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Day 26-Deleting CharACTers: Crying As a Form of Release

What I have noticed about myself is that my reaction to being irritated, annoyed, frustrated, angry if pushed to its limit will be me crying-which is a clear indication of me reacting, of course, to an issue/problem projected towards another or myself, not solving the problem/... —

Day 25-"These Old People"

Today I am looking at my behavior around elderly people and more specific my grandparents. Since I have arrived in the US both my grandparents (my dad's and my mom's side) have visited multiple times. I am not going to discuss my childhood and my grandparents in this blog bu... —

Day 24- Deleting CharACTers: The Sarcasm Character

In this post I am investigating the sarcasm character. I am sure everyone has a different approach to using sarcasm in their speech, but here is mine. If I self honestly look at the times I use sarcasm there is a few feelings/emotions I find as my starting point. The first po... —

Day 23- Breaking Through

Today I was looking through some old archives (print outs) I had placed in a folder from my very first post on the Desteni Forum (which then had a much different look as it was in process of development and establishment to the forum it is today). What I noticed in my writing ... —

Day 22-Multitasking Disaster

In this blog I am looking at the character of multitasking. I often find myself trying to accomplish many tasks throughout my day and what I have noticed is that my focus is split. That instead of focusing on one task at the time finishing and moving on to the next one, I star... —

Day 21-Writing as a "Chore" Part 2

Here I am walking the self forgiveness and self corrective statements reflecting yesterday's blog Day 20-Writing is a "Chore". I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to define writing as a "chore"-something unpleasant that I need to do, hide from, avoid, rather th... —

Day 20- Writing is a "Chore"

Continuing from yesterdays blog Day 19-Feeling Dreamy I want to address and further go into investigating why writing feels like a chore and further more what is a "chore" and why do I experience having to do chores as something unpleasant. Google defines chore as: Noun ... —

Day 19-Feeling Dreamy

Here I am looking at how I have accepted and allowed to use feeling dreamy as an excuse to not be effective and active within daily activities and particularly towards writing and walking my process. Since I began my last school semester my time to write dropped dramatically ... —

Day 18- Deleting CharACTers: FEAR of the Broken Glass

Also Read: Day 14-Deleting CharACTers: The SuperHero/Healer Personality Day 16-Deleting CharACTers: The Eye Of The Beholder Construct Day 17-Deleting CharACTers: The EX Grudge Today I was moving around the kitchen and as I was moving my hand tipped the glass I was just abou... —

Day 15-Good/Bad Omen

The point originated back when I was 16 and began dated my first boyfriend. He had a thing with numbers and somehow the last digits of his house phone number got stuck with me. It became more relevant when we broke up and I was going through a hard time getting over him. I def... —

Day 16-Deleting Characters: The Eye Of The Beholder Construct

Here I am deconstructing the construct called "Eye Of The Beholder". It is a construct EVERYONE participates in probably since the beginning of humanity as it originates from the mind as the very separation of ourselves from the physical existence into the existence of the min... —

Day 14-Deleting Characters: The SuperHero/Healer Personality

One of the things that drove my interest towards witchcraft/paganism/spiritualism was having special powers. I was about 16-17 in high school and I had just began watching "Charmed" (the show). In the show the witches were good and used their power to fight evil demons. I was... —

Day 13-The Beauty Vacation

What I have noticed about myself is when looking at travel magazines I will get a feeling/movement within myself when looking at the presented picture that promises "wonders" to see at the particular place that is advertised. This feeling, I have come to realize, originates wi... —

Day 12-Redefining Words: Patriotism-Breaking Down the Character Part 2

Here I am continuing the Day 11-Redefining Words: Patriotism Part 1with the self forgiveness statements. Also read Day 4-Redefining Words: Marriage I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to play the polarity game from a stand point of view of a person who hates/ca... —

Day 11-Redefinding Words: Patriotism

Also read- Redefining Words: Marriage Today I am addressing the word "patriotism" and how I have attached a negative emotional meaning to this word based on an experiences I have had. I used to date a guy that was an White American (born and raised) with some European descend... —

Day 10-Admiring the Life of Others Part 2

This is a continuation to: Day 9-Admiring the Life of Others Part 1 This blog is about grounding myself from the life of admiration to moving myself breath by breath in each moment. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to see other's fragment of lives in a point... —

Day 9-Admiring the Life of Others

Yesterday I was on Facebook and occasionally I like to check people's profile's to see what they are up to or have done since the last time we spoke or saw each other. There is this girl I went to Dahn Yoga with back in 2008. Since then she has had quite the traveling adventu... —

Day 8- Special and Unique

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to think I am in a special/unique position in my life as I am "better" than someone else within the a similar/same situation because my circumstances and/or environment is set in a favorable position. I forgive myself for acc... —

Day 7-Back Chat: Irritation

When I am irritated with someone, I run all kinds of back chat in my mind. It varies- anything from what I want to tell this person, how I would phrase it, what this person did wrong to upset me and as the thoughts keep running there is no action taken to direct myself to how ... —

Day 6-Body Image: Satellite Ears

Me at 6 months with my mom Here I continue the series of Body Image: Day 2-Body Image: Lesbian or NOT? Day 3-Body Image: Breast/Boobs Day 5-Body Image: Legs I have away been self conscious about my big ears. When I was younger I refused to wear my hair up because if I put i... —

Day 5-Body Image: Legs

Here I continue the series of Body Image: Day 2-Body Image: Lesbian or NOT? Day 3-Body Image: Breast/Boobs Some time ago I used to judge my legs for not being "good" looking because they appear to be skinny on my calf area and if I place my legs together the knees don't touch... —

Day 1-Resistance to Begin 7 Year Life Journey!

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to accept the resistance to starting my 7 Year Life Journey of writing my self forgiveness statements. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to resist taking the first step towards writing my self forgiveness sta... —

Day 2- Body Image-Lesbian or Not?

When I was younger I began to question my sexuality because I would always look at other girls, and say they are cute (focusing on features like the face and body and clothing). I began to question myself at why I was looking at girls and not guys-thus I figured I may possibly... —

Day 3-Body Image-Breast/Boobs

Here I continue my blog from yesterday ("Day 2-Body Image-Lesbian or NOT?"). Today I go into detail about breast/boobs comparison to myself and other women. I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to judge my breast/boobs as smaller or bigger than others and within... —

Day 4-Redefining Words-Marriage

Today James and I went to get a Marriage Licence at the court house. We scheduled a date with the judge to get married on July 20th 2012. Here I will address judgments I have within me towards the word "marriage". Before coming across Desteni and beginning my process I wanted... —

On My Agenda.....

I woke up today, a nice snowy and cold Saturday morning. And the usual question popped in my head: "What is on my agenda today?" I always see things that need to be done however never seem to get to them entirely. It's just like a thought- thinking of doing something and that ... — Videos


What is Process?

Process is about taking steps forward and working on "drafts"=bettering self step by step. In my writing class we wrote a creative biography on a person. I wrote mine on my mom. What was interesting is that we wrote the biography in "process" of several drafts before submitti... —

Exposing Mind on Social Networks

In my online class which is about technology in the classroom, this week we had something interesting for our discussion post. Part of the question we had to answer was about how we can "protect" ourselves as valued educators from what we post on social networks such as Facebo... —

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