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Day 676 Ideas need not define me, because what I am before ideas is physical.

I realize in so many ways how the habit of fear, of not looking here, can cause myself to want to hide or rush an idea into a situation. And all the while, that which is needed to solve problems is practical and measurable, right in front of me. The other day, in a presenta... —

Day 301: The Buck Stops Here

Have you ever read the fine print in contracts or on a wall in a laundry mat, where it says we are not responsible, if this or that happens to you or your things? In essence what’s being done is what you may call “Buck passing”, where the person/business don’t want to take res... —

Keeping Up Appearances is a Full Time Job – Day 78

I had a chat with someone about my studies, and how I was experiencing myself when writing essays, and the point of why I choose to study came up. What was revealed was that my starting point of studying is appearance, especially towards to my parents. What was also revealed w... —

“Principles? What’s that!?” said the Swede

I watched the following clip of a group of young Swedish individuals stealing and throwing away some money from a beggar. Their action is generally celebrated by nationalists and far right-wingers. The fact that it’s not obvious that the assault on the beggar woman is at least... —

Day 581 - Learning to Problem Solve within Groups

Within my previous blog I was looking at who I am within groups and the point of survival interlaced within our actions to the extent that we cannot truly express ourselves, or rather hold our true expression back from other people because of that dynamic of fear that persuade... —

Day 300: Get with the Program

I have classified myself as an outsider, ever since I can remember, where I’ve always experienced myself as not fitting in with any group of friends (growing up), where I didn’t participate in any social groups or hang with the cool kids and when they would tell me come on get... —

Dat 29- OCD: Breaking Out of Isolation - Creating Something New

Here I am concluding the self-forgiveness on the point of living within and as isolation due to a fear of speaking up and reaching out to connect to others. Please read the first three parts of this process for context: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. I forgive myself for acceptin... —

Day 254 - Reacting to blame - 2 - Solutions

Continuing on the point from the previous blog, I will apply self-forgiveness to remove the automatic reactions and give myself direction through solutions for each point that we be supportive for me and the other person. I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed myself to... —

Day 299: The Lack Of

The lack of food (as we have made it in this reality) will make you hungry, starve and die. The lack of water will make you dizzy, faint and cry. The lack of transportation, makes it harder for you to get from one place to the next. With the lack of vision, you will not be abl... —

Prodajalci na domu + religija + demenca 2

Odpustim si, da nisem sprejela in si nisem dopustila trenutka v katerem bi se zaustavila in da sem sprejela in si dopustila, da me reakcija brez vsakega upora posrka vase do te mere, da se je moje telo naježilo od znotraj. Zavedam se, da je sicer bilo v tej situaciji potrebno ... —

Day 244 – Driving car Self-forgiveness opening

Judgements while driving. Let’s open it up and to see where it goes… I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge people based on how fast or slow they drive, that is how I perceive as limiting me, for instance if someone drives slowly, defining the person... —

Day 243 – Impromptu Self-forgiveness about judgement

I’ve wrote about quite some topics recently, however today I bring impromptu Self-forgiveness to see what comes… it’s not fully ‘developed and walked through’ post, but I see that I am still integrating into my new schedule and I’d rather focus to consistency than ideas of per... —

Day 253 - Reacting to blame - 1

Previous blog is in Slovene. Today I found myself reacting to another person P, while P was talking to me with an emotional tone with blame and anger. While I was reflecting on what P was saying, P started to demand that I answer a question that was emotionally manipulative i... —

Day 298: Projecting Ahead

Before I started walking my process, I’ve always wanted to see what’s around the corner (per se), from the perspective of looking ahead to what I would do next in my day, week, month that was enjoyable to me and something I deemed cool to look forward to doing, that would take... —

Day 675 Where am I constant?

I notice there are times when I do not react to another’s behavior. I noticed I become very patient It is like water rolling off of me. More often, I either do not respond, or in the same calm way that I am within not reacting, I speak up and reform what is said, in the third... —

'Eugenesia Negativa' entre otras cosas... Día 351

Y la pregunta fue lanzada al aire: Que significa "Vivir" en este Mundo COMO EXISTE HOY EN DÍA? y aquí no es válido decir lo que pienso como buena persona o ego o algo que se escuche "nice", no, es cuestionarte a fondo que significa VIVIR? Para mi, vivir en este mundo como e... —

Day 297: Skip My Mind

(I really mean, Skip My Mind) How many times have you let things skip you mind, then turned around and made up a lie, as if the lie was what you were thinking, and when you say it, your eyes start blinking, because you know way down deep inside, you suppressed this thought and... —

Day 27 - Breaking Out of Isolation (pt 2)

In this blog, I am forgiving myself to set myself free. I am forgiving myself for all the judgements, hidden fears and secret thoughts that have caused my to be a shy, introverted person, incapable of reaching out to others for support. Self-Forgiveness: I forgive myse... —

Day 296: Keep it REAL, but Not in the MIND

Isn’t it interesting how we compound fact with exaggeration once it reaches our minds and call it keeping it real? I mean the fact that it reached our mind should be evident enough in realizing that “Ok I’ve taken it a bit too far from the conversation I had with someone a whi... —

Day 269: Hierarchies

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear people that are above me in the hierarchy in my work place – and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into inferiority, and fear when communicating with someone that have a higher and mo... —

Day 295: WAIT and Investigate

Before you go running off at the mouth or in the mind about whose fault it is that this or that is not working correctly or doesn’t work at all; WAIT and Investigate. Before it’s too late and you stick your foot in your mouth; WAIT and investigate. I know it’s hard to have pat... —

Day 674 Information is not free, yet information is free.

In the last days I notice a growing loopy-ness, as I call it. Meaning, I have a sense of not being grounded, present, here. It feels like there are too many things to juggle at the moment, like I am pulling stings and balancing them out. I watch for self pity, blame, spi... —

Ključni podatki o Alzheimerjevi bolezni!!!

Ne me jebat... se mi zdi edini dovolj intenziven izraz, ko skozi intervju Alzheimer's - Part 4 - Psychological & Physical Disorders končno dobivam sprejemljive odgovore in pojasnila na eno izmed svojih dominantnih večletnih vprašanj - kdo ali kaj je premikal(o) telo, ki bi na... —

Day 294: What You See is What You Think

What you see is what you think and if you think then you will feel and if you feel then you will react and when you react, you are extracting pure essence from your Human Physical Body (In a nut shell). It goes, what you see is what you think about, and when you think about wh... —

Day 673 I am the nature of change.

I realize that I fear change, and yet this is a natural ability within me, and the physical world surrounds me to enable me to change to fit with what is here, and to work with in ways that do no harm. I can see where television, imparts a vision that has nothing to do with... —

Day 242 – Writing the blog re-alignment

I see I have not written the amount of blogs I decided to, so opening up some points to here to direct and re-align. If I look into myself, it’s simple – I want to write as much as possible, there are so many things I realize, I want to share, I want to direct, write through, ... —

Day 268: Creating Movement – Part 6: Baby Steps To Change

In my last blog in the ‘Creating Movement’-series I ended off with saying that in this blog I was going to cover the Rewards of changing apathy, and laziness into movement. Since then I have realized that there is an important point that must be covered before we go into the d... —

The State of Homelessness – Day 77

A couple of years ago there was this show called “Nybyggarna” (roughly translated “The Settlers”) on a Swedish commercial television channel. In short it’s a show where you follow a bunch of individuals who, after years of abuse and homelessness, get the chance to work with a ... —