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The Supreme Court’s opinions in the Obergefell vs. Hodges case, legitimizing same-sex marriage, has predictably generated much scandalous controversy and angst among the dissenters, particularly from the Evangelical and Christian fundamentalists who are panicked that this ruli... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

The Futility of Heroism

The idea of the Hero is a misunderstood notion occluded with a hidden deception – a power and revenge fantasy that requires one to hope and wait for the arrival of a savior to solve one’s problems. Thus the arrival of a hero implies and reinforces the enslavement and powerless... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com


Listen to COFFEE COMMENTARY #2 MY RESPONSE TO LENON HONOR'S "HOW DO I OPEN MY THIRD EYE?" by Darryl Thomas for free. Follow Darryl Thomas to never miss another show. —mixcloud.com

Coffee Commentary #1 Orwellian Nightmare or American Dream?

Why do people all say they want to see change in the world around them? So they don’t have to change themselves. http://mixlr.com/darryl-thomas/showreel/orwellian-nightmare-or-american-dream-4/ About these ads Like this:Like Loading... Related —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Omar Khayyám’s Equation for Human Perfection

God created the human species such that it is not possible for it to survive and reach perfection unless it is through reciprocity, assistance, and help. Until food, clothes, and a home that are the essentials of life are not prepared, the possibility of the attainment of perf... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Jesus and the 3rd Roll

A man once accompanied Jesus, saying to him, “Let me go with you and be your disciple.” They set out and got as far as the bank of a river, and they sat down to eat. They had with them three bread rolls. They ate two and a third was left. Jesus then rose and went to the river ... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

The Demons of FOLK Friday Tune of the Week: This is the Oneness & Equality Jam (LHD Remix)


Demons of Folk Friday Tune of the Week: Robot Jesus UFO

Robot Jesus UFO (The Demons of Folk) Flying saucers rock n roll Ascended masters will save our souls In gleaming starships made of gold Can you see them Can you see them Can you see them In your mind? Robot Jesus from cold black space Comes to save the human race From b... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction, Part 19: Conclusion – Attraction or Stimulation?

We come to the conclusion of our survey of the history of the spirituality – based idea called, the Law of Attraction. It has taken us many centuries to observe and follow its stages of development and form within the various eras, cultures and perspectives from many important... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction Part 17: Gurus of the 20th Century

“The syllable gu means shadows The syllable ru, he who disperses them, Because of the power to disperse darkness the guru is thus named.” -Advayataraka Upanishad The reason the Guru is so important in Hinduism is because it is believed that only a Guru, who is considered t... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction, Part 16: Annie Besant and the Maitreya

The leadership of the Theosophical Society, which disseminated the teachings of the 19th century occult movement “Theosophy,” had established its Eastern branch in India, but some of the locals did not appreciate the Society’s presence nor what they saw as the brazen attempt t... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction, Part 14: The Supermind of Sri Aurobindo

“Hinduism…..gave itself no name, because it set itself no sectarian limits; it claimed no universal adhesion, asserted no sole infallible dogma, set up no single narrow path or gate of salvation; it was less a creed or cult than a continuously enlarging tradition of the God wa... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction, Part 14: East Meets West

        Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda “A man sitting under the shade of the Kalpa-vriksha (wishing-tree) wished to be a king, and in an instant he was a king. The next moment he wished to have a charming damsel, and the damsel was instantly by his side. The man then th... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction, Part 12: Shiva, the Master Yogi

The next largest Hindu denomination after the Vaishnava sect is Shaivism, the sectaries who worship Shiva as the Supreme God. While the Vaishnava is Hinduism’s largest denomination, Shaivism claims to be the oldest, with archeological evidence suggesting a proto-Shiva worship ... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction, Part 11: Vishnu the Preserver

Shaktism, which we had looked at in our previous chapter, is one of the four main branches of modern Hinduism. And so we shall take a look at the other three denominations of Hinduism to see how the secret history of the Law of Attraction has played out within them. One of the... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction, Part 10: Tantric Yoga | Process: 2014

2014-Aug-31 Law of Attraction, Part 10: Tantric Yoga “Shakti is the creator of the Universe, And the Universe is her fascinating body; Shakti is the basis of the entire world; She is the intimate substance of any body.” - Shaktisangama Tantra Tantra pertains to a group ... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction, Part 9: The Shramanas | Process: 2014

