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I'm a human being before anything else, that would not like to support abuse and would like to prove that to myself in every moment. This is the proof, as a living example to myself that I am in-fact standing for a world where everyone may have the freedom to push their self-expression to the greatest potential. If all is not free as one and equal, none are free, and therefore freedom does not exist

Having fun freeing myself at Desteni, to see and hear for myself what Desteni has shared

Kasper Kwan

Practical Example: Self-Uncertainty and Depression

This vlog is me vlogging in spite of feeling bullshit as self-uncertainty, stress and depression. Speaking about laziness and complacency, desperate attachment to the ego as habits/feelings/thoughts, dealing with difficult points within self, and an unexpected point on tuto... —

"I Don't Feel Like..." Syndrome

If left unattended and allowed to fester within oneself, often turns into enveloping depression or rage. Common-sense consequences of being lazy are always applicable. Speaking about rushing and the delusion of 'I must go there (quickly)', discussing resistance points in g... —

Pain Is Supposed To Support, not Harm

Speaking about pain as self-support (using an unusual example of pain), more perspective on entertainment and work, studying, and delusions about who I really am, as proven by how I act in front of people. —

Why is Entertainment not Work?

Speaking about some memories of when I was younger, my experience within now officially not allowing and accepting myself to be a product/representative of any social group, entertainment and work, and an update on studying. The entertainment and work discussion was particu... —


Discussing the point of stress, because that was the main point revealed today, and briefly discussing an allowed and accepted personality point: pessimism and cynicism. —

Practical Example of Anger, How to Deal-With It

Bonus: cause of anger reaction identified and exposed. You may be shocked to find a similar point within being angry at people. STOP! Remain self-honest: it is here as yourself. Let-go: self-forgive. Now move-on :) This is the 'first' explosive anger attack I had in m... —

Vlog: Rambling About Fame, Personality, Money

A few points of knowledge in this vlog, which I almost used as an excuse not-to post this, however I just remembered: this channel and these videos are here to expose me, to give myself a physical opportunity to self-correct. So here it is. If anyone watching this has an... —

Long Vlog #1: Sleep, Love, in the Company Of People

Test #1 with vlogging until nothing left to share Please be kind-enough to comment below, about whether you would prefer long videos to be split into several videos, or to upload them as one long video. Thanks Thank you YouTube for allowing me to do this Speaking a... —

How To Revise Effectively and Effeciently

Sharing a unique and revealing perspective on the reason why any person has trouble or difficulty studying in school. Extremely different from other self-help videos about homework and revision, because while most, if not all are focused on studying techniques, this video a... —

Morality Is The ULTIMATE Deception

Practical example of morality play-out: above vlog. I allowed and accepted morality as 'judging myself to share in the right way or not' and what happened? I suppress myself and what is here in that moment. I can only bear so much pressure: if I kept on suppressing myself... —

Charity Starts At Home

Time to be gentle on myself: self-forgiveness to give myself the right to-live I stop suppressing myself by spiting/judging/reacting toward others and myself. Speaking about 'recoiling in fear' of self-acceptance as Life-acceptance; accepting that each Life is one and ca... —

Feel Like Being a Rebel? Please Watch This Video Before You Do... Before You Regret It FOREVER...

Being a rebel includes being a righteous bastard when interacting with other people. Sharing my experiences of how that 'worked-out' for me: it did not work out at all. DO NOT GO THERE. Self-forgiveness applied in every moment: remain here. Get to actually know yoursel... —

Practical Example Of Self-Forgiveness

Sharing 'how' I directed-myself when facing resonant points of resistance to forgive myself, and to forgive others as I would forgive myself. As always, more practical living and directing to become effective, by pushing myself to be self-effective See the following vide... —

Self-Forgiveness Work: The Power of God Entrusted in Man

However, I will be absolutely clear: self-forgiveness 'works' to-the-extent that one applies it. First, practising and familiarizing oneself with the actual process of self-forgiveness, by writing and reading aloud self-forgiveness statements about all fears and insecurites ot... —

