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What Happens When You Sleep

Discussion with Bernard Poolman about what happens when we sleep. Follow the blog books regularly which are available at the Desteni Store along with many other self-s... —

The Control on Science through Capitalism

How money has dictated and controlled the scientific community is something that simply is not considered at all - yet its impact is colossal and absolute. With the Equal Money System, Science will truly have the opportunity to develop itself and be a source of fun and enjo... —

Fear of the Future as Mathematical Certainty

A discussion with Bernard Poolman about the Fear of the Future as a Mathematical Certainty considering the simplicity of "we reap what we sow". For more on the solution as that which is best for all -- follow the link: —

J Jesus | Facebook

J Jesus - General Manager: Joana Ferreira - Press Contact: Joana Ferreira - Artists We Also Like: Bob Marley and The Wailers, Ernest Ranglin, The Skatalites, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Fat Freddy's Drop, Natiruts, - Influences: Life, death, conflicts, peace, poverty, wealth, e... —

Religious Brainwashing - King Arthur Pendragon loses human remains legal battle

How silly is it to take legal action about some 5000 year old human remains to make sure that "they rest in peace"? Lets focus on what need some focus: —

There's no free speech on YouTube -- Stopping YouTube censorship

How to report a video: 1. Click on the 'thumbs-down' button. 2. This will give you the option to 'report this video as inappropriate' 3. Now click on 'select a reason' -- which will open a drop down bar of options -- select the option that is right for you and you will notice ... —

Transcending polarity: Stopping the mind from "see-sawing" us

The mind works in polarity, and it is within this polarity that the mind traps us. To transcend the mind one must face the polarity – both poles – and “step out” of the infinity cycles of “god and bad” / “happy and sad” / “active and lazy” / “in love and out of love” / “calm ... —

Consciousness Explained - The Process of Self Realization

Explaining the how the mind works and how we can realize ourselves through transcend it with the application of self-forgiveness, self-honesty and breath. Start your process here: —

Valuing Life - Equal Money System

Life is the only real value on this earth - everything else is just atoms. Lets stop separating ourselves from the value that WE are and thus stand for a monetary system that values each one's life Equally. Investigate the solution: —

Music Industry Impact on the World Exposed

The impact that music has had on the world goes way beyond the money that the industry itself moves. Music is responsible for the way the world is today, and music is crucial in changing the world. Please investigate the Equal Money System proposal to stop the abuse that... —

World War 3? First World Revolution? What will change the world for good?

The current economic system is bound to fail. This monetary system that we have today is responsible for virtually all the hate and anger that exists between us, human beings. This system has made it possible for a very select few to "have it all" while the majority of the p... —

Cover explaining London Riots - Bob Marley Them Belly Full

"Cost of living get so high" --- this is THE POINT! The current monetary system which has put a price tag on life has driven man mad --- man has become less than man = thus man is becoming "de-man" = demon. These "demonic" actions are the combination of a failed economic syst... —

10 explanations for the Riots 2011 summed up in 2

There is no ideological explanation for the riots - but there is a monetary explanation: The whole economic system is reaching the final stages of its "life". The REAL explanation is that the current economic system has separated us, human beings, and as such those that hav... —

Desteni YouTube Channels Closed / Terminated

A few Desteni Youtube channels have been terminated. This is the result of the accumulated effect of actions taken by haters of Desteni -- or should I say, haters of Life, haters of Equality and Oneness, haters of reality. Almost 2000 years ago a man was also crucified by ha... —

Song explains UK Riots 2011 - London Birmingham Liverpool Manchester

"Cost of living get so high" --- this is THE POINT! The current monetary system which has put a price tag on life has driven man mad --- man has become less than man = thus man is becoming "de-man" = demon. These "demonic" actions are the combination of a failed economic sy... —

First World Revolution - EMS to Stop bloodbath.

