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Fear of Equality, Part 6. 03/15/2013

The Natural Law Argument Against Equality When we speak of the Fear of Equality, we notice that most opponents of Equality will use various arguments to contradict or invalidate the benefits and rewards of Equality. The most popular is the  Natural Law argument, due to its cla... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Fear of Equality, Part 5. 03/12/2013

THE impression forces itself upon one that men measure by false standards, that everyone seeks power, success, riches for himself and admires others who attain them, while undervaluing the truly precious things in life. Thus begins Freud in his book, Civilization and its Disco... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Fear of Equality, Part 4 03/10/2013

The United States is the Darwinist capital of the capitalist world. A head afraid is a head haunted. A head haunted is a head hunted. Run for your life. Run from the guillotine to a head hunter who saves your head and raises your salary—so you’ll be caught in the red of the fi... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Why People Fear Equality, Part 3 03/06/2013

The Myth of Liberty Capitalism  is not only an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, and it is not only a system based on private ownership and generating profits for the “free market” and “investors.... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Fear of Equality, Part 1. 03/02/2013

Part 1. Why People Fear Equality I have just participated in an Internet dialogue on the PolicyMic site, where I occasionally leave comments that support ideas of equality and bullshit removal. I had quite an interesting exchange with a defender of Capitalism that was fascinat... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

John Mackey At Students For Liberty Conference: "Capitalism Has a Serious Branding Problem"

John Mackey at a libertarian conference explained, “The recent recession was blamed on greedy financial corporations, deregulation, and capitalism, rather than on bad government." —policymic.com

2013/02/18 Does Capitalism have a “Branding Problem?”

John Mackey: Cheerleader of Conscious Consumptionism In an article by Joel Griffith which is smattered across the conservative-libertarian Internet ghettos, the founder of Whole Foods, John Mackey recently delivered the keynote address at the “International Students for Libert... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Don’t worry about the “Fiscal Cliff,” it is a manufactured crisis

With so much hand wringing and political brinkmanship in Washington about “going over the fiscal cliff,” it’s good to see some people with their heads on straight and attempting to get through to the media-brainwashed populace that they don’t understand how the US monetary sys... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com


The end of the world looks like the nothing we thought it would. because IT’S STILL HERE! About these ads Share this:ShareGoogle +1StumbleUponDiggRedditFacebookTwitterEmailPrintTumblrPinterestLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

2012 Mayan Prophecy Countdown. 18 Days and Counting…

Here’s an interesting story from the New Yawk Times. MOSCOW — There are scattered reports of unusual behavior from across Russia’s nine time zones. Inmates in a women’s prison near the Chinese border are said to have experienced a “collective mass psychosis” so intense that th... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

25 Days and Counting to the Mayan Prophecy!

COUNTDOWN TO THE MAYAN 2012 END OF TIME HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN! 25 DAYS and COUNTING! Aren’t you excited. I’ve been  waiting nearly a YEAR for this end-times prophecy to occur. When the  space ships don’t arrive and the clock keeps ticking away, I will be on the Internet YEEHAW!... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

2012 Mayan Prophecy Endtimes. Day 24 and Counting…

Day 24 and counting. People all over the world are starting to feel a little more anxious as the greatest non-event of the 21st Century hurdles towards Ground Zero on December 21, 2012.  The mocking of the Mayan Prophecy began on this blog on January 28, 2012. I haven’t seen m... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com


The Mayan Code is a book by Barbara Hand Clow who  is the leading propagandist for the Mayan 2012  end times prophecy that relies mostly on the “scholarship” of  Carl Johan Calleman. What is so great about this book is that it is destined to be an occupant of the 2012 Failed P... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

2012 Mayan Prophecy Endtimes. Day 22 and Counting!

Day 22 until the end of the world. The 2o12 Mayan Endtimes Goodtimes Hour continues for 22 days! You excited? I know I am. I haven’t scoffed at such a colossal hoax since the Harold Camping Endtimes fiascos. The Raptures (which were predicted twice by Camping) failed to commen... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

2012 Mayan Prophecy Endtimes. Day 21 and Counting!

3 weeks until the End of the World. Are you busy getting your affairs in order? Have you spent all your money or are you hoping that maybe, just maybe, the people who claimed that the Mayans foretold the end of the world on Dec. 12, 2012, were WRONG? We couldn’t be that lucky,... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

