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Carlton Tedford

Day 456: Waiting to Exhale

In strenuous situations why is it that we hold our breath, until the initial shock is over then we Exhale, having to catchup on the breaths we missed, causing our hearts to start racing at a fast pace in that moment in time, where we’re waiting to Exhale at the drop of a dime.... —

Day 455: It’s Not the Same as Before

There’s this old Gospel song we used to sing at the Church I went to growing up, with lyrics that goes; “Things I used to do, I don’t do no more”, I mean obviously, back then it was rather confusing, because what I thought I shouldn’t do, I saw others do and get away with it, ... —

Day 454: No Follow Through

Good intentions get you nowhere, because what you intended to do you didn’t do, which shows that you have no follow through. In the midst of saying that we will do something, most of the time we really mean it, but our meaning never justifies the end, because in the end there ... —

Day 453: Critique

(Note to Self) It’s one thing to ask question, if you know what questions to ask, obviously one has to know what’s going on with you in order to set you straight in a way, critique what you’re doing correctly or not doing correctly, Constructive Criticism is always welcome, bu... —

Day 452: Anticipation

When I was little and was told something, then left waiting, I would have this anxiety, nervousness and fear coming up within and as me, butterflies in my stomach and shaking profusely, this was of course in expectation of being/getting in trouble, where the time in between (t... —

Day 451: Does The Good You Do Outweigh the Bad?

When one is on a diet and have been following the guidelines of the diet to the tee, what comes up is the thought of doing something bad, like eating cake or sweets, things that bad for your teeth and so on that doesn’t coincide with your diet you’re on, but tell ourselves; “W... —

Day 450: I Just Don’t Like You

What is this feeling inside us that makes us believe that we don’t like someone, for the simple fact that they’re new or see someone for the first time, too many times? I’m serious this is crazy, where the new person who comes around a family, a group of friends, a new hire at... —

Day 449: In Common

Just because you don’t have anything in common with someone anymore, does it dictate that your friendship with this person should be terminated? People change with the times, what may be good for the goose may not be good for the gander any longer, but it doesn’t mean that the... —

Day 448: You’re Weird

Why is it that when a person has been living doing things a certain way all their life, then decide to do things different, we classify them as weird, from the perspective of having new viewpoints, looking at things differently, stating the obvious, talking about real issues a... —

Day 447: Plan/Plans/Planning (continued)

Previously on Plan/Plans/Planning: Don’t just plan to change, change your plan to doing that which is best for all life. I previously showed how we’ve perpetuated Plan/Plans/Planning on a negative level, in spiteful ways that I have seen throughout my life and in some ways hav... —

Day 446: Plan/Plans/Planning

They say that piss poor planning makes for poor performance, which in some cases is true in relation to business, on the other hand we commonly say things like; “I have a plan”, a divisible way of getting back at someone, retribution, revenge among the many negative aspects th... —

Day 445: Nowhere

When I was young my mother used to tell me; “You ain’t going Nowhere until you do this that and the other, I would then rush around trying to complete all the task I was given, so I could get out of there and go explore the world, on my block, I mean anything beats being stuck... —

Day 444: Too Close For Comfort

“Oh shit that was close”, when putting ourselves in a compromising position of remembrance of a past place, time, situation or incident, where we find ourselves conforming to the possibility of bringing up old memories again and repeating the past in that moment of remembrance... —

Day 443: I Got a Lot On My Mind

I got a lot on my mind, what’s really going on, how time fly’s by, since the day I was born, into a world of sin where iniquity is a shape, where what I was taught to be real, ended up being fake. The side show, to keep me busy, the distractions of fear, the whispering of “swe... —

Day 442: Compliments (continued)

Previously on Compliments: in looking back at it, it all stemmed from the repeated Compliments I heavily received from this guy in the beginning, which opened my eyes to the true nature of what we have accepted and allowed Compliments to be/become, almost like telling someone... —

Day 441: Compliments

For what, is the question one should be asking, when one is quick to give a Compliment, I mean what are you really saying, when out of the blue; “I like the way you did this and that or the other”, but… doesn’t constitute a Compliment, “Girl you look good”, because I want you ... —

Day 440: Control Vs Communication

It seems that the only thing we say to one another these days is; “It’s either my way or the Highway”, meaning take a hike buddy, if you don’t do what I say, it’s my rules under my roof and if you don’t like it, get out, and if you’re down and out, you have no choice but to fo... —

Day 439: The Whole of Existence Is Watching

So there was this movie that came out a while back called the Truman Show, where the main actor (Jim Carey) was born in a world of his own, unaware that he was being watched, by the rest of the world, (which actually kicked off the whole reality show craze). Then he started to... —

Day 438: Anything can Trigger a Memory

For the longest, I’ve always wondered how I would have all these memories popping up what seems out of nowhere in my mind, I mean I would be standing there, walking somewhere or sitting, doing what I’m doing, then all of a sudden a sound or a random thought, a song or a pictur... —

Day 437: On the Ropes

In boxing when a guy is on the ropes, it may seem that the fight is about over and if the guy is not strong enough, he might give in/give up before being knocked down, what happens is the crowd that was rooting for him then turn against him and start looking for a knock, while... —

Day 436: You Can’t Breathe Your Way Out of a Thought

At times I find myself stuck in my mind, bringing up one thought after another, mostly being old memories, I mean anything New coming up would falls under my imagination, which is fascinating, because it shows that I’m not directing myself enough to create any New thought, whi... —

Day 435: You Never Know

What is assistance and support, most of the times we define assistance and support as something grand and a big thing, help in a major way, the call to duty when called upon, we also believe we only need assistance and support as a last resort and when it comes to assisting an... —

Day 434: Pick It Up

Oh what a mess we’ve made of this Earth, garbage dumps to garbage cans to garbage pail kid, to garages full of junk, a hoarder’s paradise, to things we buy and don’t really need, then throw it away in the street, in hope that no one sees us and the street sweeper comes and cle... —

Day 433: We The People

People come in all shapes forms, races, colors (if you want to call it that) creeds, with belief systems of all types, you say tomato, I say tom-a-to, the cup is half full, the cup is have empty, however we want to look at one another, we are People, we are the same, with diff... —

Day 432: Respect/Disrespect

Growing up I had a thing for being respected and/or disrespected, where I believed in order to be respected you have to give respect, but then found out that that’s not always necessarily the case, where of course it was a given to respect my elders, but how would I achieve re... —

Day 431: My Relationship to Patience

My relationship to patience has been a little shaky, being that I have become a patient to the mind, instead of standing adjacent to Self, Here and waiting the time it takes for things to be done, get done, everything is a process at hand, involving steps specifically needed f... —

Day 430: Unforeseen Moments

There’s a saying that goes; “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” a proverbial phrase used to encourage optimism and a positive can do attitude in the face of adversity or misfortune, within this Lemons suggest sourness or difficulty in life, while lemonade is a sweet dr... —

Day 429: One Night

That’s all it takes to royally fuck your shit up, one night, one time of unawareness, giving way to the mind in chasing after an energy experience. Everyone “loves” a good party, I mean who can resist that, out having fun with your friends or family member, at a club, lounge o... —

Day 428: A Change of Heart

What makes a person drop everything they believe in and suddenly have a change of heart about what they knew? Times are ever so changing, this world, the Earth, Humanity as a whole and the information we receive, I mean we have the internet now, which makes a change of heart j... —

Day 427: Human Rage

The anxiety that’s builds when nothing is said, the long conversation that’s had in one’s head, I’ve been holding this in for way too long and now the urge is becoming way too strong. The tightening of chest constricted and encaged, at an unforeseen moment struck by Human Rage... —