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Day 610: “J”

Throughout my life I’ve often found myself trying to “Justify” my “Judgements” of others by “Joking”, as if I was a court “Jester”, “Judicating” the way I viewed people, as a form of breaking the ice, when there was too much silence in the room, which was actually an excuse t... —

Day 609: “I”

You’re looking at him, “I”, Me in the flesh, as the only statement we agree to recognize the body with, other than that, we see “It” as a vessel, as “If” “It” was a 18’ wheeler hauling around our “Important” perishables, “In” essence our junk, consisting of a brain, a few orga... —

Day 608: “H” as in “Help”

As one of the most Predominate words starting with the letter ”H”, that I’ve used, consisting of; “Help”, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up, but not good enough, except when your fall is physical, other than that, it’s like begging for Hell-Please, that falls on deaf ears, althou... —

Day 607: “G”

They say “Good” things come’s to those who wait, but what “Good” does it do if you’re always trying to be “Good” but have no patience. It’s interesting how, I have defined the association with “Good” and “God” as almost the same thing, where if it was “Gods” will to flood the ... —

Day 606: “F” Fighting/Falling/Forgiving

“Fight” “For” what you believe in, stemming “From” the statement, if you don’t stand “For” something, then you’re nothing, the same as telling a kid on the playground, I dare you to punch that other kid in the “Face” then calling him a sissy when he don’t do it. “Fascinating” ... —

Day 605: “E”

When will “Enough” be “Enough”, after falling then getting up and “Expecting” the world to hand you a bone, “Eagerly” awaiting for someone or something to step in and take the blunt of our responsibility, I mean when is “Enough”, “Enough”, as a momentary way of saying in layma... —

Day 604: “D”

“D” as an exclamation point of past tense, to end out words, stating, this has been “Done” before, enacted upon already, as a closure of sorts, but can also be looked at as things that I can take responsibility for, with words ending with the letter (D), and Because I “De”-man... —

Day 603: “C”

As in Care, so when the questions/statements come up, “Take Care”, “Be Careful”, “What do you Care about”, and so many more, but in particular, “You don’t Care about me”, then stating; “I Care about you”, we give an answer with no plausible reason as to why, other than a supe... —

Day 602: “B” or “Be”

Because my communication is not as effective as I would like it. To “Be” from that which has Been, should “Be” one’s ultimate goal, if one’s goal is to “Be” come Life, which is far with few in ”Be” tween, being that, we’ve always let It “Be”, IT as in I-Think, Believing that t... —

Day 601: “A”

A letter in the Alphabet, Numeral Uno, the One, Person, Place, Thing or Being, the You or I that stands out in separation of/from all the rest, but never “A” as in All, and only All if All is separate from the One, the Alpha, Apex point of discussion as the “A” in Any given mo... —

Day 600: My Only Pet Peeve

Should be how we hold anger and resentment hostage as a pet that we nurture, through our reactions when putting what others do first, instead of our own quirks and mishaps stating; My only Pet Peeve is when someone cook something and leave their dishes in the sink, when all th... —

Day 599: When Stepping in is Overlooked

Looking from an outsider’s perspective, at times you see more than meets the eye, so to speak, that no one wants to mention that’s a problem that could be rectified/sorted out, but since no one will bring it up, why say anything, I mean just let it be, but then, when something... —

Day 598: Comfortability as Blindness

Being set in one’s own way of doing something, creating a pattern from it and becoming comfortable following it, leads to one’s eventual blindness from seeing different way to assist and support oneself, when faced with walking different points in one’s own life, that would si... —

Day 597: The Illusion of Doubt as an Assumption

I doubt it, I doubt that anything I write will make a lick of sense. I doubt that what she has to say will be anything different than what has already been said. I doubt that he’ll live up to his words, then turn around just to realize that all your doubting was in vain, becau... —

Day 596: Withholding Reactions Pt. 2

I’m sure most of us have experienced in our past talking to someone and/or have gotten into some sort of confrontation with someone, through a phone conversation, or in person, where we’ve taken things a bit too personal, but withheld our reaction until later on, due to the la... —

