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Carlton Tedford

Day 204: Human Training (Dog Training)

“Bad dog”, “Good boy”, “Get out of there”, “What have you done to my favorite pair of shoes”, “There’s trash everywhere”, “Shut up, you bark too much”, “Get over here”, “Come on lets go”, “Stop smelling that tree”, “Don’t eat that”, “Gimme that”, “(Whistle), come here boy, her... —

Day 203: No Turning Back

Anything I’ve ever gotten myself into, I’ve always look for, searched for and/or found an escape route out of it, just in case something went wrong or I couldn’t deal with it any longer, due to me perceiving it to be too hard, too complicated for me to follow through with and/... —

Day 202: “Jesus Took Me off Crack”

An interesting thing happened today. I was getting a bite to eat and someone walked up to me and said, I used to be a crack head and Jesus took me off of crack, so can you help me, I’m looking for donations for this homeless shelter and as a token of their appreciation they wo... —

Day 201: Things That I Notice that I hadn’t before.

Have you ever gotten to the point where you say to yourself; “I haven’t thought this much in my life”? And then realize you’re just noticing it now. Have you ever noticed the support system you have and can hear it and say how? Have you ever walked outside and notice that natu... —

Day 200: Exercise

When looking at the word Exercise, in the sounding of the word, I hear the word Exorcise, sort of like the saying; “Exorcise the Demon” and when you have a look at the Exercising process, that’s sort of what we’re doing or trying to do on two (2) levels, here let me explain; T... —

Day 199: An Influx of Thoughts

An interesting thing happens whenever I come back from being someplace for a period of time, that is, I experience an Influx of Thoughts in detail about everything that transpired when I was at that someplace. What happens is, the first influx of thoughts that comes up is what... —

Day 198: Being Comfortable At Home

Ever Since I left home after high school my view on life changed dramatically, from that of believing in how I was raise, within religion to my current stance on life. In between this time for years, I have always had this stigma about when I would go home and being around my ... —

Day 197: Back Home

Every time I’ve been back home, I’ve always wanted to show off by presenting myself as whichever character I was during my time away from home, where I would present myself as superior to my friends/some family members in showing off my new clothes and paying for things. At th... —

Day 196: Things We Do/Say Unaware

Why do we fall asleep and not realize that we are asleep, and when we wake up we say, W.T.F. was that? How is it that we forget what date and time we have to be someplace when it was just told to us and hour ago? When you’re in the middle of doing something that you like/love ... —

Day 195: When You Haven’t Seen Someone A While.

The first thing that goes through your mind is what am I going to do and say when I see them and during the time leading up to seeing them, we bring up past memories of the last time we saw them, under what circumstances and what condition they were in, verses how they are no... —

Day 194: From the Inside Out

A while ago I took everything in my office/studio apart and broke it all down to do a “spring cleaning” (per se) and a little rearranging. What you will find when doing this is an accumulation of dust and dirt that has built up over a period of time and in some cases engrained... —

Day 193: Interesting Points

It’s interesting that the first big word I learned how to spell and could remember is interesting. It’s interesting how when you don’t have money what satisfies you is a big meal. It is also interesting how when you do have money the last thing on your mind is eating. It’s int... —

Day 191: Resisting the Truth with Proof.

When you have been assisted with the Truth of something, why is it that we don’t totally accept it as the truth, even when we know it is, and have experienced it as such? It’s like we turn around and create our own truth of things by adding our 2 cents of carnal knowledge and... —

Day 190: Temptation

What tempts you? What are you tempted by? Temptation is everywhere. In reality, we see it when we go outside, it’s all around us. We become tempted when we see that girl or guy passing by, where we want to say something but we don’t and just because we don’t say anything, does... —