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Eurozone agrees new Greek bailout -- CATASTROPHE on the way!!!

Leaders of the Eurozone countries have agreed a new bailout package for Greece worth 109bn euros The current economic system is based on debt. This means that for the system to maintain itself, more and more debt will be created, which means that currencies value will decre... —

US Credit Rating Downgraded by S&P! - DISASTER - Obama announces US deficit deal

The current economic system is doomed. If we are to obtain freedom we must free ourselves from this doom. This debt system only brings death. If there is no life there is no money/economy. Life must be valued! A new economic system that guarantees all Life is taken care is... —

The end of Capitalism

That which unites us is the points that we are/stand equal to.This is what must be realized and practically lived at all levels (in all dimensions) by each human being in order to manifest “for real” absolute Oneness.We, as a race, are very far from achieving this, and we will... —

Remaining in Space/Physical Time

Today I realized how I rush into shit very easily. I stopped for a moment, I looked myself in the mirror (since I was in the toilet) and slowed down.I have been giving myself a good break - yet I still push for myself.I have bee aware how the mind is always ahead of time, alwa... —

BBC - Classroom Secrets

Today I saw a documentary from the BBC on British Primary Schools regarding low level disruption which, according to the documentary, is responsible for “at least 3 weeks of teaching time is lost” – in other words, children “run around too much” distracting themselves and each... —

God created butterfly children

EB - Epidermolosys Bullosa - is a skin disease with no cure. With proper care it is possible to lead an almost "normal" life, but with such an expensive treatment/medicine it is virtually impossible for the majority of children to be taken care of. The Equal Money System... —

My secret relationship with God

My whole life experience has been shaped by one “thing” only. It is fascinating how this “thing” had and has so much power over me.I have been surrounded by it my whole life, it has always been there for me, always looking after me, protecting and feeding me... it is indeed a ... —

Freedom through writing

Why is writing so essential to free oneself?Writing is a mirror; writing is a reflection of oneself.All thet you think and/or say comes from what you accept and allow yourself to be / in essence it is you / thus writing is a recorded physical form of you/your mind at a given m... —

Why are holy books holy?

What makes the Bible, the Koran, the Torah and all such books holy?If they were truly holy this world would have become a holy place a long time ago. I must say that these books do contain some great insights about “the nature of reality” – yet these are overwhelmingly surroun... —

Psychology and psychiatry supporting the "God ideology"

I would like to present a perspective on how psychology and psychiatry actually support the belief of God as the creator of the human.Psychology, as a branch of science, presupposes that the human is bound by “human nature”. Furthermore, it is accepted that each human has a di... —

Ideias - Componente da Mente

Neste video explico como as ideias - imagens - acabam por limitar e a controlar as nossas acções de acordo com a "ideia! que temos de nos próprios e do mundo. O perdão p´roprio permite que paremos com que estas imagens nos controlem e como tal seremos capazes de tomar direc... —

Opiniões - Componente da Mente

Ter uma opinião sobre algo/alguém é de facto dizer quem se "sabe" com o que é que se está a lidar/observar quando na verdade a opinião é baseada em conhecimento e informação - sendo esta informação e conhecimento algo NÃO TESTADO mas sendo sim algo simplesmente tomado como "ve... —

"Heaven is a fairy tale" - Stephen Hawkins

Why would Stephen Hawkins say that “heaven is a fairy tale” and that “there is no space for god in the universe”? Maybe because “God” only exists in the mind of the human as an idea and was imprinted in a book written by man to fulfil a specific purpose which is/was only relev... —

Atheists and religious people as inappropriate leaders

Why do atheists not become political leaders?I ask this question because virtually all political leaders are religious people, and if we consider that religious people are ultimately only considering their life after death why should we vote (allow) for someone to be in contro... —

Money Rules – Greek Riots, North African Migrants and Bahrain Riots

All situations in this world taking place are the result of the agreement we have on the concept of money. Money dictates everyone’s existence, and the turmoil it brings to the majority of people can be seen in events taking place all over the world. The Greek riots are the r... —

Comparação - Componente da Mente

Neste vídeo explico como a comparação que permitimos existir dentro de nós resulta sempre em "auto-diminuição" ou em "complexo de superioridade": ambos não passam de uma ilusão criada pela mente. Este facto é simples de se entender ao tomarmos em consideração o Princípio da Ex... —

Manipulação - Componente da Mente

A manipulação é um componente da mente que nós, seres humanos, usamos constantemente sem sequer nos apercebermos. Nós aprendemos a manipular mesmo antes de aprendermos a falar. É por este motivo que a manipulação se tornou algo tao "natural" de se fazer. É imperativo que ... —

Why do we dream? See for yourself!