(transcription from video yet to be uploaded)What will change the world for good?If we look at the world, how we have constructed things, we see that this world has been based on polarity, and within it we see that some people have... – some people live a comfortable life, whi... —

Stock markets fall - Depression coming - US AAA credit rating downgraded by S&P

This economic system cannot be saved. We must start from fresh with a system that VALUES LIFE! Please investigate the solution: —

Everybody's dream life starts here!! -- PART 2

"Response" to my video: "The Life of my Dreams..." It seems like we have all been programmed into have similar "dreams". Can we deprogram ourselves? Surely! There are billions of people in this world that are from from having basic stuff ... —

Sex, weed and surf - The Life of my Dreams...

The life of my dreams would be: living on a small island with a nice girlfriend in a hut, some friends also living on the island, music instruments and a surfboard to enjoy the waves and plenty of weed to smoke. Is this the life of your dreams? Or do you have a different on... —

Crise - O Futuro de Portugal

Tendo em conta o actual sistema económico não é dificil de pre-VER o que irá acontecer no futuro - tanto em Portugal como no resto do mundo. Considerando que este sistema económico valoriza tudo excepto a VIDA em sí é obvio que o sofrimento no mundo irá aumentar. A culpa... —

TVI - Crise: Comércio Tradicional VS Centros Comerciais -- Jogo da culpa?

A crise do comércio não é nada isolado do resto dos acontecimentos que estão a ter lugar no mundo. Estamos todos ligados pelo mesmo: Dinheiro. Estamos todos sobre a influencia/controlo/poder que o dinheiro tem. O dinheiro dita tudo - o dinheiro define as nossas vidas, dit... —

Processo de Aperfeiçoamento - Transcendendo a Consciência / Mente.

A nossa "natureza humana de imperfeição" só existe na mente / consciência. Isto pode ser parado. É possível pararmos toda a desonestidade que em nós existe através do perdão próprio e a respectiva aplicação correctiva própria = ou seja, mudar/parar os comportamentos destru... —

The End of the World!!! (?)

There are 2 kinds of people in this world: Those that have enough money to live comfortably and those who work their asses off to survive (those that work hand to mouth).More than half of the world population is living on less than $2/day.There is a huge minority of people who... —

Healing the world - Self Forgiveness

Self Forgiveness is the way to heal oneself - thus heal the world. Self Forgiveness enables one to see one's deception/dishonesty and thus makes it possible for one to change and become someone who does what is best for all = stands as equality and oneness. The Desteni I... —

God is Irrelevant

The God ideology is based around the idea that there is a heaven and that it is on this heaven that "those who obey the word of god" will spend the rest of their lives. Besides the fact that obviously everyone should go to "hell" if we consider what has been taking place an... —

Norway Massacre: The Killer's Mind

WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO --- What took place in Oslo is the result of the back chat that takes place in the human mind which we believe to be real. Anders Behring Breivik's actions are the result of the destructive back chat of the... —

Self-Forgiveness, Freedom and EMS - Perdão próprio, liberdade e SIM

Self-Forgiveness is the way to free ourselves. The EMS (Equal Money System) is the living statement that we (for)GIVE to others what we would like to receive --- and thus give each other freedom. Please investigate the solutions: http://www.DES... —

Amy Winehouse dead -- Forgiving addiction

Amy Winehouse's death is the result of a life of self-abuse through the addiction to the energy that drugs provide - this includes alcohol Her death could have been prevented with the application of a tool that Desteni has been saying to be the way to heal the world: self f... —

Worried about body weight? The solution is here!

Self forgiveness is the key to release oneself from all the limitation that we have imposed on ourselves. Self forgiveness is an act of self love. Linda Papadopoulos, psychologist and author, said: 'This doesn't come as a surprise at all. When you are anxious about somet... —

SEX SCANDAL! - Top school bars three pupils, 13, over whisky and sex in the sandpit

Children reflect adults -- and it comes a point when a child's innocence ends and starts to walk towards dullness (adultness). Punishing a child by banning him/her from school because "they had sex and drunk alcohol" is not a solution to anything. We must realize that we... —

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