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Day 385: No Matter What

No matter how much resistance I face I’m still going to walk my process. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to face resistance, everytime I start doing process related things, where a lethargic feeling comes up within and as me, knowing that it’s resista... —

Day 701 Revisiting paper work. Remembering to slow down and become practical.

I notice that I get anxious when I think of dealing with the paper work systems. I have an idea, in opposition to my reality within this. Why? Because in my reality I have done a lot of paper work, and managed to walk through it, even correcting mistakes. I have created a rela... —

[133] How to End the War on Drugs

Has the prohibition of drugs been an effective measure to prevent their use? What are the ripple effects of legalizing and decriminalizing drugs? What have the consequences of the war on drugs been? If the supply is controlled and/or legalized, how can we regulate the demand f... —

Democracy: From its Greek Origin to its Modern-day Potential

As far as most historians are concerned, democracy, meaning rule of the people or people-power first appeared in Athens, Greece around 508 BC. Apparently, Athenian men decided that only the adult male citizens who owned land should be the ones to make the decisions for all of... —

Day 309: Learning Cooperation

Since childhood I have experienced a resistance towards helping others when they ask, especially if I am at that moment doing something that I enjoy. For example, I might be sitting down writing, or playing guitar, and then someone comes into my room and asks me if I am able t... —

Day 384: My Imagination

I never had an imaginary friend growing up, I only had two (2) real friends that lived on my block that every time we would play, we’d imagine ourselves being the greatest person doing whatever we’re playing about. For example, we would play basketball and imagine ourselves be... —

Day 265 – How I used Music to remain in the past

I continue with the mind decomposition. Wrote about spirituality and drugs, party and dance. This time opening up Music. Almost everyone likes music. The genre and type can be different, but it’s equally important to question ourselves why and how we enjoy music. It’s worthy. ... —

Look Who's Back - Desteni Movie Night Hangout

Destonian perspective and discussion about the movie 'Look Who's Back' - a comedy that tells a story of Hitler waking up in present-day Berlin with no memory of anything after 1945. Guest is +Marlen Vargas Del Razo! —

Day 670 the voice of the words ' no' and the word 'LOOK' within and as me.

Lately I feel like I am being crushed. Yet is this being wound up in the mind? Then I remembered that what goes on in my head, is not real. And that in this process, things can get more intense the smaller they appear to become. Sometimes it takes me by surprise. No matte... —

Doris la Mujer que Atravesó un País y dos Fronteras Sola - Día 367

Doris creció y vivió en un pueblo muy pintoresco llamado Chalatenango en El Salvador, había ríos de agua limpia y mucha vegetación. Se movieron a la capital para buscar una mejor vida. Ahí Doris trabajaba durante el día en una zapatería y por la noche vendía comida para apoy... —

Estamos Listos Para Crear una Nueva Realidad? - Día 366

PROBLEMA En el año 2010 Durango ocupó el lugar número 10 entre las 50 ciudades más violentas del mundo, en el 2012 salió de este ranking, también en el 2010 ocupó el primer lugar a nivel nacional en secuestros, cosa que ya no es así en este momento. Pero a lo que voy en este ... —

Imperialismo - Día 365

imperialismo el imperialismo solo puede ser ejercido por naciones muy poderosas. m. Tendencia de una potencia económica a extender su dominio sobre otros países o estados por medio de la fuerza o por influjos económicos y políticos abusivos PROBLEMA: Aunque el Imperia... —

Autoritarismo/Totalitarismo - Día 364

totalitarismo Régimen político en el que el poder es ejercido por una sola persona o partido de manera autoritaria, impidiendo la intervención de otros y controlando todos los aspectos de la vida del estado. Todos somos Responsables por el Mundo en que existimos y también ... —

Day 383: Mind Your Own Business (A Different Perspective)

The compounding of other people’s systems within and as you, when you are too concerned about what they are doing, is when someone tells you to = “Mind your own business”. Then you have Mining as your business which is = “Minding your own business”, as the extraction of substa... —

Dag 385: waarom geef je mij snijbloemen?

Er kwam visite die een grote bos met snijbloemen meenam, ze stelden voor om de bos in een vaas te zetten. Aangezien ik geen vazen in huis heb, simpelweg omdat ik geen snijbloemen in huis haal, probeerde ik in enkele seconden te bedenken wat een correct antwoord was waardoor ik... —

Day 699 How can this be?

I am again looking at my experience within playing the violin. I remember in my thirties, especially, when had two small children and I spent time practicing. I realized through those years that if I practiced with a part of myself resolving problems, which is myself being in... —

Day 382: When Enough is Not Enough

In relations to doing more, working on self while surviving in this world, I find that it is easy to get caught up in what you’re doing to survive and slowly fine yourself, not doing as much as you were within your process to date. Although you realize, see and stop yourself f... —

Day 264 – Redefining Spirituality – Down to Earth

Sharing about what I walked within my recent blog posts about my journey from spirituality to practicality – when realizing what is power and where I have to stand for all – here in and as the physical. I commit myself to walk the process of self-honesty and alignment with rea... —

Day 698 I love words. Yet not in the way I think.

I have been told that I am, or have loved, to be intellectual. Yet, this being true to some extent, it never really quite fit. I loved words in many ways. I loved it when someone said something in a different way. I could read very badly written books just to hear how the per... —

Dan 262 - Reakcije na ljudi v reakciji

Prejšnji blog je v angleščini. Spoznal sem, da še vedno včasih reagiram na ljudi, ki so v čustveni reakciji, čeprav vedo, da je to nesmiselno in kako to ustaviti, pa tega vseeno ne naredijo takoj, ko jim to izpostavim. Odpustim si, da sem sprejel in si dovolil reagirati z ... —

Politics of Self: Panama Papers - How People Hide Their Inner Elite?

Much has been written and talked about the famous Panana Papers leak except its personal nature. How does deception on a global scale mirror the human mind? What is the hidden elite that exists in us all? What is the mainstream media missing that could empower real change? Joi... —

Day 381: The Unspeakable

If I told you that things in existence has changed, you would say how and I would say first off there’s no more God or Heaven to go to when you die and that Heaven is in the process of coming to earth, but we all have to first take self-responsibility for the fuck up of a live... —

I have Changed. DAY 378 23 Saturday Apr 2016 Posted by vixensjournetolife in Vixen's Journey to Life ≈ Leave a comment

Tagsbecoming zen, Bernard Poolman, Desteni, Desteni I Process, DIP Lite, how to change, how to stop addictions, how to stop the mind, self-change, Self-Transformation, Sunette Spies I have changed. I have not only changed a little, but in fact become almost an entirely new B... —

Day 308: The Art of Becoming Inspired

Do you feel inspired? Do you sometimes look at people in your world, amazed at how they can express themselves, and from that start practicing that expression yourself? Do you get inspired by the words of others? So inspired that you decide to go and write a blog about the sub... —

Day 380: Accumulation

If you do nothing about it, things will get worst. If you sit on your ass and wait, consequences will accumulate. In anything we do in life this is true, where when things happen, we tend to sit around and wait for a solution to come to us, up until the last minute or until it... —

289. Basic Income in Mexico Now!

Why would Mexico be a great place to implement a Basic Income Program? Discussions about Basic Income have begun in the Senate of Mexican Government on April 19th with personalities like Daniel Raventós visiting and explaining the benefits of this policy. What will it take for... —

Day 379: Mon-Me (Money)

My relationship with money hasn’t always been the best and still now, although it has improved dramatically, it’s not at the place where I would like it to be, where it becomes my first nature to save what’s needed to be save, spend only what’s needed to be and of course get t... —