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I've had a fortunate life experience so far: stable home life and a college degree without being buried in debt! It's time to give back to the world. I commit myself to being honest with myself & I commit myself to support what is best for all.

Daniel M

Day 412 - Commitment to Speak Daily Self-Forgiveness

Over the past year +, I've been practicing speaking self forgiveness out loud, and I've noticed a pretty significant shift in my process. The main difference is this sense of solid, grounded movement. Like, if you're familiar with writing the self forgiveness out on paper or o... —

Day 411 - Anxiety and Fear Lead to Indecision

A great friend just recently shared one of his favorite self forgiveness statements from Bernard in a social group chat: I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize that anxiety is the experience of being shit-scared for your own fear - produced fo... —

Day 409 - I have an Apple for You!

In a facebook group I'm in, someone shared this video, and what a great reminder. I have so much love to give. We all do. And what's better than giving ourselves to others? How great does it feel? If you're feeling a bit rusty, definitely give this little video a watch through... —

Day 410 - Processing Procrastination NOW

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that I can always do it later, and within this, not see, realize and understand my full capacity to accomplish something now. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to use excuses that lead me into th... —

Day 408 - Sorry for not sharing

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be and become overwhelmed when I consider sitting down to write a blog post. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not take back my awareness, breathe, and direct myself to specifically express myself in a ... —

Day 407 - Writing Confidence

It's coming to a boiling point. This is my 4th "Day 407" draft, and I'm ready to move past this writing hangup that's now gone on too long. In this post, I will begin to open up what's been holding me back, so I can finally face it and recreate my expression here forward. ... —

Day 406 - Lost in time, lots of the time

There's been a building pressure. A pressure to perform. A pressure to sound coherent, and integrated with all the information in my world. A perception of falling behind ensues. A few moments later, I'm stuck. Everything is ahead of me, and I can't catch up. Since my last po... —

Day 405 - Self-Empowerment: Stepping into Manhood

Quick overview of my life: Born in upstate New York, moved to Northern California at age 11, went to college in Southern Californa, lived back at home for a year, went to the Desteni Farm in South Africa and began a committed life partnership. All of the above happened wit... —

Day 404 - The Nice Smelling Janitor Lady

Heavenly. This mysterious lady of few words has walked into my hospital room twice now since starting this 14-day iPad study. She silently allows the trash bags and roll of toilet paper in her hands communicate her purpose for entering my suite. Is she attractive? Yes, but ... —

Day 403 - Editing and Effort

“Have something to say, and say it as clearly as you can. That is the only secret.” - Matthew Arnold In the book called “300 Days of Better Writing” by David Bowman, the author claims this to be likely his favorite quote on the subject of writing. When I was a child, I ask... —

Day 402 - The Perfect Writer Complex

"I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear that my process writing is not acceptable as perfection, and through this allow my inner critic to project a moment of self-judgment into the future - in this not realizing this as the purely self-sabotaging sys... —

Day 401 - Good Fortune Forgiveness

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to brag about being in this sleep study to everyone I message on Facebook while using this iPad. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to become excited about being fortunate and afforded the opportunit... —

Day 400 - Self-Leadership in a Relationship, Part 2

The key insight for the success of a relationship: Reorienting Self to Self I got stuck in a subtle, long-term possession of sorts. Moving across the country to live with this lady person wasn't the plan. Two weeks later, it was. I prepared to leave my family over the next ... —

Day 399 - Self-Leadership in a Relationship

I am quickly approaching the one year mark of living with my agreement partner. The past three weeks have been pivotal for me in realizing who I have become since moving in with my life partner, and who I want to be as a self-lead individual, acting to create that which is bes... —

Day 398 - The 'Creation through Certainty' Character

I have created a character that allows me to feel comfortable in knowing that I am on track, and because I'm on track, I don't really need to exert myself. I'm going to call it "The Universe will take care of me" character. This stems from having a comfortable and privileged u... —

Day 397 - Finishing a post

I commit myself to finish this post. I have a long-standing behavioral pattern of starting lots of little projects and not finishing them. For example, I've now got 4 draft posts starting with "Day 397 - ..." Some of them have have only a sentence; others have enough content ... —

Day 396 - Why Do I Make Rushed Decisions?