I remember very clearly the dreams I had today (4.5.2011) and once again I have revealed to myself what is the “nature” of dreams, what they mean and to what “point” they are bringing us to.I am not here to write in detail about the dream I had but rather WHY I had it.All drea... —

Culpa - Componente da Mente

Neste video eu explico como a culpa que permitimos existir em cada um de nós acabou por tornar este mundo um lugar onde ninguém toma responsabilidade própria por nem pela situação do mundo. A "culpa" que em nós existe tem de para por completo se é que realmente queremos man... —

Honesty Vs Self-Honesty

Honesty and Self-Honesty are "polar opposites".“Honesty” is honesty towards the system – towards and as the mind. “Self-honesty” is honesty towards Life: “Self-Honesty” is living as the Principle of Existence – it is living within and as Equality and Oneness, standing as What ... —

Projecções - Componente da Mente

As projecções são experiências energéticas (pensamentos, sentimentos e emoções) que experiênciamos ao definirmos algo exterior a nós como sendo o ponto de origem da experiência. Cada um de nós é sempre a pessoa responsável por aquilo que experiênciamos - pensamentos, sentim... —

Desteni ‘I’ Process: The ultimate Degree + Masters + Doctorate in and of Life

The Desteni ‘I’ Process is an extensive process of self analysis and self-change which culminates with the realization of Self as Life - an analysis of the three levels of the mind (conscious, subconscious and unconscious) from the starting point/perspective of the Principle o... —

"Can Love be transfered?"

Check out these pictures:For those who do not know what Western Union is let me explain: Western Union is a Business that provides the service of transferring money between it’s posts that are spread all over the world. For example: if you are in London and you want to send so... —

Justificações - Componente da Mente

As justificações (desculpas) que aceitamos existir em nós acabam por limitar a nossa expressão e a nossa capacidade de vivermos quem realmente somos como Um e Igual como a vida, como todos. Todas as justificações(desculpas) que aceitamos em nós para fazermos ou não fazermos... —

The truth behind Rebecca Black´s SUCCESS!! - My Moment - New Single

Read the blog: Posted on Saturday, 16 April 2011 and find out the truth behind the success of Rebecca Black... I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THE VIDEO OR AUDIO. "This particular video went viral soon after it was uploaded for a very int... —

Crenças - Componente da Mente

As crenças, sendo um dos componentes da mente, não passam de mais uma forma de limitação. As crenças são fragmentos da nossa consciência que acabámos por aceitar como sendo reais de acordo com a cultura, religião, país, família, educação e amigos (o ambiente que nos rodeia)... —

Julgamentos - Componente da Mente

Os Julgamentos, sendo um dos componentes da mente, não passam de uma forma de nos fazermos sentir superiores/inferiores, capazes/incapazes. Todos os julgamentos que em nós existem não passam de fragmentos da nossa imaginação formados de acordo com a nosssa cultura, religião... —

Rebecca Black - Revealing the spiteful nature of the human

Two months ago was uploaded on YouTube a song that seems to have “united” many millions of people... But this “unity” is far from being anything beneficial – in fact it only proves that we have only been “one and equal” from the most fucked up perspective possible: jealousy, h... —

A Mente 3 - Consciente, Subconsciente e Inconsciente P2

O Sistema de Consciência da Mente é composto por 3 nívels: A Mente Consciente, a Mente Subconsciente e a Mente Inconsciente. São estes 3 níveis que controlam a nossa existência/a forma como "vivemos" e é atravéz do processo do perdão próprio com e em honestidade-própria e a... —

A Mente 3 - Consciente, Subconsciente e Inconsciente P1

O Sistema de Consciência da Mente é composto por 3 nívels: A Mente Consciente, a Mente Subconsciente e a Mente Inconsciente. São estes 3 níveis que controlam a nossa existência/a forma como "vivemos" e é atravéz do processo do perdão próprio com e em honestidade-própria e a... —