Jozien Fokkert

"The mind is not the real power is what you will find when you stop it, the physical body is. When you speak, or see, you do not use the mind, you use the body. The mind only take a portion of what the body is and interpret it with its limited biased view of everything. The mind cannot exist without the body and ends at death. The body returns to dust and continue life." Bernard Poolman

Day 4 – Relationships and Expectations

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to associate a response from a friend with a positive feeling, experience of self. I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to associate a response from a friend with a negative feeling experience of self. ... —

Day 3 – Money & Happiness Machines

Tuesday 17 April 2012 Day 3 – Money makes us Happiness Machines Some days ago someone complimented me on a project I did and what happened it was in such moderation this compliment that I started to drift of into dimensions of mind. This was the thought as backchat that acc... —

Day 2 – The way one dress and a perceived experience of self

Monday 16 April 1 When I was thinking of going dancing with a friend and I thought about the cloths I would wear and a thought popped up with I gonne wear my this and that pants with this and that on top and so on – when I realised: hey WTF are you actually engaging within? ... —

Day 1 - Relationships

This blog contains Daily writings with SF statements and Self Corrective Statements which is part of a group decision of people that have dedicated and committed themselves to walk into being a life which is best for all until its established. Writing is part of this journey! ... —

"I commit myself to restore to earth that which is real value and is equal value within all which is life. I know that any person or parent do value the lives of their family, this should be for all as the family of Life – One family for all as equals as life."- Bernard Poolman

Economy of the Self

Self is an Eco-system. This eco system is by your own allowances and acceptances and determines the Nature of who you are. It functions according to the demands you place on yourself and how you supply yourself the fulfillment of these demands. In your self eco system you are ... —

"Discipline - Dis-sci-pline - Dissing the science of plain lies that has become consciousness-manifest, a science-project that's zombified the existent beings from any opportunity/ability to grow, live and expand in this world/reality with the physical, but instead used/abused the physical to impose on it its own scientific agendas of evolution. And so we walk with Discipline as the practical application process of investing every moment as every breath of ourselves, to expose/reveal the true nature of consciousness/mind and do not rest until the science of mind as zombies has self-realised, and the living of life has begun / until it is done for all, equally as one." - Sunette Destonian Spies

Why Do I Resist Writing? - Full Explanation Here

Anu discusses the Mind in detail here: The explanation of the resistance has been edited for time purposes - this is Not the whole thing there is to it. Cool Blog on Writing: —

Free Choice to be Free implies that one have All Choice. In All Choice exist also The Choice that is Best for All Life. The Choice that is Best for All Life is also the Choice that is Best for Each One as The would produce a Reality where every one can be Trusted with Life and each Others well being. This would imply that there is Only One Choice which will End all Choice and that would be the Choice to Live that which is best for All. To Not make this choice that is Best for All Life would be to make one of All the other Choices which will All result in Harm in some way. Harm would then be a Choice for Evil. Live backwards. You are Free to Choose what is Best for All Life which will produce Freedom for All in every way. Investigate why you are not Making this Choice! Equal Money is the Step that will give All the opportunity to Make this Choice Freely. All you can lose in making the Choice that is Best for All is Evil!! - Bernard Poolman

It's not money that's the problem, it's who WE are with the money - it's so strange that the most obvious is always missed - us human beings are the one's that run and create this system, now the venus project wants to implement another system - without realising that we as who we are created this system in the first place - so, only a system is not a solution - it is ourselves as/with the system that will only bring change. - Sunette Destonian Spies

"Authority - Author-ity / the realisation that self is the author/write/biographer of self in every moment/breath that self make the decision/choice of 'who self is' as what / how self accept/allow self to participate in within the mind and one's physical living. Self write/script self in every single moment/breath as the living decision/choice that self express as 'who self is' in the Mind and in the Physical. In this - self create self, both within and without and therefore - no other being can author self, for self: only self can rewrite/rescript self within and without, self's responsibility to self is absolutely only in self's own hands: self's key to life is SELF and self alone. Therefore authority - self is the only one that has the power, ability, tools and WORDS to change self, to change for all and to transform existence." - Sunette Destonian Spies

2012 - When Self Forgiveness is Real?

When Self Forgiveness is Real? A discussion with Bernard Poolman with regards to the physical evidence that one can see for oneself when Self Forgiveness was applied for Real within the context of Self Change within the relationships in one's world/reality. Bernard Poolman... —

"Control - Holding the steer/wheel (Existence), with both hands - absolutely focused on the path/road/way ahead (Birthing Life from the Physical), prepared with breath and ready with self, as self stand in/as/with precision as absolute self-awareness of 'who self is', 'how/what self live' in/as/through the physical, the meticulous expression of self as the detail of existence and holding existence within/as self and walking as this ONE POINT - the future for all as life; this is control and the only valid expression/living of control: Standing as the ONE POINT that stand as and for ALL and walking that ONE POINT as self into existence, no matter what. Control is/always has been various dimensions/forms of taking individual points and superimposing it onto/towards individuals, societies, populations and minds, control within the context of 'divide and conquer' 'taking many varying individual points, such as fear, death, money, family, education, future, entertainment and controlling the masses lives. Now control becomes a stand, as ONE POINT that stand for/as all and walking self meticulously, specifically in absolute precision - the perfection of life into being within this physical existence, and is a 'control' as self must always ensure/remain as this ONE POINT and remain focused on the road/path ahead and ensure that this ONE POINT is always stood as and upheld as self, for all - until it comes into being/creation/manifestation as existence as self, and once existence is life - then that control is released unconditionally: as all is done, all is here." - Sunette Destonian Spies

‎"Anyone that needs to 'Meditate' is making a single statement: 'I am a mind robot that requires to 'quiet the mind' for a while because I haven't actually accepted myself HERE as the entirety of who I am in simplicity breathing every moment while actually moving and directing myself in my reality'. Only a mind robot requires to sit on their ass and meditate to pretend they get 'in touch' with themselves.

