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Carlton Tedford

Day 486: What If (The Flip Side of The Coin)

“What if was 5th”, then I would be drunk, every time I went into my imagination seeing things that hasn’t happen, struck by the idea of ‘what if I didn’t have to write this blog, then the world would be a changed place, as crazy as it sounds, I realize now the IF of the matter... —

Day 485: It’s About the Way You Treat Them

When the flaws of a person are pointed out to you by another, or that you pick up on them yourself, why is it that we can’t get past what we see and treat them the same no matter what? Obviously we all have flaw’s, but have you ever looked in the mirror and felt sorry for your... —

Day 484: Walk This Way

To step into a personality suit and adapt with a character to the ever so changing situations, faces and places in time, that changes the world and reality in our mind, by design, through self-acceptance is how we walk this way and the next, then onto the next, way of being, l... —

Day 483: Maps

How did we become so lost? part ways from who we really are, we’ll even lose our way in the dark, walking around in our own homes, exchanging finding our way, for being stuck in our own ways. It amazes me how we find ourselves going down the same road every day, coming to the ... —

Day 482: Missing, The Obvious

What’s in front of me, what’s around me, what’s behind me, what are my strengths, what are my weaknesses, who am I in this moment, who have I defined myself to be, who am I within my words, ways and deeds, as all the obvious things I’ve been missing, not allowing myself to see... —

Day 481: I Don’t Need That Picture

Forgive it, release it and let it go. Being that this is a picture reality we’re living in, what comes to mind is everything we’ve seen throughout our lives, through all mediums, outside our homes and inside our homes, on television and in movies, that comes up at the most unf... —

Day 480: Last Man Standing Syndrome

Where is the consideration of others, if we all must and will get to the point of completing this process together, humanity as a whole? I mean it’s easy to accept the fate of someone excommunicating themselves from around you, then chase after the energy of being/wanting to b... —

Day 479: Knowing That I Can Vs. Doing What I Can (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to throughout my life have known that I can do something, but wouldn’t do it, as in just subjecting myself to the knowledge and information of it, without applying it to my life. I forgive myself that I have accepted and... —

Day 478: Knowing That I Can Vs. Doing What I Can

Why is it that in the midst of a conversation we say; “I know right” and then turn around and say; “But what do you mean”, as if we really knew what the other person was talking about in that moment, thing is, were not listening to what the person is say, but thinking about wh... —

Day 477: I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)

Being selective is not necessarily a bad thing, meaning if what you will and will not accept and allow in your process is best for you and thus what’s best for all life. So a while back I was having a chat with a few friends and the subject came up of music that one listen to... —

Day 476: What Comes Up Will Come Out.

It is vitally important to let go of past memories of what you think has been done to you wrong by other people in your world, understand one thing, what comes up within you will come out, no matter how much you try and suppress it and when it comes out you’re fucked, if you d... —

Day 475: Mind Hoarder

It’s a mess in here, like opening the closet and things falling out on your head, as your head is where you hoard all your thoughts, then open up your mouth as the closet door to your mind and watch all the shit that comes out of it. It’s been over due for a spring cleaning in... —

Day 474: How Easy It Is to Be Spiteful Like You/Like Me

Turn the other cheek ‘yeah right’, I want to get even, because you made me feel a certain way when you did what you did, as one of the calling cards of Humanity, meaning, you pull my card, best believe Ima pull yours. Tit for Tat as a model to live by that we teach our childre... —

Day 473: Hello is Anyone Listening (A Note to Self)

Even if broadcasted over a loud speaker throughout the world at full volume, would the message be heard or would we just keep on instant messaging our friends, asking what we’re doing tonight? Thing is most of us don’t have answers to the pressing questions that plagues humani... —

Day 472: Reduced to an Act (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have reduced myself to an act, another character trait, time and time again throughout my life, to no avail which always ended in a stale mate of consequences as punishment to no resolve, until later on in my life, wh... —

