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My name is Joe Kou and I am standing up for what is best for all in common sense and self honesty.

Joe Kou

Fearing What Might Come Up Within Writing and How I am STOPPING It.

Fearing What Might Come Up Within Writing and Looking at "Resistance"Joe Kou3/15/2012 Here I am writing about a point of 'fear' and it is fascinating because the as I sit here to write I immediately found myself in a point of resistance where I just didn't want to 'go there', ... —

I FEAR Exposing and Sharing My FEARS

Here I speak about the fear of sharing and exposing my fears and worrying about how others might think of me and fearing that others may judge me or hold what i share against me. If that doesn't make any sense, it is probably because it actually doesn't make any sense lol ... —

FEAR Having to work for the rest of my life instead of LIVING

Here I share my fear of having to work for the rest of my life without having the time or opportunity to actually LIVE and explore what it means to be alive on this planet. Do YOU fear this too? If so please comment and/or post a video response - lets see how many people e... —

Excuses, Excuses - What I'm Realizing about Excuses and Self Sabotage

Excusing Excuses? What I am Realizing about Excuses as Self-SabotageJoe Kou2/18/2012 When is an excuse valid? The mere asking of that question already invalidates the person asking it because in the very structure of such a question, the person asking is already abdicating ... —

How was I able to hear the desteni message?

Joe Kou1/29/2012 I was able to hear the desteni message because the more I investigated and actually began to apply the common sense realizations shared by those who have been walking this process of self honesty and standing as what is best for all, the more I began to see f... —

2012 Joe Kou Timeline of Transformation Filling in the Gap

Here I speak about a "gap" in my vlog timeline and discuss what happened within me facing a period of "giving up" and what I realized within standing back up and allowing myself to begin again. _______________________________________________________________________________... —

Letting Go - Again!

Joe Kou1/20/2012 Today in chat I faced a point of reaction within seeing a name attached to the name of another, indicating that the two beings were sharing the same computer and within me I realized that I had points of relationship that I have not let go of or purified wit... —

YouTube - Response to LLCraver Uselessness - The End of Uselessness

Skapa kontoLogga in —

The Best Friend Who Wasn't Best for All

Joe Kou01/01/2012 In looking at the design of 'best friends' in this world I saw the point of how we, as our backchat, seem to have a similar relationship to that secret 'inner self' that seems to know us better than we know ourselves. When I look at my own points of backcha... —

Life in and Equal Money System: No More Greyhound Fast Track Racing

Imagine a situation in which you are born into an environment where in the first few moments of your life as you enter this new reality, you are judged according to whether or not you will be able to spend the rest of your existence as a slave and make money for those who brou... —

Life in and Equal Money System: No More Starving Models

Billions of humans currently have a disease that they are not aware of – it is an affliction that causes the body to suffer and is highly infectious. In fact, no physical contact whatsoever is necessary for a person to become infected by this disease – all that is necessary i... —

Curing Illnesses in an Equal Money System - Stop Cancer with Equal Money System

In the current system when a person becomes ill and requires medical treatment in order to become well again, there is a myriad of factors that will determine whether or not this person will actually get the treatment they require and often times this person may end up either ... —