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Carlton Tedford

Day 290: Who Are You

Who will you make myself up to be today or better yet in the next moment to come. Why are we being controlled by what we think, instead of realizing what we’ve done? It takes just one spit second for us to change, from being nice to being something strange. And then to forget,... —

Day 289: I Know Vs. I Don’t Know

I KNOW This is terminology that I’ve used quite a few time throughout my life, where I’ve used “I know” in a few different ways, as in; “I know what you’re saying but”… to add my point of view, as an exception to the rule of sorts, within that, I knew what the person was sayin... —

Day 288: My Type?

What type is that, is the question that is always asked. We all on some level or another are effectuated with type, within the different types of thing we do and don’t like, such as the type of clothes we would wear, the type of hairstyle we like and would sport, the type of f... —

Day 287: Train of Thought

“Man I forgot what I was thinking”. “Oh well it’ll come back to me sooner or later, so what was I saying again”? How many time have this experience happened to you, where you lose your train of thought and say things like; “Man it’s right on the tip of my tongue, but I just ca... —

Day 286: Because of You (ME)

Because of you, I am writing this note, to Self to let you know, that I am noticing what I have done, to get us to this point, and what we’ve designed together, in separation from each other, but still oneself that’s flesh, in one body with one head and one chest. Before conce... —

Day 285: Deal with It

No one said that this process would be easy, but have you ever, within your process experienced the intensification of your body assisting and supporting you to stay out of your mind through the presentation of pain, where whenever you are focusing on one thing, or supposed to... —

Day 284: Threats

We live under constant threat from ourselves, where everything we have accepted and allowed ourselves to consist of and exist as is fear, therefore everything we do is based on a threat, consisting of/existing as the fear of loss. Have a look; let’s take our jobs for instance,... —

Day 283: What God Wants

Why is it that everyone seems to know what god wants? Is it because they have a direct line of communication connected straight to god, consisting of two cans and a string? The reason I use this analogy of two can and a string is because, are you really hearing what’s going on... —

Day 282: Little Moments of Frustration

There is a pattern that I found within myself, where when the unexpected happens in one moment, I become frustrated and momentarily shut down, because I don’t have an immediate answer to what has just happened. It’s like W.T.F. just happen, for example let’s say I’m doing work... —

Day 281: Getting Even

We tell on one another under the assumption that we won’t get in trouble to, but when it all boils down and we’re asked, why we didn’t say something in the first place, we then realize that we have just told on ourselves. We perpetuate getting even with one another, under the ... —

Day 280: It’s not about you

*Note to Self* Whenever you hear two people talking amongst them self, most likely it’s not about you. The look that you get when passing someone on the street is not about you. For some, whenever you see a policeman in your rearview mirror, most likely it’s not about you (... —

Day 279: Lip Service

Lip Service is the speaking of knowledge and information without taking any action behind the words that you speak. I’m sure you’ve all heard the terminology and/or the sayings; “You’re all lip service, with nothing to back it up” and “All you do is talk, talk, talk with no ac... —

Day 278: Minds Mouth

As an analogy, the mind has a mouth of its own that others cannot hear speak, but see that it has spoken through your expressions, as in the way you look at them, the way you treat them and your actions towards them in general. And a tale tell sign of this is when you’re sitti... —

Day 277: Dream Manipulation

An interesting thing that I realized within my dream is me realizing that I’m dreaming and trying to manipulate myself, my ways and my actions within the dream. I mean have you ever had a dream that seemed so real, but you knew it was a dream, but still allowed yourself to pa... —

Day 276: Loud Noise

In the comic book world, loud noises are insinuated with a BOOM, POW, BANG, SPLAT, Etc. where we then go into our minds within our imaginations and animate what we see and read. This then becomes a self-created movie within our imagination, so in fact we create and hear these ... —

Day 275: Why Wait

When you can jump right in and do it and complete it yourself. Often times we find ourselves waiting for others to help us do things and/or waiting for others to do their part of a mutual project that may or may not have a deadline connected to it, but mostly a lot of projects... —

Day 274; Right and Wrong

Why is it that when we know what’s right, we still choose to do wrong? In whose eyes have we given the decision to make but our own? We put stipulations on everything from religion to friendship and on love in light of everything that we deal with. We put ourselves through t... —

Day 273: Routes

In the city, you have streets, ally’s, highways, byways, river, streams, as route that leads to someplace or another and oddly enough, all of these routes in some way or another also leads to the same place, for example, here in California, everything leads to the ocean, at so... —

Day 272: What Makes You, You

Is it the clothes you wear, that makes you you? Is it the car you drive, that makes you you? Is it the job you have, that makes you you? Do the type of job you have, makes you you? How about the title you give yourself, is that really you? Are you really the name you nick your... —

Day 271: STOP, You’re Not There, You’re HERE

Is a phrase I often use throughout my day when I find myself time traveling in my mind, now with this type of time travelling, it cost you nothing monetarily, you don’t need to reserve a ticket or even plan a trip, I mean if you did, then you probably wouldn’t be in your mind ... —

Day 270: The Man in the Mirror

In 1988 Michael Jackson released a song called Man in the Mirror which was written by Glen Ballard and Siedah Garrett. Within the song a few of the lyrics are; “I’m talking to the man in the mirror” (meaning oneself) and another lyric he used is “You got to make that change”, ... —

Day 269: Material Possessions

Before I started my process, I had an extensive recording studio, where during that period of time, I would go shopping almost every week to get the newest piece of equipment, outboard gear, compressor, software etc. I mean if you were to walk into my studio when the lights we... —

Day 268: A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste (REALLY)

If a mind is a terrible thing to waste, then why do we deal with it, in rape, murder and war, we rob and steal with it, then turn around and blame somebody else that did it, instead of taking responsibility for it, we live with it, as if all of a sudden the mind will clean up ... —

Day 267: Stop Expecting To Get Your Way

This day and age, being nice doesn’t get you anywhere, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be mean and that‘ll get you some place, nope it doesn’t work that way. I mean if you look at it, nine (9) times out of ten (10), ask yourself what’s your starting point for being nice... —

Day 266: Enjoyment

What does it take for you to enjoy yourself, when you are out with friends and/or family? What does it take for you to open up and express yourself? What does it take for you to mingle with people you don’t know? What is it that we have created as the universal connector of al... —

Day 265: Broken Promises (Time)

When you think you have time, but you don’t really have time and you assumed that time was on your side when you’ve made a promise to someone that, you’ll do and/or be somewhere at a certain time, why is it then, that time becomes the scapegoat, when in fact all the why’ll you... —

Day 264: You’ve Got Passengers

Back in the late 70’s and then the 80’s there was this television show on TV called the Love Boat and during the show, they would show how the boat would pick up passengers and take them on a cruise to different places around the world and during the cruise/time out at sea, a ... —

Day 263: Excommunicate a family Member

Growing up I’ve always heard about the rich kid that has been excommunicated from their family because of them not wanting to follow the family traditions or because they rebelled against their parents, turning out to be the black sheep of the family. Within this, the family c... —

Day 262: The Mind Map

Do you really know where you are, where you’re going, where you come from and how you got to where you are, within your world and reality, in this Physical Existence? Do you even realize how lost we are? Here’s an example, without a Navigator in your phone, Google Maps, Map Qu... —

Day 261: Are You Really Aware of What You Do

Are you really aware of what you do? Are you aware of the ant/cricket or bug that’s walking around your shoe? When you see it, does it startle you or do you mind them being next to you? When you’re sweeping your floor are you aware of where and what you are sweeping up? If you... —