Garbrielle Goodrow

Gas Pains Rising Up

The gas is reported to have gone up for the 35th straight day in US reaching 5 dollars in some states. This adds up to at least 50-60 dollars for most general cars to fill up there tanks. This is alot for me, and I have two jobs and no children. I couldn't imagine what familie... —

Project with my dad

4/25/11 I am working with my dad this summer to build my sister and her husband a deck. This will be very cool because I will learn practical skills on how to construct and build a deck. My dad has built alot of decks over the years, and will be a great person to learn these ... —

In an equal money system, all beings will have equal opportunity to education

4/23/11 This is something that should be a standard within society based on the desire to have a functional and productive growing society that is able to be innovative and creative as the years come. But within our society billions of people do not have any access to educati... —

Mission Impossible?

Is impossibility real? Is anything not possible in the context of this reality? Using practicality and common sense the things that matter here are possible, but many don't want to see because they don't want to live....fascinating, this is based on me, who am I in the face of... —

Past few days...

Hi, for the past few days I have been out of the normal routine of things I am use to because of a sudden come on of illness, this due to my own self responsibility because it is based on stress and nonsensical eating. A few days ago I was home from work due to feeling nausea ... —

A Classless System in an Equal Money System

4/20/11 Imagine a world where every being first and foremost saw that they where worthy beings and that no class system was actually real, no being in this existence is actually 'better' or 'worse' then any other being, we just for a while got lost in the money. Believing t... —

Day in the Life of GG

4/18/11 I am going to write about my day today as nothing else is coming up, I went to work early with Henri, and started my day at my desk. I slept through another night without doing my daily blog, which I was anxious about when I woke up based on me not living my word. Th... —

Feeling Ill Today

I have felt like the wind has been knocked out of me today. This started very early around 5 am, and I felt very nausea. I also felt weak and pains all over. I ended up staying home from work, and slept for about half the day. Then I got up and had to go into work for a few ho... —

Massive Storms Hit Southeast US Killing 45

There was a massive storm in the past three days killing 45 people in the southeast of the united states. It reads that there was a recorded 241 tornadoes that touched down in these areas. This is very unusual for our area and for what we are use to. Quite amazing the power an... —

Abortion: Will it Exist in an Equal Money System?

Perspective on abortion, and how it will be effected when all life will be supported thru and by money as a an effective foundation for all so all are able to LIVE and enjoy. Thanks. Please check out the links, and Join Us: http://www.equal... —

Stopping Nail Biting.....See How I did It!

4/16/11 How I effectively stopped my nail biting habit was done in one breath, based on a self willed decision to stop and never again allow myself to go into biting as a form of escape. I use to bite my nails for most of my life and it was a habit I enjoyed doing, but was d... —

I am not to be Forgotten

Today through out the day, I would come up with these cool realizations, but now that I sit down to write them out they are gone, can't remember. This showing that I still am existing from my mind as thought, as i remember coming up with them, but can't remember what they actu... —

A Women Drives her Minivan in River, Killing all inside

A women drove her car with her three children strapped into seat-belts into the Hudson river yesterday, killing all who were in the car. It was said that the women left a fight from her house with her husband, and she then did this. There was one 10 year old child that escaped... —

Cool Thing about Equal Money System....Read and See!!

4/13/11 Cool thing and a fundamental truth about the Equal Money System is that it will bring life here best for all beings. This guarenteed based on the way it will be set up with everything as simple and common sensical as it can be as a self truth understood and lived. Fla... —

Recent Points, Agreement, Speaking, Being Lonely

I haven't seen Dmitry in a few weeks now, we had just recently started up our agreement, but have not seen eachother since that weekend. We both had to work all week the first week, and then he went to training for two weeks, he'll be back this weekend. I have been continui... —

How to Actually, Effectivly Change Self to Co-Exist with All using the Desteni-I-Process

On a lot of cars I see this bumper sticker that says 'Co-Exist' I presume in a peaceful and harmonious manner. From a self honest perspective the 'message' of this bumper sticker is cool, as yes, lets all co-exist in this reality so all can live equally. But the point of How t... —

Missed a Day in Writing

I decided to hold off on writing my blog because I wanted to watch a movie last night, I eventually fell asleep during the movie, and did not get a chance to write myself out yesterday as I committed to doing daily. There is no excuse for this as I could have prioritized my... —

Desire to Im-press(ed)

A point within myself that I notice I go into often rather 'unconsciously' is living from a need of wanting to and trying to impress those around me. Being noticed would be more accurate; this came up a few times today when I was observing my back chat. This has always been... —

Working with What is Here at Work

We got a new phone system at work, I have to now learn this new system as it is a bit different from the last phone system we had. I was looking at myself within learning this this morning, and the reactions that I saw wanted to come up and direct me where becoming apparent... —

The Predatory System, What We Have Created

At my job, there is this phone call we get mostly ever morning, and it is this group saying that we owe them $500 dollars for a service that we did not approve and/or receive. We have asked them for proof of our authorization and/or the work that they completed for us. They ca... —

The 'Dark Passanger' within, My Secret Mind back Chat

One of the biggest mishaps of my life was pretending that I was the all mighty coolest thing on the planet, lol. This has brought me thru many experiences of ups and downs, back and forths, twist and turns, but really have I gone anywhere in all this time, or more to the point... —

Popping Pills, the Dis-Ease of Greed

4/4/11 I read an article in the new york times about how psychiatrist are stopping the talk sessions with patients and going straight into prescribing meds. This is due to the changes in insurance policy where they will no more cover talk therapy. This is quite telling to th... —

It's time for All to Make a Stand

Self direction, there comes a time when one has to take a stand within themselves and their worlds, this is obviously determined by each being and it is not a path that is easy to find nor easy to decide, but it is simple in terms of how one can come to this decision. This is ... —

A 'Negative' Comment and My 'Sadness'

hi, what i am looking at today is feeling bad and offended when someone says something or does something that I have taken personally. On one of my youtube videos, I just read a comment that a guy says that I look like a guy. This caused a reaction within my solar plexus/stoma... —

How to Stop Our Insanity...Check Out my Blog!

My Blog Link to Article: Join Us: To further discuss this or any of my videos go to the desteni forum li... —

Another Celeb Paid for Nothing, Equal Money System will Stop the Insanity

Snooki, the pop sensation from the Jersey Shore tv show on MTV is going to get $32K for appearing on the Rutgers campus. We can come up with many other worthwhile things this money could go to rather then to someone who did not earn it, and is just getting it because she was o... —

Effects of Writing Daily

Fascinating I fell asleep with the computer here on my lap while I was typing earlier on what to write about unbeknownst to me. I am tired, I have been working overnights so have had sleep broken up for a few nights, it is what it is. Writing here each day has been cool, a... —

A Bit on Henri

3/30/11 I had a relatively blaw day where I just did my regular work and then had work in the evening so I just worked mostly. After work for my day job I had about two hours to get my self ready for the night job. I fed henri and went to my room in the top floor of the house... —

Update on Agreement

I am looking to walk back into an agreement with Dmitry as we have been discussing it over the past few months, and seeing how it will practically work and what we want out of it. As far as who we are together as for now it is a relationship. I introduced him to desteni while ... —

How will Age be effected in an Equal Money System?

Post - 3/28/11 I'm back at work tonight, I been looking at this point of patience. I have to be quite patient for this job as it very much requires one to use this as a point for support for the other and what his or her needs are in any given moment. This also dealing with ... —