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Adrian Blackburn

Osama Bin Laden killed ! 911 vs. starvation - who are the real killers?

Osama Bin Laden found dead! 911 killer killed! Is this really news worthy? Or just another mass brainwash? —

Process vlog - Ending my relationship

Talking about relationships and limitation - my recent experience of making the decision to end my relationship —

2011 Elections in Canada: Is any leader trustworthy?

So another general election will be taking place this year in Canada and plenty of Canadians are busy weighing their options, or have already decided who they will vote for, or have decided and are weighing their option against the options of others in endless debates about wh... —

Personal and Financial Freedom with the Desteni ‘I’ Process

Within my process of self purification, I realized that we are living in some unprecedentedly difficult times, and that in the coming times, life on earth will get very, very tough, and no one is exempt from what is to come. Such are the consequences of what we as a race have ... —

Does our education system value our children? Equal Money and Education

I had an interesting experience yesterday when I bumped into one of my students parents in a restaurant. I knew them to be the parents of one of my students, who does very well in school, but I was unaware that they had a daughter too, who I also knew and taught. The mother ca... —

What is it like to wake up in an Equal Money System? - (TAG you're it!)

What would it be like to wake up in an equal money system? Who would I be? What would I do? —

The organic robot – correcting the human with Desteni ‘I’ Process and an Equal Money System

In my process I have been learning about how human beings are essentially organic robots, and as such are programmable. From an early age and throughout our lives, we are programmed by society – our experiences, examples given by other people and the media. When I found Desten... —

Self Delusion - wake up SELF as the FLESh of life

Talking about being self deluded in a delusional world and how much value we give to our entertainments and addictions which we use to blind us —

Process vlog - stumbling and fumbling through life - how the Desteni I Process supports me

More process vlogs! Talking about how the Desteni I Process supports me tremendously - in this chaotic life, it is my anchor. —

Self Correction: On Procrastination

Self forgiveness on procrastination: I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to procrastinate I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to use the justification of ‘I have a lot of time/free time to do it’ to procrastinate I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to only ap... —

Morally Superior? The desire to ‘tell others how it is’ in process

I noticed within me today a tendency I have – it is basically the want and desire to ‘tell other people how it is’, meaning in terms of morality, right and wrong, how things/they should be and ‘what’s going on’ in a way that is like, giving them a ‘rude awakening’. Now this ‘r... —

Drumming as physical support

Often when sitting down to study the desteni material on Youtube, I have a hard time hearing what is being shared because of backchat. Sitting in a chair and doing nothing, often my mind interrupts with chatter and suddenly i will snap back into reality and realize i missed so... —

Self exposure – bridging the gap between private writing and public writing

Wow, I have not written in this journal for a long time, I didn’t even realize! This being my personal journal that I’ve been writing in since July 15 2009. It is surprising because I have written since, but it was for my blog. I am still working on ‘bridging the gap’ between ... —


is proliferative in everything that is done in this world – as everyone require money to exist in this world, thus everyone is required to make a profit in order to have money to survive. The very existence of profit implies that an exchange is not equal – there is an extra bi... —

Process blog - Arrogance and condescension - self forgiveness

Speaking about the arrogance and condescension program/mode that I go into and why - including a scripting of self forgiveness and self corrective statement. —

Japan Earthquake - Media Contextualization

Events like the Japan Earthquake are really small potatoes when one independently look at the bigger picture of what is going on in this world - yet the way that the media present these events as 'relevant news' deceptively divert our attention away from the real problems that... —

Supporting Equal Money Alone is Useless

Supporting World Equality and an Equal Money System is useless if you do not live equality - support yourself to exist and live AS equality to effectively support world equality - participate within the Desteni I process The Equal Money system will be a first step in the po... —

Feeling good about process is deception

About stopping the tendency to feel good about applying doing something 'process related' and getting lost in the experience of patting yourself on the back, based on how one has defined process as an act of go(o)d —

Lust Demon

Lust is a mental disease, a social disorder. Everybody is just looking to fuck everybody else and fuck themselves up sufficiently in the process. It doesn’t have to be sex – although at the end of the day it accumulates into that because all desires are like on-ramps of the sa... —

Process vlog - dedication - fearing consequences

On pushing myself to move myself and apply myself - no longer suppressing myself out of fear of making mistakes and consequences, or fear of what others think —

Process vlog - Vampires, people feeding on people

Talking about how humans are a primary source of energy/entertainment to other humans —

Process vlog - experiencing the accumulative effect of self application

interesting experiences to share and reflect on from today —

Process vlog - visit to Canada, the land of temptation for addicts

speaking after my first day back in Canada - very overstimulated while simultaneously jet lagged! —

CONvincing others of Equal Money – religion or reality?

Many times when discussing the Equal Money System with people, I noticed there is a tendency for people to assume that the implementation of an Equal Money System requires the convincing of others as their approval apparently must be won over. I made this assumption too, back ... —

Process vlog - developing self discipline, going back to Canada

Talking about developing self discipline as self movement - moving myself, moment to moment, and self enjoyment within it. Also talking about my experience of going back to Canada tomorrow. —

Moral Mortality – the cross we bear (t)

Mor(t)al To live morality is to live mortality – because all morals in this world are false, do not stand the test of time and eventually die. Immor(t)al To be immoral is to be immortal – because only when we are ‘immoral’ by giving up all false morality – will we ever truly u... —

UNESCO and Equal Money - who really stands for human rights?

Are the United Nations actually standing for human rights? Not really, because human rights do not exist in this world unless one has money! Support an Equal Money System, to support and ensure human rights and a dignified life for all The Equal Money system will be a first... —

Equal Money rant - dare to have compassion

A rant about the current world crisis as the current money system, and an Equal money system as a solution - how the elite of the world respond to equal money - dare to care! —


When giving attention to other people in this world in hearing their perspectives and insights, I am much more interested in hearing from those who come from a starting point of equality – regardless of whatever background they come from, their status in society or ‘credential... —

Process vlog - confrontation, isolation, aggravation

talking about conflict, different approaches and what is a real solution —