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I'm a human being before anything else, that would not like to support abuse and would like to prove that to myself in every moment. This is the proof, as a living example to myself that I am in-fact standing for a world where everyone may have the freedom to push their self-expression to the greatest potential. If all is not free as one and equal, none are free, and therefore freedom does not exist

Having fun freeing myself at Desteni, to see and hear for myself what Desteni has shared

Kasper Kwan

Digging Deeper

I’m fed up with hiding myself until I become effective; I’m just going to share and this blog will be a timeline of my failures and successes; either of which entirely depend on my dedication to myself to live.  Enjoy. Writing out a point I have hidden and suppressed for a lon... —

Working With Others

by Kasper Kwan I have been working with the point of working with every person in my world and my reality, because I realize how I am spiting others if I work with myself, but do not accept or allow myself to work with others as one and as Equals. I just realized how ... —

Self-Forgiveness Is The Key To The Universe

by Kasper Kwan From the very beginning, when I literally blindly experimented with the application of self-forgiveness, I immediately experienced the benefits of specifying ‘what’ about myself I am forgiving so that I may stop and begin a new life.  Then, I was applyi... —

It’s Not Worth It – Trying To Prove Something In Writing

by Kasper Kwan This has been a point that has frequently come up – the obsessive want/need/desire to try and ‘prove’ the common-sense of the Desteni message to the people around me. To attempt to do this I have ‘squished’-myself into a writer-personality that constant... —

Towels: Man’s Greatest Invention Yet?

by Kasper Kwan Fascinating perspective: Sometimes when I get a towel to wipe the floor, I internally grimace at the fact that ‘I must do this dirty work; no-one will do it for me except for myself’. Yesterday, instead of thinking the same thoughts, I was lazy and star... —

Keep Your Right To Belief: Don’t Regret It When The Real Story Makes Itself Known

by Kasper Kwan I once had a conversation with myself about how I would manage my life with beliefs; the results were disastrous for beliefs. I was in the kitchen, cooking some pasta, and I was filling the pan with water.  I placed the lid elsewhere, only this time I t... —

Planning vs. Spontaneous Adventure

by Kasper Kwan Writing to clarify a few points in relation to this polarity construct. I have a friend that enjoys ‘spontaneous adventuring’, where nothing is planned or investigated at all; a sort-of ‘discover as you go’ approach to tourism. From what I am seeing cur... —

I Didn’t Want Anything To Do With Desteni

by Kasper Kwan Being a ‘normal’ person, that normally discovers his identity through the words and perceptions of others, I was shocked when, on being open about finding Desteni, that my entire world shifted.  The nicest people in my world became totally different per... —

When Am I Going To Stop?

by Kasper Kwan Yesterday, I said ‘yes’ to thoughts, and fulfilling the delusion that is energy.  Here, today, I am facing the consequences of indulging in such affairs, and facing myself as the ‘honest’ want/need/desire to satisfy my thoughts. At the time, I swept mys... —

Standing in Common Sense

by Kasper Kwan Last exam today, and I am still here; the same, person I have accepted and allowed myself to-be, accumulated over years. Today a friend, while going to the subway, asked me why I wasn’t going to the ‘exam afterparty’.  Immediately there was a reaction o... —

I Don’t Feel Entertained. Am I Dead?

by Kasper Kwan lol Since breathing consistently for less than a day, getting out of the soap opera of my thoughts, I find myself wanting. I keep visiting websites that I know will not ‘bring up anything new’, out of a habit.  I go on the Internet when I absoutely have... —

Waiting Wishing Hoping

by Kasper Kwan I’m reaching the last exam, and while a load has been lifted from my shoulders (an energetic load), I find myself ‘regressing’ back into this state of apathy, waiting wishing hoping for others to sort out my shit. An example of this irresponsible behavi... —

Tempted To Be Nervous

by Kasper Kwan Writing out a point of temptation briefly. With another exam tomorrow, and seeing me sit down and study, my mother is giving me ‘that look again’ of ‘good body (boy), you are somebody in my world for doing what I think needs to be done’. She is more ner... —

