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American Girl Shaves Head Bald for World Equality

Shaving your head is a simple act to show that you stand to stop all abuse in this world in the name of profit and self-interest by stopping the participation in daily beauty products that pollute our world and oceans. Join the faceworld faceoff campaign: http://www.facewor... —

Vlog 1- Facing Self- No more hiding

A vlog about being a bullshitter, not being effective. If you would like to discuss this video please go to desteni forum's link here: Thanks for watching. —

Deception in the Middle of the Road- Video Response

My perspective on how the middle of the road is deceptive and what it takes to live in truth. Video Response to DesteniProductions Video: The Middle Road is the Greatest Deception —

Shaving My Head point

Perspective on my decision to shave my head for world equality and to stop abuse. —

War and Equal Money

A bit of perspective on war and equal money, where within this new equal money system war will end. —

Fallen on Weed- and I stand

A video to face myself in who i am here, I stop all participation with marijuana and direct myself so abuse is not allowed. —

Response to One Love comment- Where is the love?

A response to comments made by youtuber that wanted me to go to another place to share about the state of the world....this is what i have to say. music by: fidelis spies, cd is desteni chill, check it out on itunes -... —

I Forgive Myself- Sharing

Forgiveness statements on stuff that is going on in my world, thanks for listening. Go to desteni productions for more info. —

How Children Live HERE

This video is dedicated to all the children in the world who are suffering everyday, every moment for and through this current monetary system where life is considered less then the almighty dollar and children are taken advantage of and forced into suffering for the greed and... —

VLOG- CONtrol Issues for support with self change and self perfection —

Vlog 2- DD and GG Argument

Dmitry and I discussing our agreement, an argument that escalated to something more and what we realized. music by Radiohead song name: everything in it's right place —

Vlog 1- DD and GG Intro.

Dmitry and I discussing our agreement, an introduction to discussions to come. music by Radiohead song name: everything in it's right place —

No More Weed

21 days of no smoking weed update. —

Mother Nature Acts in Guatemala- Support a System thats = 4 ALL

Another consequence we face with the continuous abuse towards life around us and to our home here as earth, time to respect what is here as ourselves as earth, mother nature, and all it's inhabitants. Support an equal money system for all so all can have a dignified life, and ... —

BP Oil Spill- Party on?

The consequence we face with the continuous abuse towards life around us and to our home here as earth, what equal money will stand for and how this abuse will be stopped with this implemented. Music by Fidelis Spies, Title Name: Religion-- Desteni Chill is the CD availab... —

A Call to All-- Educate Self and Participate yeay! A call to all to educate self as this is the only way to empower self and be a participant in life rather then an observer. Education for all especially creating it for all freely is massively important for mankind to ge... —


continued discussion —


my experience with weed and abuse, 21 days of stopping weed —

Shaving My Hair and Family Part 2

got cut off for a moment, the end of it. —

Shaving My Hair and Family Part 1

continue on in process, where im at at the moment, discussing shaving my hair and families reactions - why the shave? to stop the abuse of nature and the earth through our constant use of chemicals for hair products and beauty products which pollute the water table. http:/... —

Happenings at Work

This is me expressing how i been experiencing myself in process of realizing who i am as life. Excuse the informal manner, rite b/4 bed. Anger and Frustration discussed. —

Equal Money system for all from birth to death

Equal Money for All - my perspective in response to Cenk's videos on the subject of a new system where all beings in this world are supported and are able to lived free thru the prinple of self honesty for what is best for all. http://www.deste... —

Expressing ME

equal money for all from birth til death so all can live For more info on self forgiveness and self honesty, and how to apply and get assistant go to Thanks —

Self Forgiveness

Me expressing self forgiveness. For more Info: —

Vlog- Life as Inferior

Me expressing my experience before Desteni as a person that did not see myself as worth much. —

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