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Carlton Tedford

Day 264: You’ve Got Passengers

Back in the late 70’s and then the 80’s there was this television show on TV called the Love Boat and during the show, they would show how the boat would pick up passengers and take them on a cruise to different places around the world and during the cruise/time out at sea, a ... —

Day 263: Excommunicate a family Member

Growing up I’ve always heard about the rich kid that has been excommunicated from their family because of them not wanting to follow the family traditions or because they rebelled against their parents, turning out to be the black sheep of the family. Within this, the family c... —

Day 262: The Mind Map

Do you really know where you are, where you’re going, where you come from and how you got to where you are, within your world and reality, in this Physical Existence? Do you even realize how lost we are? Here’s an example, without a Navigator in your phone, Google Maps, Map Qu... —

Day 261: Are You Really Aware of What You Do

Are you really aware of what you do? Are you aware of the ant/cricket or bug that’s walking around your shoe? When you see it, does it startle you or do you mind them being next to you? When you’re sweeping your floor are you aware of where and what you are sweeping up? If you... —

Day 260: In Between a Rock and a Hard place

In between a rock and a hard place is an island where you sit, wondering what should you do, if or if not you should say something and thinking about possible outcomes, one way or the others, if or if not you do say something, about the information you just came across from so... —

Day 259: Ready Set Go

At the beginning of a long race (a marathon), we come out the blocks with hast and our idea is to get from point A to point B at a consistent and steady pace, in order to finish the race, but as we are running, we start to become a bit tired because of thinking how much furthe... —

Day 258: Before You Go

I’m sure we all have experienced as a child our parents telling us, before you go outside and play you have to do this, that or the other and if you don’t finish this, this that or the other, you won’t be able to go outside and play, so what do we do; First off we momentarily ... —

Day 257: What I Will or Will Not Accept and Allow

What I will accept and allow from myself is what’s best for all. What I will not accept and allow from myself is to continue to fall. I will accept myself to allow myself to utilize breath in every moment. I will not accept myself to allow myself to run away from a problem, b... —

Day 256: Getting a Check Up/Physical

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a physical examination with blood work done and the works, meaning everything else that one gets check when going to the doctor for a basic physical. I’ve never really had anything wrong with me physically, no broken bones or chronic disease... —

Day 255: Baby Shower

The game we play before the baby arrives is what I experienced, when recently I was invited by a family member to a coed baby shower. This was the first time, I ever went to one, let alone have been invited to one. At a baby shower they play these games and to start it off, th... —

Day 254: When Things Are Not Said

When things are not said, it leaves the mind to wonder, this is also where assumptions set in and miscommunication is the outcome. We use miscommunication as an excuse to try and calm the arising situation and/or to get over the point that wasn’t effectively communicated and n... —


One thing I found in my investigations into churches and religions, (being that that’s how I was raised) is that, we somehow believe that the church cares about us and is looking out for our best interest, when in fact that’s not exactly the true of the matter. We put all our ... —

Day 252: “Please don’t let them talk to me”.

This usually happen when you’re walking down the street or someplace sitting having a meal, mining your own business or any place out in public for that matter, where you would come across or see a homeless person in your vicinity or someone looking and walking in your directi... —

Day 251: Stereotyping

What have we in this world come to, where the color of our skin, race, creed, gender is what we have classified as being different toward each other, with different unique qualities, labels, ways in which one group define the other by type, under the per-conceived notion that ... —

Day 250: My Relationship with Breath

Yes we breathe, but at times do not realize our breath, meaning we consume ourselves with any and everything outside of ourselves and forget that we are breathing. This then causes Shortness of Breath, Hyperventilation, Dizziness, Fainting Spells, Forgetfulness, Dozing off and... —

Day 249: Pastime

How do you spend your pastime? Have you taken into account how your life is spent? Most of us are only certain about two (2) things, that is death and taxes, everything else (we think) is wrapped around survival. Or is it? Let’s have a look; As of 2014 the life expectancy in A... —

Day 248: Clique

Cliques are; groups within group that are for the group as a whole, but associate with certain members more than anyone else within the group, because of similar self-interest. In almost every group you see and/or know about, there are cliques within them. The most predominant... —

Day 247: Without Self-Forgiveness

Imagine for a moment, where would you be, and what would you have done up until this point in your life without Self-Forgiveness. I have and it’s not pretty picture. This morning, I had a flurry of thought to come up within and as me, about my past, and what had transpired wit... —

Day 246: Think Twice Before You . . .

As if the first time wasn’t enough. Have you ever heard this saying; “Think twice before you” and so on and so forth? Most of the times this saying is related to someone thinking that someone is about to make a “bad” decision, so the say something like; “You better think twice... —

Day 245: Talking About What You Know VS.Talking About What You Live

Talking about what you know and you think you know it for sure, is what people live for, without an inkling of an idea of what’s really going on. Talking about what you live is harder than what it seem, especially when there’s change involved from what you use to be. Talking... —

Day 244: Change in a Flash

Have you ever spoken to someone one day and had a cool normal conversation with them and then the next time you see them, they act as if they don’t know you and won’t even look at you to save the world, so to speak? When you confront them and say “Hi”, they’ll ignore you and c... —

Day 243: Keeping Up

This is the longest stretch of time that I’ve ever stuck with anything and might I say, this is the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life. I am speaking about the process, I am currently walking. What I realize within this process is that you have to be on your toes (... —

Day 242: Flip Flopping

Flip flopping is terminology used in the political area where one candidate would accuse the other of going back on their stance about the way they would handle or have handled a government issue, in the past, present or future tense or thing in order to get elected. In layman... —

Day 241: Manipulation

In grade school and/or in some neighborhood, back in the day, fighting was a pretty big thing, where you would have two young kids with a crowd around them getting ready to fight, which they probably really didn’t want to, but the crowd was around, and in the crowd there would... —

Day 240: Hurt Yourself

A Band-Aide is for a cut, scrape or scratch that bleeds. A cast is for when a bone is broken somewhere in your body. Have you ever ran into a wall and stubbed your pinky toe and then laid down screaming, waiting for the pain to go? Or How many times have you yelled when you’... —

Day 239: Stringing You Along

The concept of stinging someone alone is done when someone has you waiting and wanting something to happen that doesn’t happen. You can be minding your own business and someone tells you something out the blue that you weren’t expecting to hear, that has to do with a potential... —

Day 238: Offering

What a word, offering, from my perspective, it seems as if this is a nice inconspicuous way to say “give me money”. Growing up in and around churches, I have experienced plenty of offering; ways to invoke people into giving there hard earned money. A normal offering is when (i... —

Day 237: Read/Listen/Learn/Apply

YOU know how when you’re in grade school, in reading class and the class is on a particular chapter in the lesson book and the teacher then starts with the front row of the class and have every student to read a paragraph, this would make me so nervous, because I didn’t like t... —

Day 236: Sleeping and Dreaming

We’ve come up with plenty of slogans to validate sleeping, the act of, (or not) such as; “I need my beauty sleep” and “If I don’t get my eight (8) hours of sleep, I’ll be cranky in the morning” and “They/you woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed” and also “Sleep is... —

Day 235: Rolodex

However the mind operates, we create it in reality, from a rolodex to computers, to you name it, but for now, there is a fascinating similarity to a rolodex that I found how my mind operates. A rolodex is a rotating file device used to store information. The mind is an automa... —