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Day 505: Music as The Movement Inside Me

As recently as 4 year ago, I was a music fanatic, in relations to how it made me feel, whenever I would listen to it for a period of time in one setting, jumping from memory to memory, from emotion to feeling, from reaction to relaxing, I mean it defined every morsel/fiber of ... —

Day 504: Request to Ultimatum

In this post, I’ll be having another look at Ultimatum and what’s opened up since the last time I’ve written about it. Enjoy Is all to bait me into believing that I had a choice, when the choice have already been made for you, where on both ends you’ll end up losing, which is ... —

Day 503: Can You Keep a Secret, And Why (Self-forgiveness on Paid Off)

For context, refer to: Day 499: Can You Keep a Secret, And Why Day 500: Can You keep a Secret, And Why Pt 2 Day 501: Can You Keep a Secret, And Why Pt 3 Day 502: Can You Keep a Secret, And Why (Self-Forgiveness on Lying) In conclusion, I’ll do some Self-Forgiveness on receivi... —

Day: 502: Can You Keep a Secret, And Why (Self-Forgiveness on Lying)

For context, refer to: Day 499: Can You Keep a Secret, And Why Day 500: Can You keep a Secret, And Why Pt 2 Day 501: Can You Keep a Secret, And Why Pt 3 Here I’ll do Self-Forgiveness on the aspect of lying, when asked if I knew something and told to keep a secret by someone e... —

Day 501: Can You Keep a Secret, And Why Pt 3

Previously on: “Can You Keep a Secret, And Why” Pt 2 Goes to show that it doesn’t pay to lie for someone to keep their secret, as I have experienced the consequences first hand of this, that had a major affected on me and my Military career from there on, until I got out. More... —

Day 500: Can You keep a Secret, And Why Pt. 2

Previously On: “Can You Keep a Secret, And Why”; Although this secret wasn’t such a big deal in my dream, what was though, was the aspect of lying, when asked if I knew something, I refused to say yes, and as I look back on it, in a way I had accepted a payment in the form of ... —

Day 499: Can You Keep a Secret, And Why

To see discretely what I’m about tell you, is like an unspoken oath we take after saying “Yes and of course”, to not tell the person we were told not to tell what we heard, although at the end of the day all secrets must and will come out. Beyond gossip, what secret lies under... —

Day 498: Unformatted Writing

More like a rant and a rave on what comes up in your mind in the moment, during your everyday interaction with yourself, is what I use to create my unformatted writings, sometimes the structure is in the way one “wings” it, just right down the thoughts how they come out, as th... —

Day 497: Going Somewhere!

Being that we’re driven by the thoughts in our head, every day is a seek to boldly go where no man has gone before, but everybody been, into deeper dimension in our minds with thoughts, that drives us into doing things and going places, because our minds told us so. Outside of... —

Day 496: People Watcher

Sitting ideally by waiting for someone to make a mistake to shun them, then saying, when I grow up, I’ll never do that, but not limited to the child you once were, as an adult it becomes a passion of ours to sit back everywhere we are and watch people, one would ask why are yo... —

Day 495: A Story of Sounding Self-Forgiveness

I never talked so long that made sense to me, let alone period in my life, my conversations with others were short and sweet, with no substance at all, and with myself the only conversations I had was me chastising myself as to why the fuck did I just do this, that and the oth... —

Day 494: Satisfied

As an after statement, meaning I Sat in This Feeling until I Died, unable to Expand, Grow and Develop, because I embellished a way to be content, just give me a wife/husband, a roof over my head and a way to pay rent, or any combination that suits my self-interest, and a lot o... —

Day 493: The Dark Side

Revenge is an ugly thing, powerful to those wielding the hammer of spite, in spite of being wronged in the first place. It’s fascinating how every villain in every story, movie, fairy tale or books, past is overlooked, what really happened and the person who vilified them then... —

Day 492: Trapped in One Frame of Mind

Let it go, release it or find yourself depleted of the will power to continue surviving in this world, only doing the minimal to stay afloat, every day is a dumpster dive to stay alive, accepting scrapes from the belly of the beast just to eat, I mean clearly nothing else is o... —

