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Day 194: Fear of No and Beingness Negativity | Adam's Journey Into Life

Day 194: Fear of No and Beingness Negativity A point that has come up in my relationship to writing is how I have accepted and allowed myself to be in a process of ‘finding an entrance’ into me, and within this that I have not accepted or allowed myself to see that obvi... —

Day 193: Change the Judge | Adam's Journey Into Life

Day 193: Change the Judge Facing who I am in fact as the consequence of what I have accepted and allowed for me, now in this instance of writing: I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect ‘writing’ to experience of energy within my mind, to negati... —

Day 192: Blaming it on Self Judgement | Adam's Journey Into Life

Day 192: Blaming it on Self Judgement Continuing from Reactions to Futility Part 1: Self Blame  Day 191   Blaming it on Self Judgement   Since and through the process of writing out the previous post, I have opened up some space to look more closely into what I have accep... —

Day 191: Reacting to Futility, and to WTF I’ve Done. | Adam's Journey Into Life

Day 191: Reacting to Futility, and to WTF I’ve Done. ( Information that I have found very supportive in the walking through of the material in this post:  Reptilians 170: How to transcend Shame and Transform it to Integrity Creation’s Journey to Life Day 7: Letting Go of Re... —

2012: Fear of Responsibility

Realising how I had separated myself from responsibility through connecting it to fear. —

2012: How Come, You don’t want to Hear What’s Going On? « Adam Closs

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2012..we 'live' 'on' 'a' 'planet'..really?

2012, a platform we have designed from which to take a look at what we're doing in physical reality, an opportunity to start directing ourselves as life. —

History of Mankind 107 Marijuana From Reptilians

Jack continues with History of Mankind series: Marijuana is the manifestation of the imprinting of the blue-print signature of Systems upon the DNA structure within the human physical body of human bei —

History of Mankind 59 Diversity

Exposing Diversity- Jack continues with the History of Mankind series- showing the illusions of individuality and uniqueness —

History of Mankind 13

Anu Enslaves Atlanteans —


hands and feet at play in the water for everybody in the world —


Process Support Bernard Poolman discusses Intimacy as the Key to Communication —

Birthing Life from the Physical

Bernard Poolman: What does Desteni mean by birthing Life from the Physical? —

Brutality at Death

Bernard Poolman discusses brutality and the consequences of caring not for Life. —

No More No More No More

As the global system of debt slavery goes into collapse we have to decide what to replace it with. An Equal Money System based on the principle of what is best for all is the solution. —

Police Army and Navy in the Equal Money System

FAQ series - Bernard Poolman discusses the question: What will the Police Army and Navy do in the Equal Money System? —

FAQ Equal Money and Printed Money

Bernard Poolman discusses the question: Will Equal Money be actual physical money that is printed? —

Why You Can Trust The Physical Reality

How trust in the physical stability of our reality has been undermined and invalidated by consciousness. —

The Design of I was an Alien in my past Life

The design speaks about the illusion of the mind in Physical reality...'we have made a huge mistake in our existence within all our past lives...' —

Have a Look

Charity promotes hunger-porn,starvation-porn,refugee-porn, it feeds our guilt and takes our money but it does not change the source of this human misery. It is an integral part of the system which we have to change. Investigate. —

Imagine No Lollipops

Bernard Poolman discusses early education/abuse/grooming of children to participate in a world of deception...Who would we be if we were in a system that placed community first? —

Practical Living in the Equal Money System pt1

Bernard Poolman discusses the implications of a stable human environment. Practical preparations for a child coming into the world of an Equal Money System. Also looking at practical changes to many industries and professions. —

Why Do You Want To Change the World?

Bernard Poolman discusses vital changes to the economic system needed to bring about actual fundamental change in the world, a process in which people direct political change effectively within standing up for the same identical principles, principles founded on the equality o... —

Walking « Adam Closs

In terms of walking the tools of Self Honesty, Self Forgiveness and Self Correction, I as a Destonian, can call myself a ‘walker’. Seeing realizing and understanding how I am walking my Self through and as the mind, through this Self as Ego, through this total mind experience ... —

Citizens and Tax and Equal Money System

Bernard Poolman discusses citizenship and taxation in current money system —

Transcripts from DesteniProductions’ Michael Tsarion Response videos.

Uploaded in April 2009, onto YouTube, this group of videos was an important discovery for me. They include a very clear description of Desteni investigations into the nature of the ego, the structure of the mind, the design of Polarity and energy systems. and an analysis of th... —

EMS and licensing

Bernard Poolman discusses licensing in current world system and future equal money system —

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Explanations « Adam Closs

I Am Here. Some things do not require an ‘explanation’. Where could an explanation of ‘I Am Here’ possibly lead to, except Away from the point? It’s the same with the Equality Message which follows directly out of our shared I-am-here-ness; does this really need to be explaine... —

Ultimate Brainwashing « Adam Closs

The Self that I can remember as me Here was born into this physical world half-way through last century. This worldwide culture that I was born into has no specific name, though it’s chief characteristics are Acceptance and Allowance. The particular design of this acceptance a... —