2014-Aug-30 Law of Attraction, Part 9: The Shramanas Reincarnation, Dharma and Karma as Sources for the Law of Attraction The Vedic religions made provisions in their worship for Hymns of praise to the Gods and for personal requests – chiefly for manifesting the go... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction, Part 8. Ancient Brahminism | Process: 2014

2014-Aug-29 Law of Attraction, Part 8. Ancient Brahminism At some point during the beginning of the first millennium BCE, the descendants of the Aryans and the non-Vedic tribes abandoned their pastoral life in favor of developing and acquiring wealth and property. But... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction, Part 6: The New Age

When the New Age Movement came into prominence during the late 1970s, nobody knew that by the end of the 20th Century, the New Age Movement would become the third largest religion in America. The New Age’s allure and appeal stem from the perceived breakdowns of the economic, p... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction, Part 7: Eastern Origins

In the previous blogs about the history of the Law of Attraction, we briefly looked at the Law of Attraction’s ancient connection with the major religions in the world. In this series we will expand and deepen our investigation into the secret history of the Law of Attraction ... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction, Part 5. Cosmic Fire and Universal Substance « Process: 2014

Alice Bailey Alice Bailey told the story like this: When she was fifteen years old, a strange man wearing a turban entered her bedroom. He sat down next to her and told her to prepare herself for an important mission. Years later when she stood before a portrait hanging at the... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

History of the Law of Attraction, Part 4: Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine « Process: 2014

As a young woman, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky fled a forced marriage and traveled throughout the world, visiting the Americas, Europe, India, Egypt and eventually spending two years in Tibet where she became a Buddhist. After arriving in America, Blavatsky placed herself in the ... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction, Part 3. Alchemy and the Divine Man « Process: 2014

With the fall of the Roman Empire and the onset of the Dark Ages, and despite Church and State’s severe prosecution against magicians and wizards, magic and interest in the occult continued to be practiced by those who longed to empower themselves through will and desire to ga... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction Part 2. Early Accounts and the Divine Mind « Process: 2014

The functional form of prayer has as many divergent points as there are religions, and these points range anywhere from requesting some Divine blessing or boon, to gaining some intimate knowledge and understanding of the Nature and existence of God. Thus, Religion and Prayer a... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

The Law of Attraction: A History of Belief, Part 1. « Process: 2014

There has been much talk about the Law of Attraction during the past few years ever since the now-famous marketing tsunami called The Secret – embedded itself into the pop culture consciousness of people everywhere. But what exactly IS the Law of Attraction, and why are people... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Fear of Equality, Part 13. Money and the Death of Democracy « Process: 2014

Margaret Thatcher: Denier of Society or denier of Democracy? “Mankind is not an entity, an organism, or a coral bush. The entity involved in production and trade is man. It is with the study of man—not of the loose aggregate known as a “community”—that any science of the hum... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

A Demons of Folk Salute “BPTS” « Process: 2014

Bernard Poolman was the most amazing person I’ve ever known and I dare say that the world has known. He was so steady and ready and forever moving towards realizing the potential in himself and in everyone I saw him come into contact with. I spent many, many nights talking wit... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Demons of Folk Friday Tune of the Week: Dreams « Process: 2014

If you dream in color, then you probably watched a lot of color TV growing up. According to research from the first half of the 20th century , it has been suggested that most dreams were observed in black and white. However, studies from the 1980s show that more people began t... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Demons of Folk Friday Tune of the Week: Folk Devils Disco

You can buy what you want, but can you get what you need? This week’s offering: Folk Devils Disco. guaranteed to relieve precognitive stress end existential dread. Directions: find nearest disco ball, clap your feet and stamp your hands. Rinse and repeat. About these ads ... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Demons of Folk Friday Tune of the Week “H-Town Rock – Until Tonight”

This week’s Friday tune of the week comes from the Demons of Folk. The call is going out: Oneness and Equality. H-Town Rock – Until Tonight. It’s hot here in Houston…a bit of probable pop/downtempo reggae to cool off. You’re welcome! About these ads Share this:ShareGoog... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

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