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Carlton Tedford

Day 230: Only Because They said so

Who are you waiting for? Why do we only listen when certain people tell us the same thing that we’ve heard from somebody else and didn’t listen to them for some reason or another, and then turn right back around and say what you’ve just heard (for the second time) to the first... —

Day 229: Ultimatum

How many times have you given a person an ultimatum or received an ultimatum from someone? In other words; “you better do this or that and if you don’t, this or that will happen”. I mean we’re driven by fear so much that we will do just about anything that someone says, if we’... —

Day 228: Looks can be Deceiving

Or might I say, looks are deceiving. The statement; “what you see”… is not always what you get, because we chose things for the looks, not the actual getting to know it/them. I mean when you go grocery shopping and pick up a piece of fruit or vegetable, you don’t just put it i... —

Day 227: Calm as the Resolve

If you know that you are correct about and incident with another person, preferably about money, where they asked you to do a favor for them with the promise of being paid back and/or paid for the favor and you leave it up to the person to contact you and fulfill their promise... —

Day 226: Why Do We

Why do we feel excited before we eat? Why do we feel lethargic before we sleep? Why do we feel like changing, but don’t actually do it? Why do we feel the need to put ourselves through it? Why do we feel like talking when we don’t know what to say? Babbling is the disease of... —

Day 225: Watch the Words you speak

Cause and effect, meaning they may cause the person/persons whom you are speaking with to take drastic measure against someone about something they really have no clue or idea about, all they did was listen to you speak and them being your friend formed and opinion about that ... —

Day 224: My Process an Action Movie

Growing up I wasn’t able to watch movies, I was more of an outside person, where being outside for me was like watching an action movie in itself, with scenes, play outs and characters. All I had to do was go out and sit on the back porch (or front porch) and watch everyone an... —

Day 223: Paying Too much Attention to my Conscious Mind Thoughts

“And I thought they would never go away”. Throughout my process I’ve tried to make it a point to notice and forgive every single thought that comes up in my mind, whether it’s just passing through and/or there to make me react with an emotion or feeling. What I’ve noticed was ... —

Day 222: Be on Your Best Behavior

The question is; how is this possible, being that if you have particular behavior patterns, which one is the best one? Obviously an extensive amount of fear had to be instilled into someone for them to realize the difference between good, bad and your best behavior. In my case... —

Day 221: Testimony

To tell or give witness of an experience or experiences that has taken place in your life. Growing up was when I first learned this word and the act of doing, behind it. It was what I saw people doing in church, where they would stand up and tell their experiences of things, i... —

Day 220: Hiding Behind Self-Interest (My Perspective)

One thing I’ve notice about some self-interest is that you’re not really interested in what you think you are, only but for a momentary purpose. It’s sort of like a passing fad, where you’re interested in something in one moment and after you get it or have done that which you... —

Day 219: Roaming Eyes

Have you ever heard the saying; “what you see is what you get?” Well that was a lie, from the perspective of if you got everything that you saw, then you would understand yourself and that’s where my roaming eyes comes into play. Growing up I watched everything as in what peo... —

Day 218: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid (or NOT)

(Things that we are or have been afraid of) Why are we so afraid when the lights go out or the silence being eerie when we’re alone in our house? We wake up in a cold sweat, talking about I just had a bad dream, not realizing the bad part is what you’ve created and seen, have ... —

Day 217: Left Overs

I’ve noticed an interesting thing about another way in which my mind operates, which I call left overs and works as such; After every conversation I have with someone, for example, let’s say you just got off the phone and go to do something that requires your undivided attenti... —

Day 216: Mind Slave

I think therefore I am a slave. I become angry and sometimes enraged. When people look then laugh at me, I become embarrassed and afraid. Afraid of what they may think of me and call me names. I’m a trouble maker at times and don’t realize I’m doing so. I think its cold outsid... —

Day 215: Perfect Pictured Presentation

Do we really understand why we dress up to go out? I know if you ask someone this question they’ll probably say; “I want to look good” or “This is how it is in our society” (which is true for the most part), but ask yourself what is my starting point for dressing up before I g... —

Day 214: Feel Good about Myself

Why is it that we believe we need others to make us feel good about ourselves? As if they hold the key to how we experience our self here on earth. It’s like the only ways we feel good about ourselves is when we have something to do outside of our self and that something to do... —

Day 213: Distractions

Isn’t it funny how distractions are more prevalent when you are doing something process related and less prevalent when you’re not? I mean the reason, then why we’re not distracted is because, what we are doing in that moment is a distraction in itself. Distractions come in al... —

Day 212: Interaction

We all at times crave interaction with others; I mean we interact with people but at times we want more. Not necessarily a full blown relationship, but someone you can talk to on somewhat of a regular bases and get to know them, which is a bit complicated because most of the t... —

Day 211: “I Remember When”

Often times when we are around those we grew up with or those that we share past experiences with or even those whom we feel comfortable around and have conversations with, we reminisce and use in the sentence prefix; “I remember when” sort of like a key to unlocking the past ... —

Day 210: Working with Patience

It’s interesting how when we are driving in traffic, it’s almost like a race unconsciously to get to where we’re going and although we don’t see it as a race, we want to pass other car and not let anyone in front of us. I was driving this morning and notice something that I ha... —

Day 209: How we Create War

In this day and age kids are given the freedom to watch what they want to watch and play how they want to play. The reason I am saying this is because, I looked out the window the other day and saw a group of kids all who had toy guns and was in the process of shooting one ano... —

Day 208: Getting Use to Hell

What we have created here on earth is a living hell. Some may say, well you can create your own heaven for yourself if you want, then when you ask them what does this heaven consist of they say, a big house, a nice car, a lot of money and women. And this is what a “heaven” in ... —

Day 207: Through the Eyes of A Child

The last few days I have been around two of my nephew who is still fairly young and innocent and I have picked up a lot from them in watching them and seeing the mannerisms that they have picked up thus far throughout their short time here on earth from the environment they’re... —

Day 206: Trust In Another

When you know from experience that you can’t trust someone why put yourself in a position of trusting them again, even after time and time again they prove to be untrustworthy, but yet and still when the time comes when you’re faced with a dilemma they are so convincing and al... —

Day 205: Again

Have you ever gotten through something and got all the way to the end of it just to realize and/or be told that it was incorrect and it has to be done all over again. When I was in the military, I experienced something like this quite a few times, where we would have inspectio... —

Day 204: Human Training (Dog Training)

“Bad dog”, “Good boy”, “Get out of there”, “What have you done to my favorite pair of shoes”, “There’s trash everywhere”, “Shut up, you bark too much”, “Get over here”, “Come on lets go”, “Stop smelling that tree”, “Don’t eat that”, “Gimme that”, “(Whistle), come here boy, her... —

Day 203: No Turning Back

Anything I’ve ever gotten myself into, I’ve always look for, searched for and/or found an escape route out of it, just in case something went wrong or I couldn’t deal with it any longer, due to me perceiving it to be too hard, too complicated for me to follow through with and/... —

Day 202: “Jesus Took Me off Crack”

An interesting thing happened today. I was getting a bite to eat and someone walked up to me and said, I used to be a crack head and Jesus took me off of crack, so can you help me, I’m looking for donations for this homeless shelter and as a token of their appreciation they wo... —

Day 201: Things That I Notice that I hadn’t before.

Have you ever gotten to the point where you say to yourself; “I haven’t thought this much in my life”? And then realize you’re just noticing it now. Have you ever noticed the support system you have and can hear it and say how? Have you ever walked outside and notice that natu... —