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To Become Perfect - Join the Desteni I Process

From childhood we observe the world around us, form a perception about it and live accordingly. We adapt behavior patterns on an unconscious level that becomes part of our personality. Its like action and reaction. When this happens, i must react like this.When somebody s... —

Know Thyself with Desteni I Process

Why is it that we don't know what is happening inside ourselves? Why do we need Psychologist to show us why we do the things we do? You would think that since this is my body, I am the one moving , thinking and feeling I should be able to express myself, reach into my subcons... —

Life in this world do not make sense Equal money does

Heading: Life does not make sense - Equal Money Does Description: Equal Money for all. Equality & Oneness : Equal Money System : Desteni I Process Join us at http://www.des... —

Desteni I Process solves all your problems

Why do you always make the same mistakes and just cant seem to stop falling in the same patterns? No matter how hard you try you cant get over somebody. Why are you always attracted to the same kind of person? Why are you angry\sad\frustrated\ all the time? Why is it so dam ha... —

I have had enough - Why I Shave

I shave my head as a statement saying i have had enough of how we live in this world and it must change My blog: Equality & Oneness : Equal Money System : D... —

I Smell the Past

I walked in the mall the other day and as i walked past someone the smell of their perfume stirred a feeling within me. Now feelings are activated by thoughts and this particular one was a memory of a long ago girlfriend who used similar perfume. And it took me back to those ... —

Self Change Support

In doing the desteniiprocess, changing behavior patterns is one of the things you deal with.Things like reacting when people say something, getting angry, giving up when faced with certain events, basically the personality. Now to change that behavior into something that woul... —

Why are we surviving? Seriously?

Its in our blood, the need to survive. No matter how many wars or diseases came our way, we humans managed to survive. From the early caveman days we needed food and other sustenance to survive. Now we need money to survive. That was a collective decision. Agreed to greed and ... —

Is this world worth saving?

The majority would say no, and the few that say yes are the lucky ones. I have had a good life so far, so personally I have nothing to complain about. But when I look at how most of the people live in this earth, and when i start to see how people truly are, i cant help be d... —

Just Tomorrow Everything will be OK

Tomorrow Everything will be OK. Listen to this as you read: There is a hope that just tomorrow everything will change and be ok. I don't have to do anything because something else will solve it for me. There is hope that will wa... —

Fake greeting Fake

Where is the real people? We have become secluded and we hide from each other in fear of each other. Money has made us see how far we will go to get what we want. At the shops till counter there is a sticker on the till workers desk that reminds them how to engage a custom... —

Being on constant guard - Anticipating the worst

The world is out to get me. And I'm constantly tested in every moment. I have to watch what i say and analyze the actions and words of others to find the true meaning. I cannot answer a question without thinking about it and making sure I am taking everything into considera... —

Actions Have Consequences 2

Our Actions Have Consequences See life coaching at visit the forum at Equal Money at Our Actions Have Consequences considerations considerate environment change disappointed suppor... —

Fidelis Spies - Money For Life

''Nortje, 51, who was shot dead in the driveway of his Montclair home on January 17, was an officer in the police’s protection security service and was responsible for investigating the smuggling of goods and drugs through Durban’s harbour. —

Alcohol stop

Why I Stopped Drinking Alcohol. Descript: Alcohol changes you. See life coaching at visit the forum at Equal Money at Why I stopped drinking alcohol drinking getting drunk wa... —

Fidelis Spies - 100 Sled Dogs Slaughtered in the name of MONEY

''VANCOUVER, Canada (AFP) – Police are investigating the slaughter of 100 husky dogs used during the 2010 Winter Olympics to pull tourist sleds in the Canadian ski resort of Whistler, authorities said. —

Recreating Past as Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of happiness in the Past Looking in the past to recreate experiences to feel happy and feel good. See life coaching at visit the forum at Equal Money at pursuit Pursuing ... —

Giving it your All

Doing something to the best of your ability Equality & Oneness : Equal Money System : Desteni I Process Join us at and coach your life to self perfec... —

How you feel changes your perception

How you feel changes your perception ...Speaking about perception Discussions at Also visit to discuss global solutions for our world perception, feel, felling, special, alone, need, want, desire, relationships, polarity... —

Planting Coffee Trees & Introducing the Nursery at Desteni

Planting Coffee Trees & Introducing the Nursery at Desteni The start of a Nursery planting coffee trees equal living care plant life 'how to start' build nursery fidelisspies destenifarm 'equal money system' equality desteni —

Equal Money vs Current Money System

Equal Money vs Current Money System Support a solution that's Best for All Join the Solution Revolution equal money 'equal money system' revolution evolution money-system transcendence hierarchy elite nwo starvation exp... —

I Am One Vote For World Equality

The way we are existing Must Stop I had enough In order to bring forth World Equality each and every being must be in equality. By first stopping and clearing ourselves from that which is not best for all and abuses Life. —

Bald Chick Shaving Fidelis

Shaving it all off for Life Equality Get Robot Virgins Music from Itunes: —

Souls : Designed-Systems of Purpose

Humans: Designed-Systems of Purpose - Text Now what was fascinating is; in the Afterlife a control-system was placed in. That control-system was called the Soul. What was the point of the Soul? What was realised is: If God is to be God and everybody is always agreeing and s... —

Will I ever love again?

Deep in my Soul theres a Picture of you that seeks to play Lifes Role A Painting of you so true with a Love thats Burning and My Soul that Yearns I look for you everywhere All I found was a Blank stare Im Looking for you Im Looking for you Why did You and I change W... —

Funny? Tree Planting

I am making a series of videos sharing some of the stuff i do during the day at Desteni Ranch. This one is a how to plant fruit trees. WE are planning to plant a lot so we can provide a wide range of fruit for ourselves. So far we have apple trees, orange trees, nectarin... —

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