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I've had a fortunate life experience so far: stable home life and a college degree without being buried in debt! It's time to give back to the world. I commit myself to being honest with myself & I commit myself to support what is best for all.

Daniel M

Day 321 - Each new moment following

What's cool is how I've got a firm grasp on how to refocus myself before going into a delay time-loop that could potentially cycle throughout the whole day. The tools are known, and I know how to use them to stop a resistance energy and refocus on my responsibilities. What ... —

Day 320 - Time Stop, Change

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be moved by this resistance energy. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to place myself as less than this energy, and assuming that it will win, thus creating an experience of debate to validate my desire to... —

Day 319 - Time flying by

I've been in a mini rut. haven't blogged for two days. First day, I had agreed with myself that I do not want to write the blog on this night. I was tired and unwilling to pump out a mediocre post for some external sake. I realize that this blog is written by me for me. Yes, o... —

Day 318 - Am I Serious?

I just discovered an interesting design in myself that I had not really considered before. I was reading this post from A Skeptic's Journey to Life called The paranoia of "not being taken seriously", and when I started to relate to it, memories popped up of me deliberately goi... —

Day 317 - Supporting Myself Through Resistance

There is a fluctuation within my ability to effectively direct myself. In some moments, I have a clear sense of why I move. In other moments, I am noticeably in a reaction when I move into a distraction. The interesting thing here is that I can notice when I am not self-direct... —

Day 316 - Proving Resistance is Powerless

I'm peeling back the layers. The composition of my resistance energy is still not completely understood, and this means that further investigation will be required before I stabilize this stance of self-mastery. I've noted how I move from overwhelmed through a reaction to givi... —

Day 315 - Resisting the Solution to Resistance

There is this emotion, subtle, yet solid. It's a unquestioned discomfort. The issue here is not that I experience resistance. We all experience resistance, until we stop it. The layers upon layers within layers, hence the title of this post. In my process jour... —

Day 314 - Taking Breath for Granted (LSC)

(LSC) = Living Self-Commitments Continuing from:Day 312 - Taking Breaths for GrantedDay 313 - Taking Breath for Granted (SF) For additional support and perspective, I use this wiki page to understand what it is to just breathe. I commit myself to assist and support mysel... —

Day 313 - Taking Breath for Granted (SF)

Continued from: Day 312 - Taking Breaths for Granted I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to take my breath for granted. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that it's too difficult to be aware of who I am / how I behave within each ... —

Day 311 - My Favorite Band

I've been waiting for this day. It caught me off guard and I'm having trouble with my writing flow. How do I convey the passion I've been feeling while listening to this music? How can I pay tribute to the band in a way that...I've got it. I'll just litter my post with links t... —

Day 310 - Splurge Time

I create a feeling of being able to splurge a little with my time whenever I've "been good." Kind of like a dietary splurge when one has been eating healthy, why not treat oneself to a little cheat-treat? It's a form of self-deception and it adds up more than I had realized th... —

Day 309 - Time Management

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be passive when it comes to time management. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be paranoid about not having enough time to accomplish everything I want to do. I forgive myself that I have a... —

Day 308 - Intending to Wake Up

Last night when I was intending to write about 'intention', I was feeling a bit tired and intended to rest for a moment. Indeed, I rested for just long enough to have to skip writing a post that night. This brings up several points, but I'm just focusing on a particular aspect... —

Day 307 - Falling Back to Sleep

Today marked the second day of experimenting with my morning boot up process. The investigative intention that I held today was slightly less charged than it was yesterday (interesting to note). Still, I was mindful and taking careful notice of what went on in my head. I half... —

Day 305 - My Earliest Written Blog Post Yet

For some context, check out Day 304 - Morning Boot Up source This is the earliest blog that I've ever written. I my eyes opened at 7:57. I followed productively oriented thought back to sleep. Two minutes later, I awoke with an answer, though, it was not a spectacular arri... —

