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Labour and equal money. A personal experience.

I have been on the Desteni farm for some time now, about three years, and while being here I have done allot of labour. I have built houses, I have made trenches and I have planted trees and I have cut grass and raked it up, I have worked with horses and trimming their hoofs, ... —

Leafs on the lawn/garden

Leafs on the lawn. As A young kid I loved watching and hearing the leafs falling from the trees as they dried out from the cold and onto the lawn, I enjoyed kicking it and running through it. We had quite a lot of trees so the leafs was like a blanket over the grass, I also l... —

Be A Rebel with a cause – World equality.

First Let us see clear what rebel means in the dictionary to get a perspective and then change it to that which is best for all and actually can have an outcome, as we all know current rebellion does not have any direction or any way of achieving anything that is change. Oxfor... —


for equality. for that which is best for all. for a new world on earth. for heaven on earth. for the animals. for those that have no voice. for the end of abuse and suffering. about daily events that you never will read about in the newspaper. about how to take care o... —

Canibalistic spiders prove equal money will work.wmv

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Cannibalistic Spiders proof’s an Equal Money system will work

Equal Money will effect and change all life, from human to bug, We had and have evidence of this and that it actually work. Within an equal money system all beings on earth, Not just Humans but bugs, plants, animals, name it all will have equality and will be taken care of as... —

POINT 2–Cult - Anti Hate Campaign – Misguided points

Anti Hate Campaign – Misguided points – POINT 2 - Cult With the Anti hate campaign that I am doing with in my blogging for the people, to inform them of the misguided points that is being given out from haters on YouTube towards us Desteni, and all over the internet through bl... —

The Anti Hate Campaign –misguided point, one of many

Haters towards Desteni and what we stand for and misguided points that is being given to people on YouTube through hate video’s that these people upload. First point that many will see that is extremely misguided with in anti Desteni peoples vlogs is that they believe we are a... —

Young or old or in between we are all in the same boat called earth

, we need to get ourselves to understand that there is a solution, not with in the current economical and money system but in a complete new monetary system that actually works, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that it is impossible to create a ne... —

Why do parents fear the future of their children and what can be done to make the parents the foundation of a world that is best for all?

Why do parents fear the future for their children. Parents are people who bring new people into this world – thus as the parent it is the parents responsibility to create a secure future for their children as their children will be their future and so forth. If I look at th... —

Powerless you are not

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Brainwashing and my Name

Is my name who I am Let me look at it in a common sense way. I was born into this world with out nay name, My name before my parents gave me on was.... there was no name, this can count for all people on earth and all animals and all plants and everything we know. My parents... —

Comic Books, Heroes and Yourself.

There are hundreds of comic books and heroes and bad guys, people love comic books because it gives people a sense of power, something different and new, not from this world, where they can read about some hero that has gained some kind of power in some weird and sometimes exp... —

Powerless you are not.

I have been sitting at my desk many nights wondering and pondering on how can i make a difference in this world, I am powerless I have told myself many times, How can I possible make a difference in this reality with all the people already in power. I have given up so many ti... —

Why isn’t the world intervening in Bahrain as it did in Libra.

Here are some reasons given in reports - It might disrupt oil supplies - Bahrain's uprising, while cross-sectarian, would empower the Shia majority - the countries of the Gulf would not provide cover for international intervention - Bahrain's uprising is feared by its neighbo... —

Noise, loudness, sound, experiences.

Ok so I have been facing some interesting points with myself in relation to noise, well what i perceive as noise and as being loud etc. This I have been facing within myself with the assistance of all the animals in my room. We have rats – they are night animals and as soon a... —

Reptilians and Equal Money

I have 2 Nile monitor lizards in my room; I have been observing them and taking care of them. The one point that I see is most prominent is food, they must have food when they are hungry. Once I leave them to go hungry for just a bit longer they go into survival mode, their ... —

I have success, No more alcohol.

Yes i have success. In what you may ask? Well the success is me and that I have successfully stopped drinking for three years now. But why?It all started three years Ago, I was a really heavy drinker, got home late nights or early on weekends because I was throwing up Technor... —

walkabout on the desteni farm

The description I am taking a walk on the farm here at desteni, I did not prepare the video at all, I decided in a moment to simply walk with the camera and see what comes up in the moment to share on the video. I am with in the video only walking on the left side of the fa... —

Jokes, radiation, Education needed.

Radiating A point for the day (joking)I was talking to people about real things, things like children starving and about what is happening in this world with natural disasters and what side affects took place, for instance in Japan with the earthquake nuclear plants were damag... —

Roofdiere, meer gejag oor skade

Roofdiere Meer Gejag oor skake. Beeld koerant - 2011/04/20 Boere Ly R1,2 Miljard se verlies. Uit die koerant uit: Roof diere is jaarliks landwyd verantwoordelik vir verliese van R1,2 miljard ... —

Fire at Desteni and Self Discovery

I will explain what and who i was and where I came from in short detail, I will alos be sharing a personal view of how things was back then for me. Desteni I Process is a Life-Style concept that is simply "Achieving financial freedom slowly but surely". We provide coaching/... —


Wow I have smoked for over 4 years and then one day suddenly I had my last, I stop.Now why did I stop smoking and why would anyone want to stop smoking.I stopped because I am living a principal and I saw that with in stopping smoking I can live this principal I stand for as a ... —

4 Desteni and a Story of Self Discovery Here I am sharing myself and my story about how I came to desteni and what my situation was in the system before ... —

Learning to be Original.

So I have noticed a point today after it has been shown to me, being original, so first let us look at what is "not" being original.On the farm I have my daily things that I have to do such as pumping water, looking after my horse, looking after all the animals in my room and ... —

3 The Story of Gian and Desteni and Desteniproductions unfolds

Here I am sharing myself and my story about how I came to desteni and what my situation was in the system before I came to desteni farm, I will explain what and who i was and where I came from in short detail, I will alos be sharing a personal view of how things was back then... —

The New AWESOME is here

Yes there is something so amazing here and something so cool, we all can only call is really awesome.The equal money system.The equal money system is the new hip, its the new cool, the new what is hot and happening, we are it.We decide what is awesome and what is in, we are th... —

Badge Up for equal money system.

COOL, as we all can notice that all the people that stand for an equal money system and a new world in equality has been placing badges on their profile pictures of facebook.I find this to be really awesome because it creates a group, a point that is recognizable by all that i... —

Desteni and Me on a Journey for Life Cont

The description Here I am sharing myself and my story about how I came to desteni and what my situation was in the system before I came to desteni farm, I will explain what and who i was and where I came from in short detail, I will alos be sharing a personal view of how thi... —

Being productive.

Today as it was Sunday, I still see Sunday as a day when I just rest – just being a I woke up an hour later and I really enjoyed it because I allowed myself to do something different than the usual routine.But doing this everything ells in my environment also ... —