Day 491: Write About It, Fight About It

It’s not a pretty picture, when your past comes back to haunt you, but the haunting is only a hunt when you put up a fight, not wanting to see you in the looking glass through the words you put down, in writing out your binary code, to make adjustments as need, when you go to ... —

Day 490: A Sense of Belonging

Nowhere have I really felt at home, trapped within the space between my ears, unable to hear the gears of the System shifting into time, slowly, erasing the mind I had, way back then, when things wasn’t so easy to forget, but eventually I forgot who I was and created a burial ... —

Day 489: Self-Manipulation

“Believe me you, because I’ve seen it with my own two eyes, in my mind as clear as day, so whatever you say doesn’t matter, I will move ahead in implementing what it is I want to do with what I want to believe in and that’s that”. Self-Manipulation is believing the Back Chat i... —

Day 488: The Weirdest Dream of Abuse

As a preface, the littlest thing that we don’t pay attention to, think that, it’s nothing to be concern about, that we can use it, abuse it and discard it, because it’s the normal thing to do, is that of ourselves that we’ve forgotten about, forgot that this, that and the othe... —

Day 487: The Energy Surrounding the Holidays

Have you ever noticed the day after any Holidays, it seems as if it was all for nothing, I mean the energy is gone and we’re left stuck looking at these flimsy ass presents we got to pass the time away, then the next day, we go right back to work? I mean if you could bottle al... —

Day 486: What If (The Flip Side of The Coin)

“What if was 5th”, then I would be drunk, every time I went into my imagination seeing things that hasn’t happen, struck by the idea of ‘what if I didn’t have to write this blog, then the world would be a changed place, as crazy as it sounds, I realize now the IF of the matter... —

Day 485: It’s About the Way You Treat Them

When the flaws of a person are pointed out to you by another, or that you pick up on them yourself, why is it that we can’t get past what we see and treat them the same no matter what? Obviously we all have flaw’s, but have you ever looked in the mirror and felt sorry for your... —

Day 484: Walk This Way

To step into a personality suit and adapt with a character to the ever so changing situations, faces and places in time, that changes the world and reality in our mind, by design, through self-acceptance is how we walk this way and the next, then onto the next, way of being, l... —

Day 483: Maps

How did we become so lost? part ways from who we really are, we’ll even lose our way in the dark, walking around in our own homes, exchanging finding our way, for being stuck in our own ways. It amazes me how we find ourselves going down the same road every day, coming to the ... —

Day 482: Missing, The Obvious

What’s in front of me, what’s around me, what’s behind me, what are my strengths, what are my weaknesses, who am I in this moment, who have I defined myself to be, who am I within my words, ways and deeds, as all the obvious things I’ve been missing, not allowing myself to see... —

Day 481: I Don’t Need That Picture

Forgive it, release it and let it go. Being that this is a picture reality we’re living in, what comes to mind is everything we’ve seen throughout our lives, through all mediums, outside our homes and inside our homes, on television and in movies, that comes up at the most unf... —

Day 480: Last Man Standing Syndrome

Where is the consideration of others, if we all must and will get to the point of completing this process together, humanity as a whole? I mean it’s easy to accept the fate of someone excommunicating themselves from around you, then chase after the energy of being/wanting to b... —

Day 479: Knowing That I Can Vs. Doing What I Can (Self-Forgiveness)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to throughout my life have known that I can do something, but wouldn’t do it, as in just subjecting myself to the knowledge and information of it, without applying it to my life. I forgive myself that I have accepted and... —

Day 478: Knowing That I Can Vs. Doing What I Can

Why is it that in the midst of a conversation we say; “I know right” and then turn around and say; “But what do you mean”, as if we really knew what the other person was talking about in that moment, thing is, were not listening to what the person is say, but thinking about wh... —

Day 477: I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)

Being selective is not necessarily a bad thing, meaning if what you will and will not accept and allow in your process is best for you and thus what’s best for all life. So a while back I was having a chat with a few friends and the subject came up of music that one listen to... —

Day 476: What Comes Up Will Come Out.

It is vitally important to let go of past memories of what you think has been done to you wrong by other people in your world, understand one thing, what comes up within you will come out, no matter how much you try and suppress it and when it comes out you’re fucked, if you d... —