Day 595: Withholding Reactions

It’s high times for all reactions within me to stop, being that I’ve been there, done that, and been back again and again lol and again, everytime the mind comes up with a more unique way for me/us to react to. Unique in the sense of, I didn’t see that coming, but we did, with... —

Day 594: We Need Help

While the world need to change, we’d rather sit back and watch the world through our mind as a brain, in movie theatre’s with reclining red chairs, that Impairs our vision, looking to see if something is really out there, because the thrill is in the not knowing which way to g... —

Day 593: One Moment is Not Enough

Interesting how when walking throughout my day, when faced with a point that I see/realize what it is, then move onto correcting it, afterwards I feel as if I’ve done something big, which it is in a sense, but after that I sort of get the big head of praising myself for that o... —

Day 592: When it Rains It Pours

To being tested to see if you react again, where most likely when something goes wrong in your world such as for instance, something that you use regularly breaks at the most unforeseen time and/or at a time when there’s no place open for you to get it fixed, it’s imperative t... —

Day 591: How did I Get to this Point Pt.3

Ok, so I left off in my previous post with: Day 590: How did I Get to this Point Pt.2 Being that for some reason I was too scared to join the forums because I didn’t know what to say, but had a million and one questions about what I was experiencing, I just continued liking t... —

Day 590: How did I Get to this Point Pt.2

For context from the previous post Day 589: How did I Get to this Point Anyway this information still being foreign to me,, I became overzealous and wanted to tell everyone I knew about it, but little did I know, this would be the end of quite a few more relationships, includ... —

Day 589: How did I Get to this Point

Most of my life, when looking back on it, has been much of a Blur, being that there’s things I can’t remember, and when told by someone that I did this or that back in the day, I can’t believe it, although after hearing it, realize; “Yep that sounds like me”, I mean, after bei... —

Day 588: Character Not Working Out, (I am) Pt.2

It’s fairly easy to slip back into an old character, being in an oh so familiar environment of one’s past, which in my case/this case, is being back in the gym working out again, where the test comes in when knowing that you’re there to focus on you, your body and what you’re ... —

Day 587: Character’s Not Working Out

I am, as something I tell myself, because recently I’ve joined a gym and started working out again after quite a few years of not doing much, where the only thing I’ve done throughout the time off was maybe a few pushups here and there and a little arm work and of course ride ... —

Day 586: Keep It Pushing (Moving Forward In my Process)

Whenever I’ve made a mistake in the past and/or have fallen when walking a particular point, there’s a pattern that I follow of having this sort of extended depressive feeling lingering around within and as me and although this feeling is in relations to the point, brought on ... —

Day 585: Internal Rage Pt. 2

The reason I chose this topic to write about is because there has been time throughout my process where it felt as if I was climbing a mountain upside down, then would become frustrated and not knowing how to put myself back right side up again. Thing is and the reason I would... —

Day 584: Internal Rage

When you get to the point where you feel there’s no solution to what you’re experiencing, brought on by a mind possession of thinking that you’re less than and just don’t get things like everyone else does, I mean it feel like you’re on another page than everyone else and no o... —

Day 583: An Outsiders Perspective

It’s been some time since I’ve been back in my home town, driving and looking around at what’s left of once a thriving city, where families were built to create a since of belonging, belonging to no one but a belief system of hope, hoping to someday leave this place and bring ... —

Day 582: Jumping the Gun

In rush hour traffic, we tend to jump the gun everytime we seeing an opening in the other lane, but as soon as we jump over into the other lane it comes to a halt, and the lane we were previously in moves ahead, where we’re then wonder why we switched lanes in the first place ... —

Day 581: Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Just when you think you have a grip on something, up pops another aspect of it. When placed in a position of being grilled by an establishment, question to the point of uncertainty, where answers had to be given immediately in the moment, in order for something to go through, ... —

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