Day 471: Reduced to an Act

Reduced to Another Character Trait, acting out a feeling and/or Emotion, where the stage is set that is not conducive to what we feel in the moment, so we go into the dressing room in our minds and put on the Character suit that best suits the situation, person or incident we’... —

Day 470: Everything Around You

Believe it or not is there to assist and support you, to understand who you are, to test you for reactions, to stop you from letting your attention be diverted, when you should be focusing on a specific thing, including the situations we enter become a test of patience, a way ... —

Day 469: A Few Words About Suppression

The thought that one gets, in thinking I feel like I’m going to die, when experiencing pain throughout one’s body, leads to going to the doctor and getting medication as an intern cure for the pain that suppresses the pain, is an excuse and justification to not have to face wh... —

Day 468: Control

As a Consciousness Troll puppet you around on a string. One of the most profound stories of control (believe it or not) is the story of Pinocchio, a created puppet on a string made by a woodcraftsman name Geppetto, who controlled Pinocchio. To make a long story short, in the s... —

Day 467: If the Tables Were Turned

What if it was you that fed the masses humanity with your flesh, what if it was you lying on the Forest floor with a 30 odd 6 bullet hole in your chest, waiting to be skinned, cut up and shoved in the deep freezer, then hacked limb by limb with a meat cleaver. What if it was y... —

Day 466: Calm as Suppression

I’ve never really been the rowdy type, although I’ve had plenty of friends like that, thing is I would always suppress my rowdiness, hold it in and on the outside present myself as Calm, claiming that it takes a lot to piss me off, when all I was doing was using my Calm demean... —

Day 465: Human Idealism (A different perspective)

Why is it that we think that we can and will survive, by fighting each other at every turn about ways and means of survival, who should survive, whose fit to live and who should die? It’s like a sprint to the apocalypse, while calling it the survival of the fittest, I mean in ... —

Day 464: Common Sharing

They say sharing is caring, but if you have to say that you share because you care, then is it really sharing at all, or some karmic experience you hope to achieve when giving things to others. We claim that we do things out of the goodness of our heart, but if you didn’t have... —

Day 463: The Extreme

Why do we allow our minds to take things to the extreme, uncontrollably so, I mean if we really realized what we were doing to ourselves, wishing bad onto one another unconsciously, then afterwards saying; “Where the hell did that thought come from”, “why do I think like this”... —

Day 462: Starting from Scratch

Dumb Down, a long way from where it all began, they say that I was born in sin, and I believed it and became sinful to the core, full of sin to the point of creating War within myself, mayhem from the way I thought, sorting discord amongst the brethren, while claiming it’s not... —

Day 461: Energy Experiences

Have you ever wondered why you get tired and run out of breath? That’s because we’re too busy chasing after energy experiences, the ups then the downs and the highs then the lows, I mean it’s like an adrenaline rush without going anywhere, all bright eyed and bushy tailed, gaz... —

Day 460: Friends

What is it that you can say to someone, who confide in you that they will act a certain way when faced with an upcoming situation, before going into a mind possession, then end up regretting the decision they made to do what they did after the fact? Friends. You know how you w... —

Day 459: Taking A Walk In The Mind

“Can somebody please point me in the right direction?” The most thought about but seldom sought out question one could ask, should ask, but pass to chance, going down the lonely but exciting road of ignorance. It’s bliss in the moment, the secret nothing whispering in your min... —

Day 458: Hope/Wishes/Dreams

I Wish I had a million dollars, I’ll save the world, then get a million dollars and forget everything you just said, being that in most cases you won’t even help your own family members if they’re in need. I wish that I was magic and could disappear from this place, the abdica... —

Day 457: Triggers

Let me paint you a picture. The bullet of a Gun travels through a chamber headed for its intended target, triggered by a firing pin that’s released by the Triggering Mechanism, pulled by a finger after the hammer is cocked back by a thumb, triggered by a reaction coming from a... —