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Hi my name is Andrea and I have been involved with Desteni, since the beginning. I am qualified as a Specialized Kinesiologist and am currently studying Psychology.

When I joined the group I was on high blood pressure medication and was in the midst of what people will call ‘chronic depression’. If I had not found Desteni and the tools I would by now either be in a mental hospital, dead or involved in some light and love ascension group. I was heading downhill fast because I was trapped in cycles of self abuse.

For years already I had been in an abusive relationship and this together with my own acceptance of who I believed I was, was slowly causing me to deteriorate into someone that could not function or support myself effectively. My pre-programming as who I would become in this world was going to become my future and I did not know how to change the outcome. When I first joined the group I did so because I had something in common with the members. They worked with dimensional beings through the Portal and I had a guide and had an immense interest in spirits, ghosts, the afterlife and demons. What started out as participating with a group of people who shared a common interest of research into the afterlife, bloomed into something I could never have expected. I of course had to make a choice firstly, to be able to work with the group. I had to choose life, because everything, all the tools that were being presented to me by Bernard and the group were so immense with regards to what it could mean for any person, that I realized I either stand up and change me, or I would lose myself into my pre-programmed life.

So I started using all the techniques I was shown, how to write, how to apply self forgiveness, how to start considering myself within self honesty and I was astonished. For years I had tried different therapies and new age healing techniques and I just could not find what could really assist me – why? Because in everything I did, I was trying to add more layers to my self-definition, instead of simply letting go and accepting me, here as Andrea as a physical being, equal to all other beings and the physical reality. This took me a very long time to even grasp, let alone accept as myself. I soon started seeing trough the tool of writing that it was the right time for me to let go and forgive myself for the past, to self forgive for everything I had accepted about myself up until that point. This was the most self liberating moment, when I realized I am already here as the physical body that I am and that nothing else defines me. Not my personality, not what I think I should be, not past actions and not what others think of me. I worked on these points, these layers, for a long time, to be able to accept myself and let go of who I thought I had to be. The most difficult addictions I had to walk through were that of wanting to be special and the addiction to self abuse.

From there I realized that what has been possible for me, should be possible for every other being on this planet. Therefore I support solutions that will bring about a dignified life for all beings on this planet. For all beings to be able to self purify themselves, we first have to change the need to survive. So, I support an equal money system so that we may all live and express fully here in this one life time. Once that is in place, then each of us will have the opportunity to change because we don’t have to focus on survival any longer. Let’s walk together and change ourselves from the limited ideas of what we each have come to believe about ourselves. Let us create a world where the world systems as that which exists around us for us, supports all beings equally to have the fullest, most effective life possible.

Andrea Rossouw

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