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Process Support: Personal Life, Walking DIP, and Time Management

Here walking some support on how I have been managing my time and responsibilities within my life and specifically within walking the desteni i process. I share different tools and methods I use to be able to handle all my work and personal responsibilities as well as the resp... —

Process Support: Walking through a Fall

Here looking and giving some insights and realizations I have had within the point of me falling in this process or just falling on any point you have committed yourself to do, how to walk through it and not get trapped in the desire to sabotage yourself or give up. Please lea... —

Parental Advice: How to get Kids to Trust You- Child's Perspective

Here I share my experience of growing up within what I have realized is ways to grow into a solid relationship of trust and care between the parent and child. Check out video for support from the perspective of the child. Also check out the Desteni Forum Thread being Discus... —

Day 269 – What Does Being a ‘Winner’ imply in this World for the Human Being?

Please reference these blogs for further perspective on this post:Day 265 – What Does Being A Loser Imply? Behind WordsDay 266 – What Does the Word Loser Imply? – Self ForgivenessDay 267 – What Does the Word Loser Imply? – Self Corrections to LiveDay 268 – Redefining the Word ... —

Day 268 – Redefining the Word Loser

Loser Please reference these blogs for further perspective on this post: Day 265 – What Does Being A Loser Imply? Behind Words Day 266 – What Does the Word Loser Imply? – Self Forgiveness Day 267 – What Does the Word Loser Imply? – Self Corrections to Live This word, loser... —

Day 190 & 191 - "Taking Thing's Personally" Personality - Thought Dimension - "Your Wrong!"

Ever wonder how all of the sudden you want to just go ape sh*t on a person, really, one minute your cool and chill, and the next someone says something, and inside feels like a volcano is erupting and you are ready for attack. Here in this vlog, I discuss my experience and und... —

Day 194 - "Taking Things Personally" - Backchat Dimensions - It's Her Fault!

For Further Perspective, you can check out relevant blogs:Day 190 – Opening up an Event of Attack within The “Taking Things Personally” Personality Day 191 – 'Taking things Personal' Personality – Thought Dimension - “She is Wrong” Day 192 – ‘Taking Things Personal’ Personalit... —

Day 26 - Me as a Weakling Polar B(F)ear - Part 1

Looking at a point of fear in my reality, what I see is that I fear conflict with others. I fear being shut down and humiliated with another so I rather not go there and kind of skate through life scenarios. Within this skating through I will remain in fear because I am not di... —

Journey to LIfe Series - Day 25- Not Getting What I Want

Day 25- Sharing how I become a temper tantrum demon when I don't get what I want because I am existing within desires and living for the fulfillment of desires in my world. How I am stopping desires from directing me, and my process to walk to life here in self perfection defi... —

2012 Re-Defining the Word RESPECT to be Lived Best for All

Respect Within and during my life I have used the word respect as a means of reverence and placement with others in my world, such as elders, I would see to respect them as they have been through more life experiences than me and thus if I pay them respect, I can be taught an... —

2012 Water Bottle Scam: Can We Trust Labels?

Discussing the deceptive nature of labels on products we buy, here specifically talking about water bottles. Documentary Link on Water Bottle Politics: 'Tapped' Trailer - sorry it cost money to watch $1.99, but it's worth it.....this is the one I saw and it was very in... —

2012: I Have a Secret....My Journey with a 'Spirit' Entity

My friend and I started to discuss a new book I was reading, it was the conversations with god books. It was a book about a guy who asks questions, and 'god' comes through and writes out answers. This was very intriguing to me as I had come to realize that what we were being t... —

2012- Life in Desensitize Nation - you dig it?

