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Adrian Blackburn

Finding Desteni

How I found Desteni —

I Am 1 Vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System

Equality and a dignified life for all The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections. Join the Desteni Forum for discussions. The Book - Equal Money System will Releas... —

"Tiredness" as self support

See who you are without energy - i found it interesting to see what I was faced with and had to deal with when I no longer had the energy I got from sleep to putty on a 'happy front' and act like everything was ok within me. —

Personality is fake - want proof? Take the Mr. Nice Guy test!

Does your pleasant personality stand the test of time? What about the test of energy? See what happens to your personality when you remove its energy source - will it stand? —

Personality is Limitation

Personality and personal presentation to others is always based in self interest in terms of wanting to always be received in a way that others will like and accept. In playing the personality game we are limiting our expression extensively to only expressing what others see a... —

Benefits of equality in education - student feedback

To kids prefer an education that is stressful and based on fear - or do they enjoy a relaxed, fear-free environment? Let's hear from the students at Benchamatheputhit school In Phetchaburi, Thailand. —


ความรักจะมีอยู่จริงได้อย่างไรถ้าหากยังมีคนคนหนึ่งยังต้องอดตาย ความรักจะมีอยู่จริงได้อย่างไรถ้าหากเด็กคนหนึ่งยังถูกทารุณ ความรักจะมีอยู่จริงได้อย่างไรถ้าหากยังมีหนึ่งประเทศที่ตกอยู่ภายใต้การปกครองของเผด็จการ ความรักจะมีอยู่จริงได้อย่างไรถ้าหากคนคนหนึ่งยังต้องตกเป็นทาส —

Education for money?? WTF!?

Education has become merely another hoop we jump through for money and thus is extensively limited, compromised and will never actually be about the education in fact - only making money to survive in this world. Equal Money will stop this. —

Activists Unite! Equal Money is HERE

Are you an activist looking for solutions? Look no further than the Equal Money System The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections. Join the D... —

Education and Equal Money

Kids don't like school. Amazing discovery isn't it? Maybe if we actually stood equal to the children, we might actually consider the obvious common sense they are presenting to us. —

Video response to Peter Joseph's comments on the Equal Money System

Video response to Peter Joseph of Zeitgeist and The Venus Project with regards to the Equal Money System You can check out the original comments Peter Joseph made at —

Bald Man Ascends on Desteni Farm!!

"This is what ascension looks like" —

Equal Money for Dummies

You either support equality, or you don't - simple! You are either willing to do what is best for all by working to find solutions and support the principle of equality - or you're not! If interested - research the equal money system and see how you can be effective in ... —

Practical Support on Resistance in Process

A point that came up today when doing my SRA charts - my starting point in applying myself when going through a resistance must be clear, unconditional - to not feed the resistance and give it more power while deceiving myself that I am transcending it. —

Bald Hunk Shaving Head for Equality

Bald man shaves head for equality. Support the earth by stopping use of haircare products that destroy our environment, support equality with the simple act of shaving off your hair - a visible action that shows you are willing to give up a point of personality, that you are s... —

video response; 'vlog - thai prostitute' by jeerawan

Video response to Jeerawans video about Thai prostitutes - an equal money/equal labor system that places value on life will stop atrocities such as prostitution that are allowed through the current money system - dare to take self responsibility and support a new system that v... —

Why am I doing what I'm doing with Desteni

This is my stand - taking self responsibility on an individual level for what I have accepted and allowed myself to create - recognizing this world for what it is to sort it out until it is done. —

This is what it looks like when you don't have money

I support an equal money/equal labor system so that all may live a dignified life —

My visit to the Desteni farm pt. 3

Sharing perspective on my visit to the Desteni farm - with pictures —

My visit to the Desteni farm pt. 2

Sharing me experiences on the Desteni farm —

Desteni CULT exposed! My visit to the Desteni farm pt. 1

Evil Desteni cult exposed! Exclusive insider infiltration through common sense investigation! —

Video Response to Basic Income Grant Project

A video response regarding the Basic Income Grant Project (BIG). Equal Money for All. —

AIDS HIV and the Future of Mankind

Disease, illness, money, power, control, deception, lies - health CARE? solutions. equal money for all. stand as life as all as one as equal. —

Face the Faces!

playing around with some faces shave your head for equal money —

Face Off World 50 Questions Dare

Face your face! Face world face off 50 questions dare - watch the faces... —

Strung Out - The Misanthropic Principle

One of my favorite songs/lyrics by strung out The making of this video was inspired by the song and "the world equality song" by desteni productions —

Bill Hicks and Equal Money For All

Bill Hicks input on using money to end poverty and starvation once and for all —

Equal Money for All I stand for equal money and I dare you too

Making my own statement that I too stand for Equal Money for All as an interim solution for this world - stand up for equal money now - I dare you —

Stopping abuse and suffering worldwide starts with you!

a brief look at how the nature of man which we experience in "the bigger picture" starts with each one as it is exists within each and every one —


HELL on earth as what MAN has created —