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The Trap of Desiring the Experience of Confidence

The Interview mentioned in this vlog "Life Review: Ego + Sex = Catastrophe" In this interview I discuss my experience of how desiring the experience of 'being a self-certain and confident person' within the idea ... —

Is Psychiatry and psychology The Trap that keeps the Human Confined to the Mind?

When watching the first part of the Documentary "The Trap", namely "The Trap: Fuck you Buddy", they speak about Ronald David Laing, a Scottish Psychiatrist who examined people that suffered from Schizophrenia and who discovered that, contrary to what traditional psychology bel... —

Hoe zou het zijn om Om te Komen van de Honger?

Het desbetreffende interview "Life Review: When Breath is not your Own": Stem op de doelen van het Gelijkheids Geld Systeem op: —

What is it like to Starve to Death? Stories from the Afterlife

The entire interview "When Breath is not Your Own" : Discover more interviews of beings from the afterlife sharing their life-review through the interdimensional portal and assist and support yourself in broadening your... —

How can Sexual Possession Kill U? - Stories from the Afterlife

The entire Interview can be found here: Other 'Life Reviews' of beings that crossed over into 'the Afterlife' and many other books and interviews that assist and support self in getting a broader understanding an... —

2012 How Will The Equal Money System handle Criminals?

Equal Money System Daily NEWS: Vote on the Goals of the Equal Money System at And join the forum to discuss the Equal Money System and the current system to broaden your understanding and perspective on what is going o... —

April 2012 Dag 8: Zelf Vergeving voor de Kleding-Industrie en mezelf als Kleding Junkie

Ik heb opgemerkt dat ik een obsessie heb met kledij, met 'er goed uitzien' - waardoor ik vaak minutenlang voor mijn kleerkast zit wanneer ik ergens naartoe moet om 'de beste outfit' uit te kiezen, met de angst om 'de foute outfit' uit te kiezen = angst om uiteindelijk spijt t... —

2012 Jealousy is Abuse and has to be Stopped

Forgiving myself for allowing Jealousy to Exist (blog) Check out for support in stopping the mind —

Forgiving myself for allowing jealousy to exist

Read these statements aloud and walk the self-forgiveness with me as we stop the abusive Mind-Pattern of Jealousy and stand up within and as the realization that jealousy is not who we really are.i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to experience jealousy when i ... —

“Consumerism exist to show us how far we would take the Lie of love. Products are sold through getting the consumer to Love it out of fear. Next time you read the label, watch your inner response to the information and you will always look if you really n

“Consumerism exist to show us how far we would take the Lie of love. Products are sold through getting the consumer to Love it out of fear. Next time you read the label, watch your inner response to the information and you will always look if you really need the product, but w... —

2012 How is Fashion a Fear Label?

Dig into to assist and support yourself in realizing that/how the mind is not reality and visit to assist and support yourself in stopping the mind as delusion and standing up as life as who you really are —

2012 Search for Self with Self Forgiveness

A fascinating aspect of the 21st Century is the 'Search for Self' - we've all met someone, or we know someone, it may even be ourselves, who is 'in search of themselves'. They/we came at a point in their/our lives wherein they/we obviously felt somewhat lost, therefore a 'sear... —

2012 Redefining Humility - What does it mean to be humble?

Word Definitions that Serve a world that is Best for All: Humility Check out for new self- development and Equal Money material daily. —

The Greatest Scam of all time: Human Evolution

'Human Evolution' is that which subconsciously drives each one of us to continue 'surviving', to continue struggling away earning money and being positive, nice and friendly to our fellow human beings for the sake of building and maintaining relationships.We all exist within t... —

2012 Een verkrottend paradijs - Toerisme in Spanje in crisistijd

Dit artikel komt uit de krant Het Laatste Nieuws van 6 april 2012."Voorlopig lijkt de neergang van het vakantieparadijs de reisplannen van de Belg niet te beïnvloeden"Deze stelling is een duidelijk bewijs van de mate waarin we oogkleppen aanhebben, niet alleen om te zien wat e... —

What is it like to be God? Meet Your Maker

Get the story of Anu and the Reptilian Race here: —

The Secret mind rules the Earth!

Get the latest Desteni and Equal Money material at Another fascinating interview by Bernard Poolman - "Parasitic Eco and The Illusion of Self" —

Dr. Wayne Dyer Watch your Words!

"Your past history and all of your hurts are no longer here in your physical reality. Don't allow them to be here in your mind, muddying your present moments. Your life is like a play with several acts. Some of the characters who enter have short roles to play, others, muc... —

Am I practicing LOA by Masturbating?

Get the full interview via this link: —

2012 Fear of Failing at a project

This is a video response to MattiFreeman1's video "Money Fear: Fear of failing at new job" —

2012 I Fear being a bad mother

"bad mother" is obviously a judgment that only exist 'in the eyes of others', that is built upon comparison with specific stories that we've read in the news papers or heard somewhere about apparently 'bad mothers' that apparently 'don't raise their child in the right way' - a... —

2012 The Spiritual Path of "you'll understand when you're older"

"You will see/know/understand when you get older", is a line that parents tend to throw at their children from time to time to get them to passively accept what the parent preaches/teaches without ever questioning the message. They speak these words when a child would start to... —

Jet Blue Pilot gone Wild

Only two weeks after a flight attendant on a US commercial airplane 'lost it', on march 27th it is a pilot that scared the passengers on his plane when he started to show 'unusual behavior' like pushing random buttons in the cockpit, screaming that they were all going to die, ... —

2012 "Cult" as Fear Label

In this interview I share my perspectives and experiences with regards to the 'label'/'judgment/definition of 'Cult' that people tend to use quite quickly in completely dismissing, discarding and evaluating a group of people without any form of 'ethnographic, anthropological i... —

The Organic Robot – Part One

11 May 2008 Written by Jack through the Interdimensional Portal The HEART ORGAN: The design of the heart organ of the human physical body, exist as the design of the ‘heart of the world-system’. The design of the ‘heart of the world-system’ is the generation and movement of ... —

2012 Vriendelijkheid als Angst Label

In deze video bekijk ik het concept van 'vriendelijkheid' en 'beleefdheid' als een 'label' van angst. Durf te kijken naar de realiteit, omdat ze niet is wat we altijd hebben aangenomen als 'waarheid'. Onderzoek desteni: Onderzoek het Gelijkheids Ge... —

Video Response to "Fear of making a Mistake"

This is a video Response to rebdalmas1's video "Adult Fear fear of Making a Mistake" —

2012 I Fear 'Not being in Control'

In this video I share my fear of 'not being in control' and 'losing control' - as a fear that I have realized exist within me through having applied the 'Desteni 'I' Process' ( Do you recognize this fear? - Share in a video response and/or a c... —

2012 Should Reincarnation exist at all?

"A Past Life memory is the same as reading a few pages from a history book in the LIEbrary. The viewer is either a hero or victim in a story of self interest that is blown up to get attention." Bernard PoolmanMy experience with reincarnation is that it fascinated me from th... —

Bernard Poolman - Energy and Consumerism « EQAFE

A discussion with Bernard Poolman with regards to the buttons that drives one to make a consumerism decision that is based on energy instead of self directiveness which within that, Bernard simply shows how we’ve become manipulated, controlled and enslaved to those energetic b... —