Discussing images and media desentizing people to the reality of this world as suffering, and what can be done to solve this numb like state that ensues when this is indulged. Visit the sites mentioned to create a solution within this world best for all life through a chang... —

2012 Self Forgiveness: I Lack

Self Forgiveness Lack This is in response to an earlier post I did on the word Proud in terms of living it in competition as an ego and living it within a consideration of self one and equal with all within the betterment of all life. Here is a reference: Re-Defining the Wor... —

Social Fear- Speaking in Front of a Group

For more discussion visit: Products that help support self into a stable life and equalibrium by learning about how oneself has developed and essentially designed self and change to someone who lives self perfected in self awareness visit: ... —

Re-Defining the Word PROUD to live for All LIfe

Growing up within myself I used the feeling of being proud within a point of compensation for the lack that I felt within myself. To be proud within the system is to become joyful within ones own individual accomplishments or that there of someone close to you that you love or... —

All We Care About is Ourselves- Self Forgiveness on Self Interest

Self Interest So I was just watching Kristina Salas Vlog, 2012- Get Over Yourself...Stand Equal about this very point, where we as beings, as individual beings make OUR tinny, tiny worlds the center of the universe, like there is nothing going on in this world, but what w... —

Childhood Fear: Dogs behind Fences Barking their Heads off....

Discussing my fear of a dog behind the fence we had to walk in front of to get home from school, that barked very loud and scared all the kids half to death, lolol! For more discussion go to For more dicussion on fearing dogs or loud barking ... —

Childhood Fear: Fear of Clowns....

Discussing my fear of clowns as a kid as a result of watching the movie IT! For more discussion visit Also, leave some comments or a video response below. —

2012- Fear Week: Being Murdered in my Sleep

For more discussion or investigating why humans fear visit: There is also a forum there to discuss with others. As a kid I had a fear of being murdered in my sleep due to the scary movies and tv shows I would watch. If you have any fears like t... —

Re-Defining HUMILITY to Live for All Life

I within forth coming blogs will be writing on the re-definition of words that have been created within the mind to gain only for one's own self interest, which cause the way of this world where many suffer and those who don't are able to live among this with no real action fo... —

The Secrets of Masturbation Revealed!

There is a new interview series that came out at the eqafe store, which is a store that sells self perfection products to help self gain stability within ones own mind reality and become stable living one and equal to all other life here in physical reality. This new series i... —

2012- Have you heard of Crohns? My Process with Disease Part 1

Here I walk my process within walking points and realizations in relation to the manifested consequence of a disease within my physical human body that has developed due to the accepted and allowed nature I have existed as thru many years as self sabotage. Here I start to shar... —

2012 Realizing about Death as A Child

I remember as a kid realizing this point of death, I had heard about it and knew it existed because my friends grandparents or maybe parent or sibling died, so I knew in fact that it was real. I remember thinking to myself 'holy shit' I am going to die one day, I am not going ... —

2012 Experience vs. Living

Discussing my perspective on experience that is mind created and living here one and equal with life and expressing in self responsibility. Check out my blog: Support for self in walking process, visit: ... —

2012 How I was Able to Hear the Desteni Message

Discussing here my walk before finding desteni, and how I walk within and as the principles of oneness and equality and the tools of self forgiveness, self honesty, and self correction within what is being shared thru and as all the beings participating. It's been a cool journ... —

2012 Porn and Sex...Straight On

Porn and the porn industry is a degradation of the human ability to live within and as equality and oneness as it is a mind fantasy world that is created through desire by images that aren't real and never can be fulfilled, but engulf the addict within the ever encompassing t... —

2012- There is A CURE for CANCER

Hey, did you realize there is a known, safe, non-invasive treatment to the body, and proven cure to what we know today as Cancer. Once someone hears this word, cancer, it is like a death sentence taking ones breath away knowing the ensuing horror that will come in fighting and... —

"I want to be perfect" Self Forgiveness

Okay, so - walk the line of self forgiveness - of how the teasing made you think and feel about yourself Picture By: Ann ven den Broeck The teasing within myself made me feel like an... —

No more Lostness in an Equal Money System

In an equal money system, lostness of self will be transcended and practically speaking will be no more because one will walk from this lostness one feels within the confines of the mind to life here in REALity where all is known because all is here as you. Life will become tr... —

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