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Carlton Tedford

Day 366: Read Before You Speak

Ok so there’s this point that I see that I still have to transcend, walk through completely, that came back up/resurfaced the other day of jumping the gun so to speak, where I would haphazardly read through things and take only portions of what I read and piece them together i... —

Day 365 Selective Memory

Why do we forget thing, we should remember and only remember things that has no substance to it, as in an analogy, ‘That won’t change the price of bread in a starving country’, let alone change ourselves? It’s commonly known as the ability to remember some facts, while apparen... —

Day 364: What’s Your Weakness

Money, Food, Drugs, Relationships man or woman, Toys (Cars, Motorcycles, Bikes, 4 Wheelers, Boats, Computers, IPHONES etc). In essence, that which you “love”, that when taken away from you, you experience a heavy, lethargic feeling (weak), but when given back to you, you feel ... —

Day 363: Gullibility (My Perspective)

Simply, by choice easily deceived, manipulated or cheated. Why are we so quick to believe something that is not true for most part? Because of our own perceived outcome, the expectation that we have that things will go in our favor of self-interest, if we but only just “believ... —

Day 362: What’s Cool

It used to be cool to smoke weed, because I believed it helped with my creative side. It used to be cool to talk about shit that I didn’t know, just because it sounded right. It used to be cool to chase after girls, because I felt that it took too long for them to come after m... —

Day 361: Indecisive (What I See)

On the beach they watch snowboard videos and on the mountain, in the snow they watch surfing videos, question is, why are we so, indecisive, unwilling to decide what goes on next in our lives, (I mean we leave it up to our minds) dangling ourselves like puppets on a string and... —

Day 360: Tetris

Tetris as we all know it is, arranging things of different shapes and sizes into a physical space, as per the common definition of the word, Ok so here’s a different perspective of how I see the word and game of Tetris. I was driving the other day and realized that Tetris is d... —

Day 359: Sit ‘n Sleep

Ok so I was driving on the freeway the other day and passed this store with the sign as shown above = Sit ‘n Sleep, at which time I chuckled as this memory came up of me at the beginning of my process, all the way up until recently of the point I walked of, every time I would ... —

Day 358: Talk About Yourself

Everything I see and go through and have believed, experienced, in giving my perspective on it, that’s what I talk about, myself, my participation within and as it. The way we see things is different from the way others see things and for what it’s worth, some people do see th... —

Day 357: The Church

Just in the time I’ve been alive and have experienced the church, there has been a massive change in the way the church operates, from spending more time talking about and/or studying the bible to almost like going to a concert or show type of feel, with all the extra additive... —

Day 356: Things that We Do Pt. 2

Continuing from day 196: Things We Do Say/Unaware We frown until people look at us and then we smile. When we wake up in the morning the first thing we do is look at our phone to see if anybody called us, then wonder why no one called us. We always have that one friend who we ... —

Day 355: Waiting for Others to do, What I should for Myself

The easiest thing in the world to do is to become comfortable with accepting others willingly taking care of you and to have everything that you want need and desire at your fingertips, I mean who wouldn’t want this for themselves, when offered? Throughout my life I have becom... —

Day 354: How Easy

How easy do we believe in lies when there’s no telling of the truth, you say it, I believe it and that’s all to it. Because I heard it from a creditable source, that’s all that matters to me, I mean it can’t be a lie because I saw it on T.V. We all know the world is a mess, e... —

Day 353: What Are You Waiting For

The weather to be the right temperature, before we act on something. The sky to fall down before we realize our world is collapsing around us. Somebody else to make the first move, before we even lift a finger to change ourselves and the way this world is today, but wait, let ... —

Day 352: My Problems

My problems are my problem and your problem is your problem, but I make them my problem, because it seems as if I have too many problems to deal with at the moment, so I need your problems to over shadow my problems and someone to blame for my problems and that way I don’t hav... —

Day 351: Lay it All Out in Front of You

Throughout my life I have always saw things as different individual separate problem, not as a conglomeration of events that takes place in correlation with each other, that has built up over time and have accumulated to become this massive big problem, being the way I was liv... —

Day 350: The Good Book

Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and so on to Revelations. Growing up we were taught to recite every book of the bible from genesis to Revelation, the good book, where if you knew the bible and what the bible says then you would be saved,... —

Day 349: “What Do You Do”?

It’s pretty interesting how when we meet someone for the first time, the major/main question we get to in the long run is, “What do you do”, now it’s funny because this question will also determine how far the conversation will go from there, depending on the answer to the que... —

Day 348: Back in a Familiar Setting

It’s been a long time since I’ve been back in a familiar setting, back in the town I used to live in, I mean a lot of things went down in this town, before I started my process where my transition phase from who I was to finding Desteni was tremendous, from the perspective of ... —

Day 347: Speak out loud, Not in your Mind

Why do we walk around with our heads down, hoping somebody say something to us, but as soon as they do we say, “I’m sorry”, as if the last thing on our minds is them speaking to us, we’ll even go as far as getting close to them, but not once look them in the eye, because if we... —

Day 346: Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You

(Here is another aspect to this statement that no one talks about) >What a cocky as statement in most instances, that screams suppression, suppression, suppression, slow your roll and stay in your place and do exactly what I say, simply because I didn’t come up with the Idea o... —

Day 345: Skin

Why is it that skin excite people, I mean it’s like, the sight of skin is a trigger for our mind to go ham (so to speak), in the summer time where, as soon as we see a girl in shorts with a nice butt or for girls a guy in shorts and a tank top with muscles, we then change and ... —

Day 344: How to Remain Stable During Conflict

A.First reaction is to equally yell as loud as the other person to get your point across B.Over talk the other person and not listen to what they are saying. C.Get someone else whose there to side with you, by bringing up the other persons past. D.Throw a tantrum so that the o... —

Day 343: I Don’t Mind

Why do we ask for things, when what is given freely by the earth is supposed to be for everyone’s enrichment? I mean imagine here for a moment, a world where you didn’t have to ask anyone for anything, then receive the answer; “I don’t mind”, meaning I wasn’t thinking about it... —

Day 342: What The World Needs Now

What the world needs now is not love because it’s fake, some of us wouldn’t know what real love is if it smacked us in the face, so wouldn’t you think that it’s time for us to investigate without a debate, but no we think that we have too much on our plate, can’t you see that ... —

Day 341: Forgetfulness

I have throughout my life, at times forgotten very important things that I had to do, where I would end up, not making appointments, forgetting what time I had to be at places, forgetting things when I’ve left home already and had to go back and get what I left and most import... —

Day 340: Be Safe

You know what, as far back as I can remember, I never liked when someone told me to “Be Safe” before I left somewhere, I mean it was like, “Um ok, now I’m nervous”, I mean what do you know that’s going to happen to me that I don’t, and to top it off, it felt like the person wa... —

Day 338: Combining Moments

And you wonder why we are never Here, because we’re always Combining Moments. Now a combination of some things works as a conglomeration together, which is for the betterment of that things operating correctly, but rarely realized and not understood, this is not the case with ... —

Day 337: Count Down to Valentine’s Day

The other day I was driving and saw a billboard that read XOXO Countdown to Valentine’s Day, I mean this is sort of like saying, I can’t wait to fall in love all over again, now that’s odd because the next billboard I saw read, “How to be single again”, I mean how many times d... —

Day 336: What Tomorrow Will Bring

If we knew the future, then we would be able to see just how fucked up things really are, I mean it would be to our own demise, because we’ve created things to be the way they are today. So why is it that we somehow always want to see what tomorrow will bring? We project ahead... —