If you meditate and do not experience the pain and suffering on this planet--you are not ONE in fact -- but separate -- meditate till the screams follow you all day --then you are self honestly Here as life in ONENESS" - Bernard Poolman

"Success is the living fulfillment of the equilibrium of equality that flows in all ways as what is best for all on earth and the universe." - Bernard Poolman

The "Money High", the "God/Religious High", the "Sugar High", the "Spirituality High", the "Energy High" - what do they all have in common? They take you “High Up” into alternate dimensions of Mind – completely separating self, from self and the physical. “Money” – participating in the World-System, not seeing/considering/regarding the consequences this very System is manifesting in this world (starvation, poverty, sex trafficking, wars, famine etc.) as the high of money separates self completely of taking any action/direction of bringing forth a solution to this world that consider all equally as one. “God/Religions” – taking absolutely no self-responsibility for self’s mind and living and how self’s participation in this world create/manifest how it exist today, but cling onto the illusion of “Hope”, and so – are equally as one responsible for what this world/humanity is/has become. “Sugar” – addiction/dependency on Sugar manifest consequence for the human physical body, but not even conscious/aware of this, because one is “happy” in the “high” of Sugar, not considering/regarding the effects it’s having on your living in this world. “Spirituality” – locked in a constant “High” of energy in the Mind, completely separate from this actual physical reality and really participating physically, practically in bringing about a world that is best for all – equal and one, as it’s much easier to lock oneself in one’s mind, making self BELIEVE that you’re having an effect/making a change, but it’s all just happening in the confines of one’s own Mind as this world slowly, but surely continues to self-destruct, because beings are not stopping/changing that actual cause/source/origin: who we are and what we live. “Energy” – as we’ve come to depend/define ourselves as Consciousness, obsessed with and possessed by “experience” of “energy” of emotions/feelings and only pursuing our self-interest in this world, not considering directing ourselves/our living to stand within the principle of walking this world into an existence where all can in fact be equal and one, but instead – we remain in competition, greed, jealousy, envy, comparison, survival of the fittest – only looking out for ourselves and our own energy experiences. Time to get off your “High Horses” and get back down to REALITY – walk out of the Mind-“High” and place yourself firmly in the physical and walk in this world, walk for this world – because Nothing/No-one will change, if we don’t in fact LIVE as examples of what this world has always supposed to have been. Investigate Desteni, where we’re dropping the “High” addictions/obsessions/possessions as illusions of mind/consciousness and walking a physical process of the future of humanity. - Sunette Destonian Spies

"Tranquility - Tran-quil-ity - When the train of Life is on its track, and each human being is on-track, as humanity is on-track to living a life of dignity, in equality and oneness - we will be a unified humanity quilted by existence, knowing/trusting always that we are/will be nurtured, cared for and honoured/regarded equally as one as existence nurture, care for and honour/regard itself. This is/will be tranquillity - when life is really here, lived by all." - Sunette Destonian Spies

Equal Money transforms money, which is the root of all evil, into the root of all good. This is an important step in removing the power of the Tree of Knowledge, and replacing it with the Tree of Life. - Bernard Poolman

The consequence of abuse is upon you in a single breath, yet it took many breaths of abuse in its creation. The correction of the consequence will take many more breaths than what it took in its creation. Many give up before they begin. - Bernard Poolman

2012: Energy Dependency vs. Self-Trust

2012: Energy Dependency vs. Self-Trust In this interview we illustrate how Consciousness has been programmed within the Nature of Energy of emotions and feelings, where we'd trust this 'Mind Energy' in moments of decisions/choices and the consequences this starting-point of ... —

2012: Why Music Plays in the Mind

2012: Why Music Plays in the Mind In this interview we give perspective of why we often find Music playing in the Head/Mind -- how the Music is captured/imprinted from the unconscious-mind into the conscious-mind, and how Music playing in the Head can be utilized as a referen... —

"Damnation is another word for consequence, which is freely chosen with full awareness, when one disregards what is Best For All Life in favour of self interest."- Bernard Poolman

‎"There is always something every one is doing right, it is just not what is best for all life" -Bernard Poolman

"Prostitution has a secret face, a secret origin. Parents impress upon their children, especially their daughters, the need to marry a good provider who is stable with money. When the child leaves home, especially to the cities where there is massive unemployment, moving into the sex industry is not a giant leap but is a small step, as the parent already tacitly gives approval that anything goes to ensure survival. Once again the evidence is clear that our society is based on fear and not love and money is the stick of fear. Parents know this strategy for survival as they were taught it at home as well." -Bernard Poolman