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Day 57: Another Day, Another Broken Home A 17 year old girl with cerebral palsy was found in her mothers home weighing only 10kg (23 pounds) - the average weight fo... —

Day 58 - Relationship Highs & Lows

Walking through my past relationships as the accepted 'Highs and Lows' as projections, idea's, beliefs, judgments and at that stage not yet understanding, realising and seeing what these components are, who we are within it and how we came about as it. Its actually strange ... —

Day 57 - Run Off

More on self compromise and how we desire a relationships before we establish a self- relationship first. Read also: Day 56 - On Self Compromise I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to run off into my mind whenever I have a moment of silence with mysel... —

"I commit myself to stopping the encouragement of selfishness, backchat and fantasies through the use of the media and education system."
-Day 54: The Cost Of Money, Activist's Journey to Life

Transforming Mother-Earth into Money: DAY 54 | Heaven's Journey to Life

Transforming Mother-Earth into Money: DAY 54 Adam and Eve – Part Four The Chicken or the Egg??? – Part Twenty-Four How the Fruit of Life became Rotten – Part Thirty-Four Who I Am as Money – continued As mentioned in the previous post, we’re completing the ... —

"I commit myself to show, the accepted and allowed consequences as the manifestations of our Minds within and the World-System of Money without – in accepting and allowing ourselves to have a System, internally and externally existing FOR us in and as complete separation from and of ourselves, in and as which we have no directive-principle, responsibility, will or choice in and as the consequences and consequences-outflow our Mind-System of Consciousness/Energy-Authority and World-System of Money-Authority is manifesting within and as our physical-bodies and this physical-existence as the extent to which Energy within and Money without has come to control life and death in and on this Earth."
Transforming Mother-Earth into Money: DAY 54 Heaven's Journey to Life Blog

Day 56 - On Self Compromise

“Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got.” - Janis Joplin I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become angered and irritated with and as myself when I do fulfill this urge within me to see someone from the starting- point of not wanting to be a... —

Day 55 - Re-Pro-Duce: Pair me Up, Tie me Down, Lock me Up

Before I continue writing Self Forgiveness Statements from the previous blog post. I’m here writing out a question that’s with me for some time: What is Parenting and 'who am I' within it? This has been one of my very initial questions when I first stumbled upon Desteni: "Why... —

"I commit myself, to – through writing, self-forgiveness, self-corrective action, no more accept and allow myself to be controlled by/through God/Consciousness/Energy-Authority as Separation, but commit myself to unify the relationship of me as God, Adam, Eve and the Devil within and as me, into and as LIFE, Here of and as equality and oneness, and stand as a living example in showing – what the Genesis of Ourselves in fact reveal/expose of the reality of ourselves as the Mind/Consciousness, for human beings to see beyond the veil of separation, and see within and as equality and oneness with and as energy and substance/physicality, so that we can stop our separation within ourselves, stop the separation in the without of and as ourselves, come together and stand together to manifest Heaven on Earth through Birthing Life from the Physical. "

-Eat the Fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil: DAY 52,
Heaven's Journey to Life

Day 53 - What It Feels Like for a Girl: Growing Up and Asking Questions

Childhood observation about pregnancy and childbirth. When being a child I was probably about seven years old or so. I started to ask my parents questions about pregnancy and giving birth and how this very first observation about it became the starting- point of not questioni... —

"Would Real Love allow even One child to be Born into Poverty? Self Honesty is Real Spiritual Integrity! Find the Real YOU!!" - Bernard Poolman

Day 10: The Goodness of Man is a FairyTale we Tell our Children so they can Sleep at Night

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe in the goodness of man. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that there is just this little spark of goodness left in man. I forgive myself for not accepting and allowing myself to realise... —

"I commit myself to the death of mankind as what man currently exists as and the re-birthing of a new form of humankind that considers all life equally at all times, creating a world that supports and benefits everyone - manifesting heaven on Earth. " DAY 10: THE GOODNESS OF MAN IS A FAIRYTALE WE TELL OUR CHILDREN SO THEY CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT- Economist's Journey to Life

Day 52: Nothing Really Matters LOVE is ALL we NEED: Killing me Softly

Who am I within having the belief that I will find fulfilment within someone else/being addicted to fulfilling this need/urge/desire within me?I forgive myself that I haven’t allowed myself to question myself 'who I am' within seeking fulfilment within someone else. I forgive ... —

Day 51 - Family Matters, Teach Them To Sin As We Sin

Here I walk myself through a seemingly insignificant observation within my world of something I believe I like and shows that this construct when not directed will result in pressing 'my' likes upon my children. (support yourself walking through such mind patters) I forgive... —

