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Day 56- Procrastination Be Gone!

Continuing from Day 55- Exposing My Procrastination I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to make excuses and for those excuses to drive me into procrastinating. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to internally think that procrastination is... —

Day 55- Exposing My Procrastination

Today I am discussing procrastination vs. my idea that I am directing myself to do something later. What does that mean? "Procrastination: to be slow or late about doing something that should be done: to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do i... —

Day 54- Speaking With Energy Self Forgiveness

Continue from Day 53- Speak With Sound I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to use energy when speaking with others/children and within that not realizing how the energy affects my physical body in the moment of being upset/reacting towards others/children, not ... —

Day 53- Speak with Sound

This blog reflects: Day 42- I As A Teacher- Self Reflection Day 43- I As A Teacher- Walking the Points Day 44- I As A Teacher- Self Commitment Day 45- Am I a Mean Teacher? I have been talking to Sunette Spices in chats about my emotional reactions with students when they don'... —

Day 52- Cat's Self Forgiveness

This blog follows up my last blog Day 51- Letting Go of my Cats. Here I want to go over some self forgiveness regarding my relationship with cats from an attachment/love perspective. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think that cats experience emotions/fee... —

Day 51- Letting Go of my Cats

(At the old house) I used to have a cat back in Bulgaria when I was 12-14 years old. His name was Tommy (he was a kitten). He was a Siamese cat and I got him on my 12th Bday (I think). I was so happy that I finally got a cat. I had been wanting one for a very long time but ... —

Day 50- Silent Anger/External Spite

Yesterday my partner started to make lunch, I had been on a walk and when I came back I saw he was cooking so I offered my help. He said I can make the salad if I did not make it the lazy way (he has in the past told me that my salad looks lazy without any effort). So I looke... —

Day 49 Process Dependence Self Commitment

Continuing from previous blog Day 48 Process Dependence Self Forgiveness When and if I go into response of blaming my husband for my process, I stop I breathe and remind myself that I am solely responsible to move/motivate myself in my process and that no one but myself ... —

Day 48- Process Dependence Self Forgiveness

Continuing from previous blog Day 47-Process Support Dependence-(Approve Me) I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have created a dependency relationship to my husband/others within the need/requirement to move/motivate myself through activities and process pa... —

Day 47-Process Dependence- (Approve Me)

Here I am continuing to walk the point from my previous blog Day 46- Process Dependence . Following the previous blog I am going to take on the first point I see relevant in walking and that is the need/requirement/dependence to be with others participating in the same thing i... —

Day 46- Process Dependence

Today I will be discussing letting go of my partner's/husband's hand (figuratively speaking) as part of dependence in my process. It has been hard for me to walk my process with a non Destonian (for those who are not aware of what that means- it simply means that my partner/hu... —

Day 45- Am I a Mean Teacher?

I have been working for about 1 month now at my new place and I have been able to notice some patterns that I have been carrying around with me pretty much in every position I have had that involved working with children. And these points have had a great affect on my well bei... —

Day 44- I as a Teacher- Self Commitment

For reference read the other blogs regarding this topic: Day 42- I as a Teacher- Self Reflection Day 43- I as a Teacher- Walking the Points Since my last blog I actually started another job in a PreK room and have been having great staff support. I have also gotten the chanc... —

Day 43- I as a Teacher -Walking the Ponts

Continuing from my last blog Day 42- I as a Teacher - Self Reflection "So I am walking a few points actually- the fear, anger reaction and my definition of who I am as a teacher and to learn how to handle a future situation like this without reaction- in stability". Lets loo... —

Day 42- I as a Teacher- Self Reflection

Today I want to address me as a teacher as there is a point I need to walk regarding how I see myself as a teacher and how I have been allowing myself to be defined as a teacher based on how other teachers shape me. When I was acquiring my degree as an Early Childhood Educator... —

Day 41- Porn as a Point of Abuse!

