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I've had a fortunate life experience so far: stable home life and a college degree without being buried in debt! It's time to give back to the world. I commit myself to being honest with myself & I commit myself to support what is best for all.

Daniel M

Day 351 - Attached to the Memories of My Habits

There are so many points to write about and realize, and I'm just delaying the whole process because I'm stuck in an emotional relationship to my past choices and unwittingly perpetuating destructive patterns because I haven't really forgiven myself specifically. Writing is n... —

Day 350 - Deliberate Irresponsibility

I couldn't decide between 'deliberate self-sabotage' and 'irresponsible living' for this post title, so I combined the two. Basically, I have stayed up to extremely late hours of the night for the past two nights and for what? Entertainment. Some media shenanigans. To sit down... —

Day 349 - Too Guilty to See Me Self-Honestly

BAM!! This is an intense point to open up. This point came up as a layer within my shortcut SF typing that I wrote about yesterday, but I can see this pattern activating in many areas in my life. So I'm going to define it for me here today, and empower myself to stop this self... —

Day 348 - Ctrl+Shift+SF Cheat Code

I originally sat down to write this post about how I've been doing the typing of self-forgiveness and kind of cheating within it, but then I realized that this point is not just about that. There is a depth of reason for why I have not yet shared this point and it comes down t... —

Day 347 - Disjointed Daily Blogging

Ok, I breathe, and I write here. I'm now walking through this specific point of resisting writing: I have one idea of what I had been intending to write, and then the moment passes, new stuff comes up, and I want to write about the new point, but the looming previous writing ... —

Day 346 - Prioritizing Purpose

Continuing from Day 345 Aligning Purpose with Participation. To sum it up in 3 words: Best for All In my own words, this means applying myself to do what is best in the context of everything, all points considered. This is seemingly a tough to ridiculous standard to hold o... —

Day 345 - Aligning Purpose with Participation

Inspired by today's interview: Living Words: Purpose - Part 2 As a child growing up, I believed I had a great purpose to fulfill. A purpose to make this world a better place. I later learned that there are lots of people just like me in the world. Everyone has a sense of purp... —

Day 344 - Actual Living, Walking, Breathing

I had small chat with my DIP buddy today, and there was one main point that stands out for me here: It's this notion that I must 'walk the point' sometimes even before I write a blog post. To 'walk the point' first, means to move through writing and into physically lived appli... —

Day 343 - The way forward

Continuation of yesterday's post I commit myself to taking responsibility for myself to walk this process steadfast, moving consistently from my existing mind-based reality living to physical living. I commit myself to recognizing others as equals, as life, as the potential ... —

Day 342 - Who am I in relation to Bernard Poolman?

I've now had a week to process the death of Bernard Poolman. The aspects of myself that this man had brought into view for me were tremendously supportive. He showed me how my anxiety can be stopped with a simple breath and 'yes or no' perspective. Simple. He called me out on ... —

Day 341 - Not allowing myself to walk the physical process

There is a major difference between walking in the park and imagining our ability to walk in the park. In recent times, I've compromised myself by neglecting my daily writing here. There has been a lot going on here on the Desteni Farm, and I wouldn't expect that I would... —

Day 340 - A Fall in Writing Commitment

Why have I been justifying the reduction of my direct writing of this blog? I have been "too" busy because of external factors that I am apparently a victim of, and within that I am showing myself that I do not yet understand my responsibility to direct myself within my extern... —

Day 339 - "I don't know"

When faced with a self defining question, it's pretty damn easy to say "I don't know," but there's a problem: I typically hit a wall here. To parkour this wall. To overcome it. To continue onward and figure out the answer to, let say for example: What am I capable of? I would ... —

Day 338 - What am I waiting for?

