my life. In this process I was able to reach a few conclusions, such as for example: I want to live on the country side and I wa... —

Dag 383: ik ben sterk omdat jij zwak bent

Ik liep de supermarkt in al pratend met mijn partner en terwijl wij naar binnen liepen, verlieten twee mannen van stadstoezicht de winkel. Een fractie na dat dit gebeurde was het net alsof ik voor een paar seconden niet lekker in mijn vel zat, een onderbuikgevoel of frictie, i... —

Day 372; Shedding

What if Human Being had the ability to Shed old skin like nature and some animals do, where now you’ll have a new face, with no more wrinkles and new leg skin with no more marks or blemishes and to top it all off (for most men and some women) an ALL NEW, head full of hair, no ... —

Day 588 - The Resistance Part 2

Resistance still comes up quite often and, as I wrote in the previous blog, it is hard, or I make it hard on myself to get myself out of the resistance due to energetical experiences of self interest and of bringing myself back down to earth. It's like I enjoy this experience ... —

287. Panama Papers: What Can We Learn?

What do we miss considering when focusing on the ‘elites’ that hide their money in tax havens around the world? Is there a way to prevent this problem? Let’s discuss about it Suggested analysis: What I Learned From the Panama Papers by James Corbett To guarantee our basic... —

Day 371: Thin Air

Have you ever walked into a party, a room full of people, a gathering and got “crickets”, meaning that it all of a sudden became quiet as a church mouse looking for cheese? That’s when a cell phone, smart phone, I Phone, tablet or computer become s a good tool to escape realit... —

[131] Homeopathy: The Evolution and Meaning of Disease

What do our diseases reflect about the state of the world? What is the role and intent of Homeopathy? Why does illness have a purpose? What is the difference between pharmaceuticals/allopathic approach and Homeopathy? Which are the scientific underpinnings of Homeopathy? We wi... —

Day 693 The system mirrors what I accept and allow over time.

The night before last, I reacted to some information. I had to breath and slow down, reforming my value judgement into a practical measure that realized an outcome that would be what is best for all. I have to realize what forms I am within, change and reorder over time. What... —

Day 692 The richness of potential. It is always here.

In people I notice that there is something soft and fluid. A sharp edge can appear and yet, it will yield to a softer openness, and change. I tend to look at what is sharp, and avoid this. I forget the softness that is always there, something always within reach. Just as i... —

Day 370: Intentions Pt. 2

This here is another point in relations to a previous post I wrote on Intentions Day: 155 A concept considered as a product of attention, directed to an object of knowledge, meaning what one intends to accomplish or attain implies little more than what one had in mind to do or... —

From the Ivory Tower to the Gutter: Inferiority and Superiority Patterns. 376 02 Saturday Apr 2016 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

TagsEgo, feeling better than everyone else, feeling less than others, Inferiority, Ivory Tower, Superiority There is a part of my mind, and maybe in yours too, that is like sitting on a high horse of moral superiority, a queen in her ivory tower looking down at the mobs of p... —

The Elitist Mind

Recently while listening to an Eqafe interview called The Elitist Mind, I suddenly realized that I have been harboring and nurturing an elitist personality suit. I thought that I was eliminating my ego of superiority/inferiority in relation to others, but I was not completely ... —

Brussels Bombings: the Aftermath

Who and what has been blamed in the aftermath of Brussels’ bombings on March 22nd? What kind of distractions and reactions have this event created in our consciousness? Where could we direct our focus and attention when these events occur instead of our current approach? How c... —

Day 262 – Decomposing spiritual mind

Within walking self-realization I’ve acknowledged that I took refugee within certain spiritual agendas, what later proven to be limited, thus letting all go is common sense. Last time, within this post I’ve shared some of my story. Here I refer to the word Spirituality to any ... —

Day 369: Self-Preservation

“A behavior that insures the survival of an organism. It is almost universal among living organisms. Pain and fear are parts of this mechanism, where pain motives the individual to withdraw from damaging situations (in some cases), to protect a damaged body part while it heals... —

Day 587 - The Resistance

There is still a lot of resistance that exists within me resistance to writing, resistance to letting go of self interest and resistance to letting go of myself basically and allowing myself to simply be here without desire and without internal movement and basically a resista... —

Day 691 What is seven generations? Does the value judgement hide the means?

Coming out from under the a lack of responsibility to what is here. I have these memories that appear so vague. I would not say they are a back chat of words, they are in themselves a form that has no word. A recent one is a movement of myself feeling like there is this pr... —

Day 261 – Decomposing delusions part 2 – spirituality

Continuing from the Previous post, where I reached the point of opening up Spirituality. Within the video I’ve linked below I am sharing some context, my story, before walking the Self-forgiveness about my experiences with Spirituality. 2016.03.27. Sharing how I realized that ... —

Day 368: Mind Trapped

I want to get out, I can’t take it anymore, trapped inside my mind behind closed doors and no matter how much I roar the lion in me can’t seem to break free, is it because I’m lying to myself so much that I can’t even see, what it is that I am accepting and allowing to keep me... —

Day 670 Changing my own self absorption.

There is a tension in my right arm, this is information, and it is heavy as the information that is me is limited, it does not fit into the physical world, move with here, with ease. I have accepted and allowed ideas, beliefs and opinions to define what is real. I have used my... —

Day 367: Afraid of What You Don’t Know

If it seems weird or different you shouldn’t be afraid, I know it’s hard to understand that this world is what we made, (it to be) and nine (9) times out of ten (10), where just used to what we know or what we think we know that makes us move slow, act slow, think slow while s... —

If Children Could Vote. 120. | A Teacher's Journey to Life

“I celebrate teaching that enables transgressions – a movement against and beyond boundaries. It is that movement which makes education the practice of freedom.” – bell hooks Children are not allowed to partake in the democratic processes of this world, generally because they ... —

Day 304: Scripting Care

When we enter into a relationships, most of us foolishly believes that our partner understands us and that we put the same meaning and value into the words we speak and behaviors we embody. This is however not the case. Even if we are similar to our partner, we must consider t... —