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2012 Journey To Life Blog Review: Sexual Journey - Regret as Fear of Loss

Read the blog "Sexual Journey - Regret as Fear of Lose - Day 136" Journey To Life Group: For support visit the Desteni Forum at http://forum.... —

2012 Education Conspiracy: The Illusion of our Future

The "Education Conspiracy" documentary: Also read the blog "Day 122: TRUE ACTIVIST COLLEGE EDUCATION" "I ... —

2012: Eugenics is Evil or Best for All?

*Read Creation's Journey to life: Day 109- Parents Create Hate for reference "Eugenics is the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, especially by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons h... —

2012 JTL: Cheap/Worthy Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment

Read the self-forgiveness statements out loud to assist and support yourself to better integrate and understand/see/realize the important/valuable points that are being shared in this blog by Eleonora Gozzini: "Day 104: Cheap/Worthy Self Forgiveness and Self Commitment" htt... —

2012 Journey to Life Day 100

Follow the Journey To Life Blogs at And find support to start walking your own Journey to Life at on the Forum —

2012 JTL: Day 59: Chameleon Character Self Forgiveness Statements

Check out the blog "Day 59: Chameleon Character Self Forgiveness Statements" and start your own Journey to Life through reading the blogs of others at —

2012 Equal Money Excuses: Equality means we will all be the Same

Discover the Book: "Equal Money - Future of Money - Volume 1" and educate yourself to understand and grasp how the Equal Money System can and will practically become reality Vote on the Goals of the Equal Money Sy... —

2012: What is the Fysiology of Helping the World by Saying "I love you", Richard Carlson?

"By saying, “I love you” to one person, you are, indirectly, helping the world at large." ~Richard Carlson Here, Richard Carlson, an American psychotherapist, is giving his professional advice on how to practically 'help the world'. Rather than suggesting that we sh... —

2012 JTL Project: Stepping out of Character with LOVED ONES by Bernard Poolman

Read the blog "Day 79: Stepping out of Character with LOVED ONES" by Bernard Poolman here : Visit the Journey to Life Facebook Group at —

2012 Indigo Light Workers Spiritual Intervention is Human Evilution?

Assist and Support yourself within realizing How Indigo and Chrystal Children are not Best for All and simply a mind-program as an upgrade in the System of Self Interest as the Human Mind and what the Solution is for this Problem, with this interview "Children of the Future - ... —

2012 Love is Survival?

Also hear this Interview with Bernard Poolman "Radical Relationships: Is Love the only Truth?" Visit Desteni at —

Hell Spoof - New Release!

Download and listen to the entire Song "Hell Spoof" for Free at Artists are Matti Freeman, Fidelis Destonian Spies and Niklas Nydahl —

2012 Do you Love Life?!! Are you sure...

Another Perspective on how 'Love' has been greatly misunderstood by humanity as to what Real Love actually implies in this interview: "Radical Relationships - Is Love the Only Truth" Visit Desteni at http://www... —

2012 How to Effectively Stop Self Judgment

"What one must realize about Judgment is that, if judgment exist within you, or self-judgment, is that you will never be good enough within your own eyes, there will always be something wrong or something missing or something out of place. I mean, that's what judgment does. It... —

2012 Let's Love the Economy back to Health

Journey to Life Facebook Group: Creation's Journey to Life: Also listen to this interview by Bernard Poolman "Radical Relationships - Is Love the Only Truth?", wherein he gives perspect... —

2012 Killing all whites will stop Starvation?

Go to the Equal Money Website at Read up on what the Equal Money is - an introduction "Equal Money - Future of Money - Volume 1 " —

2012 Why does the Dalai Lama Lie?

"Our good fortune is dependent upon the cooperation and contributions of others. Every aspect of our present well-being is due to hard work on the part of others. As we look around us at the buildings we live and work in, the roads we travel, the clothes we wear, or the fo... —

2012 What is Depression and how to stop it?

Also listen to this interview "Depression is an attempt to control people in your environment" by Bernard Poolman for more perspective and assistance in dealing with Depression: Visit Desteni at —

2012 Saying "I love you" is the Greatest Weapon of Self-Interest

Listen to the Interview "Radical Relationships - Is Love the Only Truth " by Bernard Poolman, that gives perspective on the word 'love' and how it has been used to cover up the greatest of abuse towards Life. ... —

Saying "I Love you" is my Greatest Weapon!

I've noticed something interesting with certain people and how they express themselves in the comments on my Youtube-Vlogs, even I used to do this as well and it is only now that I came to realize what this specific way of expressing is all about. To demonstrate, I will use c... —

2012 How is "You're a Loser" a Fear Label?

Listen to the Interview "Seeing Reality through the Mirrors of Energy and Money " to broaden your perspective/understanding of how the mind always sees Reality as a Mirror of itself in its search for Energy —

2012 Is David Icke the result of Consumerism?

Check out the Free online book 'Spirituality Under the Microscope' - a collaboration of people that are dedicating in finding out the real truth about who we are within and as this reality http://... —

2012 Using Mistakes as Self-support instead of Self-emprisonment

research into the phenomena called the human being in the quest for universal equality for all life To read up on the tools which will assist you in your process of transformation check out http... —

Is the Equal Money System a 'Socialistic Scam' that is after Control? | KimAmourette on Xanga

Here's are some quotes from a very lengthy discussion that was held in the comment thread of a picture on facebook with a guy named Nolan Hodges, wherein he very clearly felt threatened by what the Equal Money System stands for: —

2012 Abraham Hicks Leading us into Hell?

Other Common Sense Perspectives on Abraham Hicks: * "Abraham Hicks: Hoax or Happily Ever After? " by annabrixthomsen *"Response: Abraham Hicks: We are Meant to be Selfish" by sandymacjones11 —

Is Abraham Hicks Supporting the Rotten Child Syndrome?

Also read this Blog by Bernard Poolman 'Dementia - The Rotten Child Syndrome' —

2012 The Secret Deception of Science

Science has evolved immensely over the last century, in terms of it being able to explain pretty much everything about how our body works and how the entire physical universe works. Science has been able to prove beyond a doubt that everything about ourselves and about reality... —

2012 How I fucked up my Life through Creating Consequence

The mentioned Interview: "Life Review: What if?" Facebook Group "7 Year Journey to Life" Desteni Website: Follow Equal Money on Twitter: https://twit... —

Have we allowed Child-Abuse to be the Chronicle of Life?

I just finished watching the movie 'chronicle', wherein a few boys receive superpowers from some magical crystal that they discovered. One of those boys gets physically and verbally abused by his father at home and throughout the movie, you see him evolve while he explores hi... —

Will you align your aptitude with establishing the altitude of a life that is best for all?

"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude." It may seem unnecessary and redundant to examine statements like this because we hear them all the time, especially from our Celebrity New Age Guru's. They are sweet words that are supposed to be some kind o... —

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