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"Freeloader" as Fear Label

I share my fear of being labeled as a 'Freeloader'. Do you recognize this fear or experience a similar fear? - share by placing a video response or a comment below this video! —

Social Fears: I fear the Subconscious Nastiness of the Mind

In this video I share a fear that I see that exist within myself, which is the fear of the subconscious nastiness that I know exist hidden within myself behind my smile and thus fear within another. Do you recognize this fear and/or have a fear to share? Place a video respo... —

2012 GDA as Fear Label

In this video I discuss how the food industry has cunningly used 'labels of fear' such as GDA as a mechanism/technique to play into the consumers' fear of death and illness to manipulate them into buying the products. Want to share your perspective with regards to fear labe... —

Video Response to FEAR of Blushing

This is a video response to MarlenVargasDelRazo's video "FEAR of Blushing" —

Social Fears: I Fear being A Racist

In this interview I share a fear that i have always been hiding within myself - to expose the mind and it for what it is, which is completely absurd and crazy, filled with fears that don't make any sense what so ever. If you have a similar fear or recognize this fear - shar... —

Wereld Angst: Ik heb angst van Oorlog en Terreur

In deze video deel ik mijn angst van Oorlog en Terreur - een angst die ik in mij heb laten 'programmeren' via de media zoals de krant 'Het Laatste Nieuws' Heb jij ook een angst die je zou willen delen of herken je deze angst - plaats dan een video response of/en een comment... —

2012 "What is wrong with you?!" as Fear Label

In this Interview I share my experience and perspective on a label that people generally use to exert their power over another person in their attempt to place themselves as a dictator over their environment and feel good about themselves. Sad to say we have always accepted... —

2012 "Well done" as Fear Label

In this Interview I share how I have allowed myself to be brainwashed by labels, positive or negative, into compromising myself because of fear. Do you recognize this within yourself? Make a video response or leave a comment! —

2012 "You think too much" as Fear Label

In this video I share a 'label' that people generally use to shut the other person up - and to keep control over their world by attempting to install subtle fears in all those that dare disagree or question their precious 'world views', 'beliefs' and opinions -- which, to the ... —

World Fears: I fear Communism and Community living

In this Interview I share a fear that exist within myself - the fear of Communism. I look within myself at where this fear comes from - is it a programmed fear? Why do I fear Communism? Is communism really as 'Bad' and 'Evil' as my fear has always told me? What does 'communism... —

Childhood Fear: I fear raising up my hand in class

In this video I share and discuss a childhood fear that I experienced which made my experience of school very unpleasant. Check out my blog: "2012 I fear asking Questions - Teacher might get angry" —

2012 I fear asking Questions - Teacher might get angry

One of my major fears when I was younger was to raise up my finger in class and ask a question to the teacher about something that I didn't understand.Even if I was completely clueless, didn't know which book we were reading or what page we were on, I would not raise up my han... —

2012 Anu the Reptilian God

This is the story of Anu - the Creator of humanity. The instigator of all that we know today as our experience of what 'life' is.Anu was of the Reptilian Race and in this interview he shares his experience of himself when he was 'younger' with regards to existence - which was ... —

Social Fears: I fear being a Pedophile

In this video I share one of many fears that I've always kept hidden within myself. If you have a similar fear or if you recognize this fear, leave a video response or a comment below. —

Future Fears: I fear a Third World War happening to me

In this video I share a fear that exists within myself of a Third World War, which is one of so many fears that have always existed within myself that I never actually spoke aloud and always accepted as 'normal' and 'who I am'. If you experience similar fears please make a ... —

Social Fears: Fear of being Rejected

In this video I share a Fear that has been existing within me since childhood and that has always limited me in expressing myself freely here in this world among human beings. If you recognize this fear or have a similar fear - feel free to leave a video response to discuss... —

Fear of People hearing me Pee

In this video I discuss a fear that has had its grip on me since I was very young - If you recognize this fear or have a similar fear, please leave a comment below or place a video response. —

2012 Redefining Compassion into Living Application

In this interview I have a look at how we are living the word 'compassion' within humanity at this moment - asking myself the question why compassion never changed this world into a reality that is best for all as heaven on earth. To thus redefine the word to become the living... —


"compassion - standing in the shoes of another - daring to create a world where we can all stand is all's shoes""currently compassion is like saying there is reasons for suffering, feeling bad for them, and just praying for a change - praying is how we pretend we are compass... —

2012 Redefining Love into Practical Application

In this interview I have a look at and redefine the word "Love", to 'weed out' the deception and make it a Practical Living Application that is in fact best for all living beings - to make sure that we are not bullshitting ourselves and each other in an attempt to create alter... —

2012 Redefining Peace into Living Application

Exposing the deceptive way we have been speaking and using words - and then redefining them so that they will support the establishing of a world that is best for all instead of a world that use words like 'peace' in and as an attempt to pretend as if the wars that are here do... —


Redefining "Peace" into an expression of oneness and equality as a living application of what is best for all:When sounding the word 'Peace', it sounds a lot like the word 'piece', which already implies a separation. Peace as 'piece', as how I have been applying and using the ... —

2012 Is Individuality a Program? Unraveling the Design.

Century of SelfIn the documentary 'Century of Self', the 'transformation' of the human being from a being that simply works/lives for survival to a 'spiritual being' as one that desires for there to be more to 'life' than merely surviving is very well laid out, walking through... —

2012 Preparing for Doomsday - Are you Outraged?

If we are outraged at the Elite, then shouldn't nature, animals and children be outraged at us, as we play 'elite' over them, waging nuclear holocausts every single day because we consider ourselves to be the center point of 'life' like a mid-evil concept of geo(ego)centrism -... —

2012 Life Review - Death by Memory

A dimensional being shares her story of how she ruined her life by holding on to and defining her life within and through one memory - eventually facing the horror of drinking herself to death with her body slowly but surely shutting down. Get the full interview here: http:... —

2012 Introduction to Self-Forgiveness - Realizing Self as Life

In the beginning of the year 2008 I discovered Desteni and the Process of self-forgiveness. I initially felt attracted to their website because of the portal video's that I watched on Youtube, which I felt were very peculiar and intriguing.Quickly I learned about this 'self-fo... —

2012 - Inelia Benz and Common Senz

Having a look within common sense at Inelia Benz and her presence in this human reality, as a being that is 'gifted with special abilities' and a mission to 'raise the vibration of earth' so earth may go smoothly through the 'transition'. I made this vlog after having watche... —

YouTube - 2012 Gelijkheids Geld is de oplossing voor Zelfmoord

Skapa kontoLogga in —

2012 The origin of Inner Peace - is it real?

"May inner peace flow wherever it is needed and specially to those of us who fear our parents and so it is." (quote from spiritual person) "This is an example of the ineffective bullshit way spiritual people handle what they refuse to take responsibility for and what the... —

2012 Do we have Sex, or does Sex have us?

"Sex has become the very point, the very purpose, the very reason that exist within a human being to continue existing and living and walking within this world and this reality - it is sex that defines who you are as a human being and what you're doing in this world and this r... —