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Adrian Blackburn


two lads chatting about opinions and beliefs —


what the hell are we doing? and im not talking about rapping... —

Living with 4 cats

my 4 roommates —

Living in the POLARITY of RIGHT and WRONG in everyday life

talking about dealing with definitions of good and bad and how they are lived in everyday interaction, often unnoticed, as it has become so systematic —

Self application and others - standing up unconditionally

me talking about standing up for self unconditionally and the self deception of standing up as a reaction to others —

Mind Bullshit

Adrian and Luc rhyming....again? —

STOP and FORGIVE...yo...

Luc and Adrian rhyming words —


how can REAL love exist if it is not one and equal for ALL? —

Thinking is self doubt as FEAR of LIVING

me talking about how self doubt and fear lead to thoughts and existing within the mind —

My Process of birthing LIFE as CHANGE

talking about what has changed in my life, stopping the shit so i can actually start LIVING —

Self Honesty about a bullshit world

me talking about the shit we are, always have been and trusted, the shit it creates as our world experience, and having a self honest look in order to LET GO. —

Talking about HOPE

me talking about hope —

V Log #1 self definition - who are you really?

just me talking about self definition —

drum lesson double bass playing

Some tips on getting started on double bass drum playing, with exercises. —

Drum lesson single stroke fill

A tasty little single stroke fill I decided to share online, enjoy! —

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