2012 Mayan Prophecy EndTimes. Day 20 and Counting…

Watch out for the walk back. Lee Carroll and Kryon There is a new world coming and this new world will be very, very different from what life is today. There are going to be very many changes in this life and there will be a reduction in the population; things will not be easy... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Day 29. The Citizen

I've had an interesting time as a US Citizen. I've seen a lot of Shenanigans, to put it ever so lightly, out of my fellow citizens. But let it be known, I was never a proper citizen to be sure. Almost all the training in citizenship is a single class on American Government in... —aformerseekersjourneytolife.blogspot.com

2010/09/13 – A Monograph in Defense of Equality Part 9

iPods are Good for Consumers. But Are They Good for the Third World? Neoliberals think so. For them, the sweatshop isn’t just a symbol of the ubiquitous and life-crushing aspects of capitalism, it’s also a triumphant example of its moral and rational superiority over all othe... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

25 Days and Counting to the Mayan Prophecy!

COUNTDOWN TO THE MAYAN 2012 END OF TIME HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN! 25 DAYS and COUNTING! Aren’t you excited. I’ve been  waiting nearly a YEAR for this end-times prophecy to occur. When the  space ships don’t arrive and the clock keeps ticking away, I will be on the Internet YEEHAW!... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

The Triumph of American Neoliberalism?

Voted for Obama. Not Really Happy About it. Obama has been reelected and the Triumph of American Neoliberalism marches on. I recall 4 years ago when we thought that this time, things would be different. We finally had someone who would bring change to America. Obama was the Je... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Our Chickens Have Come Home to Roost

Obama is my mama and has been re-elected. “What kind of economic contribution can we expect from a generation of American minority workers whose social decline has made them more suited for entitlement dependency than executive management?”[1] This is a fair question – and I e... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Day 20: The Nightmare of the Survivor

I was standing at the counter of my job when someone came up to me and asked how I was doing. "Surviving," I said. He responded, "Yeah. I know what you mean." We both knew. everybody knows that surviving through all the thousand natural shocks the flesh is destined to suffer... —aformerseekersjourneytolife.blogspot.com

Why I am Voting for Obama

I’m registered to vote in my state and it will be the first time I voted in a presidential election since 1988, 24 years ago.  I wasn’t really enamored with the Democratic candidate and I remember voting more against Ronald Reagan and not voting for Michael Dukakis. Dukakis co... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Human Potential Movement Part 3. The New Self-Help Gurus

Wanna make a million? Write a self-Help book. The New Self-Help Gurus They’ve given seminars, been on television and made millions with their self-help books flooding the market. It is the Holy Trinity of Eckart Tolle, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. Their messages are essential... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

The Human Potential Movement Part 2. The New Age

The “Secret” with dealing with Rhonda Byrne? Sign the contract. Human Potential Movement  and the New Age At the beginning of the 20th Century, the followers of a Greek-Armenian mystic with a message of awakening to a “higher consciousness” promoted George I. Gurdjieff (1866?... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

The Human Potential Movement: Self-Help Gurus. Pt.1

The belief that human abilities are expandable is not a new idea. The Human Potential Movement as a systematic program may have first begun in the West with the Stoics, who were active at the beginning of the 3rd  Century BCE. Stoicism claimed that the quality of life of the h... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Day19: Apolitical

My political views have shifted during my time here on Planet Earth. I was born into a patently Democratic family for the most part. When I have voted, it's been either for Independents or Democrats. The last Presidential election I participated in was waaaay back in 1984 when... —aformerseekersjourneytolife.blogspot.com

Day 18: The Snob

"Eminence front - It's a put on." According to some dictionaries, a snob is someone who believes that they are superior to others in taste and class, although the prime ingredient to be a snob is a self-importance that is offensively arrogant and annoying. And since I have e... —aformerseekersjourneytolife.blogspot.com

8/9/2012 – Why you Don’t have “Free Will”

The topic of Free Will has many dimensions and definitions, most of them based on opinion, misinterpretation and conjecture, and yet I find that the topic must be viewed with skepticism due to the unquestionably deterministic nature of this reality. Free will can only be prope... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

08/13/2012: 2012 & the Incoherence of the Religious Rebels

Russia’s FemPunk Pussy Riot. Can Art overcome Ignorance? Probably Not. I was 21 years old when I finally decided to dispense with the belief in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. The decision was precipitated by a “mystical” White Light episode which led ... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com