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Fear of Equality, Part 10. The Theology of Capitalism

In the last blog I looked very briefly at the work of Max Weber, principally his landmark thesis, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.  Weber makes a lot of claims and most of them resonate with those who see capitalism as the most logical system of social organi... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Fear of Equality Part 9. Escape from the Collective

Milton Friedman. Grins and shrugs. Milton Friedman once gave a Speech in Harlem in 1978. It is one of the worst speeches I’ve ever had to listen to. The speech is entitled, “The Escape from Collectivism. You can watch it here on YouTube. Milton Friedman asks, “Why is it tha... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Fear of Equality Part 8. Don’t Question the System

Recently I have been engaged in yet another YouTube debate with someone who is not so readily convinced that the world is ready for equality. Predictably the excuses… err, reasons given were many, but they all boiled down to a singular point: this person assumes that in order ... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Demons of Folk Friday’s Tune of the Week: Gold Mine

“Everybody says that we’re working in a Gold MIne.” The earliest recorded notions about the existence of demons is found within the belief systems of the ancient Mesopotamian culture of Sumer (3400 B.C.). Through their myths and religious systems,  the Sumerians believed that ... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

A Very, Very Short Discourse on the Law

The foundational platform of a society is always attached to the laws and regulations that are instituted (at least theoretically) for the benefit and protection between its members. The reasons for establishing laws arose as societies developed into more complex relational sy... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Demons of Folk DAILY TRACK: Gambits of Deception

Today’s Demons of Folk track, “Gambits for Deception.” Channeling the direction of the behavior of a nation’s populace is hard work, but recently revealed information from the whistleblower Edward Snowden about the NSA’s methods of mass surveillance and thought control shows t... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Fear of Equality, Part 7

The Value of Inequality Equality is not truly understood because its significance is caught up within  destructive definitions which renders the definition of Equality incoherent. When people see the word, “Equality” – pictures of being corralled into internment camps, loss of... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

A Treatise on Probable Pop and Disco

It is impossible to be a musician without making a definitive statement about one’s stance towards self and towards the world. That stance will be located within a limited array of intents and possibilities ranging from the simple enjoyment of self-expression, to the chasing o... —demonsoffolk.wordpress.com

Fear of Equality, Part 6. 03/15/2013

Darryl Thomas:It has been the theories of Natural Law that has legitimized the structure of Capitalism and helped give it shape and direction. But is this linkage of Natural Law and Natural Selection able to accurately describe a rational order in this world or is it merely a ... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Fear of Equality, Part 5. 03/12/2013

Darryl Thomas:The fear of Equality is based on a false, mental reality that has produced severe material and physical consequences for humanity and the environment. These consequences are fast approaching the line of no return that will endanger our civilization in ways that a... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Fear of Equality, Part 4 03/10/2013

Darryl Thomas:The war against the Group is based on fear, and the weapon used against the Group is fantasy. It is the worse kind of fantasy to assert one can speak intelligently of rights and freedom out of one side of their mouth while speaking of social Darwinism of survival... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Fear of Equality, Part 3 03/06/2013

Darryl Thomas:The grafting of a moral component to the capitalist concern of self – interest is a cheap trick (who isn’t for morality?), but many have bought it without question. How is it that Capitalism (composed of one group of Individuals), as a “moral” system, holds no re... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Fear of Equality, Part 2. 03/03/2013

Darryl Thomas:Exploring why the word “equality” conjures up in the mind of frightening images of force and oppression. Originally posted on Process: 2014: People fear equality because we fear each other within the competition of survival The Belief that Man (and Earthly exi... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Fear of Equality, Part 1. 03/02/2013

Part 1. Why People Fear Equality I have just participated in an Internet dialogue on the PolicyMic site, where I occasionally leave comments that support ideas of equality and bullshit removal. I had quite an interesting exchange with a defender of Capitalism that was fascinat... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Faith and Freedom! Buzzwords of Deception?

Marco Rubio: There are no flags he will not stand in front of in his quest to be President! “The single greatest contributor to economic and educational underperformance in America today is the breakdown of families,” Sen. Marco Rubio said recently as the Florida Republican ... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

FIFA in Brazil: Welcome to the Existential Games!

