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Day 535: Shutting Down in a Split-Second Pt.2

More Investigation… As a child, sitting in the Pews, in the second row, on the left-hand side of the Sanctuary, at church, during Sunday morning service, I made an valiant effort to pay as much attention as I could, which wasn’t much, because (hypothetically speaking) my fund ... —

Day 534: Shutting Down in a Spit Second

A personal story on how the mind plays game to try an trick you into believing the answers you have is not enough! Beyond staying up for hours on end, constantly going, with no sense of time, with no regard to the strain I was putting on my body, it could take it, was my belie... —

Day 533: What More Can I Say, What More Can I Do

When all that I’ve said and done, wasn’t enough to make me into the man I wanted to be, you see, what I didn’t realize is that the more that was missing, that I couldn’t say or do, was/has always been within and as me, take for example the voice, I thought I would never have, ... —

Day 532: Good Deeds (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have consider good deeds as a charismatic mechanism of trade for reward, praise, monetary fulfillment and/or a better life in the future or in the life after this, instead of seeing it as a naturally normal way of pic... —

Day 531: Good Deeds Pt. 2

In those moments when no one else is watching as an observer, when there’s nothing in it for you, but a possible story to tell, IF asked perspective on the subject that came up unexpectedly, when things are not all about yourself, as a natural action to care for, help any and ... —

Day 530: Good Deeds

Why do we need such things as good deeds, when it should be a natural thing to help one another? The saying goes; “I did my good deed for the day” thinking that karma is going to sort you out in the near future, but when nothing happens, we sit there in a stupor with this sad ... —

Day 529: Caring vs Condoning (Conclusion)

In conclusion; What it all boils down to is me not caring enough about myself to ever do anything about the way I am, what and who I have become in my life, so I condoned the disempowerment, the fuck ups, the gullibility, the enslavement of myself to my mind, to money, to the ... —

Day 528: Caring vs Condoning (Self-Forgiveness) Pt. 2

Picking up where I left off: Day 527: Caring vs Condoning (Self-Forgiveness) I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to throughout my life, used the word care in the sense of ‘Taking care of”, meaning my expectations of being taken care of, was at the fore f... —

Day 527: Caring vs Condoning (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to wear the word care around as the condoning factor that fits my self-interest, claiming that the reason I put up with the things you do is because I care about you, in relationships, friendship, partnerships or any oth... —

Day 526: Caring vs Condoning (Redefinition) Pt. 2

Continuing from where I left off in my last post, with redefining Condone/Condoning. Condoning in the form of a condom that suppresses Life from ever reaching its utmost potential as you, as who you really are, in essence the statement, “I’m not ready to take care of a baby ye... —

Day 525: Caring Vs Condoning (Redefinitions)

Starting with the word Care/Caring (the act of care), as mentioned in my previous post, to sum it up, I have basically defined caring as in “taking care of”, me, believing that this word came with an action, if you said it, then do something about it, in other word, my expecta... —

Day 524: Caring Vs Condoning Pt.2

Because of the broad spectrum of definition’s I have used in interpreting the words Caring and Condoning, best thing for me to do, is to redefine the words to that which is supportive to me and my process, but first how else have I used these words personally. Throughout my li... —

Day 523: Caring Vs Condoning

“I’m doing this because I love you and Care so much for you” as the parent chastise the child in whichever way they see fit. Do we really Care for others, or only Condone our own self-interest, in saying things like I really Care about you? In relationships, we often hear, I c... —

Day 522: Spreading Your Thoughts Around (S.C.C.S)

Being that the problem lies within us, so do the solution, and the solution is obtainable through writing your Self-Corrective and Commitment Statements, on this point as follows; When and as I see myself, giving my opinion when conversing with others, where I start with the w... —

Day 521: Spreading Your Thoughts Around + 3

Self-Forgiveness on Day 519: S.Y.T.A Nobody wants to face themselves, and there is certain thing you just don’t talk about, well, why not? How blind, lying behind the veil do we have to be, before we realize the devastation, spreading your thoughts around, have caused us in th... —

