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Abraham Hicks - ♥ You Are Perfect As You Are ♥ - Video Response

Does the Law of Attraction really work? Is focusing on positive thoughts really a solution to the actual problems that exist in this world? —

รักคือความเท่าเทียมกัน (Love is Equality)

รักคือความเท่าเทียมกัน Thai translation Interview with Bernard Poolman เยี่ยมชม: The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic electi... —

The Education System is a Fraud

Who are students studying for? Themselves? Or Has this become merely a form of subservience? Why do we not give our students freedom? Why do we not realize that freedom in education is just as crucial as freedom in LIFE? —

Manipulation in Education

Is positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement a valid teaching tool? Or are we only manipulating students into doing what we want them to, covering up the fact that students have no free choice or self dikrective principle in their education? —

Does your value system honor LIFE?

Losing everything you have, everything you want, and everything you have ever loved is something that is feared by everyone – it is seen as a kind of death – yet if one is self honest, this is the greatest opportunity to realize the truth: that there is only you, that there ha... —

The Music of Water

came upon this by surprise and was intrigued with the sounds this man was making with water. Water is obviously a liquid, and glass is said to also be a slow-moving liquid - pure liquid sound! —

Advertising - lies, deception and manipulation

Talking about the extent of lies, deception and manipulation we have become accustomed to in our normal daily lives. What kind of environment are we creating for ourselves? What are we really accepting and allowing within our society and ourselves? —

World War 3 and the Invisible War on Life

Yesterday I learned that the 3rd World War is coming. Not only is it on its way, but that it is an inevitability at this point. I had a reaction to this, mainly it was FEAR, because I immediately had to start considering and placing myself into such a context and situations of... —

Fear of facing self makes you stupid

Talking about my experience of wanting to convince others as a way of not taking responsibility, and how the fear of facing yourself will make you do stupid things —

The pursuit of happiness - is it really LIFE?

Talking about the pursuit of happiness as the actual pursuit of energy as an addiction - is this really what life is all about? —

Sport week at Benchamatheputhit school

A tour around my school during sport week - Benchamatheputhit school in Phetchaburi, Thailand —

Baby Kittens Vote for Equal Money System

Investigate the way to a better life for ALL at The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections. Join the Desteni Forum for discussions. The Book - Equal... —

We abuse ourselves in the name of money and success

I have a history of playing sports competitively and being very interested in watching sports as a means of entertainment. As old habits tend to die hard, today I found myself watching the sporting news from Canada. On a discussion panel, some commentators were having a discus... —

New education, new career - how the Desteni I process changed my life

Talking about How the Desteni I process has assisted and supported me to change self and my entire life - going back to school and starting a new career —

Why does Desteni focus on the negative?

Who does Desteni focus on the negative? Why do we say that focusing on the positive and promoting positivity, love and light are not actual real practical solutions for this world? —

Process vlog - who am I? self judgment

talking about self judgment, self definition, and the search for identity within and as the mind —

Everyone is addicted to drugs and anything can be a drug

DRUGS!!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! lol talking about how the mind is the ultimate drug and we use anything and everything through the mind to drug ourselves —

Process vlog - starting point of my process

talking about how I took on desteni initially, understanding and trying to apply the desteni message/tools through knowledge and information as a form of belief —

Process vlog - depression, expression, recognizing self

I am back vlogging for self support - in this vlog I discuss depression, expression, the desire to give up and self-beliefs/self definition based on value and worth given by others and society —

All is Lost - Embrace Your Nothingness

"How long will this fear of death plague humanity? When will our nothingness be embraced? We've gone to great lengths, to prove immortality - now watch your life turn to slavery. strike Fear - into their frail hearts strike fear - into their feeble MINDS strike fear - ... —

All Is lost - Cleansing the Middle Class

All Is Lost - Cleansing The Middle Class —

ความรักจะมีอยู่จริงได้อย่างไร (How can love exist?)

เขียนโดย: เบอร์นาร์ด พูลแมน (By Bernard Poolman) วันที่ – 02/11/07 How can Love exist if even one man starves to death? ความรักจะมีอยู่จริงได้อย่างไรถ้าหากยังมีคนคนหนึ่งยังต้องอดตาย How can love exist if even one child is abused? ความรักจะมีอยู่จริงได้อย่างไรถ้าหากเด็กคนหนึ่ง... —

Why participating in the Desteni I Process matters to me

Since I was a young child, I always knew things were not right in my life – there was something not quite right about myself, about my world. I knew from a very young age that something was very wrong, that this is not how life should be, yet did not always have the vocabulary... —

Competition is not necessary for the survival of our race

Why do we accept and allow a system of competition and survival of the fittest? Why do we continue to justify and accept that which we have created to keep man enslaved as the never-ending fight for survival? It is amazing – we have all kinds of books, theories, beliefs, phil... —

Flash robberies - Mobs swarm shops in America

Mobs of poor people are swarming shops in America to get what they need in their fight for survival - who is responsible and who are the real criminals? The Equal Money system will be a first st... —

Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs – why don’t we apply what we know?

Currently I am preparing materials for a class in which I am teaching about ‘Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs’. The overall concept is pretty cool, and I enjoy explaining it to my students: that without our most basic physical needs being met, we are unable to move on to be able to... —

Writing Myself to Freedom

When I first found Desteni, I was blown away by the message that was being shared of Oneness and Equality, and most notably the way the message was being delivered – it was said in a way that was so direct and pure, that I had never heard anything like it before. Sure, in my l... —

The money war kills more people that Hitler ever could. Where are the Activists?

Currently we live in an economic system wherein all commodities are withheld from the human unless one has sufficient money them. This includes the most basic commodities required to survive such as food, a home, clothing etc. This is nothing short of a war against life – cert... —

Humans are murderers: Self Forgiveness

Why do we hold basic necessities as things that must be earned? Why do we give no intrinsic value to life itself? Is it not a criminal act to withhold from people the very basic necessities which they require to survive? Should our governments and corporations be regarded then... —

Fighting for my own limitations

A point that was shown to me that has been extremely supportive in my process is that of how our worlds have been inverted, so we are not actually ‘connected’ to other people mentally in any kind of way, in terms of directly experiencing another, but are actually only existing... —

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