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Day 577 Instant Playouts Pt.2

Interesting note the way things play out is never how you envisioned them to, which means the instant playouts we envision is really useless, which causes one to hope and wish for things to go a certain way and when they don’t, we then realize what was it all for, in other wor... —

Day 576: Instant Playout

A pattern I see that I still follow is a fascinating thing how anytime I plan something, have something planned or going to do something, meet with someone or go somewhere later in the day and/or in the near future, I start thinking about it too much, where I start playing out... —

Day 575: Standing in the Way

Hurdles, Obstacles and curbs that’s small, they say never mind the small things, but that’s when you fall, but through it all we soon realize that we’re the obstacles that we face, to investigating why and how did I create our day. Heaven is a place for the humble and meek, bu... —

Day 574: Being the Same in a Different Setting

People change, but most of the time it comes when you’ve place yourself in a different setting, where around New people/those your meeting for the first time, we see this as a clean slate of sort, meaning we believe we’re able to start from scratch, then perpetuate which ever ... —

Day 573: Realization When Sounding Self-Forgiveness (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think/perceive/believe, that I am unable to put my words together enough that would explain the way I experience myself, now that I walking process from consciousness to awareness, that would cause for effective commu... —

Day 572: Realization When Sounding Self-Forgiveness

It easy to talk about stuff that you don’t really know about because you can just make shit up and make it sound good, but when you’re getting to the point of understanding what’s going on within yourself and in this world, for me it’s a different story, where at times it’s be... —

Day 571: Not Considering the Whole (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have witness things happening in my world and in my life to others and have said to myself; “I’m glad that it wasn’t me that these things happen to”, in not considering the other person as part of the whole of humanit... —

Day 570: Not Considering the Whole Pt. 2

Another thing that came up, is how can we possibly consider the whole when we’re not whole ourselves, but looking for things outside of ourselves to complete us, through relationships and so on, thing is we have to piece ourselves back together first, in order to experience th... —

Day 569: Not Considering the Whole

I’m sure there have been times in most of our lives where we have saw something, witness something and said to ourselves, ‘Man I’m glad that wasn’t me, without considering the person the thing happened to, and/or maybe something went wrong with something and you thought that i... —

Day 568: Redefining Plans

[Analogy]: A Plant is a plan that grows over time. A Planet is a Planned Place where all Life should equally thrive. A Plain is a Plan that’s simple in design. So why is it that we refuse to make Plans outside my mind? How many times have you told yourself, “What if my plan f... —

Day 567: Redefining Goals

In essence the only substantial goals I ever made in my life up until the point I found Desteni, was a two-point shoot to win a basketball game almost every time I would play, other than that, none of my goals were long-term, consisting of life-changing factors that would assi... —

Day 566: Redefining Scheduling

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined scheduling as something done to appease other people, where it seemed as if I was always on someone else’s time and not my own, growing up. In essence knowing that I had to do something and/or be somewher... —

Day 565: Schedules/Goals/Plans

I’ve lived my life preordained for so long, where all I did was follow suit to doing whatever I was told, as the right thing to do and I hated it, but didn’t know what else to do, so I conformed to a certain extent and when I got the chance, went off to do my own thing, I mean... —

Day 564: Weathering the Storm

It’s pretty fascinating how back in the American Indians ‘Hay Days’ some of the elders would be able to look up at the sky and say, a storm is come and people would see this as some form of Mystical/Magical power they possessed, when all they were doing was looking off in the ... —

Day 563: More on Attachments Pt.2

Now I’ve attached myself to quite a few things throughout my life, but none more than my mind and it’s interesting how this attachment works because no one ever talks about how we are/have been/being controlled by the mind we’ve attached ourselves to, with emotional and feelin... —

Day 562: More on Attachments

Have a Look Back – Attachments Day: 185 (A quote from what I see) “My phone is like an extension to my arm, if I don’t have it ready to interrupt the boringness of being Here and Now, I’ll go crazy, as I need this sort of attachment to grade who cares about me, by the number o... —

Day 561: What I think you Need (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have thought that I knew what you, you and you need, being the people in my life in my past that I would spread my assumptive beliefs onto, as to what I think they needed to do, hear and say, when all I was doing was ... —

Day 560: What I think you Need

Have you ever had the experience of someone thinking they know what’s best for you/what you need, where commonly speaking, people would say things like, I know exactly what you need, “You need a vacation” after being told about a moment at work, or “You look tired, you need so... —

Day 559: Soliciting Reactions Pt. 2

What I see as the difference between Soliciting Reactions and Soliciting A Reaction, is that with soliciting reactions, comes from my mind, in the form of bringing up continuous thoughts back to back, as what I experienced and shared in my previous post, verses Soliciting A Re... —

Day 558: Soliciting Reactions

It’s interesting how my mind find things (in ways) to bring up within and as me in order to solicit a reaction from me, as the innated trigger point to our inevitable demise, if I don’t open my eyes to see/realize what’s going on within us, which was the case throughout the ma... —

Day 557: Let’s Talk About Me Pt.2

The interesting stories we tell, as the stored memories we exist as, is always the highlight of a conversation when meeting someone New or being introduced to someone New, within that the excitement of meeting someone New, brings out the need to hear what’s being said, so when... —

Day 556: Let’s Talk About Me

Making a good impression around those you’ve just met is one thing, but when making a good impression is abided with “Let’s talk about me”, changes the dynamics of things, being that I’m-pressing myself to come up with a character to make myself look good in front of others, w... —

Day 555: The Title Eludes Me (Self-Forgiveness)

This is a continuation from the previous post, where I’ll open up more Self-Forgiveness on these point; I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have separated myself from other in the sense of looking down on them, disassociating myself from them, no longer... —

Day 554: The Title Eludes Me (Why Me First)

Just because someone continue to do what you no longer do, doesn’t give you the right to look down on them, shun them or not interact with them, in any social setting, gathering or form of party etc. A lot of times we find ourselves not wanting to associate with people for the... —

Day 553: The Start Never Stops

How many times have we carried our troubles over into the next day, just to miss out on what the New day has to offer, where we wake up with a congested head full of thought from the previous day, then end up re-hashing/replaying/re-living the same patterns over again, that op... —

Day 552: Back Chat (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to split myself in two entities, myself and the voice in my head that I believe acts I the best interest of me, telling me to rebut what I hear from other and/or that I make up in my mind, that causes confusion and confl... —

Day 551: Back Chat (Simplistically Put)

That little voice that comes up in your head when you don’t have balls enough to say what you really want to, to the person you were talking to, for self-interested reasons such as fear, and/or the snobbish mummer no one can make out, as you turn around with your head down and... —

Day 550: Erasing Regret

The most interesting thing about regret is how we’ll do things in order for others to regret having done things to us, stating this is why you shouldn’t have done this that or the other to me, and it doesn’t have to be negative in nature, it could be as simple as presenting yo... —

Day 549: Regret

How many times have you said the words; “I can’t believe what I did”, “Only if I would have…”, that caused some form of consequence in one way of another in your life, that the Idea comes up of wanting to go back and Re-Get yourself back into the same or similar situation as b... —

Day 548: The Fine Print

More like the underlying point. If our minds came with an operating manual, do you think we would change the world, or would the manipulation of using it against each other become so great, that we would all just dissipate, simply because we’ve forgot to read the fine print? T... —

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