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Day 191: Resisting the Truth with Proof.

When you have been assisted with the Truth of something, why is it that we don’t totally accept it as the truth, even when we know it is, and have experienced it as such? It’s like we turn around and create our own truth of things by adding our 2 cents of carnal knowledge and... —

[85] Welfare Activism and Basic Income

We are discussing Welfare rights activism and Basic Income as measures against Poverty in the US with Ann Withorn. Ann is a radical adult educator who specializes in anti-poverty and social movement practice. We will be discussing why Basic Income matters in this age of auster... —

650 Fulfillment or Self-Completion?

I realized there is still a dimension that I access where I seem to be desiring fulfillment within and as a relationship. I had this realization the day after I had seen myself move into feeling rejected. I had read a message from someone I had been chatting with and interpret... —

Ravnodušnost glede procesa (življenja) 2

Odpustim si, da sem sprejela in si dopustila pozabiti na svoja veselja. Ko opazim, da pozabljam na svoja veselja, ugodja, prijetnosti, ki mi dajejo nov zagon – se ustavim in se stabiliziram z dihanjem. Vidim, da lahko začnem z malenkostmi – z malimi pozornostmi do sebe. Morda ... —

Day 223: Quantifying Process | Viktor Persson

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Day 726 - Moment Management

I've noticed the Moment to often be a very Pivotal point. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be influenced and controlled by fear within the moment as a particular feeling/emotion that contradicts my Planning I forgive myself for accepting and allowing mys... —

Day 623 The Circulation of Blame is Self as Life in Abdication. The circulation of blame. How is it that we fail to manage what is here on this earth as physical things that are how we exist here, because without them, wit... —

215. Water Crisis: How to Solve It?

The consequences of running an economy that focuses on financial markets rather than investing on agriculture and environmental sustainability are here: water crisis is one of them. Water is a Basic Human Right, why are we not prioritizing the solution to this problem yet? Dis... —

Day 295: That’ll Never Happen to Me! – Day 3: Ever had that Line of Thought?

a cancer patient podcast or something like that ***************************************************************************** For Further Context: Day 292: Calling the Beast by it’s Name – Breast Cancer – How to Stop Emotional Fear Energy – Day 44 Day 293: Wait, you can’t enj... —

Day 190: Temptation

What tempts you? What are you tempted by? Temptation is everywhere. In reality, we see it when we go outside, it’s all around us. We become tempted when we see that girl or guy passing by, where we want to say something but we don’t and just because we don’t say anything, does... —

Day 222: Easily Swayed | Viktor Persson

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Some Good Friday Cheer. An Extra Blog Special for Today! Warning Very Dark Comedy. The Tragic Kind. It's really not even very funny it's so ridiculously absurdly vulgar. Though it's not even that vulgar when we consider the scope of the vulgarity in and as the acceptances an... —

Day 724 - Complimentary Opposites

In having studied a little bit the teaching's of Wim Hof, One of the phrases he would say is, "The Cold is Your Warm friend". And I found that to be a very fascinating statement. I've been playing with the temperature of water within having my showers. It's been most enjoyab... —

214. Iran Deal and Spotting War Mongers

As the preliminary deal between Iran and the US is settled, we have to keep an eye on the deliberate factions and methods that aim at preventing it. How can we prevent any fear and war mongers to have any effect in disrupting peace deals in this world? Let’s discuss about that... —

Day 723 - When and As I See Myself

When and as I see myself competing with myself as like being split within points of perspective as like having an energy within one direction and also an energy within another direction, I stop and breathe, I see realize and understand the friction that is done onto myself as ... —

Day 14 - Deconstructing Anxiety, Dis-Arming Dermatillomania (pt 2) In my previous blog I had listed five examples of where, when and how I am triggered into anxiety reactions in my day-to-day life. What I noticed, which was also mentioned in the interview recording I am b... —

Day 294: You Can have your Apple and Eat the Seeds to! – Day 2: How Rational is your Fear?

