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Carlton Tedford

Day 415: Good Times

In the 1970’s there was this show called Good Times, where the lead Actor Jay Jay and his family lived in the projects and no matter what would happen, they would always find laughter in making a good time out of what they had, which made the shows episodes quite exciting and ... —

Day 414: Subtle Spitefulness

It’s interesting how we participate in subtle spitefulness in cases that we’re unaware that we’re doing so because for so long we’ve entrained spitefulness within and as us as if we were drinking sprite on the daily bases or spitting everytime you become congested. Prime examp... —

Day 413: Can’t Change the Past

No matter how hard you try, you can’t change the past, but interestingly enough you can alter the future by taking a stance today for what you will and will not accept and allow yourself to participate in, in your world and reality any longer. Meaning, who and what we have cre... —

Day 412: Dark Moment

The Darkest Moment in my life was right before I found Desteni, and although it persisted for quite some time, I eventually go through it, I mean I had lost everything I ever thought meant something to me, like my relationships and material possessions, how could this world be... —

Day 411: Information (#411)

In the U.S. nowadays if you dial 411 you’ll get directory assistance, which used to be an Information line when dialing 411 on a home phone and of course this was before the internet came about, when people still used home phones and phonebooks to connect to the world. In othe... —

Day 410: Three’s A Crowd

It’s fairly easy to come to a consensus when two (2) people are involved in one on one communication with each other, any agreement is most likely to be reached more quickly than if a third person was involved, with the two (2), things somehow tend to work out (for the moment)... —

Day 409: Outcast (Self-Induced)

Being blalism we are but outcast in our own minds, where if it looks different, feels different, acts different, it must be that you’re not me, because I can see you from where I’m standing right in front of me, and when it comes to family, it is but a name you gave me and alt... —

Day 408: Cops

To protect and serve and serve as protection because we can’t understand our human nature. When you see them you become scare and start shaking in your boot, when you’re driving down the freeway/highway/bi-way and see them, you automatically pump your brake and then look in th... —

Day 407: Sense of Urgency

Ok, so in my previous post I wrote about stability and afterward as I was still looking at the point, what came up is the word Urgency, a Sense of Urgency and/or the lack there of, so I will be investigating my relationship with this word/statement and why at times throughout ... —

Day 406: Redefining Stability

Ok so lately I have been walking the point of stability and had to investigate first off what my definitions of stability were and what I found was pretty interesting and so I will be sharing how I walked through it, as first off at the onset of this current situation (I won’t... —

Day 405: A Perspective on Thoughts

One perspective that I see about thoughts is that thoughts are like lullabies, because every time you start thinking too much you find yourself falling asleep, especially when you’re driving some distance after a meal when you’re alone, where you dose off from thinking too muc... —

Day 404: Dear Diary

Meaning, I’ll die before you READ IT. Anything that ever had to do with, writing, keeping logs as such = hated it, especially if it had something to do with me putting my business out there (per se) as I once called it, no way man, no thanks, so when it came to diaries, I real... —

Day 403: Explain

What gets me about this word is when it’s used in the context of; “You’ve got some explaining to do” and “You owe me an explanation” and “Explain to me why you did/think, this that or the other” (As if it would really make a difference to the outcome of the situation). Then yo... —

Day 402: Responsibility

I mean do we have to bill ourselves in order to respond to the urgent matter of watching this Earth being destroyed one morsel at a time, come on where’s your Heart. We hardly feel anything for the lives that’s being shattered in pursuit of money. It’s funny how when the shoe ... —

Day 401: Forgetfulness Pt. 2 (The Little Things)

How many things have you forgotten in the last hour, just a few minutes ago, a day or so ago that you said you would remember, to do, or say, and all that remain is the next thing you had your mind set on, you see because when your mind is set on something, it’s most likely ba... —

Day 400: Spreading The Word

He, she said that? Why is it that what we say becomes contorted when spoken again back to the person in question, in which it wasn’t portrayed as gossip, but in the context of something being unlikely, which I now realize is probably one of the most profound reasons we as a so... —

Day 399: Stick Around

Ok so, have you ever been somewhere, having what seems to be a good time/fun and didn’t want to leave, let’s say maybe hanging out with your extended family on a holiday or with a friend/some friends having a gathering or doing something that you enjoy doing very much, to the ... —

Day 398: Mind Creations as Manifestations

From a thought to an Idea to the creation of a scenario into an emotional reaction, then if not corrected into manifestation, is a fascinating realization I had in my mind following the thought around of what I thought they would do, in relations to meeting someone for busines... —

Day 397: Stuff

How many Items, useless things, trinkets do we have just laying around our homes as props, just filling up space, I mean most of these do dittoes are memory collectible, where I remember being at this place and getting this and that at that place when I was there and then, whe... —

Day 396: Elitist Mindset

“I deserve more than you”. “If that was me, then I would have done this instead of that”. “Oh that’ll never happen to me”. “They don’t know what they’re talking about”. “They don’t have the educational background I do, so don’t pay any attention to them they’re just dumb”. “Th... —

Day 395: Feel Better

My Question is than what, I mean obviously if we’re in an immense amount of pain, then we’ll do just about anything, take just about anything to make us feel better, that’s a given, but I’m talking about, with no pain, but the illusion of being hurt (feeling down and out) by s... —

Day 394: What’s Happening

Things only happen because you’re making them happen, there is no outside entity that makes things happen to you, that you’re going through in the moment. It’s not the universe giving you a sign or a test for a lesson to be learned, it’s you and your mind, and you have to deal... —

Day 393: Backup Plan

Human beings are clever individuals that always have a backup plan; a plan that’s enacted when all else goes wrong in our world, in general, not according to plan. Backup Plans was created because of human nature, human error, not an act of nature or weather, as some would lik... —

Day 392: The Mind as “God”

News Alert, the voices that you hear in your head is Not God it’s your mind, that which makes you say Hallelujah, is not God nor the holy spirit, it’s your Mind, so when you’re praising him you’re praising your Mind that’s your God in retrospect, because somehow this entity in... —

Day 391: Writings

We write it, forgive it, commit it, forget it, then have to do it all over again. We write it, forget about it, then marvel at it, as if this is the first time we’ve ever seen what we wrote. If I was able to make words come alive on a piece of paper and dance every time you re... —

Day 390: Mind Possession (Argument)

Ok so, the other day I was privy to a couple arguing, where one would yell at the other, the other would then yell back, they would become tired then start back at it again and so on and so, forth throughout the day. I couldn’t help but to look back to when I was that person/t... —

Day 389: Jealousy

Yeah I see, we see it, but can’t explain why, so we become inferior to the situation in hopes of regaining the perceived loyalty from that one we have encapsulated into our life. “But why”, “Why me” is the crying question before the frustration, anger and rage ensues, when tha... —

Day 388: Accident

Is anything ever an accident or is it always done on purpose? Our preprograming would indicate that it’s always on purpose, but seldom realized, in which case would that make saying that it’s an accident a real lie? “I was just faking/playing”, but you did it for real, lying t... —

Day 387: A Bug’s Life

Not the movie but real life as I see and experience them as me, because for so long and for no reason at all (but I’m sure you can come up with a few excuses) we have been afraid of these little creature, Bugs, Ants, Spiders, Flies, Bees, Moths, Mosquitoes and any other form o... —

Day 386: Nosey

We’re inclined to the dramatic and attracted to what’s happening around us, Nosey people we are human being, always in somebody else’s business and making it our own and if what they’re doing doesn’t suit our self-interest then we get mad and try to change what’s happening. Th... —