Today I came across a blog from a fellow Destonian that was talking about his porn addiction and how it affected his relationship to himself and women, his realizations and how is able to stop the porn addiction (My Experience with Porn and Prostitution Day 4). I was intrigued... —

Day 40- Desteni I Witness- What is Desteni?

Continuing from the previous blog Day 39- Desteni I Witness- The Discovery One thing you will hear people say at Desteni is that we stand for the principle of Oness and Equality- What is Best for All. It took me some time and investigating the material to, if you want to sa... —

Day 39- Desteni I Witness- The Discovery

My name is Antoaneta and I am 30 years old. I have my MA in Early Childhood Education and my BA in Sociology. Throughout most of my life I have been involved in the spiritual realm with reading information about Tarot Cards, Dimensions, Energy, Reiki, Chakras, Energy Healing, ... —

Day 38- Reactions to Church/Religion- Self Corrective Application

For reference read my previous blogs regarding this topic: Day 34- Reactions to Church/Religion-Christening Day 35- Reactions to Church/Religion- Identifying the Points Day 36- Reactions to Church/Religion- Self Forgiveness This blog is continuation of me walking the point o... —

Day 37- Bernard Poolman: A Man of WORD and a common sense vision!

"Bernard Poolman passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning, 11 August 2013 (SA time). His heart stopped beating. - See more at:" I never met Bernard in person however... —

Day 36- Reactions to Church/Religion- Self Forgiveness

For context read the last two blogs regarding this topic: Day 34- Reactions to Church/Religion Day 35- Reactions to Church/Religion- Identifying Points I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to see religious/spiritual people as less than me because I have created ... —

Day 35- Reactions to Church/Religion- Identifying Points

Continuing from my previous blog where I opened the point where I have allowed religion/church to have power over me from a negative perspective. Up until my discovery of Desteni, I had rejected religion because I always viewed it as something that did not make sense and it w... —

Day 34- Reaction to Church/Religion- Christening

Recently we Christened Victor. This was a request from my mom and mother in law so I decided if they want to they can, but I wanted as less part in it as possible. I was under the impression that the spoken words from the ceremony will have some programming "effect" on Victor ... —

Day 33- How Would You Create the World If You Were "God"?

This post will look at the question, "How would you create the world if you were "God"? I was driving in my car today and this question arose in my thoughts. My answer was: "If I was "God" I would make sure that my creation is supported within its existence so that it is able... —

Day 32- "I Am What I Eat...."

Recently I came across this article: 20 Ingredients To Memorize and Avoid In Any Food You Consume PROBLEM: When walking down the isles of grocery stores it is really hard to avoid food that does not contain at least one of those harmful ingredients unless you are at th... —

Day 31- The Power of Compliments and Insults

It is interesting how a person can be fed with a positive energy when they receive a compliment and fed with negative energy when they receive an insult. And what that shows me is that one's existence is depended on another's compliment/insult and determines how we behave and ... —

Day 30- "Work or Not, That is the Question"

Soon it will be a year since I have not been working (due to baby and school). At first in feels nice because all the stress experienced at work in the current money system (due to shit just not functioning right to support the employee so that they are happy to do a job and e... —

Day 29- I am a Destonian!

Yesterday I was in a social gathering and religion came into the conversation. A few of the people who were talking asked one another what their religion was. Immediately in my mind I began to consider answers if I was to be asked. That inner reaction occurred because I do not... —

Day 28- The World Revolves Around Me....

Today I am looking a point in which humanity falls trapped into which is a major cause for the state we chose to (directly or indirectly- on individual level and on societal level) exists in. Scientists will call this "survival of the fetis" and because it is so apparent withi... —

Day 27-Mind Reaction to Physical Pain

Here I am walking out the scenario of me getting frustrated at dance practice. For further reference read Day 26-Deleting CharACTers: Crying As a Form of Release. After reviewing how I experienced myself I realized that I walked into the dance studio already frustrated from m... —

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