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I was born in Portugal and hold a BSc in International Relations and a Certificate for European Political Studies, manifesting my eagerness to see more about the "outside" and to have a global picture of the World. Previously I studied psychology and music. Coming across Desteni was the BEST eye-opener I could have to realise how superficial was my idea about everything. There is no such thing as "outside world". My political stand is now practically lived towards Equality and the best for All. I have been working in the media, multimedia and photography over the past 2 years. I am in an agreement with Joao Jesus.

Joana Ferreira

DIA 143: O medo de não ser pontual

Esta sempre foi uma luta. Perguntava-me e ainda me pergunto: como é que eles conseguem? Como é que as minhas amigas conseguem chegar a horas? E ainda por cima antes da hora! Esta luta interna durou até há bem pouco tempo. Abri este ponto durante o fim de semana entre convers... —

Missing a Breath: Day 62 Journey To Life blog review and Join the group on Facebook: Are You Aware of You Breath? Who Are You Th... —


The Love campaign starts this week, where Destonians around the world are looking into Love - as that which became the reflection of this world system of the mind and economic survival - and re-defining it to become actual real change. Today's Love is a Commodity, something ... —

DIA 19 - Os segredos da competição

Alguns destes pontos surgiram durante um jogo de ténis. Agora apercebo-me que começaram na escola... Eu perdoo-me por me ter aceite e permitido acreditar que "tenho de ganhar" o jogo e ser motivada pela imagem externa de ser vista como uma vencedora (vencer a dor?). Eu per... —

Summer Camp as the Equal Money Labour System

To learn more about Equal Money visit htp:// and follow us on Twitter @EqualMoney . On this video I share my experience of working at a farm, enjoying myself with other young people and relating it to the Equal Money Labour System. In today's system we have this ... —

When competition plays the game: fear of loss and jealousy

Who am I without competition? Can you imagine Life without compitytion? It is a pity that we still haven't changed our participation in this world as such. This point has been so ingrained in my actions that I couldn't see it anymore. Slowly but surely I am walking this proc... —

What came first, Love or Fear?

This week was the launch of the Fear Week and people from around the world shared their fears in front of a camera. Actually, the first fear of sharing oneself to the world in self-honesty was transcended. Interestingly, our society is so much based on fear that I find myself... —

FEAR Week: this fear of having accidents

I realise that this fear is based on the fear of challenging my "own" fears -- Images in my mind that I believe in. Self-sabotage. It's in fact self-punishment based on the ideas I have created about myself and about what I should/shouldn't do. It is a complete self-disrespect... —

2012 Powerlessness is not a disease: what would you do if money was not an issue?

I was going home. The traffic. The rush hour in London. I forgot to breathe all journey but I was moving. I became a robot. Separation all around. Why are we all going in circles? Why do we need to work from 9-5? Why I cannot smile at the moment? What is all this deception? Ar... —

An Agreement with Self - no more relation'shits

Amazingly, only recently I started to walk the process in Self-Agreement. What does this mean? It means that until now I have been trapping myself into believing that someone or something outside me would change me or change my reality. In a world of mirrors, relationships ar... —


Poverty: a daily holocaust

Do we really need a Memorial day to stop repeating the past? Living of memories is not living - it is in fact a brainwashing, to keep us enslaved to the "way things have been" and justifying the atrocities that exist just in front of us. The perspectives we have over the ... —

Self-religion of the ego, memory and holy-interest

The trinity is complete: the blidness of the ego in the prison called memory, all in the name of a holy-interest. The religion of self is a room of mirrors where rightousness binds one's boundaries. Man-made boundaries... Manifested in the entities called countries separated ... —

History of ManKind - Part 124 - Opening Interdimensional Communication

Guidelines of how to communicate interdimensionally by Jack. For more information and support visit The Process of stopping the mind as emotions, feelings and thoughts to finally Birthing Life from the Physical. Re-educate yourself and start again. http:/... —

History of ManKind - Part 77 - Sex Masturbation

Why is masturbation an addiction that no one speaks about but is creating so much abuse? In this interview Jack discusses the origin of pornography and self-abuse. At the same time, sex in itself is the expression of Life but has been completely suppressed. Re-educate yoursel... —

What will not happen in 2012

Common Sense shared by Destonians: No ufos No angels No masters No ascension No hapiness No food No saviour No attraction No love No light No end to starvation No water No higher consciousness No peace No products lasting beyond one year No freedom No Venus project No shif... —

Mãe suicida-de. Bebé sobrevive. Até quando aceitaremos esta situação?

