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A Mente 2 - Pensamentos, Sentimentos e Emoções P2

Nós não somos os pensamentos sentimentos e emoções que experienciamos. Estes não passam do nosso programa/ego/personalidade que foi por nós construido/criado de acordo com o país, cultura, religião, família, escola e amigos. É este sistema de mente consciente (os pensament... —

A Mente 2 - Pensamentos, sentimentos e emoções P1

Nós não somos os pensamentos sentimentos e emoções que experienciamos. Estes não passam do nosso programa/ego/personalidade que foi por nós construido/criado de acordo com o país, cultura, religião, família, escola e amigos. É este sistema de mente consciente (os pensament... —

A Mente 1 - A Solução P2

A solução para a separação que existe nas nossas mentes consiste na aplicação do perdão próprio e a respectiva aplicação própria correctiva. Para mais informações sobre como é possivel erradicar as limitações por nós impostas a nós próprio visite o site: http://www.dest... —

A Mente 1 - O Ponto de Separação P1

O sistema de mente consciente do ser humano é em si o ponto de separação que existe em nós e é a travez do perdão próprio que nos livramos da nossa obcessão por energia/ego. Para transcender o ego (a mente) é necessário extrema dedicação ao processo do perdão próprio em e ... —

O Princípio da Existência - Igualdade e Unidade

O Princípio desta Existência é a Igualdade e Unidade. As provas estão em todo o lado - em ti e no que te rodeia. Ignorar este princípio é "viver" a vida em ilusão. Aconselho que estudem os meus videos e apliquem as "ferramentas" que sugiro assim como também aconselho que... —

Fair Trade - just another business

Last weekend I went to a Fair Trade event and I have a few things to say...For those who do not know what Fair Trade is I will start by explaining: Fair Trade is an organization – in fact it is a business – which provides better salaries to producers of the so called 3rd world... —

Black Consiousness - Rastafarianism - The Deception

In this video I expose how easy it it for us, human beings, to form beliefs as an attempt to protect ourselves from our uncertainties about life and through it we end up abdicating self'responsibility for ourselves and the earth. Rastafarianism is a simple example of just t... —


Why should one stand for Equality and Oneness?I am sure that in the future this will be a ridiculous question to ask. Because, I mean, where the fuck do you think the things that have been happening in this world will lead?If we keep on abusing each other we will end up destro... —


EX-Cuses are Cues that the mind uses to execute in you a certain pattern/behavior so as to not have you face what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be and become.As one finds all excuses to not face Self-Here as Life one will end up determining the term of one's "life"... —

Make your knowledge USEFUL!

History is full of examples of beings who have realized the point of Equality and Oneness as the Principle of Existence and yet they didn’t investigate with self-discipline, self-commitment, self-determination and self-honesty how they exist in separation of existence itself.T... —

Parents, Money and "Survival Spoil-ism"

Just moments ago as I was doing a Mind Constructs (SRA) I realized that I am very spoiled by my parents but not in a materialistic or emotional way – rather, it is “survival spoil-ism”. This is how I am spoiled: my parents provide me with enough money for me to physically exis... —

Commitment and dedication to follow a schedule

Hello again, blog world.For the last 2 weeks I have been dedicating myself exclusively to my music – which meant that today I had tens of videos to see on YouTube that accumulated over this period of time.This has been a cool experience because I was offline most of my time. T... —

Breathing through experiences of frustration

For the last 2 days I haven’t been honest with myself in regards to sleep because I have been oversleeping by remaining in bed instead of getting out of bed immediately.Today, even though I applied self-forgiveness yesterday, I did not stood up and started my day right after t... —

Day 1 and Self-Assertiveness

Today, as I took into consideration self-assertiveness, self-determination and self-dedication, I did not accumulated any anger or guilt within me because I was indeed dedicated to myself – yet only from the moment that I got out of bed because I ended up oversleeping today be... —

Commitment to physically Realize Self-Dedication, Self-Determination and Self-Assertiveness.