Day 50 - Consume Me, Eat Me: In My Image & Likeness

Reading and walking with the Heaven's Journey to Life ( read for context) about how we as physical beings actually emerge into this physical world,the process inside the female womb and how its depleting the female human physical body through merging as and of with the mind co... —

"I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear letting Love go because when the idea of Love is gone from this world I am left with the world as it is, a place of suffering that needs to be corrected not with Love but with giving to each other what we would like to receive, which is a dignified Life for All" -

A Director's Journey to Life: Day 50: I Fear Life Wihout Love

‎"I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to walk past myself as who I am as breath, as I pretended to not know who I am because of the fear of facing my knowing in the detail of what I exist of/as." -
Cathy's Journey to Life: Day 46: The Devil and The Angel On My Shoulder

Day 49 - Giving Birth: A Brutal Wake up Call

This is a continuation of: Day 48: The Fruit of Love I see, realise and understand that pregnancy and giving birth as all other things is subject to a system wherein giving birth is a money making business, and that the ones like gynaecologist that 'suppose' to know wha... —

Day 48- The Fruit of Love

Pregancy, giving birth and the end of me I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realise/understand when I was pregnant that the babies inside my womb grew through feeding of the very substance of me within the very image and likeness of how I fee... —

"Rest = no stress, being here breathing as self in physical awareness" - Marlen Vargas Del Razo

Day 47 - Love Couples: prt.2 Reunited

This is a continuation of Day 46: Love Couples I realise that 'who I am' within the urge/drive of: “Must go there because I can” is a robotic response, to realign this point I first have to slow myself down in and as the breath disciplining myself to breathe through t... —

2012 Parental LOVE is Abuse

'Because I Love you' - Child Abuse begins at Home, Terror begins at home, Personality disorders begins at home, competition begins at home, deceiving and manipulation begins at home - and Love binds it all. Redefining Love Facebook Group - —

Day 46: Fami-Lies and the Debt System

For 2 days I have been disturbed by the Creation's Journey to Life Blogs, the first one is titled Parenting Patterning Fear and Control from which this sentence is the one with the highest 'off-ending' value to me' as in off-sending me into some Mind trips and Blame Constr... —

‎"Pattern PA / Parent T/ Decision TERN / Turn/Determine Patterns are decisions that determine who, how and what we are, with those Decisions turned unto/towards us by/through/from our Parents, thus all decisions will be determined by/through/from our Parents that are unconsciously/physically manifested within and as us, thus THERES NO ESCAPE FROM THE PARENTS lol; have to face the parents within and as you, and also eventually in your world as you, as who, what and how you are come from and of your parents: mentally and physically; so cannot blame your parents for you and your life because you are them/have become them." - Sunette Destonian Spies

"I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to build up an idea of childhood as being carefree and playful, where all time is spend enjoying oneself and having fun. I now see and understand that this idea of childhood is only available to children of elite countries - and therefore, we are training these children to believe that life is all about fun and games, programming them into adults who are only interested in feeling good in life." Day 34 - Do Kids Deserve a Childhood? Katie's Journey to Life

Day 45 - I'm Free To Do What Ever I Want

Part 1 : Day 44 - I Love Being 'Free' Part 2 : Day 45 - I'm Free To Do What Ever I Want I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, understand and realise that a memory of being free from my childhood years is an illusion because real freedom ca... —

‎"Om te skiet het ons ‘n patroon nodig. Wanneer ons onsself in die voet skiet, dan loop ons moeilik. Die patrone van ons lewe is in ons ingeoefen van kindsbeen af en is die patrone van die sondes van die vaders wat ons besoek tot in met die sewende geslag. Met die slagting van die sk-ape wat kom van ape, vergeet ons ons lag. Om die patrone te indentifi-seer en te verstaan bring die moontlikheid van genesing en vernuwing. Wanneer ons dan nee sê vir die patrone, genees ons. Om te trots te wees om na eie patrone te kyk, is dan die troon wat die siel onttroon. Dit is een van die skille van verskillende patrone wat ons laat skildig voel en alle soorte prente van hel en vuur in ons koppe skilder. Wie skilder die prentjie? Wie verkoop die siel van die mens met n skildery wat die ewebeeld van God nie waardig is nie? Wie hou die waarheid dig met skul dig of is dit kul dig?"

Day 43 - Tired of being busy all the time: Who am I in taking some time off

Here I am looking at how I express resting, relaxing, taking a break, time off from my usual schedule and who I am within it. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to take a break from it all, when actually this in fact cannot not exist b/c I am part... —

"I commit myself to a World System where we support the environment, the earth, the animals and the plants -- the same way as they support us as human beings" - Day 1, Economist's Journey to Life