Andrew Gable

LIVE Outdoor Landscape Painting - Become a Better Artist.

Here I share some of the 'tricks of the trade' I have picked up over the years of studying and practicing as an Artist. In this video I give live instruction as a way to assist anyone interested to become an effective artist artist in this world, and also to support themselves... —

How To Paint Water -LIVE DEMO

This Painting is Now Available on my Etsy Shop! A Live demonstration of painting water on my recent painting trip in Canada. My Name is Andrew Gable, I was born and raised in Canada, fortunate to say the least, as their are many in... —

Seeing Through the Veil: Truth and Lies - My Personal Story with Desteni(Part 5)

This was one of the more prominent realizations that has come through with my participation with desteni - That being seeing what is real vs what is not real and realizing that I have never actually taken into consideration - that which is real - Which, is the physical. Wi... —

BREAKING BOUNDRIES IN THE PHYSICAL - My personal story with Desteni (Part 4)

In this video I discuss the my experience when I arrived on the desteni farm. I talk about how I used "The Physical" to assist and support myself to become stable and remain here in breath, as I applied myself doing practical duties around the farm. —

REAL WORLD SUCCESS - My Personal Story With DESTENI (Part 3)

In this video I share my experience of how my participation with desteni began to make me more stable in the real world, where my ability to function within the system became much more effective as a result of my participation with desteni through the forums. In by applyin... —

BE SPECIFIC - The Key to Education - My Personal Story with DESTENI (Part 2)

Here I explain the initial point I faced when beginning my participation with Desteni. That being specificity, and how this point carried through my entire experience/process with desteni and has supported me in supporting myself in my world. —

A Real Education Revolution - My Personal Story with DESTENI (part 1)

I am a longstanding member with desteni - This is the introduction video to a series of videos explaining the kind of experiences I had with desteni and the kind of education I received through my participation with them. I have been a member of desteni for over three years an... —

Self Education: Freedom from the System

In this vlog I speak about the the realization I had with regards to self education and what it means to stand equal to the system. I realized for myself that the first step of self education should be to educate yourself with the necessary skills and abilities to be able t... —

Why is Man so Dumb - Revealing the Education System

A Vlog looking at the state of the world education system with the focus on the American Education System. In this Vlog I reference the point of test scores of kids in the united states in comparison to 30 other developed countries around the world that were gathered in an ... —

Ending the Agreement - My experience afterwards Part 2 of 2

me sharing on my experience after the agreement ended. desteni andrewgableartist andrea rossouw bernard poolman sunette spies ReginaldDiepenhorst esteni dewet matti freeman darryl thomas bella bargilly annabrixthomsen Marlen Vargas DelRazo's Leila Zamora Moreno —

Ending The Agreement - Leading up to THE DECISION part 1 of

Me Giving my experiences of my Agreement withy Andrea, and the decision to end the agreement. desteni andrewgableartist andrea rossouw bernard poolman sunette spies ReginaldDiepenhorst esteni dewet matti freeman darryl thomas bella bargilly annabrixthomsen Marle... —

Shaving Hair of Anime Character

People notice you when your head is bald. Is it in the face? is it the hair? Is expression an art? is personality an art? shave your head and find freedom? andrewgableartist desteni faceworld desteniproductions berna... —

Andrew Gable's - NEW SKETCHBOOK DRAWINGS - April 2009

Read entry from my BLOG - Natural Expression - Drawing the Model I had the opportunity to attend two figure drawing sessions this past week. It had been a while since i was last drawing from a model and so decided i would re-inv... —

Pencil Sketches of Horses on Desteni Ranch

I did these drawings over a period of 4 days. Each day going out in the morning and afternoon to sketch the horses on desteni ranch from life. They are primarily quick sketches taking anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. My name is Andrew Gable, I am a visitor here on Deste... —

12 Original Drawings by ANDREW GABLE

12 original drawings, drawn from imagination by Artist Andrew Gable 1. Organic Robot 2. Purity 3. Inner Conflict 4. Inner Conciousness 5. Carrying The Dead 6. Individualized Mind #1 7. Individualized Mind #2 8. Mechanics of Sadness 9. 12 ideas 10.Me Myself and I ... —

"The Future of Birth" Original Drawing by Andrew Gable

Original Drawing by Andrew Gable Artists interpretation of the future of birth. —

"Self Realization" Drawing by Andrew Gable

Self Realization Graphite, Pencil Crayon, Acrylic Paint, on Paper, 12 x 16in, 2009. —

Motivation and the Future of the World

The Development of motivation and the future of the world Tis is a shot video i made depicting the current state of humanity. Waiting is our current state. Waiting waiting waiting for something to motivate us, to essentially do it for us. We are not standing up we are n... —

ART and the SECRET of MONEY part 2

Art and the Secret of Money part 2 Part 2 My final year of art school i had enough loan money left to take a one month trip to Italy to look at the masterpieces i would study and adore in the books at the library. I seen this critical in my development as an artist and my ch... —


Art and the Secret of Money My experience with how money affected me as an artist. Money influenced me as an artist. For some time, i did not realize to the actual extent i was influenced by money within my expression as an artist. I believed that i was actually able to ex... —

Transcending Personality

I speak —

Breaking the Bubble

Talk about "the Bubble" The bubble I have found Id accepted myself to present as me to the world so that I actually dont ahve to reveal myself . —


Footage of my bike ride home from work —

Self Forgiveness on My Bike

Speaking Self Forgiveness on the way to work —

The story of job

talking about my day a work how I experience work —

The Outflow of the Current Money System

A look at the trees that succumbed to the system. —

Apart ment

speaking —

The Sounds of NATURE as we have created it.

I go out in the rain and bring the camera —

The Ultimate Question

The Ultimate question —

The Power of Looks

Imposed limitation through self definition —