Continuing To Start-Over In Simplicity

In a statement of self-trust, I uncondtionally share-myself, no matter what I might share, what other people may think of me, how other people will voraciously 'tear' me apart with spite. Well, their developed idea of 'who' they think I am. Yes, there are issues to be deal... —

Ambition is a Disease That DISpels Any EASE I Had

The only application that I have directed myself to be consistent is 'seeing', without shame or regret, all of the patterns that exist for me, becoming 'my reality', and being specific and exact with my experience of myself within a point I see. Speaking about the 'wishy-wa... —

Self-Acceptance is a Blessing in Disguise

No use 'running away' from oneself, when one is already oneself. Far more practical to accept that I am the way that I am, and then work with 'what is here' as myself. Speaking about the events today that brought this point of self-acceptance to my attention Continuing ... —

Why You Are Failing To Change Your Habits REVEALED: Hidden Secret EXPOSED

Sharing about a major pattern that stopped me from actually changing certain habits of mine This would be, I imagine, a subtle point that is often not taken into consideration, when talking about 'how' to actually change. Also speaking about what dreams revealed to me ab... —

Depression Is Easily Curable

Speaking about a perspective on the shockingly simply 'cause' of depression, and started developing the point of 'thinking too much' until... Sunette's article on self-intimacy, causes of desperation as depression/anger/inner conflict: —

Familiarity Cannot Be Trusted

Addictions are familiar by definition - can they be trusted to guarantee a result that benefits all, by contributing to a solution that is best for all? Nothing of this world can be trusted, except for that which can be directed and have the potential to-be guaranteed- I a... —


I must stop worrying about 'how' my life will turn out - what is here determines what will be 'in the future', just as the future only contains what is currently existing 'here' Thus the constant emphasis and stress placed on remaining here. Here, in REALITY, memories beco... —

:Animosity as Confrontational Conversations

'Don't make unnecessary fires' If I know that person will never allow and accept themselves to look at themselves, I am to stop pushing. To continue to push is to make unnecessary fires, and that clearly is not 'best for all'. Absolute Self-Honesty required to determine... —

Uncondtional Sharing: 'Kasper Kwan' The Motion Picture

Exposing and sharing about how literal 'playing movies in my mind' is, among other points that I 'saw' in this moment —

Words Are Superior To People: How Could That Possibly Be?

Words do not abuse - it is the human being behind the words he/she speaks that abuse Therefore words are innocent, and do not discriminate against other words - it is the human being that discriminate and abuse other human beings through words Imagine that: words themsel... —

Feelings Will Drag You To Hell

People have killed 'out of love', abused 'out of love' People have committed suicide out of depression, have sabotaged and deceived on another out of hatred Which brings up the question: What is most practical? What can I rely upon, what can I trust to always 'guide' me... —

Mistakes Are Gifts

Speaking about all of the mistakes I made today, and 'converting' them into gifts by taking responsibility and changing it. There is only ever one valid point of support: me, as self-support. To delegate that responsibility onto other people is delusional and self-disempow... —

Practical Example: Taking Self-Responsibility for Previous Video

Speaking about observations of the day, and finally, taking self-responsibility in a direct manner, for the previous video I made. Previous video: Enjoy —

The Suppressed Hidden Nature Of The Human Being: The REAL Secret That Nobody Wants to Know

It's fascinating, yet quite saddening to see the apparently 'wise' and 'knowing', 'tested' 'responsible' adults 'taking responsibility' for my apparent delusion participating at Desteni. How do they do that? 'Respecting' me by secretly speaking about me in the worst possib... —

Find Out Why You Aren't Revising Well For Your Exams!

In short, we cannot do many of the things we see other people do, simply because of ourselves as our habits, beliefs, and lack of self-direction/self-will/self-determination/self-willingness to actually have the balls to change. I hope you find this helpful in 'finding out... —

Stereotypical Behaviour

Do you remember when you would laugh at the ridiculousness of some ads on TV? Well, chances are that you have unknowingly accepted it as part of your 'reality', from much intense and prolonged stimulation from TV and other people as friends and family. Speaking about the s... —