Why would one not walk process, especially when one understands the value? How is it that I can remain in my patterns of irresponsibility? What am I missing. "Investigate: What are you waiting for?" said Bernard. I took that and ran with it. It's a great question to ask ones... —

Day 337 - Competition Breeds Ego

An interesting point came up today. My relationship to competition is well developed by this point in my life. I didn't ever spend the time with metacognition, thinking about how I think, in relation to competition. Now that I am considering this point, I can certainly see how... —

Day 336 - Sleeping Awake

When I'm resisting a particular task or set of tasks, and I do not direct myself to work effectively, one of my mind's favorite ways to deal with this situation is to send a signal of tiredness. If I follow this pull to the bed, then I end up losing a lot of time. I certainly ... —

Day 335 - I'm so dumb

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe I cannot do something because I have never done it before. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that I can do anything without having walked a process of practical application. I forgive m... —

Day 334 - I'm so smart

I've long thought that I was better off being more intellectual, but only from a competitive win-lose perspective is this true. Today is the start of my internal humbling process. I don't know just how much it clicked or if I've completely grasped the point yet because I haven... —

Day 333 - Success: Imagination vs. Reality

cc For as long as I can remember, I've had these strong felt imaginations of myself being successful in my future. I didn't regard others from a perspective of equality. Instead I saw how great my thoughts about myself could be, and in relation to others in my environment, I... —

Day 332 - Getting To the REAL Point

My process so far has felt a bit "at a distance" from myself. Why? I've been protecting myself from my internal thoughts. The notion of exposing my inner thoughts, letting go of the charge of secrecy, sharing my true inner movements with the world = some scary shit to do. Why?... —

Day 331 - Fighting with Myself

A broad topic, but yes, I am becoming more aware of this internal conflict and struggle between doing what I know needs to be done and doing what I want to do. I've given myself plenty of time to study and look at this internal interaction that is utterly useless, only support... —

Day 330 - Always A Fight

It goes something like this: I get into a fight or a disagreement, and my reaction is to protect and defend my position at all costs. I get consumed by my desire to come out on top. In extreme or subtle circumstances, I will go to unfair lengths to defend my original perceptio... —

Day 329 - My writing purpose

Since I've started writing this blog, I've known the true purpose is to support myself in understanding who I have become, so that I am best prepared to produce actual, lasting self-change. The conundrum was that I only knew it, and wasn't really living it. For some part I was... —

Day 328 - Residual Excuses

I'm been traveling a bit recently, and the irregularity of long travel days can easily throw off one's routine. I still was able to get some solid self-supportive writing in while on the plane or in the car. It was difficult to get into the blog composition routine without int... —

Day 327 - Uniting Past, Present and Future

Here. This is the moment that unites past, present, and future. Here, I may contemplate how my past self has played into who I am today. With this in mind, I can see the momentous personality characteristics that create my future self. This is the basis of today's post. My re... —

Day 326 - Feeling & Information Dissipation

When I woke up this morning, I had just exited a dream world scenario. It was interesting because I had just written about a dream yesterday, and today's dream was related to a point I had opened up a day before (Day 324) about trying to protect myself through acting out worst... —

Day 325 - Missing my friends

It's been just over a year since I graduated college, and one of the major associated events is the friends I had last year are graduating and leaving the area. I no longer have the ability to drive down and visit all of them as I had done last month. Loss. The design of the e... —

Day 324 - Investigating My Airport Fears

This is a continuation of Day 323 - Airport Paranoia where I briefly went over some of my backchats and imaginations that went through my head. Today, I'll expand on those. First experience was when I got dropped off and I had to find my way to the right spot to get my boardi... —

Day 323 - Airport Paranoia

I spent the whole day flying across the country for a family reunion. There are a few moments where I experienced a light paranoia, but paranoia none the less. I'm the son of a pilot and have a fair amount of travel experience, so I'm not freaking out like some people might. T... —

Day 322 - How to effectively practice self-restraint

Recognizing the moments when I am not applying self-restraint is somewhat elusive. It's like I don't want to recognize my delay energy possession, but then I have to consciously choose to face it (uncomfortable) or not (consequential, and thus also uncomfortable). There is a f... —