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ATT: Global Oil Reserves are Running out – Alternatives?

The problem with oil is that its a non renewable resource. What oil we have on earth is all we will ever have. And what we have left will run out sooner than anybody anticipated… In fact – in 1960 oil production peaked. Meaning that in 1960 oil productions was at its highest a... —

2012 All is well and as it Should be! - F**king Really?

Spirituality - Finding this earth to be an OK place and justifying all the suffering in the world with one phrase – ‘’All is well and as it Should be’’ Lets take a look at some of the things currently going on on earth: War Famine Poverty Decreasing of natural habitats causi... —

2012 Don't Wait for Higher Powers: Use The Do-It-Yourself Ascension Kit

  Isn't It frustrating that you have to wait? Do you ever Wonder if what you are doing is good enough? Will you be granted ascension rights after all you hard work? How about the waiting for the SHIFT – Will you be granted the power of understanding and achieve a higher con... —

The B.I.G Solution – Bailing Out the Suffering

So we can agree that it is generally accepted that if you cannot afford a roof over your head you sleep on the streets. Or If you cannot afford food you die. Basically we have accepted and allowed the fact that if you don't have money then you wont have a life. The fact that w... —

Occupy wall street – Idiocy

The People are unhappy. They are feeling discontent. The current economic system is not working well for them and they are angry at political leaders , corporate influence and other billionaires for having it all while the rest of the world – the other 99% don't have it all. T... —

Electricity Should be a Human Right

With the technology that is out today it is shocking that 1.6 billion people live without electricity. Just for one moment have a look at how different and difficult your life would be without it. And many still live with that difficulty and limitation. All the resources are ... —

Rhino Horns Now Poison Humans

In the desperate struggle to save the Rhinos from dehorning - A new remedy for their horns developed by the Rhino and Lion Reserve in Kromdraai South Africa. The Potion has no side effects to the Rhino although it has only been recorded and for a year. Basically it keeps away... —

Unnamed Crimes!!!

I'm am referring to this video by Bernard Poolman - HERE In this video unnamed crimes are being mentioned. What is a unnamed crime? These are crimes against humanity and life – but it is not seen as a crime. Everybody agrees to it and accept it as ‘’the way it is’’. For Exampl... —

How will buying work in Equal Money System pt1

How will buying work in an Equal Money System Pt 1 Having a look at how buying will work in a system based on equality - The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start participating in democratic elections... —

Dealing With Failure:

    Perfection – There is one saying that i always thought was really cool ‘’everybody makes mistakes’’. That made me feel good about myself, because if i make a mistake then it is ok – everybody else does as well. That good feeling was short lived because as i grew up  i r... —

Desteniproductions Terminated–What Now?

  YouTube Decided today to Terminate DESTENIPRODUCTIONS,  BERNARDPOOLMAN, DESTENIEXPOSED and DESTENIMONEY and DESTENIPRODDEMONS due to alleged violations – These channels have in no way violated any terms of use regarding the terms. They were all taken down pretty much at th... —

Desteni I process

  Introduction Video for the Desteni I Process -  Desteni I Process —

Road Rage Kills – How Not to Become Possessed

A Taxi Driver was shot and killed by a security guard in a road rage incident. The taxi driver cut off a security van, the driver of the van then stopped and went to the taxi drivers window and he took out his pistol and then shot the driver dead as well as shooting the passe... —

How i Came to Desteni

How I came to Desteni I was born and raised a christian. Prayed every night and went to Sunday church. It was at my last 2years of school that I basically stopped being a full Christian meaning I only said I was to avoid conflict with people and parents. I was selective in te... —

Husband Hacked Wife to Death in a Fit of Rage

  ‘’He hacked her up, cutting “pieces of meat” out of her as if he was cutting up a carcass for cooking, angered family members of a Zimbabwean woman whose killer got an eight- year prison sentence for her murder, said on Tuesday. ‘’ – Daily news The wife moved in with her s... —

Baby Iguana's at Desteni Farm

Introducing 2 baby green iguana's. As a part of minimizing the abuse in nature in terms of people taking wild animals from the wild to be sold as pets - a solution is to have animal farms where one breeds them in a environment that is supportive to them and then ma... —

I learned to Breath

  We live in a world were waiting 20 minutes in a line or getting stuck in traffic for an hour seems to be a long time. We are used to getting results fast and when we don't we get impatient. This creates the idea that when something takes long and results are not seen soon ... —

I want to be (a)Life when I grow up.

  If we have a look at the focal point of the current world system we can see it is to become someone successful – in other words to make money to live. What do you want to be when you grow up? Most of us get asked this question. It always irritated me and made me anxious, ... —

Why Sex Sells–Why We Just Cant Get Enough.

  Sex. We live for it. Will do almost everything for it. We are automatically drawn to it. It is used everywhere in advertising to catch our attention to buy stuff. And it is accepted as OK to exploit us. We are programmed to be directed by desire and will follow this pursu... —

Girl shoots dad with arrow over Cellphone

  A 15 year old girl shot her dad with an arrow after he grounded and took her cellphone away. You know those thoughts in your head where you get back at someone, or have fights in your head with someone or imagine doing serious harm to a particular person? With these thou... —

It Itches–Therefore I Scratch

I have created a habit of scratching the back of my neck. It really itches sometimes and that is why i scratch it. But why does it itch? If I go back and look at my thoughts to the moments where My neck start to itch I see that it is moments where I don't Direct myself effect... —

The Saviour complex

Since I was a child I wanted to be a hero. That was because of the TV shows I watched with friends like ‘’Power Rangers’’ and other comics. They made it look so cool, and since then I thought it would be cool to save somebody. I used to fantasise imaginary events where there... —

I Breathe Life

When I first came to Desteni I was a zombie. The silent type, introvert and had no clear plans for the future. If I had to explain my experience of myself back then it was as if I was standing back inside myself – almost like sitting back and watching a movie. I did not partic... —

Unarmed Woman Shot outside police Station by cop

A Woman drove into the back of a police patrol van just outside Kempton Park police station. The car guard ran into the station to report the accident. The sergeant then walked out of the station for 30, calmly approaching the woman's car. He stopped at the passenger window, p... —

Faith like Avocados

Since I was child I liked growing things and watching them grow. I worked in the garden with my mother. The first tree I remember growing was an Avocado. The simplicity in this is what fascinated me, because by placing the Avocado pit with three tooth picks and halfway in wat... —

I am the Creator – cannot Blame Another

A point that I have come to realize is the meaning of self responsibility. When I started with Desteni I always thought things were happening TO me. That It was something else making me feel depressed or angry. I always held the other person responsible for either hurting m... —

Make Money and Stop addictions with Desteni I process

Within walking this process I learned that there is a BIG difference between saying and doing. About a year ago I was taking on stopping smoking. I told myself that I am going to stop, but everyday i found some excuse not to stop and ended up smoking. I started to see that wha... —

Be Financially Stable - Join Desteni I process

The Desteni I process is a Life coaching product designed to achieve stability in this world. Let us have a look at what we basically need to achieve this: We need money to be financially stable. We need personal stability so that we can function and interact effectively in ... —

Earth as Self!!1

Take Responsibility for earth and self A discussion with Fidelis Spies. Join the Desteni Forum for discussions. Desteni I Process is a LifeStyle concept that is simply "Achieving financial freedom slowly but surely". We provide coaching/mentoring and products to help pe... —

Learn to know yourself Desteni I Process

Learn to know yourself - Desteni I Process Description: Follow My blog: Desteni I Process Join us at and coach your life to self perfection. Equality & Oneness : http:/... —

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