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2012/03/06 – 2012 & the Fraud of Buddha’s “Enlightenment”

Meh. He meant well. “Well, this has been an interesting site. Thanks for helping me find some sanity in some of the rather bullcrappish stuff I have followed over the past decade. I know I have bought and read all of the books mentioned of all of the authors so far and I am br... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

2012/03/07 – 2012 & My Reply to a Buddhist

Buddha taught to achieve inner peace. But at what cost? I received this comment from a reader and I want to place this as a new blog post because it reflects an argument that I’ve seen many times before from various religious devotees. In my earlier post a reader claimed that ... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

2012/2/20 – 2012, the Sovereign Individual and Equal Money

Would "minivanjack" trade places with this being? Would YOU? I’m expanding a discussion with Youtube user, “minivanjack” regarding his video, “God, Money and Lies.” The video seems to be a rather boilerplate Alex Jones/Lew Rockwellian libertarian diatribe about the Federal R... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

HereRadio2012.1."Homeless Chic?"

The Latest Fashion Trend inspired by an anonymous homeless guy in China, "Homeless Chic" is the latest trend that aims to make a quick buck off the image and suffering of the outcasts of society. Commentary by Deedra Chavez and Darryl Thomas —youtube.com

2012/02/10 – Foxconn Suicides, Cheap Electronics and “Apple’s Values.”

Open disclosure: I have bought, use and own Apple products. I am Not Happy with how they are made with the ground-up bones of human suffering! I’ve posted about Foxconn and Apple before here. And here comes the NY Times which recently published a series of investigative articl... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

Atlantis -- The untold History -- (Exclusive) -- Atlantis

The Untold History of the Atlanteans from Atlantis, shared by an Atlantean-females coming through the Interdimensional Portal . This is a continuation and expansion of the Series "History of Mankind". Atlanteans -- The beginning -- Part 1: an Hour long interview with the... —youtube.com

How I was able to hear the Desteni Message

In the summer of 2007, I came across the Desteni Material for the first time. A video commentary by Darryl Thomas. I finally learned to give up my ideas of "enlightenment" and specialness and learned to embrace the notion of what is best for all. —youtube.com

2012/01/28 – Barbara Hand Clow’s 2012 Mayanist Cottage Industry

Clow: Mapping the Galactic Underground The 2012 phenomenon is largely a cottage industry of writers, lecturers and New Age celebrities who market their theories to people through videos, in workshops and on websites. There are many of these people who have been spreading for y... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

2012/1/23 – Terence McKenna’s 2012 End of History

Terence McKenna: Tripping the Timewave Fantastic The late Terence McKenna, was a  DMT enthusiast. drug smuggler, philosopher, occultist, lecturer, writer  and “pro-mind-altering psychonaut,” who in the 1990′s, claimed that through divination of the I Ching, the Mayan Calendar,... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

2012: Movable Dates of Prophecies

The wonderful escape hatch for explaining why 2012 won't usher in a New Age has long been a part of end-times prophecy. That escape is simple: Move the date or claim it has already happned... on a "spiritual level." —youtube.com

2012/01/20 – Dr. Wayne Dyer’s 2012′s New Age Snake Oil for Success

Dr. Wayne Dyer, "Sit Back and Let the Unseen World Take Care of It."   To make your dreams come true, you must go to the unseen world–the world of Spirit, or inspiration. It is this world that will guide you to anything you’d like to have in your life. – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Th... —darrylthomas.wordpress.com

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