Fuck I Fucked Up My Exams Again

by Kasper Kwan At this point in my process of self-realisation, I see that thoughts, and the extensive amount of thinking I have participated in has let to only one conclusion (or self-conned illusion): that my Mind is greater than me, and that I cannot and will never... —

To Music Lovers Everywhere

by Kasper Kwan For much of the time, I find that the most popular music’s lyrics are scripts of people’s innermost backchat; of the most raw, uncensored kind.  And while people love these songs and play them repeatedly, the moment those same points are spoken about in... —

Life is One Moment

by Kasper Kwan A perspective: Life as a moment.  If we consider Life as each moment that comes and goes here, every moment that we succumb or give-into temptations of following old habits, especially those that are not what is best for all, is a betrayal of Life.  In ... —

See What You Know About Chatting 2

In this vlog I am discussing my current participation in conversation and interaction with other people, and re-aligning my application to what would be best for all. This is not normal - the norm has only proven to harm the world, while projecting good intentions. A fake ... —

See What You Know About Chatting 1

In this vlog I am discussing my current participation in conversation and interaction with other people, and re-aligning my application to what would be best for all. This is not normal - the norm has only proven to harm the world, while projecting good intentions. A fake ... —

Practical Demands

Update on my self-application, progress, main points I am facing, and outstanding events of the day. —


by Kasper Kwan There are a wide selection of other writings available at the Desteni forum, under Writing Yourself to Freedom, Kasper’s Writings. Thank you for reading. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. —

Be Inclusive

Speaking about 'slipping'/'drifting' in and out of dreams, the mind-trap of 'I study a lot/I studied most of the material('so' I can slack off and be lazy)', clarifying my purpose to study as comprehensively as I can, pleasing ideas of 'being the best'/'being a good boy'/'doin... —

Daily Vlogging/Blogging Is Important

It's important to keep myself honest and PROVE to myself that I am self-honest, and that I am actually changing to be a person that benefits all in every circumstance. Speaking about self-abuse if not sharing publicly on a daily basis (if one is walking process as described... —

capture 01 04 2011 (16).wmv

I apologize for not titling and placing a description for this vlog and recent vlogs: at the moment I am pushing myself to revise and study effectively for my exam retakes, which begin next week (lol) How I see myself and my self-application, it is important to publish my v... —

'How I Feel' = BULLSHIT

Speaking about the importance of establishing one's attention on 'who one is' within 'what one is doing' rather than 'how one feels' toward 'what one is doing', with many practical examples to illustrate the point, in the context of a 17 year-old student and what he faces, but... —

Embarrassing Habits

Identifying a 'shining' example where I have become my own 'policeman in my world', speaking about opportunistic attitude toward people, fame/recognition point, and how subtle manipulation actually is. After watching myself (lol): Noticing how I am alternately going into p... —

Reconsider What New Year's Eve Means To You

Speaking about self-responsibility, ambition, an update on how I am directing the 'studying' point, and an interesting perspective to consider about New Year's Eve and holidays in general —


Speaking about a 'breakthrough' on the point of studying (I got it by the balls lol) thanks to Sunette's interview on haste, suppressed points related to sleep, and then speaking about the amazing consistency of the 'dream world' I made, and I experience whenever I 'sleep in'.... —

Deceiving Myself

Speaking about a point of self-discipline, ambition and intention, being controlled by my feelings, and a change within 'what' I write/vlog, speaking with other people leading to an active social life. —

Common-Sense Practicality as Desteni: Are You Caring Enough To Open Up?

I do not care what it is called, where it comes from: if there is a set of practical steps and perspectives that is offered, where I can apply myself directly and experience actual change in my world, that is a 'step forward' to practically manifesting Equality, I will shamele... —


Speaking about the nature of make-believe, asking myself why I attempted to mimic Sunette's way of speaking, and a realisation on how small things are to be taken care of in order to take care of the bigger things in my life. For reference: the person I am referring to is S... —

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