***************************************************************************** For Further Context: Day 292: Calling the Beast by it’s Name – Breast Cancer – How to Stop Emotional Fear Energy – Day 44 Day 293: Wait, you can’t enjoy that, you have Cancer! – Day 1: What’s Stoppin... —

Another day in the Journey

I guess it wouldn't really be a journey to life if I were to remain dishonest to myself and others about my reality. It's certainly not boring, and there are parts of it that are really cool, challenging ones that I often enjoy. However, there are also times that are not so pl... —

Day 293: Wait, you can’t enjoy that, you have Cancer! – Day 1: What’s Stopping You?

For Further Context: Day 292: Calling the Beast by it’s Name – Breast Cancer – How to Stop Emotional Fear Energy – Day 44 Share this:Click to share on StumbleUpon (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Sha... —

Day 722 - Cooler Than Cool Is Cold as Ice

It's interesting to see from a perspective of temperature how closely related Cool and Cold are. Is there an exact point/temperature reading that defined the bounds of Cool and Cold? What's interesting is that Cool and Cold Compliment One Another! I see this as a movement pla... —

Ravnodušnost glede procesa (življenja) 1

Od 2011 sem v namernem procesu poravnave svoje biti / bistva / frekvence z enostjo in enakovrednostjo – prepoznavanja življenja v vsakomur in v vsem in zato dajanja, ki bi ga želela prejeti če bi obstajala na mestu drugega oz. odpovedovanju ignoranci, ki je ne bi želela dožive... —

649 Stepping out of Self-Victimization created by being Proud

In the previous posts I laid out memories from which I created a self-relationship of and as pride of a point that I defined myself with, which in the process of being with certain particular others - who this self-belief (that allows and facilitates the pride to be accessed) ... —

648 Playing roles or living self? – Pride self-introspection, cont.

Memories condensate into/as self-beliefs when there is a participation in an energetic charge; this participation is accepted and allowed when one moves into an experience of doing something and perceiving oneself as being something, adding a mind-defined quality to oneself in... —

Social is my middle name

Socialism as an economic system and a political movement, to introduce Socialism within society, has one big problem; it never has been practiced in its true form as one system that runs society. There have been several countries throughout time and there are still several cou... —

Dan 35: Strah pred osramotitvijo

V tem posnetku sem želel na čimbolj praktičen način predstaviti (na podlagi mojega osebnega vzorca sramu in strahu pred tem, da bi se osramotil), kako lahko odpravimo katerikoli svoj umsko-čustveni vzorec, s katerim se omejujemo v življenju. Če bi radi zastavili kakšno vprašan... —

543 | Just because you’re a Slave doesn’t mean you have to Suffer

Continuing in the context of my previous post, Creatures of Habit … I chose this title for this post –Just because you're a Slave doesn't mean you have to Suffer– because I find that a) we ‘suffer’ too much in our minds, in our head bubbles, which prevents from giving a r... —

542 | Creatures of Habit

Desteni Artists I was reading Addictive Habits on Activist’s Journey to Life —

Dag 70 – Lasagna – Laag voor laag

Lees mijn vorige blogpost voor de juiste context. Hieronder de zelfvergevingen die teruggrijpen naar de punten die ik in mijn vorige posts heb beschreven. Ik vergeef mijzelf dat ik heb geaccepteerd en toegestaan om mijzelf te laten overdonderen door een reactie op een situatie... —

213. Carbon Economy: Trading an Invisible Asset

Carbon has become the key to restructure the economy becoming the 21st century currency as a fictional commodity that is being priced by the World Bank in the continued Financialization of Nature. This has nothing to do with climate pollution, it is about restructuring the wor... —

Day 550 – My relationship to energies

My relationship to energies When I say the word: “energies” – out loud to myself, I see these different shapes and colures, red and blue. Separated, red and blue and also I see this electric adapter. So why do I see these shapes and colures? I realize that red is representing,... —