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Carlton Tedford

Day 396: Elitist Mindset

“I deserve more than you”. “If that was me, then I would have done this instead of that”. “Oh that’ll never happen to me”. “They don’t know what they’re talking about”. “They don’t have the educational background I do, so don’t pay any attention to them they’re just dumb”. “Th... —

Day 395: Feel Better

My Question is than what, I mean obviously if we’re in an immense amount of pain, then we’ll do just about anything, take just about anything to make us feel better, that’s a given, but I’m talking about, with no pain, but the illusion of being hurt (feeling down and out) by s... —

Day 394: What’s Happening

Things only happen because you’re making them happen, there is no outside entity that makes things happen to you, that you’re going through in the moment. It’s not the universe giving you a sign or a test for a lesson to be learned, it’s you and your mind, and you have to deal... —

Day 393: Backup Plan

Human beings are clever individuals that always have a backup plan; a plan that’s enacted when all else goes wrong in our world, in general, not according to plan. Backup Plans was created because of human nature, human error, not an act of nature or weather, as some would lik... —

Day 392: The Mind as “God”

News Alert, the voices that you hear in your head is Not God it’s your mind, that which makes you say Hallelujah, is not God nor the holy spirit, it’s your Mind, so when you’re praising him you’re praising your Mind that’s your God in retrospect, because somehow this entity in... —

Day 391: Writings

We write it, forgive it, commit it, forget it, then have to do it all over again. We write it, forget about it, then marvel at it, as if this is the first time we’ve ever seen what we wrote. If I was able to make words come alive on a piece of paper and dance every time you re... —

Day 390: Mind Possession (Argument)

Ok so, the other day I was privy to a couple arguing, where one would yell at the other, the other would then yell back, they would become tired then start back at it again and so on and so, forth throughout the day. I couldn’t help but to look back to when I was that person/t... —

Day 389: Jealousy

Yeah I see, we see it, but can’t explain why, so we become inferior to the situation in hopes of regaining the perceived loyalty from that one we have encapsulated into our life. “But why”, “Why me” is the crying question before the frustration, anger and rage ensues, when tha... —

Day 388: Accident

Is anything ever an accident or is it always done on purpose? Our preprograming would indicate that it’s always on purpose, but seldom realized, in which case would that make saying that it’s an accident a real lie? “I was just faking/playing”, but you did it for real, lying t... —

Day 387: A Bug’s Life

Not the movie but real life as I see and experience them as me, because for so long and for no reason at all (but I’m sure you can come up with a few excuses) we have been afraid of these little creature, Bugs, Ants, Spiders, Flies, Bees, Moths, Mosquitoes and any other form o... —

Day 386: Nosey

We’re inclined to the dramatic and attracted to what’s happening around us, Nosey people we are human being, always in somebody else’s business and making it our own and if what they’re doing doesn’t suit our self-interest then we get mad and try to change what’s happening. Th... —

Day 385: No Matter What

No matter how much resistance I face I’m still going to walk my process. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to face resistance, everytime I start doing process related things, where a lethargic feeling comes up within and as me, knowing that it’s resista... —

Day 384: My Imagination

I never had an imaginary friend growing up, I only had two (2) real friends that lived on my block that every time we would play, we’d imagine ourselves being the greatest person doing whatever we’re playing about. For example, we would play basketball and imagine ourselves be... —

Day 383: Mind Your Own Business (A Different Perspective)

The compounding of other people’s systems within and as you, when you are too concerned about what they are doing, is when someone tells you to = “Mind your own business”. Then you have Mining as your business which is = “Minding your own business”, as the extraction of substa... —

Day 382: When Enough is Not Enough

In relations to doing more, working on self while surviving in this world, I find that it is easy to get caught up in what you’re doing to survive and slowly fine yourself, not doing as much as you were within your process to date. Although you realize, see and stop yourself f... —

Day 381: The Unspeakable

If I told you that things in existence has changed, you would say how and I would say first off there’s no more God or Heaven to go to when you die and that Heaven is in the process of coming to earth, but we all have to first take self-responsibility for the fuck up of a live... —

Day 380: Accumulation

If you do nothing about it, things will get worst. If you sit on your ass and wait, consequences will accumulate. In anything we do in life this is true, where when things happen, we tend to sit around and wait for a solution to come to us, up until the last minute or until it... —

Day 379: Mon-Me (Money)

My relationship with money hasn’t always been the best and still now, although it has improved dramatically, it’s not at the place where I would like it to be, where it becomes my first nature to save what’s needed to be save, spend only what’s needed to be and of course get t... —

Day 378: Plausible Neutrality

Question; “What do you think” Answer; “I’m going to stay out of this one, because I like the both of you” and “You guys are my friend and I won’t play medium between the quorum you guys are having”, “You guys need to figure this one out on your own”. Ok so where is the common ... —

Day 377: Old Thoughts

With certain things related to Societal law, for different crimes, there are statutes of limitations, where after a certain amount of years a person cannot be tried for something they did, let’s say about seven (7)+ years ago, except of course murder, but oddly enough this is ... —

Day 376: Reactionary Self

“Hold on, what, what just happen, why am I feeling like this, I don’t know how to take what they just did, I’m trying to keep it cool, but there’s this movement going on inside me, am I really mad, why did they do this to me/make me feel this way, what did I do to them, hold o... —

Day 375: In The Moment

In this moment, what’s going through my mind is what to write about and the time. Speaking of such time is pretty fascinating, how we rush to it and run from it, from the perspective of always complaining about not having enough time or I’m late all the time. There’s a saying ... —

Day 374: Make ‘Em’

I bet you I can make you happy, (show/give them money). I bet you I can make you scared (show them fear). I bet you I can make you cry (take something from them). I bet I can make you like me, (agree with their fuzzy logic). I bet you I can make you embarrass, (talk shit about... —

Day 373: Solve = Solution

What I have come to realize is that nothing can be solved in the mind with backchat and internal conversation, it takes physical verbal communication to resolve any situation. Now it’s pretty interesting the word re-solve, (re) meaning to do over again as in to solve again, wh... —

Day 372; Shedding

What if Human Being had the ability to Shed old skin like nature and some animals do, where now you’ll have a new face, with no more wrinkles and new leg skin with no more marks or blemishes and to top it all off (for most men and some women) an ALL NEW, head full of hair, no ... —

Day 371: Thin Air

Have you ever walked into a party, a room full of people, a gathering and got “crickets”, meaning that it all of a sudden became quiet as a church mouse looking for cheese? That’s when a cell phone, smart phone, I Phone, tablet or computer become s a good tool to escape realit... —

Day 370: Intentions Pt. 2

This here is another point in relations to a previous post I wrote on Intentions Day: 155 A concept considered as a product of attention, directed to an object of knowledge, meaning what one intends to accomplish or attain implies little more than what one had in mind to do or... —

Day 369: Self-Preservation

“A behavior that insures the survival of an organism. It is almost universal among living organisms. Pain and fear are parts of this mechanism, where pain motives the individual to withdraw from damaging situations (in some cases), to protect a damaged body part while it heals... —

Day 368: Mind Trapped

I want to get out, I can’t take it anymore, trapped inside my mind behind closed doors and no matter how much I roar the lion in me can’t seem to break free, is it because I’m lying to myself so much that I can’t even see, what it is that I am accepting and allowing to keep me... —

Day 367: Afraid of What You Don’t Know

If it seems weird or different you shouldn’t be afraid, I know it’s hard to understand that this world is what we made, (it to be) and nine (9) times out of ten (10), where just used to what we know or what we think we know that makes us move slow, act slow, think slow while s... —