Day 520: Spreading Your Thoughts Around Pt. 2

Picking up where I left off; Whether you want to admit it or not, the tricky part is the ignorance that plagues us, when labelling one another with, and accept the repulsive names we give to each other, in the most simplistic form of separation, such as Spic, Redneck or Nigger... —

Day 519: Spreading Your Thought Around

Have you ever noticed that the most profound mini statement in a conversation, being that of; “I Think”, where we spread our thoughts, opinions, and Ideals around, starting with these two words; “I Think”, and then comes a belief that what you think is real, when half of what ... —

Day 518: Energy Fixes

Vitamin Pack, Energy Drinks to Micro Dots and pills that’s pink. Uppers and Downers, mushrooms and weed, is but a few things I’ve done when chasing after energy. Face, it we’re all guilty of being in need of a fix, like having a bottle of champagne with a lemon twist, then bec... —

Day 517: Nothing to Say (Self-Corrective and Commitment Statements)

Closing out this Series with much to say, the solution for having Nothing to say is as follows; When and as I see myself feeling as if I’m tongue tied, when words are on the tip of my tongue, but don’t want to come out the right way, when speaking them to someone and/or having... —

Day 516: Nothing to Say (Self-Forgiveness) Pt 2

Continuing… For context refer to Day 514: Nothing to Say Pt 2 I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to experience wanting to say something and/or respond to something in a private chat, with friends and in a group, that I just didn’t know how to put it in wo... —

Day 515: Nothing to Say (Self-Forgiveness)

For context refer to Day 513: Nothing to Say For when those moments come up, where I excuse myself into believing I have nothing to say; I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel as if I’m tongue tied when words are on the tip of my tongue, but don’t wan... —

Day 514: Nothing to Say Pt 2

Mums the word, have you ever experienced wanting to say something or respond to something in an open forum, with friend, or in a group, that you just didn’t, or didn’t know how to put it in word in the moment and all of a sudden, someone else beat you to the punch, so to speak... —

Day 513: Nothing to Say

When words are on the tip of your tongue, but don’t want to come out right when speaking them to someone or write them down = you feel as if you’re ‘tongue tied’. In the moment when you’re flabbergasted, when the News is Jaw dropping, and you’re stuck with nothing to say, is a... —

Day 512: Management Pt 4

Wrapping up this blog series on Management, I now see the seriousness needed to Manage oneself at all times, I mean seriously it’s not that hard to do, it only takes investigating one’s relationship to the word management, then one’s relationship to oneself, to become one with... —

Day 511: Management Pt 3

For context start Here Day: 509 Corrective Management = Managing the inner most Core of oneself, meaning what constitutes who you have become, to correcting and changing yourself to who you are as life, which was beyond me at that point in my life, as I still was aligned to th... —

Day 510: Management Pt 2

More on Management – Being that as if when you reach your Man-Age/Wo-Man-Age you’re supposed to be able to manage yourself, I mean in our house hold, once you turned 18 you were pretty much kicked out, meaning it was time for you to go out on your own and face the world, to ma... —

Day 509: Management

When one thinks of management we think of a hierarchy, the upper echelon, authority figures, the elite, your boss, anyone who is above you that runs a company, business or group which is so, or may not be, but what is rarely considered is the origin of management, which is se... —

Day 508: Music as The Movement Inside Me (Self-Forgiveness) Conclusion

So, picking up where I left of in my last post; I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have repelled silence as if it was kill me, where, I felt I needed some form of sound around to cool me down and keep me from going crazy, back and forth from happy to s... —

Day 507: Music as The Movement Inside Me (Self-Forgiveness)

For context start HERE, at Day 505 I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have become a music fanatic in relations to the way it made me feel, whenever I would listen to it for a period of time in one setting, where I would jump from memory to memory, from... —

Day 506: Music as The Movement Inside Me Pt 2

Continued.. We repel silence as if it was killing us, stemming from when we were young and told to go take as time out or it’s quiet time, I mean without something going on or playing in the background, it’s hard for one to be calm, so we think. Have you ever had that friend w... —