Homeless worker protesting on the eve of the Brazil 2014 World Cup Four years ago (it scarcely seems that long ago!) I found myself in the middle of all the Fifa World Cup hoopla, hype and hysteria in the country that was hosting the tournament: South Africa.  The first time... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Day 44: My Digital Self and the Illusion of Privacy

"Today, alongside each one of us, there exists a second, electronic self, created in part by us, in part by others. This other self has become de facto public property, owned chiefly by immense data-crunching corporations, which use it for commercial purposes. Now government i... —aformerseekersjourneytolife.blogspot.com

Day 43. "You Can't Pay Rent with a Credit Card."

Whenever I speak to somebody about the Equal Money System, the Living Income Guarantee or constructing a far more sane world where everyone has their needs met, I usually receive from the person I'm speaking a pair of raised eyebrows, a smirk or a facial expression that sugges... —aformerseekersjourneytolife.blogspot.com

Day 42: Selling Scared

How can it be that one day I was completely stoked into getting to the store and selling shit at Big Boxco and experience a great, satisfying day and the next day I worry and fret about performing the exact same actions and proceed to lay one flat, uninspired gigantic egg? Wel... —aformerseekersjourneytolife.blogspot.com

The Shameful Self-serving Myth of American Exceptionalism

“I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism. We have a core set of values that are enshrined in our Constitution, in our body of law, in our democratic practices, in ou... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

8/11/2013. The Big Man

That’s what I called Bernard. “The Big Man.” I liked to tell Andrea, “Can’t hang out with ya, hun. Gotta go into town with the Big Man.” It was due to the fact that when I first time I ever laid eyes on him I was surprised how large he looked. It was evening time, September 29... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Brief Consideration on the George Zimmerman Verdict

I’ve given this media story a bit of fleeting consideration. Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman forever linked to a tragic incident that is no different from any other tragic incident. The “tragedy” being of course that an unhappy result of a calamity all but guarantees furth... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

The United States Supreme Court has Granted the FDA with Scientific Infallibility!

From Whiteout Press online news service: “In a 5-4 vote, the US Supreme Court struck down a lower court’s ruling and award for the victim of a pharmaceutical drug’s adverse reaction. According to the victim and the state courts, the drug caused a flesh-eating side effect that ... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

6.9.13: Human Right #3. Safety and Security for every Child

3. An Equal Right of Safety and Security for every Child, so that a life free of fear, insecurity and trauma is assured, a life in which parental guidance is balanced with freedom of expression and lived within an environment of creativity and joy so that every Child grows int... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

6.7.13. Human Right #2: Right to Physical and Mental Health

2. An Equal Health Right that provides all essentials to building strong physical embodiments, insuring vitality and well-being along with clarity of intellect, emotional balance and physical stability. Anti-Abortion activists often refer themselves as members of the “Right-T... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

6.6.13. Human Right #1: Right to a Healthy and Fulfilling Life

1. An Equal Economic Right that insures that all financial needs are accessible and available to ensure that the fundamental requirements of a healthy and fulfilling life can be realized and manifested. There has been countless words devoted to Human Rights over the centuries.... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Fear of Equal Money, Part 2. 03/24/2013

Photo: Carolyn Cole 10 years ago, I recall working in a Kinko’s in Whitehall, Ohio when the war began with the news of rockets raining down in Iraq. I heard it first on the radio that we had turned on behind the counter. For months I felt uneasy about the prospect of war with ... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Fear of Equal Money, Part 1. 03/22/2013

Would the Equal Money System confiscate personal wealth? If history shows anything, it is that there’s no better way to justify relations founded on violence, to make such relations seem moral, than by reframing them in the language of debt – above all, because it immediately ... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

How to Deal with a Paid Internet Troll. 03/20/2013

Illustration: Darryl Thomas Did you know that there exists on the Internet people who are paid to invade social networking sites like Yahoo, Facebook and others, and try to influence others with premeditated trolling. I myself ran in dozens of trolls when I moderated the De... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Fear of Equality, Part 7. 03/17/2013

The Value of Inequality Equality is not truly understood because its meaning is caught up within  destructive definitions which renders the definition of Equality incoherent. When people see the word, “Equality” – pictures of being corralled into internment camps, loss of indi... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com