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The War against Humans and unforgivability « Adam Closs

Today another dream, the same one really. Again I show myself this same scenario, that I am on the run from a darkness which I have created in my self. Within this darkness a belief: that there is the evidence of my murder of someone in the past, someone I dare not to remember... —

Spewage « Adam Closs

Walking along, I come across a neighbour, we lean against a wall, looking out across the world, I fall into conversation. That is, I fall immediately and absolutely in a single moment into and as regurgitation and spewage of thought stuff. Just what the fuck am I representing ... —

Power and Secrecy « Adam Closs

Previous post: what I have been describing is me showing myself through observations of others how it is that I stop myself from changing in order to hang on to myself as I know myself to be, as this tried and tested system of self dishonesty for survival. I have been seeing a... —

Here We Are All « Adam Closs

Here We Are All Here we all are on this planet, there’s nothing else to compare it to in the whole universe as far as we know. And here we are as individuals in our human experience of being on this planet. When we meet each other we know that we share this experience of human... —

The Point is always Here « Adam Closs

The Point is always Here I am here, breathing, listening to the ambience of the city, mostly the constant murmur of car engines. The sounds arrive and fade, overlapped by the next one, different frequencies, sometimes almost a whisper or a breath, other times a fruity exhaust,... —

It’s a Scam! It’s a Cult! Adolph Hitler! Implants! Microchips! « Adam Closs

It’s a Scam! It’s a Cult! Adolph Hitler! Implants! Microchips! There’s no shortage of buttons to press, for a swift reaction. These specific buttons are wired up for the negatives. The words are already connected into networks of fear. So I assemble this video weapon, attach a... —

The Writing on the Coin « Adam Closs

The Writing on the Coin. It was a dream; at first it was a film but then drawn into it, I became the character. It was a murder story and I was on the run, the murderer, and then the evidence turned up which was the proof of what I’d done, it was in the form of a coin which I’... —

Intoxicated means Poisoned « Adam Closs

Intoxicated means Poisoned. We’ve had government sanctioned lies. We’ve had government sanctioned debt. We’ve had government sanctioned poverty. We’ve had government sanctioned unemployment. We’ve had government sanctioned greed. We’ve had government sanctioned killing of huma... —

Bubbles « Adam Closs

It’s interesting how it is that when looking at a previous part of my life it is as if I was in a bubble, I look at who I was, and it’s as if I was living in a dream. The nature of this dream is that I am without any critical faculty; I am drifting through a world in which I h... —

Vital and Essential « Adam Closs

Vital and Essential. Self Forgiveness is Vital and Essential. What is ‘vital’? Vital is a word that describes the presence of Life. What is ‘Essential’ ? Essential is a word that describes the presence of Life. Why is self forgiveness vital and essential? Because self forgiven... —

Adam Closs

Who am I? Realisation: How in attempting to be my idea of someone who ‘I may possibly be’ in my mind, I have constantly been generating fear, constantly been accumulating into the question, ‘Who am I?’, constantly repeating the belief of ‘I don’t know who I am’, containing the... —

The Three Bla’s. Walking through my Bullshit. « Adam Closs

The Three Bla’s. Walking through my Bullshit. About the practical stopping of me as this voice of self as this consciousness system, this personality suit which I have designed and created and allowed myself to be for all these years. It’s not a question of where am I to put t... —

Enforcement of Mind Control « Adam Closs

Enforcement of Mind Control Picture capturing young man on the ‘rampage’ swinging off one of the flags on the Cenotaph. Courts are threatening to lock him into prison for this offence. When are we going to learn to discriminate between physical reality and mind-consciousness r... —

What’s in a Kiss? « Adam Closs

What’s in a kiss? For weeks we have been reminded daily of the up-and-coming most-important-event in the Universe, the Royal Wedding. If the simple question ever came up, which it didn’t; what does the Royal Family represent in the world and stand for? The answer has been prov... —


Advertisement: How about a new world order, in which there is no fear of a new world order? How about a new world order, one in which every human being on the planet gets a basic income, gets an education, gets free health care, gets a place to live? How about a new world orde... —

