Jozien Fokkert

Daily writings-writing out my day

Saturday 25 September 2010 writing out my day Yeah! Today I spend the day with the girls no fever feeling a lot better, starting to physically stabilize which is cool! So some points that came up today while I am stabilizing. I became aware that I want to spend my weekend here... —

Letting go within the structure

Letting go steps forth as a self-willed action when one understands where one is participating within. Stops, and then actually walks into the physical correction of oneself. One prepares the way before oneself through extensive self honest introspection. Utilising self-forgiv... —

daily writings mostly on pain

Friday 24 September 2010 Ok I feel a bit better now and tomorrow I will be up and running again after 3 days in bed and fever is quit ok – my back starts to hurt from lying down all the time. So what comes up I need to re-align the definition of pushing myself b/c I have seen/... —

My first Vlog- an excuse is still an excuse

This first Vlog took me 2 years to actually walk through facing my fear of making one It doesn't matter how many nice wrapped excuses one will delude oneself with for not being able to make a Vlog An excuse is and will be an excuse You can only face a fear by walking the... —

Clones of Consciousness

19 April 2009 - Clones of Consciousness - Text So, what is Really going on lets start...look at this Cone: That, this Cone, if you put a L in there, the Cone becomes a Clone so, were all Clones of the same Consciousness, but you are not the same beings. This was brilliant... —