I have a propensity to want to take the fast route, and this is because I've trained myself over the years to do so based on obtaining desires and avoiding fears, namely Self-interest. This training of myself was a process of automating my decisions, so I wouldn't have to put ... —

Day 395 - Remember the System Demon Portal Interviews?

Desteni Portal - System Demons This is a YouTube Playlist of the 32 different demons that came through the portal in 2011-2012 -- It's been too long since I've watched these! I can't even be sure that I've watched them all. This post is just to emphasize how supportive these... —

Day 394 - Inertia of Self

Inertia: (physics) the tendency of a body to maintain its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force I have been a body at rest. Life has thrown at me a myriad of impulses (external forces) that have moved me in a multitude of directions. The imp... —

Day 393 - Realizing My Utmost Potential: Seize Moments of Opportunity

Never again will I wait and hope for opportunity to embrace me. The eighth vow of success as written in Og Mandino's book titled The Greatest Salesman in the World, Part II: The End of the Story. I just read this "scroll" tonight for the first time, and it resonated with me in... —

Day 392 - On Writing: Sharing is Caring

As everyone in the universe has or will have noticed that I've not been posting regularly in this Journey to Life blog, I now commit myself to rejuvenate my blogging initiative. What does this mean exactly? Rejuvenate as in "Return to life," and Initiative as in "a new prog... —

Day 391 - Submissive Conflict Avoidance, Ridicule & Leadership

A fun little point has opened up recently the Desteni leadership development group. There are people out there who react to their environment and people around them, having little or no time to stop themselves. Many others, myself included, have a mind that allows us to hold b... —

Day 390 - Responsible Self Creation

A fascinating point opened up for me this week. In short, I've been walking process in separation of it. What does this mean? I've defined this Journey to Life / Desteni I Process as a thing that sits on the shelf, and so when I was walking down the aisle and saw it, I threw i... —

Day 389 - Redefining RESPONSIBILITY for Myself

Continuing from yesterday: I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to abdicate responsibility because I wanted the "freedom" of having little or no responsibility, not realizing the equation of responsibility = power = freedom. I realize that I've been deludi... —

Day 388 - Realizing My Utmost Potential: Purifying Self-limiting Beliefs

I've now published my Declaration of Principle, and now it's time to start detailing what it practically means so as to provide a road map for myself. This is necessary because the process that is required to live by these principles constantly demands specificity. This is not... —

Declaration of Principled Living

This is my commitment and declaration of dedication to living by these principles. As I walk my Journey To Life, I will expound upon each of these points to illustrate my personal experiences with integrating each of them in my life. Until here and no further, I end the self-d... —

Day 387 - I am, I stand, I create

In the last post, I began to just dive into this specific point of waiting for external environment to guide, shape and influence my walk of life, my decisions. Of course, this is natural to a degree, but my experience of myself is that I'm constantly just going with the flow,... —

Day 386 - Who's Creating My Life?

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to wait for my life to be directed and determined by external events. This is the key understanding of this post. I will continue to specify the what, why and how through self-forgiveness statements. If you are able, I ... —

Day 385 - Weak or Strong: Stopping Polarized Reactions

wikipedia Writing out current relationship: To be seen as weak is like admitting failure. The most significant source of emotion comes from looking at myself through how others will see/judge me. Of course, this is not real, because it’s an internal, mental process of my ... —

Day 384 - Mini-Day Scheduling: Resistance Dimension

In my last two posts, Day 383 - Directing Uncertainty & Day 382 - Uncertainty Flavored Resistance, I began to examine my relationship with uncertainty. Although it was more in relation to being halted by a fear of failure in some way, I realized that there is more that must be... —