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I was born in Slovenia, 1988. Throughout my childhood I asked myself many questions in relation to who I am, what Life is and what does it mean to live. I explored lots of things considered unbelievable and laughable by the majority, like ghosts, aliens, life after death, conspiracy theories etc. I always strive to understand myself, the world and how it all really works. I faced many instances of abuse and pain in my life and I've always searched for solutions that would end all the horrible abuse that we see and participate in all over the world.

I found the Desteni group in 2008 and was immediately interested in the message itself and all the vast material offered for free. I studied it and started to apply the tools like Self-Forgiveness and Self-Honesty, to see how it works in practice. I soon realized that the tools provided by the Desteni group are the best and most effective tools I know for self change and self-perfection that anyone can use. And so I started to use them daily in my practical process of self-change, self-correction and self-alignment with The Fundamental Principle, that is Best for All Life:

Do not ignore and do onto others as you would not want to be ignored and done onto in their place.

Until this day I have still not seen any other group of people being so dedicated to stand as the living example of self-change, actually considering All Life Equally and applying Practical Solutions that are Best for All Life in Oneness and Equality. It is the group through which we will bring heaven on Earth for All, where everyone will Live in Dignity and be able to develop one's Life potential, as long as it is aligned with The Fundamental Principle.

I am ONE vote for World Equality and an Equal Money System!

Blaž Cegnar

2nd Vlog

Trying to be here without mindfucks... —

Stopping Addictions (sweets) Conclusion

While I wasn't eating any sugar nothing changed significantly so I figured that only when I start eating sweets I get the temporary addiction of wanting more until I feel sick, lol. So now I am aware of when and how much food I ate and I stop when my body says it's enough.In r... —

Some Self-Forgiveness on Fear

I forgive myself that I've accepted and allowed myself to be afraid of talking to a person that is considered as higher authority. I will not be afraid of talking to anyone because we are all one and equal. I will not define myself as more or less than anyone else because that... —

1st Vlog Video

My first Vlog video ever to test out my self-forgiveness :) —

Making a Vlog

I am trying (that's the problem right there:) to make my personal Vlog (video log) for a week or so now and I still didn't do it. Every time I try I find some excuse why not to. Like I don't have anything interesting to say. But the truth is I have big mindfucks about it. Like... —

Stopping addictions

I don't smoke, I already stopped drinking alcohol and now I've decided to also stop the addiction to sugar and sweets. I noticed that often I eat chocolate or similar although I'm not hungry. Sometimes I feel that I already ate too much sugar but I still eat it automatically n... —

Shaving my head for equality

In January 2010 I've joined the SRAT (structural resonance alignment training) course prepared by Desteni for those that are serious about standing up for all life. Also at that time a new website was created called Face World Face Off. Anyways at that point I also decided to ... —

Self-honesty process - Blaž C.

Finally I've created my blog where I will share my process of birthing my-self as life. Let me write something about how I've started with all of this.I came across Desteni about 2 years ago and I was really fascinated about everything they had to share so I started to explore... —

Murray Skeletor: Episode 1 - Smelling Crouches

It is fearsome, it is dead, it is The Skeletor with a Pink Soul. —

Face World Face Off

Till here no further! I will stand up for All Life As One As Equal! —


The game I made in Spore Galactic Adventure. Get it HERE: —

The Secret of The Universe

This video will once and for all explain to you the "secret" of the universe. Straight, with simple words, in your face! —