A Secret is a Fear I Choose to Keep. « Adam Closs

So I Continue to walk the Desteni I Process. It is through this that I am enabling myself to face myself and my reality. Over the last few posts I have been facing aspects of my fear of myself, and the consequences of this fear in shaping my life. I have changed in many ways s... —

180 degrees « Adam Closs

Facing a blank page, the question is not what do I want to write about today so much as what is going on right now that I very much do not want to write out and see before me? The outer layer of that fear would be the blank page, the pause, those moments of holding. Something ... —

It wasn’t me! « Adam Closs

It wasn’t me! This is the first lie which I can remember. I was trying to get into the house which my  brother had locked me out of. Banging on the glass, I had accidentally broken it. My father said, well who was on the inside and who was on the outside? As the broken glass w... —

Fear of Self Expression and my fuck-up with ‘Art’. « Adam Closs

Fear of Self Expression and my fuck-up with ‘Art’. The issue of how I came to develop a leaning towards ‘Art’ and Self-Expression as the general direction I was going to take in life came up recently while I was unravelling a mind-construct. I noticed how it was that I accepte... —

Intimate Politics « Adam Closs

The consensus of Humanity is all that we have allowed and accepted for and as ourselves in separation and in consequence, for others. As One we have manifested this single reality in which we live. It is the consequence of who and what we allow and accept ourselves as being. I... —

Obstructions to Writing Self « Adam Closs

It’s been another back-chat attack. It seems to come up in a swarm sometimes. And what do the voices say? The general tone is in self judgement. The statements are all things like: you can’t say that, you are being dishonest, you don’t know what you’re talking about, this is p... —

Using others to validate my self acceptance « Adam Closs

The origins of  exploiting others as ‘friends’ for the purpose of validating my self acceptance. Having first judged and then defined myself as ‘inferior’, as an object of dislike and shame, I could not accept myself because I could not bear the bad experience of myself as thi... —

Nowhere for Simple to go « Adam Closs

Another day. Living amongst the consequence of my acceptance and allowance of beliefs. These insane beliefs which I have accepted and given to myself permission to live. I forgive myself for not allowing myself to realise that responsibility is in accepting that it was by my o... —

careful with that mind « Adam Closs

Not noticing the starting point of who I am in this moment I look out the window of the van, there are fields going by, distant hedgerows, trees, the weather is grey, slight drizzle. The grass is pale and has a silvery sheen. Up comes a feeling of longing, a longing to be out ... —

Relationships and Solitude « Adam Closs

Polarities between forms of shame and defiance seem to be at least some of the energies in my resistance to self intimacy around looking at who I am in and as my relationships with people in my life. When I start to make a list of who these actual people have been as the influ... —

bringing it all back home « Adam Closs

So here I am after thousands of generations of automatic-self-brain-washing, and what a vast mess that I am in. Layers of dreams on layers of dreams going back and back, a picture book that stretches out forever. It’s all a tissue of lies, a tissue that I replenish in every mo... —

fear « Adam Closs

Day 23, not smoking. The days go by not blogging also, no coincidence. Loads of fear has come up. I have allowed myself to sleep a lot, being in fear also of falling in my resolution I have given myself permission to sleep rather than to face it. There is fear of the revenge o... —

gnash gnash « Adam Closs

Suddenly I find I have let go, I have allowed some kind of reaction, hitting like a dull collision in my solar plexus and there is this crescendo of frustration and impatience, and adrenalin, which instantly slides up over the surface of my body and then I am standing up with ... —

stopping « Adam Closs

I am getting used to writing in this newly oxygenated state which still feels a bit like driving a car when under the influence of alcohol. Its been nearly two weeks since I stopped smoking, and it is taking my body a long time to adjust. I have been abusing the soft tissues o... —

A Million « Adam Closs

Starting again, another breath, letting go of whatever it was that was starting to accumulate within myself as energy, as if it was like the front end of a thought emerging from out of that place in my mind. This time, one point, a single word emerges, a thought which seems to... —