Fala-se num milagre, - Será o Natal a altura do ano em que nao queremos ver a realidade? O que significa trazer um filho ao mundo? Deixemo-nos de ilusões: a vida não é valorizada porque o dinheiro dita a própria vida. A ditadura capitalista é uma dura realidade que bate forte... —

The reality behind migration and my experience as an emigrant

When I think about my arrival to London two years ago, I can’t compare with the images I see on the news of people obligated to leave a country from a survival starting point - as we saw last summer North African refugees on boats trying to arrive safely to Italy, hoping to be... —

International Migrants Day - response to Ban Ki-moon's message

Why does migration need to be labelled? Aren't we all human beings sharing a planet? Let's face the problem: Capitalism is a capital punishment for everyone who needs to move to another country for survival. and every country fights for national interests also for survival! Th... —

Ways to test your Pre-Programmed Design

Write yourself to freedom too: Have a listen to this interview by Bernard Poolman. The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwide once we start p... —

Process Support - A friend is....

The friendship of self-deception... the one who cries with you and lies with you. Interview by Bernard Poolman and comments by Joana Ferreira. Write yourself to freedom too: Time to question and eve... —

Radical Relationships - Were plants and animals the first scientists?

Have a listen to this interview by Bernard Poolman. If we dare to observe and live with the animals and plants and enter their reality, we would be astounding with what we learn. But instead we are busy making money... Let us Stop this life corruption: http://www.equalmoney.o... —

How about horseback riding? -- Equal Money FAQ

The Equal Money System will benefit all animals on this planet. In fact, animals will be the ones profiting from the human kindness. In an EMS people who are passionate about horses will have the time to dedicate themselves and take care of the horses, riding and enjoying them... —

What will happen to the Hollywood actresses and the music stars? - Equal Money FAQ -

Let’s wake up: the holly-planet is not a real world and stars only exist as luminous cosmic bodies in the universe. Therefore, once we realise the delusional existence we have been accepting so far, human beings will decide to live for real and let go of the Hollywood nightmar... —

Peace, Propaganda And The Promised Land [Full Film]

Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land provides a striking comparison of U.S. and international media coverage of the crisis in the Middle East, zeroing in on how structural distortions in U.S. coverage have reinforced false perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This... —


Interview by Sunette Spies. Hurrying and rushing to complete a task or project? Understand where the haste comes from, how it manifests, the origins in childhood and how to transcend such physical mind possession. —

Self-Forgiveness and International Relations

Within the process of developing myself as a human being, I realised that it is not enough to simply grow up. I have always been interested in various social areas and wanted to help people, feeling good about myself when doing it and accepting good actions as altruism (as sel... —

Life Insurance and the Equal Money System -- FAQ

You only need life insurance if Life has no value. Thus, in an Equal Money System NO NEED TO BOTHER WITH LIFE INSURANCE!! Have a listen to this interview by Bernard Poolman. Let us Stop this life corruption: The Equal Money system will be a firs... —

Mathematics as a Foundation to Establish what is Best for All

Why it it so hard to consider everyone in 1+1=2 ? How to decide what's the best for all? Why is self-honesty so difficult? What do you fear to lose? The Equal Money system will be a first step in the political agenda of the Equal Life Party worldwi... —

The Design of Auras

The Aura is not the beautiful magnificent placement... BUT you are able to use it effectively to assist and support you within your process of stopping your mind. The Solution. Birthing Life Here as Ourselves Join the Desteni Forum for discussions: —

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