Continuing from last post: I am going to work on these points everyday and I will report here how my days develop according to these tools of self support (self-assertiveness, self-determination and self-dedication).I have done this before during the Summer of 2009 and I found... —

Self-Determination, Self-Dedication and Self-Assertiveness

Continuing my last post:I would like to continue this blog on the point that I always leave things for later when in fact I am to do them in the moment.Most of this stuff is related with SRA – mainly in regards to the charts (with muscle communication) – I am quite a bit late ... —

My current situation

I would like to share what I do, what my days are like, not only for you to know but also for me to see here in words on this monitor what my daily routine consists of and what I see my most prominent points of process are.I studied music and fortunately everything I do is rel... —

Eduation and Equal Money - Current Education Vs Equal Education

On the 22nd of January 2011 one could read on the Daily Telegraph “University pay rises by 20pc as fees triple”Once again here we have the proof that this economic system promotes nothing else but a bigger gap between the rich and the poor with the excuse that those who “make ... —

Blogging again and opening up.

It has been 1 year and 8 months since I last wrote a blog.The reason why I don’t have many posts and why I haven’t written here for so long is because I “feel” hat I should only write when I have something to say, something new and worthwhile of sharing, and since I have reach... —

How to be FREE !?!?!?!?

We are bound by our physical bodies. Mentally we are also not free - yet it is only because we allow our mind consciousness system to dictate and direct our words and actions. This can be stop with self-honest self-forgiveness and respective self-corrective application. . Fa... —

Heathrow Snow Chaos - 20th December 2010

Money is the reason why thousands of people have been stuck in London airports: the greed for profit by the Airline Companies and Airports by NOT investing in the necessary equipment. Many airports around the world still operate in much worst weather conditions. To prove my ... —

If I were God...

If I were God - all powerful, all knowing - I would have not created the world the way it is. Therefore God cannot exist because this creation is not Godly in any way. Face yourself: —

Grenade - Bruno Mars success

Nice face + nice smile + sing about love + sing about money = Success! Love has been but an energetic experience which has controlled the human. Real LOVE FOR ALL has never been considered nor practiced. The current money system is based on self-interest and greed and only ... —

London Riots - "Off with their heads!!"

The Daily Mail says: "Fireworks shot into the sky to the sound of loud cheers. 'Tory Scum' seemed to be the favourite slogan. A lone protester wore a hostage-style hood embellished with the slogan: 'Off with their heads'." Protests, demonstrations and riots never in fact had ... —

How to Stop Wars? SOLUTION FOUND!

The wars of the world reflect the inner wars and conflicts existent within human beings: the CONflict of CONsciousness as the CON of "good and bad" / "more and less" / "superior and inferior" - in other words = Polarity. The realization that Equality and Oneness are in fact t... —

I have lived with GOOD MONEY!

I have had all my basic human requirement guaranteed: food, shelter, health care and education. The Equal Money system will make sure everyone has just the same that I have had. PLEASE INVESTIGATE HOW the EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM WILL FUNCTION: Face yoursel... —

How to Change the World? SOLUTION FOUND!

To change the world we must understand what makes the difference in this world: Money -- Money has shaped the world and societies the way they are today. What we require is a different agreement on the value we give to money: give money the value of LIFE -- this is the propos... —

How to Stop Pollution? SOLUTION FOUND!

We will only be able to stop pollution once we stop polluting ourselves with the idea that we do not require to take responsibility for ourselves and for each other -- first we must equalize ourselves in regards to our basic needs - food, shelter, education and health care - a... —

How to Stop Starvation? SOLUTION FOUND!

The Earth produces enough food for everyone on this planet -- the only reason millions of people starve to death each year is lack of money. The Equal Money System proposed by the Equal Life Foundation will put an end to this absurd. PLEASE INVESTIGATE HOW the EQUAL MONEY SY... —

Equal Money System VS Communism

Equal Money System is a Monetary System. Communism is a Political Ideology. The Equal Money System is not an IDEOlogy because it is based on the FACT that all of this existence is Equal and One. The Equal Money System has the value of the money based on the Human Life itse... —