Day 304 - Morning Boot Up

source Most mornings when I do not have to awake suddenly, I allow myself to go through a noteworthy boot-up process. Thoughts that are enticing...they draw me back into my pillow and off into dream world. Actually, this is the primary if not only way I remember my dreams. I... —

Day 303 - Second Wind

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that I can only do so much in a day. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel that I can only do so much in a day. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to feel drained and unable to... —

Day 302 - I Process Competition unacceptable. Recently, a friend of mine started her Journey To Life blog (Breathe), and I am continually impressed. The writing is thorough and honest. My problem is how I am comparing myself, and the mental processes that come from that are utter self-sabotage and in ... —

Day 301 - For Real Though, Go to Bed

Last night didn't go so well. It's like I directly disobeyed myself from the perspective of my post yesterday. Given, I had a 90 minute evening nap that kind of messed up my tiredness schedule. I'm not going to beat myself up, AND I'm also not going to suppress the whole thing... —

Day 300 - Correcting Sleep Patterns

For as long as I can remember, I've spent the majority of my nights in a silent fight with myself. The basic idea was to postpone falling asleep as long as I can, to make full use of my time at night. Why was the nighttime special to me? It was time I had to myself. Primaril... —

Day 299 - Doing one thing, Thinking about another

The concept of thinking about 'other' stuff when one is doing something else: it is a quandary. While enjoying the morning sunshine, I was thinking about this concept and amused by my meta-ness. I realized that this type of separation from the moment here is widespread and per... —

Day 298 - Under the hood of Self Doubt

Continuing from: Day 297 - Doubting Myself Yesterday was a little introduction to my self-doubt character. Today I want to add some depth, still maintaining the perspective that this personality is a huge umbrella of points that I must face.....I just wandered off into a cool... —

Day 297 - Doubting Myself

flickr It's vicious habit. When watch myself spiral and go into a state of being that I had no desire to be in, I play victim without a clear target for blame. In this type of situation, I'm pretty sure that I know I am responsible for my behavior and mental state, but I supp... —

Day 296 - SHADOWGUNing my life away

Popular Android game - here Ok, finally. Time to face this bullony. I am addicted to an addictive video game. I have wanted to write about it before but the thought of actually changing and letting this particular addiction go is rather frightening. Very similar to weed actua... —

Day 295 - Defining My Online Presence

STAMP SIMPLE: "Make everything as simple as possible but no simpler." Albert Einstein TRUE: Be true to your passion, with values and behavior in alignment ACT: "Vision without execution is hallucination." Thomas Edison MAP: Know how to get from where you are to where you wan... —

Day 294 - Becoming Efficient

There's an interesting dynamic going on within me. I have a perception that I and loaded with work to do, and then I perceive that for a moment it doesn't matter. Procrastination. The design of delay is what is going on here. I've been writing about this for a while now, so ... —

Day 293 - Externally Induced Distractions

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to disregard my inner drive to be productive. cc flickr Through back to back distractions, I have robbed myself of this whole day. At times, I would blame others when they wanted to share time watching a movie or a t... —

Day 253 - Post Breaking Point

Continuing from yesterday's post: Day 252 - Where Rubber Hits the Road, though I've been working on this point of self-directed, self-leadership since before the beginning of the year. See posts: Day 160 - Basis of Self-Leadership for 2013 and Beyond! & Day 141 - Establishing ... —

Day 217 - How I Was Able to Hear the Desteni Message

I vividly remember when I voiced my first philosophical question when I asked my mother, "Why do I see out of my eyes?" Alas, she knew not. From that point on, I believe I had grounded my motivation to find answers within this reality. A burning curiosity set in. I needed t... —

Day 139 - Combative Attitude

I recently realized myself within an negative attitude orientation towards another. This particular person happen to be my mother, but this insight can be applied throughout all of my relationships and interactions. It looks like this: I have general backchat as thoughts about... —

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